Nasty Straight Boys

Easter is about to come and the sun finally shows up again. I met a red-haired guy who was open-minded and appeared somehow cute to me. But today I wanted more. I had a task for him. I wanted him to find a buddy who agrees into heaving sex with us for good money. So the deal was: he will get good money when he finds another one. In the beginning he thought this was a joke. But then he started his hunt. Already the second guy was interested and wanted to know more about the deal. And he was a real cutie. It took me a few minutes to convince them to show me their dicks. And as I liked what I saw I invited them to a nearby hotel. And I wanted the full program today. Sucking, Feet-play, Hard fucking… I made them even kiss each other :-) my little Easter gift for all of us.

TomBartos01 TomBartos05 TomBartos06 TomBartos26 TomBartos52 TomBartos61 TomBartosW21 TomBartosW26 TomBartosX03 TomBartosX04

I get to meet some amazing guys whenever I go travelling. Last month in Munich I got to meet up with 22 year old Tom Bartos from Prague. I had been chatting with Tom online for a while before we arrived in Germany. He changed this plans around to come to Munich early to meet me. I quickly spotted him in the lobby of my hotel and whisked him quickly back to my room. The first thing I noticed about Tom was his good looks. And the next was how outstandingly polite he is. The funny thing was that I did not understand a word of Czech and he didn’t understand much English. So okay…  this was going to be an interesting shoot. Luckily there was not much talking to be done once the photos were over. I definitely can’t resist a chunky blond muscle boy. And when Tom rolled over to show me that big round bum in his jockstrap, I knew it would be long before my face would be planted in there. Tom is a totally sweet guy.  I really wish I had been in ton longer to hang out with him. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch and get together again sometime. In the meantime you can enjoy the photos and videos that Tom and I made that morning in Munich.

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I didn’t know where to point my lens when I peered through my hole into this hostel changing room. There are some very sexy guys in here showing off their incredible bodies and the small guy has a wonderful arse and suckable dick. You can probably hear that I’m breathing heavily as I get more and more excited being so close to these horny guys.

It was a long ride to get to my today’s meeting. He lived out of Prague in a house. House was big but his room was super small. Again I’ve heard the same stupid story. Debts, debts, debts. How come someone can be behind his rent. Most essential thing is living and most of young Czechs are in the situation they cannot afford to pay next month’s rent. His debt was just normal, 23,000 CZK.

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Ever seen a tug-of-war competition with cocks? We have a horny video of a group of horny bored guys messing around naked in the countryside. It’s a very gentle war as the dudes’ bell ends get tightly pulled.

LANCE G. 18 y.o.

TRAVIS P. 20 y.o.

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This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

Buddies since high school, returning straight boy Derek and sexy straight hunk Aspen hook up for the first time at  Derek was our straight boy in a video from last August who has since expanded his horizons and now considers himself ”open sexually” to both dick and pussy. Aspen on the other hand is in a long term relationship with a girl, but has done numerous gay4pay videos for another studio. However, he hasn’t done anything in porn for the last few years.  Neither of these guys knew the other had ever done gay porn, but they got too talking during a video game and Derek let out his secret that he was broke over the summer and made a gay porn video for cash, referring to the one he made for Caruso. Aspen then admitted that he did multiple scenes for a different studio. Aspen thought that maybe it was time to get back into the business and for Derek there was nothing he wanted more than to have sex with his long time buddy. So, he came up with the idea for them to do a video together for Derek called Caruso and he was so anxious to shoot these two together that he set it up for the next day. Prior to making this video the most they’ve ever done sexually is jack off to straight porn together. Aspen is a total exhibitionist, so much so that he used to love stripping and showing off his hot body and big cock in his high school locker room. So, jerking off with his buddy was just another opportunity to show off his big hard muscular body,bubble butt and legs as well as his big cock at it’s fully, engorged 8.5 inches. Aspen also likes to dominate when the opportunity arises and it certainly did in this scene as he takes charge from the very beginning.  Aspen says to Derek, ”so you want to get fucked…well get down on your knees and suck my fucking cock”. From that point on, Derek knows who’s boss. When Aspen says get your clothes off and Derek doesn’t move fast enough, he grabs him and pushes him face down over the back of the couch and just pulls his pants and underwear off and gets ready to fuck him. The sex is rough and hot, Aspen smacks Derek’s big bubble butt several times as he fucks the hell out of his buddy – and Derek seems to be loving every minute of it. Finally, Aspen is fucking Derek on his back like a pussy whore when the boy moans that he’s coming and shoots several spurts of hot cum all over his belly. Next we see muscle hunk Aspen watching porn and jacking his cock. Caruso asks him what he’s watching (just so you guys can hear) and he says ”a porn video of mine”, Derek jumps in and says ”a kinky one”. So, this gorgeous stud is getting off watching himself getting off in a video – cocky much? Next we see Aspen lay back and really go at it – you can only call it an extreme jerk off session. It’s really hot watching him tighten all his muscles up to get his nut. Finally, he jumps up and strokes off a load right onto Derek’s torso, and then these two buddies who have just fucked for the first time, have their first, very hot kiss.

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Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay. The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.

Alex is a straight 19 year old with a body that is flawless. From his rugged masculine face to his chiseled torso with washboard 6 pack abs to his uncut cock he is simply an amazing young Latin male. It is really hot to watch him piss on himself for the very first time ever! In fact he thought we were joking when we first told him what we wanted. Being the confident young kid that he is he decided to give it a try and like most of the guys we shoot it turns out that he actually enjoyed it! There is something about the taboo of pissing on yourself…I guess when you are a baby they tell you not to pee your pants so it seems wrong to do but once they get over that it’s really fucking hot! Enjoy watching Alex get over it and into it as he pisses on himself and then jerks off that hot uncut cock to shoot his load of teenage cum then pisses again to wash it off!

Nico owns a gorgeous face and a well formed body. A big cock, hairy buns, lots of hair below his nuts and a real jungle around his asshole. Asshole which will remain unsucked since Nico says he would never allow a woman to rim him.

Nate’s 22, a California boy born and raised, and he’s 5’7′ tall and weighs 180 pounds. He’s got a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights look as he introduces himself to the camera, but Mike does his best to make him feel comfortable, and gives Nate some alone time to get himself started. Nate ditches the shirt and lo and behold, the guy’s got tats to spare, like many of our other brothers in arms. His hand runs along his smooth, bare chest and finds its way down to his boxers, where he gives himself some playful tugs before getting more serious with the bottle of lube on the nightstand. Nate’s got a pretty steady jack-off routine, with his right hand doing most of the stroking and his left hand cupping at his balls to apply some extra pressure. I kept hoping he was gonna sneak one of his fingers down a little to play with his hole, but I guess we’re gonna have to train him a bit on the ways of anal penetration. That’s ok, if there’s one thing a soldier’s used to, it’s a rigorous training regimen!

With a million dollar smile and boundless curiosity, Jace looks like a young Ethan Hawke. This adorable 20 year old is way kinky though. Handcuffs, ropes and group sex round out a perfect weekend for Jace. He’s down for almost anything, so Brendon lubes up Jace’s thick dick and nails the kid to the chair. His hairy ass looks like candy and when he cums it’s like a fountain in Vegas. Ahh… the fountain of youth!


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Tough Lads Dropping their Pants

Featuring Tons Of Selfshot and User Submitted Hot Ripped Boys, Ripped Hunks and Buff Jocks Exposing their Hot Bodies and Cocks, 100% Exclusive Amateur Self-shot Ripped Boys Pictures and Videos, User Submitted Videos and Pictures of Hot Studs, Ripped Hunks and Jocks

Fraternity at a University in Arizona just outside of Phoenix. We cannot say our fraternity name or letters for obvious reasons so online we call ourselves FraternityX. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Looking for hidden camera footage of sexy, naked men? Well you’re in the right place! Sneaky Peek is THE best site on the net for hot, explicit footage of men I’ve filmed personally in changing rooms, showers, public toilets and even their own homes!

The world’s foremost library of naked men on video, featuring hidden camera footage, military men, men-only locker rooms, celebrities, toilet spycams, reality TV stars, sportsmen and personal, straight lad home videos.

Broken Boys Do Everything to Pay their Tuitions

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Straight Tough Dudes


Usual procedure of me asking about their debts and getting back the ridiculous answers about how much they owe to this and that company. Looks like a vicious circle for the youth in this country. But well, that works for me just fine. This one wasn’t anything different. Young and in trouble with only a short time to save his skin. And that what I am here for. Lone saviour of broken dudes and hard punisher and teacher in the same person. I would love to see how big lesson they always learn from my visits. So let’s see how this young one hump, jump and cum. I know already Gents, I am going to score today. Another addition to my very special collection of broken young Czechs. DD77: check!

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An amazing footage of the sexy Bad Lads Army. Here hot-bodied smarmy recruits are trained hard by brutish drill instructors who shout at them and make them continuously strip naked for embarrassing trials of manly will. First thing in the mornings the young army boys have to jump out of their bunks and pull their shorts down for inspection.

Bingo! I was in the mood for really dirty sex today. And the first boy I met was the perfect match. A bit arrogant and very proud to be straight. He spoke the whole time about his girlfriend and about the gift that he still owes her for birthday. Well, I offered my helping hand in exchange for his “helping-hand”. We went to the cellar of a nearby friend. So far so good. But he didn’t want to go any further besides the agreed hand-job. But as he was greedy enough to accept my final offer I decided to really let him feel what it means to “fuck with Honza”. So I basically turned him into my bitch. I wanted to have his whole body. His ass, his mouth, his feet… I wanted to hear him moan from pain and lust. And to finally mess up his pretty straight-face with my hot sperm.

0001 0006 0028 0040 0044 0050 0053 0056 0102 0108 0111 0122 0124 0130

Scott has gone on to star in several man on man porn films, but before a cock ever touched his lips he arrived for an audition video at TheCastingRoom. He is a buff straight lad who spends his whole life partying and working out at the gym. He’s at the prime of his life being physically fit and relentlessly horny. But since it’s all play and no work he’s discovered that he’s almost always short of cash. Before this video he had never been naked on camera before but he’s willing to pose in any position here to show off his virgin ass.

JakubNovek05 JakubNovek09 JakubNovek12 JakubNovek17 JakubNovek22 JakubNovek29 JakubNovek42 JakubNovek55 JakubNovek68 JakubNovek79 JakubNovek87 JakubNovek93 JakubNovekW05 JakubNovekW06 JakubNovekW15 JakubNovekW19 JakubNovekW27 JakubNovekW38 JakubNovekX01 JakubNovekX03 JakubNovekX07 JakubNovekX11

I had so much fun travelling around Europe with my mate Zac last month. Even though it was pretty dam cold over there we still found some guys to heat up our hotel rooms. Like my skinny mate Jakub Novek who visited us during our stay in Poland. You might remember I met this 18 year old in Europe last year. I love shooting skinny guys with extra large cocks, and Jakub definitely ticks those boxes. Once I saw him bent over with his bum puckered up I couldn’t resist going down and tongue fucking that little bum hole. It is really important that you watch his video right to the end. I positioned myself on the floor so I could film his cum shot from below. Well I completely lost track of what was going on when suddenly it felt like a rain shower in my hotel room. Jakub was blast cum every where! I felt at least 4 big blasts all over me. Jakub Novek is a very big and long squirter. I’ll remember that for next time!

bentlet race - DANIEL bentlet race - DANIEL1

Daniel (23) is a hot, masculine and very good looking footballer. He owns a powerful cock which pumps jizz like if he was a horny horse, in his two wanking videos. He also owns a very tight asshole, surrounded by a lot of dark hair.

”No homo… you know”… that’s what our hot, hunky straight boy Blake let’s Caruso know about him touching cocks with another dude during a double penetration – and this cocky dude has lots to say. Originally from New York, he’s lived in Palm Beach for half his life where he wrestled in high school and became an avid golfer. He’s a handsome 20 year old dude who stands 6’1”, with blue eyes brown hair, a rockin’ body, a sexy bubble butt and a thick 7” cock – he’s a stud and he knows it. He tells Caruso he’s been fucking girls since he’s 13 years old. He fucked his high school golf coach as well as his music teacher (both female of course) and thinks he’s perfect for porn. Caruso matches him up with Bait boy Patrick who is just as a hot and also originally from New York and also an athlete, an ice hockey player since he was 3 years old. Patrick is also 6’1”, he’s 21 and has a super hot body, especially great thighs and beautiful 7.5” cock. The main differences between the two hunky boys, Blake is very outgoing and talkative, Nick is a bit on the quiet side, Blake is fair skinned, Patrick is darker, Blake is super straight while Patrick is plenty gay. So, the boys meet and before long, we are admiring their beautiful nakedness as they watch pussy porn and stroke their cocks until they’re both rock hard. Caruso goes to get the ‘girl’ and upon his return delivers the bad news – the girl didn’t show. Their only option is to have sex with each other. Blake laughs and then realizes Caruso doesn’t seem to be joking, ”are you serious” he says, ”fuck no” – and we see that his dick has already gone limp. Caruso asks if he ever thought about having sex with another dude – ”fuck no” he replies again. Blake is shocked when Patrick agrees to do to the gay sex deal. But, Caruso explains to him how you don’t have to be gay to do it with a dude and how mostly straight girls do lesbian scenes and Blake buys into it. He says he’ll give it a try, an on Caruso’s cue, Patrick grabs Blake’s cock and starts stroking it. Blake says ”kind of uncomfortable” as he intently stays focused on the straight porn video playing on the studio monitor. Caruso then tells Blake to stroke Patrick’s cock, and he reluctantly takes hold and jacks his new buddy. Once they’re worked up enough, Caruso tells Patrick to suck Blake’s cock – not having to be asked twice he’s down on his knees with that hot 7” dick down his throat. Blake says ”dude, you’re surprisingly good at this”, little does he know that he’s getting sucked off by someone who’s done this for many years – including his high school hockey coach – right in his coach’s office! The two boys follow Caruso’s instructions and stand and rub their cocks together – Patrick pulls Blake in for a kiss and to everyone’s surprise, they go at it for a while. Blake even says ”not bad”. Now it’s Blake’s turn to suck Patrick’s 7.5 incher and he’s not too happy about that… ”fucking disgusting” he grunts, but he gives it a try. But, Blake just cannot put more than the tip in his mouth. He later tells Caruso it doesn’t taste like pussy – it smells like my dick and tastes like it smells, fucking sweaty man smell. Caruso doesn’t push it, but instead tells him it’s time to fuck some ass. So, Blake slips on a condom, Patrick is raring to go and gets into the doggy position. As Blake penetrates his hot butt, Patrick is moaning and Blake says ”his ass is way tighter than a girls”. As Blake picks up speed, Patrick says ”dude, that dick is fucking big” but within seconds is saying ”oh, oh, fuck it” through his moans of pleasure. Watch how focused Blake is on the porn, watching some dude fuck pussy as he fucks Patrick. Patrick then turns over on his back, legs up waiting for Blake’s hot cock, but looking at Patrick’s cock and the fact that he’s fucking a dude makes Blake go limp. Blake works himself up again and shoves his cock back into Patrick’s hole and fucks the boy silly. Patrick moans and then finally can’t hold back and blows his load. It doesn’t take Blake but a few seconds to pull out, get on his knees and jack a load onto Patrick’s flat, sexy belly. Both boys take a few minutes to come down from their orgasmic highs and Caruso sends them off to the showers. In the ‘After the Shoot’ interview, Caruso finds out all kinds of interesting things about the boys. He also asks Blake what he thought about his first gay sex experience and they chat about it for a few minutes before Blake kind of figures things out and concludes ”I was bamboozled”.

Mark hails from Dallas, where he says he’s lived for about 5 or 6 years. At 5’9′ and 140 lbs, he’s still got that new recruit look to him, with a wiry frame and a cute, boyish face that probably got him teased a lot in basic training.Mark teases us for a bit with just flashes of his bulge, as he gets his dick worked up under his sky blue boxer briefs. He could be doing anything under those undies of his, but sure enough, the head of his dick starts to peek out the side as he gets himself nice and hard for you. When he decides all that fabric is getting in the way, he gives us a great introduction to his abs, and can’t help giving us a little tease of his hole when he lifts his legs to pull off his boxer briefs.</br><br>But who’s satisfied with just a tease? Mark knows what we’re paying to see, and after some rubbing to get us all in the mood, he flips over onto his knees and starts fingering his hungry hole. Even as he turns back around to give us a proper show, his finger keeps probing and playing with his beautiful butthole. It’s an incredible sight to see his hot long dick sticking straight up as he rubs and fingers away.

Jacob is back in the studio with Brendon. His long, lean, hairless torso just adds fuel to Brendon’s fire. The easy banter between the two guys is titillating to the older man. When Jacob shares his fantasies, Brendon acquires some new ones of his own. He wants to get his hands on Jacob’s beautiful, thick cock today and stroke it. With a very understanding girlfriend at home, Jacob can sit back and enjoy the attention… guilt free. You’ll enjoy it too!

Tyler was real nervous for this visit, but the fleshlight helped him to cum

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