Seducing Straight Guys Videos

Parker Tops Bareback In His First Fuck Scene

Parker has been reluctant to top a guy, but he finally agreed once he needed the money badly enough. One of our members, Tad, came over to take Parker’s huge cock. First Tad got Parker hard, stripped him and gave him a sensual foot massage. Then Tad gave Parker a blowjob that almost had him cumming too quickly. This guy can suck a mean cock! Parker is nervous about fucking a guy but Tad really kept him hard. Tad sat on that 8-inch cock first to make sure he could take it, and he said it’s the biggest dick he’d ever taken. Parker bent Tad over and started fucking him hard and fast. He was surprised how great it felt to be inside a guy, and he almost collapsed when he busted his nut!

Bruno At The Gloryhole

20-year-old Bruno is in town visiting Brandon, who tells his buddy where he can go to have his dick sucked. It doesn’t take much for this horny little exhibitionist to get off, and he loudly shoots his load straight into Daddy’s mouth.

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Barebacking Dudes

Wandering Eyes: Bareback

Vadim Black is sick of his boyfriend Steven Lee’s wandering eyes. Everywhere they go Steven is checking out other guys and the dark-haired hunk has decided it’s time to address the problem. Vadim realizes that an eye can’t wander if it has everything it needs at home, so he surprises Steven with the tall, big-dicked Jack Hunter in their bed. Vadim strokes his cock watching his muscular boyfriend and Jack explore each other with their mouths and tongues. He can’t resist for long though and all three get in on the action, fucking and sucking their way into an intensely passionate three-way.

Brysen & Angelo

Angelo and Brysen soak up the sun as they get carried away rubbing each other and themselves while they wash the car. “Got real wet, your butt got wet didn’t it?” Brysen asks Angelo. “Ya, you got me fucking soaked,” Angelo responds. “What do you find most attractive about me?” Brysen asks. “Your chest. That was the first thing I saw when you were walking out there without your shirt,” responds Angelo. Brysen has Angelo’s ass on his mind. “I’d have to say it’s a tie between your personality and that perfect voluptuous ass.” “Do you want to put your suds all over it?” Angelo asks. Brysen moans in response, “I would have said I like that thick cock of yours, but I didn’t get a chance to try it unfortunately.” “Well I’m gonna try yours,” says Angelo. “That one’s thick too,” Brysen continues. “I’m scared to see what it’s like hard. Good thing it’s not going in my ass.” “Well yours is going in mine,” Angelo says smiling. Brysen bends Angelo over the couch and gives his ass a good spank. “You like it rough?” Brysen asks. “Ya I do,” responds Angelo. “Good, because you’re going to get it fucking rough,” Brysen says.

By Invitation Only

Tall, muscular Kit Cohen keeps seeing incredible men walking around with invitations to an exclusive sex party, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get in. Chiseled William Seed, tattooed Ryan Bones and athletic Jason Vario laugh him off, but the persistent Kit steals an invitation and shows up. The hungry bottom can’t believe his eyes when the first thing he sees is muscular Trent King’s huge cock. Soon Kit finds both more than he bargained for and exactly what he wants as four hung studs immediately descend upon him, filling his holes with their thick cocks.     

Unbreakable Bond: Bareback

The muscular, olive-skinned Arad WinWin slowly and sensually undresses the tall, chiseled Michael Jackman, taking time to kiss Michael’s nipples and neck. Arad strips Michael down to his underwear, worshiping his thick cock through the fabric then taking it out for a long, passionate blowjob. Michael spreads his tight, hairy hole for Arad’s cock, letting the chiseled hunk deep inside of him in a sensual and intensely intimate fuck session.

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Seducing Czech Straight Twinks

Czech Hunter 407

Today I met an interesting boy. His name was Jarda and he was on a lookout for a flat. I bumped into him when he was on his way home from a house tour. I was surprised he could afford such a big investment but I guess his girlfriend and family would help. We talked a little and he looked like a fun and open-minded guy. At first, I tested him a little… let him do a few sit-ups and push-ups. Then I asked for the serious stuff. He was shy but eventually showed me his ass and cock. The poor boy didn’t know I had a place rented nearby. He made me really horny and I had to satisfy my dirty urges. Honestly, I went a little overboard and basically showered the guy with money. I didn’t have much of a choice because the boy was incredibly greedy. He could tell I liked him and took advantage of it.

Czech Hunter 408

What a crazy catch today! First I met Martin, he was a college student working part-time as an air-port security. He looked like a smart young gentleman so I was uncertain if he would swallow my bait. Fortunately, he needed money. We went to a park, where he showed me his cock. While we were at it, another guy came by and got interested in what we were doing. His name was Honza and he was fairly easy to convince to join us. Thank god I brought so much money with me be-cause this started shaping up like a very nice threesome. Honza took us to his place. After a few minutes of fooling around I basically gave them all my money for taking care of my horny cock. Both the guys were doing a pretty awesome job. It was amazing. I watched them pleasuring each other and then fuck their tight assholes.

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