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Today it was already quite late when I started my hunt. Outside it was cold and rainy and for a moment I thought about staying home instead. But I changed my mind and walked to the shopping center round the corner a few minutes before closing. Not much time left for having a look around. And although it was clear that I couldn’t be too picky today I was lucky to meet a blond guy within a minute. He was nervous because of my cam but agreed to have a chat with me. He moved to Prague just recently because of the local University and he honestly wanted to become a teacher. Not bad I thought. And most important: he was quite broke and didn’t have any friends yet in Prague. And when I noticed that he was almost a bit bi-curious I decided to try my luck.

Some people call me a bit arrogant and thats maybe even true. On the other hand I don’t like arrogant people myself. Especially when they have no reason to be arrogant. Today a young lad called me because he expected to get a loan from me. I could see from the very beginning that his apartment was probably more expensive than he could afford. He had a beautiful blond girlfriend and an annoying cat. His debts summed up to about 40 000 CZK. Probably even more but he didn’t dare to ask for a higher loan. I thought quite a long time if he was worth such a high amount. But then I offered him the money and he… he rejected. Unbelievable. But maybe thats why I was even more determined to get him on his knees and suck my dick.

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Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay. The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.

First we meet Logan, a cute 21 year old dude who recently moved from Virginia to Ft Lauderdale, because he likes the idea of not having a cold winter. Logan would love to find a relationship, but he’s a horny young dude who still wants to play – and who can really blame him. Caruso pairs him up with a ginger named Jackson. And, that’s a good thing, because Logan loves the taboo of getting a straight dude in bed and loves gingers – he says ”they always have big cocks”. On the other hand, Jackson tells Caruso he loves fucking girls, especially brunettes with big butts and ‘tig ol’ bitties’ (big old titties). And, at 21 years old, he’s had his share of Georgia peach pussy, a couple of three ways and even fucked a couple of chicks in the ass with his 7.5” dick. Caruso introduces the two guys, and we learn that like Logan, Jackson is a recent arrival in Ft Lauderdale, hailing from his home in the outbacks of Georgia. Once they were acquainted, Caruso has the guys strip down for the boner test to make sure we have hard cocks for the actual shoot with the ‘girl’. The first thing we notice is that Jackson is the real thing with his fire engine pubes -his rug matches the curtains for sure. Jackson has a natural, tight, country boy body. Logan is really built nicely, looks like he spends some time in the gym or did a lot of work on the farm in Virginia. He sports three tattoos, English, Hebrew and Native American, representing his ethnic mix. He really hit it big in the dick department with his extremely thick 7.5” cock. Both boys show off their cute bubble butts to Sylvia on camera and sit down to watch porn on their phones as they jack their dicks and wait for Caruso to return with some porn pussy. Well, the girl didn’t show once again, so Caruso offers the boys an alternative, have sex with each other and get paid double the money. Logan just sits there with no reaction and continues to jack his big, thick rock hard cock. Jackson on the other hand has a total change in expression and body language, surprised at the offer of gay sex as an alternative to a girl. At first he’s taken aback at the idea, he says he never thought of doing anything like it, but then says what the fuck ”I have bills, I’ll try it”. Even Caruso is a bit surprised that this straight, redneck, red head gives in so easily. Only problem is that Jackson is willing, but little Jackson, his cock, is now just one floppy noodle. So, Logan reaches over and starts stroking it as Jackson continues to watch some sleazy pussy porn video on his phone. It doesn’t take Jackson long for his cock to fatten and extend to it’s impressive size. Seeing Jackson’s cock hard again, Logan’s mouth is watering, so he bends right over and takes it in his mouth giving the straight boy his very first gay blowjob. Caruso asks Jackson how he likes it, ”it was good” he says. ”How about you giving it a try” asks Caruso. The easy going dude just goes for it and does a damn good job – even Logan agrees. Now the boys stand up and rub their big dicks together as Logan pulls Jackson into a kiss. And, like most straight guys, Logan seems to just melt into it. ”Not bad… different… but not bad” says Jackson about kissing another guy. Caruso says let’s get to the fucking. Now the original plan was to have Jackson fuck Logan, but Logan tells Caruso he just can’t keep his dick hard with the thought of fucking a dude ”maybe if there was a girl around”. ”Well, somebody is getting fucked” Caruso says. So, Jackson just looks around and realizes he’s it and agrees to get fucked for the very first time. They first try with Logan in a sitting position, but Jackson can’t get his cock in and suggests they try missionary. Jackson gets on his back and Logan penetrates his virgin hole a couple of inches and starts fucking him, but it’s too painful for Jackson. He pulls out for a little and goes back in. This time Jackson relaxes and takes the entire cock. There’s nothing like the facial expressions and moaning of a straight dude taking his first cock. Young Logan is so turned on that after a few minutes he says ”you’re gonna make me cum” and pulls out and jacks his load all over Jackson. Jackson then jacks off like a maniac, groans in ecstasy and shoots his own load. ”How was that” asks Caruso, ”fucking awesome” replies Jackson.

Big Red, little bed, mucho head! Dalton is lured back to the studio with the promise of real pussy. The strapping ginger-haired straight dude is Brendon’s idea of HOT! Chiseled torso and movie star looks are just two of his attributes. Ajay and Alana trip the light fantastic with another in a series of encounters with a horny, hunky hetero. We don’t know who’s having more fun here, the nasty wife, her cock sniffing hubby or the beefy bachelor. She’s getting a cornucopia of priapic delights, Ajay’s getting a mouthful of real dude dick and Dalton’s getting laid with no strings attached. He doesn’t even have to pay for dinner. Brendon conducts this symphony of ‘skin and boners’ till Dalton sprays himself with his own cum and Ajay lets his load fly on his wife’s ass. We think she’s the lucky one!

We’ve had the wonderful pleasure of a few nice, healthy doses of Bridger lately, and every time just gets better! Bridger came to us quite a while back and blew us all away with his incredible eyes, strong build, and amazing cock. This is, in fact, Johnny’s first time engaging with another man in sexual contact, and it’s not to be missed. As soon as Claude gave them the go-ahead, Johnny kissed Bridger like a fish-out-of-water that needed the kisses in order to breathe. He buried his face into Bridger’s chest and did all he could to get Bridger’s shirt off at the same time. Soon, Bridger’s dick was out and Johnny wrapped his lips around the his very first cock. After a little while, Bridger gets on top of Johnny and takes his dick in his mouth for a nice 69 session. Wow! A first-time hookup and Johnny Is learning quickly! He continues to have a little trouble taking Bridger’s swollen meat deep into his throat, but bless his earnest heart…he’s sure as hell trying. They reposition and take turns servicing each other. After trying to do like he’s seen the seasoned vets do in the videos for a while, and sharing a few laughs with Bridger in the process, Johnny finally decides to go for it. He climbs on top of Bridger’s massive, firm dick and works it into his tight, virgin hole. Surprisingly, he doesn’t have too much trouble getting himself started. And once he does, Bridger decides to really show him what it’s like to get fucked. He works up to a good, steady upward-thrusting pace and jerks Johnny’s cock at the same time. It’s not too long before Johnny needs a little break, but MY GOSH, does Johnny do a fantastic job handling that intense pounding! Bridger sucks Johnny some more, just before Claude gets a very nice, very close shot of that freshly devierginized hole. But then Bridger goes in for more. Hang out with these studs for a while and share this once-in-a-lifetime memory that neither Johnny, nor Bridger will ever forget.

Max really seems like such a down-to-earth, friendly dude. Mark my words, if we can coax Max into coming back to us and mixing things up with a fellow recruit (of a few), we’ll have some awesome results. He’s so likeable and mellow, the sort of guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Just what we like to see here! Once Claude fires up a dirty movie and gives max the green light, we do see a little reticence. This is healthy, I think, and we’ll be privileged ( I hope!) to see a promising new recruit blossom from optimistic caterpillar to fluttering butterfly very soon. When that dick comes out, Max gets to cranking. It’s his first time, like I said, and we see him a little stiff here. I enjoyed seeing his feet while on the couch. He has nice, long feet that I’m sure are big helpers when he’s wrestling with competitors in the ring. Next, we have Max thrusting his hard cock into some pillows on the couch. Boy, what a nice, athletic ass. I can certainly imagine those muscular cheeks taking some punishment from a strong, top-end soldier! Max stands up after this and tugs his way to an excellent eruption of warm goodness, all over a set of leather pillows. Until next time we see this stud, I’ll be eagerly looking forward to experiencing more of his warmth and good ol’ fashioned charm.

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Mickey O’Brien initiates Nico Stiles into the world of gay-for-pay with a blowjob and a bareback fuck. He cums on Nico’s abs while Nico fucks him with his giant cock, then lies face down on the couch so Nico can shoot a huge load on his ass.

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The pervy cameraman has caught the hunkiest studliest muscle boy changing in the locker room. He’s worn out from his workout so takes his time changing or maybe he’s enjoying showing off to the other guys in the locker room. He has no idea his audience is much wider now that his naked body has been secretly recorded!


I love shooting with my cute mate Justin Evans. He was so shy when I first met him a couple of years. He’s not shy anymore! He really surprised me when he started posing for me during this shoot. I barely had to give him any direction at all. In my hotel bathroom Justin is posing in just a pair of Aussiebum swimmers. He loses them pretty quickly as I snap lots of photos. I forgot how perfectly round that little bum is. I also grabbed a lot of photos of Justin getting wet in the shower and taking off those swimmers. And while he’s still wet on the bathroom bench I rub his cock until it’s fully erect so I can get some nice erection shots. This was a really fun and very hot shoot.

Landon’s back (with a new buzz cut)! After his “solo” shoot, I hit Landon up about doing a massage video. He seemed a little uncertain about it at first, telling me that he’d never gotten one before. He’s an open-minded guy, though, and I’m sure the cash didn’t hurt in pushing things along. Lying face down on the massage table, Landon’s perky butt was hard to ignore. My hands worked their way down from his back, just passing his ass cheeks at first, to eventually spreading his legs open and exposing his lightly-hairy hole. Who could resist planting their tongue down there? I certainly couldn’t. The night before about the shoot, I had asked Landon if he’d ever done any ass play, to which he said he hadn’t. He’d heard that guys sometimes like it, so I casually mentioned that maybe we’ll try it during the shoot and got a non-committal reply. Since rimming him didn’t send him running, I poured some lube onto his hole and plunged a finger inside him. Landon’s reaction was only to grab the sides of the table and arch his ass up; I guess he liked it! Landon flipped over to give his front side some attention. Almost on cue, his dick suddenly got rock hard. I oiled up his chest, making sure to tease his cock with some slow passes of my hands. Since there didn’t seem to many boundaries so far (and again, who could resist?), I bent down and gave his cock a taste. That just made him get harder. After finishing the rest of a full rub-down of his body, my focus went to his throbbing shaft that was waiting to explode. And the build-up was intense. Landon was writhing on the table, thrusting his hips toward my mouth. I tweaked his nipples a couple times which seemed to push him right over the edge. Gasping, Landon covered his abs in cum and sent a massive squirt flying toward his chest. “Wow,” he said in amazement, “I never shoot that far.” Something tells me the finger I had up his ass had something to do with that. (wink)

authentic footballers1

Francisco (21) is a very hot stud but for some unknown reason he uses a horrible hair dress. Once we forgive him for it, we can enjoy a masculine footballer, with a well formed body, lots of hair in groin, legs and ass, a piercing in his tongue and plenty of tattoos all over his body.

authentic footballers2

Mariano (20) is a sexy footballer with lots of attributes: a cute face, a nice body, a beautiful ass, a tight manhole, and also a self confident attitude. Plus, a big fat cock. He’s obsessed about fucking asses. He pees twice, once in the bowl and a second one in the shower.


Danilo is a fucking hot pisser! We start the video with an early morning piss outside in just his boxers…then later in the day he decides go skinny dipping in the pool. He’s hot and being a horny 18 year old he decides that jerking off would feel great. He works his thick uncut tool over until he busts his nut and then enjoys having some warm piss over his 6 pack abs! You can bet that will all of the email we have received about his amazing boy you will be seeing a lot more of him!

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Straight Smooth and Fit Boys Wanking Videos

Seduced Straight Boys Videos

Gym Teen Boys

Straight, Military and Sport Guys Exposed

Amateur Guys Jerking Off

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All Amateur Straight Boys Actions


Featuring Private Amateur Videos of Hot Hung Hunks, Studs, Twinks, Jocks – Stolen Homemade Videos and Pictures

My plan was to take my bike and go to the beach for a few hours. We have no access to the sea but a few nice beaches at the riverside. But as always I had my cam with me, prepared to go on the hunt. And then I saw him… a young guy, biker as well. I was so unprepared that I had problems finding the right words. I finally invited him for a beer pretending that I wanted to speak about bikes. I love bikes – but I love boys more. I told him that my friend has a modeling company – and that he has potential. He was very interested and I had his attention. After a short fake call I told him that my friend has no time this week. I saw his disappointment. So this was my chance now – I showed him my money and told him that I have another nice offer for him.

Whatever your political persuasion, Ohio’s favorite son has de-camped for California. Traynor could run for office and he’d get our vote every time. His dark hair and eyes light up when he flashes that winning smile. This personal trainer keeps his body fit, but in the dick department, he’s just a lucky bastard! His fat Johnson curves oh so slightly downward which would make it perfect for sucking… if Brendon were that lucky. He gets his hands on it, but Traynor is not ready for man to man action. We’re totally satisfied to see this hunky dude stroke his own meat til he squeezes out a sweet load. He’s your personal Traynor!

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This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

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Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay. The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.

My client today insisted at meeting outside. The weather was not the best so I was a bit pissed to wait for him somewhere in the middle of nowhere. He was 5 minutes late but when I saw him I was sure that the waiting was worth it. I also realized why we met outside. He temporarily lived in a hostel as he had to hide from his creditors. Basically he only owed 27 000 CZK to one person. But as the debts were overdue he now has the last chance of paying it within two weeks. I was sure that he would be happy from my offer to not just lend him but give him the money. Of course for sex in return. But instead he was arrogant and even a bit aggressive. So I changed my strategy and offered him more than he owed. Would he let me have his little straight ass?

You must’ve heard about the double couponing phenomenon in the supermarkets. It’s been around for many years. You use coupons on a certain date and get double their face value discount. The problem is once a supermarket starts that policy it’s so addictive that it’s almost impossible to stop because consumers love that extra cash. Well, we kind of have that same situation here at As an incentive to get a straight guy to have gay sex, you always hear Caruso offering to double their money. And, just like the supermarket customers, many of these guys just want to keep coming back to us – of course for double the money. Guess what, since it works so well, Caruso has no plans on changing that arrangement anytime soon. And now you know why it’s not unusual for hot straight dudes like Dimitri and Fernando to call Caruso and ask for work and why they always seem to be willing to agree to his conditions. This week, you’ll get to see hot Latino stud Fernando, who was here not long ago, return to have gay sex with sexy hunk, Dimitri, who was here for his first time several months ago. Both guys have agreed to Caruso’s conditions, and that is, they both have to get fucked. So, the scene starts off with Caruso interviewing the boys, asking how they prepared for their flip-flop fuck. Dimitri tells Caruso that he has a girl friend (actually a friend with benefits) who’s open to just about anything, and that she got his hole prepared with one of her dildos. Fernando starts laughing and he admits that he’s been getting ready by fingering his hole while jacking off – and really likes how it feels. Both guys are horned up from watching pussy porn on the studio monitor and ready to go, so Caruso just lets them to it. You’ll see lots of kissing with lots of tongue, and the guys swapping long, sloppy blowjobs. The scene ends with the promised flip-flop fuck, with Dimitri taking it doggy style (we had to stop for lots more lube) and then Fernando on his back getting pounding by studly Dimitri until they both blow their hot, creamy loads all over Fernando’s, balls, belly and chest!

authentic footballer

Tiago (18) is a sexy goalkeeper owner of a tight and virgin asshole, a well formed body and though he says he does not wanks frequently he did it twice for us and he really seemed to enjoy it

Graham and a few of his military buddies had been talking with each other about trying to get into porn for a few months. Graham was the first among them to make the leap. He sent in an application, recently, that caught my eye. How couldn’t it? He’s an 18 y/o redhead who stands 6-and-a-half feet tall! Hung, uncut, and doesn’t shave all his ginger pubes off (all big plusses around here). Graham actually showed up to the shoot with one of his friends who waited outside for him to finish; his wing-man. Graham played it off pretty well, but I think nerves were getting the best of him, at least starting out. About halfway through, he loosened up a bit and had some fun showing off for the cameras. Graham’s job keeps him out in “the field” quite a bit, doing military training operations. Once, he snuck away long enough to pull out his phone and rub one out on top of a mountain during training. The latest round in the field, though, left him with 4-5 days of cum stored up in his balls. When cum time came, he didn’t hold back, really ramping up the moaning as he shot a well-earned load onto his stomach.

ryan kai hotel bentley race

Ryan Kai is one of my favourite straight mates to shoot with. He us one of the nicest and funniest guys to hang out with, which makes shooting with him a breeze. Also, I think he’s pretty hot too. He has a very natural laid back attitude, and especially loves getting his photos taken naked. Even before his jocks come off that big cock is rock hard. This BTS video was set up during our recent shoot in a Melbourne hotel. I was trying to get Ryan in as many different positions as possible, including totally naked standing on the window sill.

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Through the tiny hole in the wall the pervy cameraman films this handsome young chap stripping out of his work clothes and getting ready for a shower. He has a fine body, decent sized dick and very spreadable ass cheeks.

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A classic video of a New Zealand rugby team performing a naked Haka routine. Fierce-faced and fully displaying their rippling muscular bodies the teammates shout in unison. Unsurprisingly the ring of spectators are mesmerized by this display of hunky male nudity out in public!

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