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Horny Straight Boys

You couldn’t find a sweeter, cleaner cut kid than Ted if you were looking in church. He’d be next to you in the pew, singing hymns with his Mom and Dad. After all, he’s only 19 years old. But I don’t think you’ll find Ted on Sunday mornings… unless you’re looking in your daughter’s bedroom. Cause she dragged him home last night to get fucked by his massive cock. As he explains, he was a shy kid till he sprouted that tool and blossomed into the gunslinger he is today. His ‘smooth as a baby’s ass’ skin and green eyes have Brendon dancing around the studio, moving in to put lube on his dick and stroking it while Ted’s defenses are down. But his cock is UP and doesn’t go down till he shoots a beautiful load. Amen!!

Straight Only Boys Videos


When young people from Prague want to go for a romantic date, they go to the Petrin hill. That’s the place I went hunting today. There were so many cute boys! I tried two guys who were relaxing in a beer garden. We had a nice chat but when things got a bit more serious, they told me to go away. But I immediately started to chat with a boy sitting nearby. He was much more open-minded. Unfortunately, when I talked him into showing me his chest, we got kicked out of the restaurant. But the guy liked the scent of money. I managed to convince him to stay with me and he was more than willing to do what I want. His firm athletic body looked so nice. He was too scared to fuck outside. So we went to a nearby art gallery. To enjoy culture 🙂

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 Zbynek is a young guy who would like to work in porn. During the casting he accepted every offer of anal sex and showed us how good he is with all the possible toys. He can handle even the bigger sizes and we can only hope that we’ll see him soon in another scene. Working with him was a wild ride and everybody enjoyed that. You will as well.

 I think, I really saved this boy. He already owed the rent for two months and the next payment was due that very day. In the Czech Republic, owner can kick tenant out after three missed payments. On top of that, he borrowed 5 000 from a loans-hark and was supposed to pay back 11 000. The boy was a hard worker but not even two jobs would have saved him in this situation. But of course I helped him. I am a nice guy, but when I’m in a mood for something special, I don’t think twice. I hope you guys enjoy getting rimmed as much as I do. This thing can bring people together like nothing else. The boy tried very hard to please me. You do everything when your life is at stake. Even if it’s beyond your imaginations.

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My cute mate Ryan Kai is back this week in this impromptu bathroom shoot. Ryan is one of my many straight mates who loves showing off on camera. And he’s always up for trying new things. It was too cold to head outside today so we stayed in making these shots and a video in my bathroom. Ryan is wearing just a pair of running shorts as he poses in the window sill. And as he starts getting wet under the shower the warm water makes his cock grow and grow in his shorts. It’s not long before those shorts have got to come off to give his big cock room to move. Then I grabbed the video camera to catch Ryan wanking and fleshlight fucking in the window. He ends in a spectacular cum shot laying in the bath tub. He looks pretty happy with himself as he lays there covered in his own cum.

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A new video of two guys getting off in the woods where one shows off his hard cock and ass!

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In this busy shower room the pervy cameraman films these horny guys under the hot shower and showing off their great bodies. These guys have no idea that they’re being filmed and that they can be seen. They occasionally peep over at each other, probably spying on their mates’ dicks and asses just like we are. Take special note of the stud in the center.

BJ came in for an audition because he wants to be a porn star. With that big dick, he just might get his wish! He shows off his hot body while he jerks off and shoots his load up onto his chest and abs.


 When you have seen as many naked 18 year olds as I have it’s hard to be impressed but now and then one surprises you. Either with a body so perfect that he goes to 15 on a scale of 1 to 10 or an amazing personality or huge junk. In Junior’s case it is all of the above! He was really fun to shoot and has such a great personality that we continued to hang out after the shoot was done. His cock is amazing as you will see and he had no problem with me right between his legs so close I could smell his hairy teen ball sack full of cum!

Karl had toyed around with the idea of doing porn for a while. It was a couple of his military buddies, both of whom had done shoots before, who re-kindled the idea and got him to finally make the leap.
Karl is 23 y/o and described himself as a thrill-seeker and somewhat of an exhibitionist. Although he hadn’t done much in the way of showing off in public, he’d gotten walked in while jerking off so many times that I gave him points for at least trying! He listed them all off:
“I’ve been caught by parents, siblings, friends, higher-ups at work came into the barracks rooms.”
Lately, Karl had also been testing the waters with some bi curiosity. He hadn’t gone very far with that yet, but admitted that one of the things he likes is watching guys get fucked. That seemed to have some influence on his own porn debut.
He hadn’t gotten fucked himself, but ass play was what really got him going during the shoot. As soon as he reached down and started fingering his hole, the inner-exhibitionist found its way out. Karl was a “verbal” guy; the commentary he provided was pretty hot.
Since he first got in touch, Karl had been saving up for his first time showing his cock to the world. I was glad he did, ‘cos his dick was hard, thick, and ready to explode. Karl fingered himself as he got himself close to the finish line, and rolled his head back in ecstasy while the cum pooled onto his stomach.

Scott feels like he’s won the lottery! Straight boy Billy needs some hole for his dick!

Former straight boy Tony who made his porn debut with us back in 2010 went on to do many movies, but has not performed for the last few years. That’s because he got engaged to be married and had a great job working on the railroad. But things recently soured as he was laid off and in need of money, so he reached out to Caruso for help, and that’s what got him back in the studio where Caruso briefly introduces Tony and then moves on to Conner, ”Welcome! How are you.” Conner replies ”Good! How are you?”, as Caruso can see him turning red and fidgeting. ”You are a nervous wreck aren’t you” Caruso inquires ”a little bit” Conner says as he nervously laughs. ”What about a straight guy turns you on he asks Conner. ”The chase” – great answer. Caruso tells us how Tony was here 6 years ago doing his first shoot and has since gone on to do lots of other work in porn. Tony says he thinks he’s hit every department including fetish, gay, straight, leather, bondage, you name it. He tells us that after his porn career he went away to college and got his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and electrical power generation then he landed a safety position job with the railroad but was recently laid off.
Caruso says this is a perfect pairing because we have a gay guy that loves to have sex with straight men and a straight guy that is experienced in ‘gay for pay’. It doesn’t take long before the guys get up and Tony starts making out with Conner. The guys continue to kiss while undressing each other. Conner doesn’t waste any time and drops down and starts blowing Tony. Apparently Tony liked Conner’s skills and says ”oh wow” before he gets down on his knees and returns the favor. Then Tony tells Conner ”I want to fuck you. Stick my dick in your ass. Won’t that feel good?” Tony puts on a condom and tries several times to stick his dick in Conner telling him he has a tight hole. Tony finally fucks him doggy style, then changes position with Conner on top riding him. Tony soon takes charge again and lays Conner on his back and fucks him while jacking him off. Tony can’t hold off any longer and pulls out and shoots his load on Conner’s stomach which triggers Conner to blow his load as well! With both dudes satisfied and cummy, Caruso sends them off to the shower.
In ‘After the Shoot’ both guys have showered off and are all relaxed sitting on the couch for their post fuck interview where Conner tells Caruso that his favorite part was riding Tony’s cock. Tony starts talking about how tight Conner’s hole is and then has to cross his legs because he starts getting hard again. Caruso asks what their relationship statuses are and Tony says ”Well, for today the ring is off the finger but I’m engaged. And, we’ve communicated. We know exactly what I’m doing today and how I’m doing it and what’s going on.” She’s okay with him being here, but he says she won’t see this because she doesn’t like watching him have sex. In the end it’s all the same he expresses to Caruso ”girl butt, boy butt, still a butt!”

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