Stroking Sucking and Fucking Straight Dudes

Czech Hunter 533

I got a call from one of the best dudes I ever fucked. He is really gorgeous so I didn’t hesitate and agreed to help him solve his financial situation. There was only one problem; no matter how cute, I never use same guys again. That’s why I decided to turn this episode into a threesome. I knew about another slut having money problems so I invited him to join us. A threesome with two beautifully ripped studs…  At first I just watched them kissing and sucking gently. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I told them to take care of my whole body. I could feel their fingers and tongues everywhere, it was incredible. Then we gave one of the boys pretty long and hard fuck before covering him in cum. Fucking a tight ass filled with warm cum… it was unbelievable. I really should do this stuff more often.

Cody and Jacob’s Deep Throat Challenge


Cody and Jacob talk about their cock sizes as they undress. Jacob laughs it off, but I can tell he’s especially nervous that he’ll be going gay-for-pay by choking down Cody’s big dick. They start by stroking each other. Jacob takes the plunge and goes down on Cody. He tries to get as much down as he can and gags. I tell them to switch and make Cody show how far he can deep-throat. Jacob says he’s ready to nut, and Cody jacks him off. I tell Jacob to lick and suck Cody’s nipple while Cody jacks his dick. Cody shoots an extra big load all over his hand, and I make him wipe it all over Jacob. That’s what you get for being the first one to cum!

Well Deserved Smashing

 Boys Halfway House Incident #265

There are those who don’t care about the consequences of their actions, and there are those who never think about the consequences to begin with. This fucktard obviously is in the latter group of idiots, because he almost seemed surprised, and scared shitless, that he was getting in trouble for dipping out unannounced from the House. You see, the reason we like to keep the guys close, in the House, is that wandering about town never leads to anything good, like a job. It always leads to more and more problems.

Well, this guy had gotten in trouble before, but I suppose one cock isn’t enough punishment, so we spitroasted this fucker and he got fucked with a big thick cock until his toosh was sore. We both enjoyed our blowjobs, and my buddy who was plowing him told me later that it was one of his favorite resident assholes of the entire year. That’s saying something! Well, in the end we both dumped out loads in his mouth and afterward I sent him back to his room to contemplate how he might improve his behavior in the future. He sure did deserve the ass smashing, but we hope he actually learns his lesson this time.

I’m Not Gay, I Just Need New Tires

Raunchy Bastards #279

Patrick Raposa’s journey continues with his first one-on-one with a guy his age. Ray Garner hopped over early one morning to give Patrick a spin. He had been hounding me for some money because he needed a new set of tires, and I told him that, even though I was somewhat jealously protective of Patrick’s hole, I’d let him have a crack at it. I guess I was eager to see what would happen between the two of them. What I wasn’t expecting was such an outburst of passionate making out and cock sucking that would make a pro blush.

I pretty much turned on the camera and let them go at it free style. It’s funny, because with a lot of straight-identifying guys, if you don’t give them a lot of direction the results are quite boring and ho-hum. Since they are straight, they kinda don’t know what to do. On the other hand, with some nice pre-fuck directions, they can pull off a decent session. With Ray and Patrick, though, I didn’t say much and they just went at it like sex-starved rabbits. It was so hot that I got a huge boner just watching these two go at it. Hot stuff from some not-so-gay boys.

Marine Sucked Off Before His Wedding


Twenty-one year old Raph is active duty military and just got engaged. He answered my ad looking to make money for his wedding. When Raph slipped off his underwear, I saw for the first time just how nice his cock is. I rubbed him down and got him excited by stroking that fattie for him, then bent him over and milked him like a cow. Since Raph seemed comfortable with me playing with his dick, I put my mouth into action, sucking him and licking his balls. Raph finished himself off with a big load and a big smile.

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Straight Horny Dudes jerked Off and Fucked

Dirty Scout 235

I usually can tell when someone is lying to me but this guy was difficult to read. He didn’t finish high school and wasn’t able to stay at one job for long. He always had a sad story ready to justify why it was so. He wasn’t treated fairly at school, he was bullied by co-workers… Also his father was gravely ill. For some reason I didn’t believe him. I think the dude was just lazy and incompetent. Still, he was kinda cute and I wanted to fuck so I gave him a job at a warehouse. The guy was neck deep in debts so he quickly agreed to work our mediation fee off. Or maybe there was another reason for his eagerness. When he undressed, a huge boner was staring right at me. What the hell?! I didn’t think twice and put the guy into good use. I gave him a pretty long ride on my cock and then he jerked me off dry.

Czech Hunter 531

I was following a cute guy into a building but then I lost him. While I was looking around for him, I got locked inside. I decided to wait for someone, who would let me out. Thank god this young man showed up. I told him I was looking for my friend’s family but obviously he never heard of them. I decided to strike before he would get upset about a stranger in his apartment building and offered him 2 000 Crowns for a look at his cock. He was a bit surprised at first but dropped his pants right in the hallway. Now was my turn to be surprised because he had a huge boner! I only had to offer him a bit more money and he took me to his flat. The guy was ripped and had a nice cock so I didn’t waste time and made him more offers. I hope the building had thick walls because this dude was very loud.

A Bit Of Both – Part 3

Alice Paradice / Chase (Mateo Sanchez) / Derek (Samuel Stone)

Beefcake hunk Chase has been called in to do some repairs on the office that horny couple Alice Paradise and Derek share. The kinky couple watch as Chase bends over, inspecting their radiator rod but all they can think about is checking out his. Before the muscular maintenance man leaves Derek and Alice propose a little bit of fun together and soon Alice is taking Chase’s big uncut cock down her throat while her horny husband watches. Derek isn’t content to remain a voyeur and soon he’s bending the knee to lick and suck Chase’s thick dick, too. The two hung hunks bend Alice over a chair and stuff her from both sides, Derek hungrily watching as Chase pounds Alice’s pussy and eager for his chance to take the handyman’s tool for a ride. Once he’s warmed up by Chase, Alice gets her taste of Derek’s ass, fucking him with a big strap-on while Chase stuffs her from behind. Whatever’s broken when these three meet each other is certainly fixed by the time Derek and Chase are blasting their twin loads all over Alice in the climax of this frisky bisexual romp.

A Bit Of Both – Part 2

Kyle’s Cum Fountain


I could tell Kyle was nervous at first about being on camera because this is the first ‘naughty’ thing he’s ever done. He starts warming up his seven-inch, uncut cock while I grab some oil. Kyle’s hard body is really amazing. I oil him up and cop a feel before he kicks back and finishes the job. Kyle definitely wins the prize for the guy who shoots the farthest. I didn’t notice until later, but his load actually hit the ceiling!

Learning, Earning, & Yearning

Raunchy Bastards #277

It was great hanging out with Rick Hazard after quite a long absence. He has a great cock, and he is down for anything, all the time (As long as it pays). Well, I just happened to have met Peter Quillen, and he was hanging out at my house, too. Peter, after years of thinking about it, had finally decided that his hole was for sale, and I was eager to get it lubed up and pounded. Fortunately, Rick and Peter got a long well, so I thought that getting them together would be great for Peter’s first time. Rick’s cock is big and thick, but not overly so in a way that would put off an untouched hole, so it worked out well.

Rick sucked Peter’s cock – nicely, I might add – and then Peter fucked Rick. Now, this was Peter’s first time fucking a dude, and it seemed to come fairly natural to him. I can definitely see him being a beast in the sheets. Rick doesn’t get fucked too much, but he took it well. When it was time to flip positions, Rick lubed up well and stuck it in. Well, it slid right in. Not only that, but Rick fucked Peter good. And the cherry on the cherry-popping was the fact that Peter kept a boner throughout, and came oodles while Rick was thrusting his cock deep inside. I guess there wasn’t much to worry about for Peter after all. He got paid, he got laid, and he even enjoyed it!

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Horny Young Straight Dudes Jerking Off and Fucking

Dude Caught Wanking

Worker Jerking Off in Toilet

Poor young guy was filmed by cruel buddies while jerking off

19 and Turned On

Raunchy Bastards #218

Rafa came down to do some porn, and I was very happy to have met such a sexy teen. Not only was he visually appealing, but he just seemed to ooze sensuality. He did a scene with a chick, and then I offered to have him jerk off for me. (Well, I offered him more than that, but he declined.) He couldn’t wait to get off. He had gotten off the night before with my tongue up his ass, but that didn’t detract him from shooting a nice load for me again while he stroked himself. But I think he was probably overcompensating a bit, because he kept mentioning pussy every change he could get. Ha!

Czech Hunter 529

I was walking around the old city centre when I bumped into Marian. He was a cute 18 years old dude, who didn’t want to talk too much about himself. Even though he had a job, he was broke. Mainly because Marian liked casinos… That was good news, gamblers are always easy. I offered him a way to make nice money. The deal was 20 000 Crowns for sex. He hesitated for a second and then took me to his place. The dude used to hit the gym so his body was superb, not to mention his beautiful cock. I couldn’t help myself and sucked him off right away. Then I let him take good care of my entire body. Marian had some experience but his ass was still incredibly tight. He probably just fooled around a bit and I was his first proper gay ride. He took it well but his poor butt hurt a bit after I was done.

Clever Alexis

Alexis Crystal / Thomas Friedl / Adam Veller

Adam Veller, isn’t the greatest at working out with his trainers. He is sensitive and weak! They are annoyed and need to figure what he’s good at! Naughty, Alexis Crystal, suggests he should suck, Thomas’ dick and lick her pussy! He proves to them how good he can b. It’s time to make them both cum harder than ever!

Jerking Off on a Ski Lift

Amateur Self Wank Video

Young horny dude recording a video while jerking off and cumming on a ski resort

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