Horny Heterosexual Boys Jerking Off on Camera

Justin – Solo


Cute, bearded newbie Justin is a sexy Southern boy who headed to Utah after college to better indulge his passions for hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding. But those aren’t his only passions, of course! This sensual stud says, “I really like making out for sure, always gets me super hard,” and he’s always up to try new things! Justin takes off his shirt to show his nicely muscled chest, then teasingly pulls his shorts down for a peek at his ass… and he’s not shy to show off his hole! He lies back on the couch to stroke his hard cock and teases his asshole with his fingers before sliding one inside. This hunk likes lots of eye contact and even some dirty talk as he plays with his hard meat till he cums on his abs!

Tony’s Huge Load


Tony is a young college student and all-around cute guy. I had no idea that he had so much cum in him. His furry body and boy-next-door attitude are so sexy to me, and it doesn’t take Tony long to get close to cumming. All I have to do is give him the word, and Tony shoots six huge spurts of jizz all over his body. Check it out in slow motion!

His Life Has Become Unmanageable

 Boys Halfway House Incident #275

In addition to giving residents a clean place to live while they get their lives in order, the Boys Halfway House offers an even more important function: access too regular, intensive meetings. During these meetings, the guys can talk over their problems with their peers and receive expert advice from others who have overcome the problems that caused them so much pain. Of course, most of these guys are idiots, so the meetings don’t help nearly as much as you’d think. It basically gives us House Managers an hour or so break every day. The thing is, a lot of residents somehow manage to miss these critical meetings. After all, they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the shed. Some are downright intentionally missing them. This guy, not unusually, just got caught up in other things that he obviously considers more important.

Well, we decided to make sure that he got his own, very intensive, one-on-one meeting. Except this meeting included a lot of dick sucking and ass-slamming. Yelling at people like him just isn’t enough. He needs to feel that slight bruise on the back of his throat in order to get with the program. So he did a lot of deep-throating, needless to say. And after that, we turned to his hole. It definitely got blown out. But we made sure that we weren’t the only ones benefiting. After all, it’s really all about the residents, right? We had him read all the meeting highlights out loud – while he was getting fucked. I’m pretty sure that he won’t forget them anytime soon. For good measure, he was left with a mouthful of jizz. Hopefully we can make his life just a little more manageable, although it might take a few more of these special meetings.


Here we come with another casting, guys. Today our unique project hosted a heterosexual guy Simon who likes freedom and money and who wants to improve his financial situation through performing in front of the camera. He was never attracted to sex with a guy, but he decided to break the ice here and show his colors. He was more than shocked when he saw the huge dick of our cameraman, but after warm-up with black dildo agreed on letting the huge cock in his hungry ass. He got fucked hard. Your forehead will be sweaty after watching this video. We also recommend using headphones for watching this video, because the loud moaning could wake your neighbors up.

Straight Soldier Jerking Off

Horny Russian Army Boy

Check our amateur stroking boys video collection

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Seducing Straight Boys

Nikolai – Solo

Nikolai Lombardo

Tattooed and bleached-blonde Nikolai is a laid-back, bisexual guy who enjoys trying new things. “I prefer to get fucked from behind, that’s one of my turn-ons. Getting cum on my face, that’s pretty hot too. But I’m willing to try anything.” Nikolai strips down and flexes his muscles, then gets his uncut cock hard and strokes it before bending over and teasing his hole with a plug. He pulls out the toy and stretches his ass for you, then jacks off before shooting a big load on his full-length mirror!

Nico Stiles’ Tickle Torture


It took a lot of work, but at last Franco convinced Nico Stiles to come in for another tickling session. Franco had Nico wear a silky pair of sheer socks inside his dirty size 13 sneakers for a few hours leading up to the shoot. He tickles Nico’s feet through the sheers with fingers and quills with a light touch that’s perfect for driving Nico crazy. Franco peels off Nico’s socks, and he and Ace slide the slippery fabric between Nico’s toes. Nico laughs with ecstasy as they tickle his bare soles with their fingers and feathers. Ace helps pin Nico’s legs down and hold his feet in their most vulnerable position for Franco, the takes the opportunity to tickle Nico’s torso himself. Nico is in pain needing to piss, so Franco mercifully gives him a break to piss outside. After the quickie break, they tickle Nico’s dirtied feet and his creamy smooth torso. Franco makes the straight boy squirm with pleasure by feather-tickling him all over. Finally, he gives Nico the ultimate tease by edging his enormous cock and not allowing him to cum.

Kevin and Warren Go Gay-For-Pay


Now that Warren has become an expert at going gay for pay, Franco uses him to initiate Kevin, a 20-year-old newbie with a six-pack and a big dick who’s looking to break into the porn industry. While we’re negotiating, Warren tells Kevin about his girlfriend’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Since he’s more experienced, I have him get Kevin hard first. It doesn’t take much to give this 20-year-old a boner. Kevin takes the hint, gives Warren a blowjob and jerks him until he nuts. Then Warren rubs Kevin’s taint while he strokes his big dick and grabs it out of his hand right as he starts cumming.

Angel Surprise!

Angel Wicky / Rick Palmer / Adam

Gorgeous blonde, Angel Wicky, surprises her boyfriend by giving him a hard cock from a young stud. Letting him experience both her wet pussy and his thick cock, at the same time! Watch them get down and dirty in a sizzling threeway!

Seducing Teenage Pupil

Tutor Him Lesson #32

Kendra has been tutoring Ed for a few weeks now, and they are covering his Human Anatomy class right now, she sent him home last week with some homework and is very happy to see he did it. well most of it. So far he’s been able to master all the upper body muscles but is still having difficulty with his lower body. She can see how upset he is getting with all the writing and paperwork and decides to take a different, hands on approach. She starts by getting his mind off all distractions, pen, paper, textbook, clothes. Ed is so visibly confused and not sure if this should be happening, but one thing he is sure of, he is starting to learn more about how his lower body muscles work. She starts by stroking him from behind, she is so amazed by his young hard cock, she is basically worshipping him. She loves the feeling giving him pleasure gives her. She tugs and tugs and tugs, and together they finally get that assignment completed. I am sure he can’t wait for the next study session on sex ed!

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Young Straight Kinky Boys

Bad Attitude Innoculation

Boys Halfway House Incident #272

It’s definitely more difficult to do intake with new residents these days. However, we’ve adjusted to the changing times. Some things never change, however, and one example of this is the bad attitude that some brand new residents display. This guy seems like a real treat, too. Given his personality issues, his complete lack of respect, and his anti-social behavior, his case is one for the books.

That said, I decided to take care of him rather quickly, to avert any worsening of his issues. Once that mask of his was off, the social distancing ended, and he was onto my cock like a tick in the woods. This guy sucks dick good, too. He must have had a lot of practice trying to get favors from people. His ass, though, was a different story. He didn’t seem very loose at all (initially). I made sure to fuck him in a few different positions until that tiny hole of his was wide and inviting. Then, after I’d fucked him enough, I dumped a load in his mouth. Overall, a good initial meeting. From my perspective, at least.

Gavon: Young Army Guy’s Handjob


Gavon is a soldier in the Army, he’s ready for his first gay experience. Gavon tells me he started masturbating at a young age. He also talks about his gayest experience up until now with a buddy of his. He gets himself hard before I make him strip down. I never would guess this strong, silent type would have so many tattoos, and he’s about to go further with a guy than he ever has before. It didn’t take him long before he was blowing his load while I stroked him off.

Cody – Solo

Cody Seiya

Half Chinese and half Jewish cutie Cody loves playing video games, reading comics, and watching anime. “I swear I’m cool,” he adds. This versatile bottom has quite a few tattoos on his muscular body, which he keeps “pageant fit” by jumping rope and bodyweight exercises. He shares that he’s a bit kinky, loving when guys spit in his mouth and up for trying anything once. Cody slowly pulls off his white undershirt and pulls down his jeans, then strokes his cock and shows off his athletic frame as he talks dirty. “You like this body? You wish you were touching my abs, huh? Me too.” Cody lies back on the couch so he can toy with his ass, too, letting his talented hands play until he shoots a big load on his washboard abs.

19-Year-Old Skyler Tickled


Once 19-year-old Skyler is secured to the tickling table, Franco spends a few moments psyching him out before digging into his armpits. Self-described “dominant” Skyler squeaks out high-pitched laughter and struggles to push Franco away, but he’s not going anywhere. Franco tickles Skyler’s ribs and blows raspberries on his side, causing him to squeal and swear even more. Moving down to Skyler’s furry legs, Franco sends the sweet blonde boy into a state of tickling ecstasy so intense that he can’t even speak. Franco invites Ace to join him tickling Sklyer’s torso so they can drive him wild with a four-handed tickle. The tickling only stops when Skyler physically can’t breathe. At that point, Franco shifts his focus to Skyler’s ripe size 10 1/2 feet, tickling them with his fingers and a variety of bristly and nubby tools while Ace pins Skyler’s legs underneath his body. To round out the session, they douse Skyler in lube and tickle his armpits and the backs of his legs, then finally they let him jack off while he looks into the camera. Before unhooking him entirely, Franco tortures Skyler’s sensitive cock and gets in a few final freestyle tickles.

Straight Teen Drains Daddy’s Cock

Raunchy Bastards #233

This meeting with Landon Matthews was one of the first, and although I hadn’t quite convinced him to get fucked yet, it was one of the hottest times I’ve had with him. Even though we’d met a few times, when he showed up he was still nervous as hell. After I led him into the bedroom, though, I gave his shoulders a little rub-down as I proceeded to remove his shirt. One thing that I was quite surprised about was that he immediately got into the kissing. The other thing that I noticed was that he had one of his hands down in his underwear trying to make his dick hard before he pulled his underwear off. This is definitely something I see with straight or “straight” guys quite a bit – a little bit ashamed if their cocks aren’t 10 inches long for other people to see it soft, even if it’s a private encounter. I thought it was cute that he wanted to impress me by only pulling it out when it was rock hard. Well, after kissing for a moment, his cock was at full attention, and it was soon out of his pants.

I blew him for a sec, and then I turne my attention to rimming his sweet teen hole. It was my first chance to go there, and I waas beyond excited about that. I could tell within the first moment that I would eventually get my dick in there, because he loved it. However, I was going to have to save that experience for another time. In the meanwhile, I was determined to teach him to suck dick so good that he would make me bust simply using his mouth. That’s sometimes a tall order from a first timer, or someone who has only sucked dick a few times. And I did know that it wasn’t the first cock in his mouth, but it was one of the firsts. And he certainly hadn’t sucked to completion. However, I’ll tell you one thing: if I’m only going to get my cock sucked, it’s gonna be a full-on ball-draining. There’s no negotiation on that point. And so, we made out some more and then he proceeded to give me his best effort.

Let me tell you, he did an excellent job! Landon sucked my dick so good that I was even surprised at what a good little teen cocksucker he could be. He stayed rock hard the entire time, too, which turned me on even more. This guy is definitely a daddy-lover. He worked hard to suck all of that cum out of my nuts, too. I ended up busting a big load into his mouth, and then I decided to prep him for our next meetup. I raised his legs in the air, grabbed his rock hard dick, and ate him out until he came – and when he jizzed, he jizzed a lot! N

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