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We’ve picked out a handful of the hottest cum loads for you to enjoy in this compilation.

Lane Returns


After several years, Lane got back in touch with Straight Fraternity looking to make some extra cash. He’s still rugged and handsome, but now has even more muscle and swagger about him. Franco has Lane over to do a screen test in his hunting gear, so he can prove he’s still going to be ready to go gay for pay. Lane talks about hunting and his new rifle, but he’s got other guns I want to see. I tell him to take off his clothes, and I’m not disappointed! He strokes his dick, and we talk about performing on camera and his latest girlfriend. While Lane looks for porn on his phone, I jump in and stroke his cock. After I get him hard, he takes over, but he likes my handjob better. I keep jacking until he spurts a thick load from his swollen cock, then make him do a few muscle poses to show how big and tough he is.

Edging Up A Good Twink Load – Danny Bianchi

Lust For Boys

Cute boy Danny has to slow down, his big curved cock almost shot too soon!

Straight Guy Channing Tickled


Channing strips down to nothing but his white athletic socks before being tied to the bed. Franco spends a few minutes finding all of Channing’s ticklish spots, which are pretty much everywhere. The straight 26-year-old’s thick cock slaps between his thighs as he flips back and forth while Franco tickle-pleasures him. Franco finds Channing’s armpits and sides to be his most sensitive spots, so he spends lots of time there. The tickling is so intense that Channing even breaks one of the leg restraints! After tying Channing back down, Franco climbs on top of him and tickles the heck out of his upper body and thighs. He also slips behind the fuzzy straight boy and tickles his pits before moving down to his size 12 feet. Franco removes Channing’s socks and tickles his big bare feet with his thick fingers, a soap saver, a scalp massager and all sorts of brushes. With a perma-grin on his face, Channing giggles hysterically during the tickle-pleasuring. Franco returns to Channing’s torso once again, tickling him on his stomach, in his armpits and even on his back. Finally, Franco frees Channing so he can watch porn on his phone while Franco sucks his thick cock. But Channing shooting his load doesn’t end the tickling session! Franco uses an electric toothbrush to tickle Channing on his soles and in between his toes. He tickles Channing’s tummy, then flips him over to tickle his ribs and thighs from behind.

Adorable Xander Squirts A Big Mess – Xander Ridge

Euro Boy XXX

He’s such a smooth and sexy boy, and he can really splash the cum, too!

Joshua Clements


Joshua Clements is our new model of the week to see us through to the end of the month. Slim and cute, Joshua is also packing a very impressive dick in his shorts. You may have seen him around before as he has done some work for other studios before he came to us, but we still thought him cute enough to arrange for this shoot.
You may notice what appears to be the letter M scarred onto his chest: apparently, he thought it would be a good thing to do after a night out. Happily, he also goes on to tell us that he doesn’t drink at all anymore and it serves as a reminder to him why he doesn’t want to drink in the future.

Twink Has Junk In The Trunk – Brock West

Bad Boys Boot Camp

Brock stops at a good little spot to look at porn and stroke his super hard cock.

Damian’s Audition


23-year-old college student Robbie (a.k.a. Damian) heard from Dax that he could make easy money jacking off for me. I make him strip to his boxer briefs and get himself hard through his underwear. He strokes his veiny, uncut cock in front of me, and I get some shots of his feet and ass before he shoots his load.

Twink Mykul Endures The Pain

Bad Boy Bondage

Mykul is at the mercy of kinky boy Brayland, and he’s armed with molten wax!

Tristan McLeod


Chat star Paul Morisette was with us last month, and this month we have blond sensation Tristan McLeod stepping in front of the camera at last. Apart from being a very handsome guy, Tristan also sports a very ripped body and a nice plump cock.
While you may remember that we had his brother Johnny start training with us last year, we were never that lucky with Tristan, and this is the furthest he would go with us, so we hope that you will enjoy

Gay Chicken, Spring Break Edition


Our Spring Break competition features Cali, Justice, Greg and Joey all trying to be the “Big Man On Campus.” I put the four guys up at a hotel on the beach to have some fun and show us some hot action in a game of Gay Chicken between Cali and Justice. The game begins with kissing. Competition number two is cock-stroking. Will the guys chicken out before they have to get each other hard by stroking? Next, Cali and Justice test their stuff and see who’s willing to suck the other guy’s cock. Then the jack-off race. The guys do their best to be the first one to cum. The question is, which horndog blew the first nut? I can’t resist going down on Justice’s huge 8-inch cock and sucking him dry.

Christian Greco Tickled Hard


Christian calmly waits as Franco secures him to his tickling table, then foolishly reveals to Franco his most ticklish spots. After a fun tickle of his Christian’s adorable size 7 1/2 socked feet, Franco unleashes the hardcore tickling on every area of his tickle victim’s armpits. Christian screams and begs for Franco to stop, but Franco keeps having his fun, tickling Christian on his sensitive inner thighs and stomach. After a few minutes, Franco returns to Christian’s armpits, making him scream! Franco then slips off Christian’s socks, lubes his soles and goes to town on his feet with soap savers, an electric toothbrush and grooming brushes. The session ends with a final deep tickle of Christian’s thighs and pits, but Franco won’t leave that big cock of his alone. He strokes a load out of Christian, then drives him nuts with some post-cum cock stimulation.

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Hot Innocent Straight Twinks being Humiliated


British Cockney Fearless and unashamed 
Boy-Next-door looks – REALLY sexy DEAD KEEN 
This is MAD! 
Mask slips off half way though, well I actually RIP it off and start fucking him – 
BEEN DYING TO GET MY DICK UP THIS BOY! and he saids “fuck it, dont worry” 
SO – we get we’ll carded away – was meant to be keeping him anonymous 
And he was meant to be a top! SOOOOO hot – he gets fucked and proper spunked 
up – AMAZING cum vid! His really soaked 
THIS Boy-Next-door lads arse his LOVELY – really nice to be inside – LOOKS 
banging getting fucked

The Plans Continues ….. Casting FIT boys – We casted this REALLY fit 
Midlands lad who wanted to remain anonymous 
Were going to double fuck the boy 
screwing him on his side u see spunk flying everywhere 
Me and the other dressed up geezer and really using this boy! 
Really cute Twink lad – loves dancing and getting fucked 
RAW! Fucking his open mouth and doing him in the arse 
OH WOW!!! U NEED TO cheek out the arse on this lad – HOLLY CRAP!! 
Its 1,000,000 times perfectly! REAL Bubble Butt – 
We have before friends and if your up 4 getting it on with him them DM him!! He hardly has said no to 
nothing we have suggested !! REALLY OPEN-MINDED

** the lad who wanted to re-main anonymous wasn’t bothered about us showing this 
clip – happy to go ahead with it – im only telling ya this in case he changes 
his mind! >LOL it was his idea! 🙂 such a good looking boy -glad ya get to see 
his face 🙂 
BEST PLAN EVER…. Everyone we messaged wanted to be involved 
100% using things like this to pull REALLY HOT lads not normally available 
Is a tired and tested pulling system !! xx George


Age: 27 Height: 5’11” Weight: 157 lbs. Cock: 8.5 Cut

Dylan Rizder is one helluva BIG dicked bottom. Dylan loves to beat his meat and think of all the cocks that have fucked him and all the loads he has taken.

Virgil Cohen


Earlier this year we introduced you to our fiery redhead, Virgil. This week he is back again as our model of the week. It is not too often that we get a ginger through the door so we try to take advantage of the situation when we do. Apart from his most striking feature, Virgil is quite a buff young man with a lean, athletic body, handsome face and nice dick.


Poker night got boring fast so we decided to spice it by letting the pledge in on the game. Told him the rules, first one out is the table. Tried to keep playing, but kept getting distracted by the bitch’s holes. We love our poker night, so figured why not keep playing while gettin’ our dicks wet. Think we’ll keep doin’ card night just like this. Why even bring a pledge in on the game if he’ll end up being our cumdump anyways. Skip the bullshit, we’ll fuck him while we throw some cards down. Text from FratBoy


REAL, Unedited Rough, Raw footage of us partying up in Manchester 

We are releasing this in the hope you will come to the next one:) 
Guys wanted for crazy sex parties at prides and around major gay events – 
Over 18’s only – ID required! – 
Heavy cummer’s
Pre-cum leakers
Sleazy guys
Get a VIP invite. LOL 
Wait till you see the our new mates – we have never filmed such hot guys – 
We thought by making this videos people would be put off meeting us but its the complete 
opposite !! They all wanna get filthy with us on cam too 
We always have NEW and REALLY open minded lads with us 
FYI – on a serious note – I know we act like a bunch of loud mouth yobs (and we kinda are TBF) 
BUT we are really friendly, never rude and definitely 100% not arrogant and have No attitude 
This footage is over 2 hrs long we we have to upload it in two parts 
We really wanna give you an invite to how much fun your missing out on by not 
attending HAHA 

\these vids really are all about the dialogue and horny hundred percent legitimate conversations 
that are going on, all unedited (god help us) xx George


Every now and again a pledge just ends up gettin all the bros in a jam. When we jam, we jam as a team. This brotha needs to get his initiation by all of us, keeps asking us in class. So we found him dressed up as a bitch, tell’s us he want’s to play. We don’t care what you wear, it’s all sport at the frat, and the bro’s gettin banged.


Novice recruit runs away from the cocky fellow cadets. Eager to prove they’re dominance they force their cocks into the young recruits mouth. With their dicks they show the lad what a good pounding looks like. Making sure they’re fit bodies and big cocks gets the pleasure it deserves. He really proved his skill today, providing the soldiers to a good servicing.Mikey Lee


Our Cape Town trip proved fruitful when young Shaka marched through the doors. At 6 foot 2 inches he’s a tall guy and that lanky frame hides a monster cock of 9 inches that’s ready for action. Watch him take his manmeat to climax in this Cape Town audition.


Age: 33 Height: 6′ Weight: 170 lbs. Cock: 8.5” Uncut

Paul Morris discovered Jack Connor jerking off on a webcam site and asked him if he wanted to join the TIM cult. Before we could say “hey Jack show us your dick”, the guy was naked and stroking. Jack also likes to suck dick, check him out in his recent TIMSUCK debut.


Age: 29 Height: 5’9″ Weight: 145 lbs. Cock: 8” Cut

I definitely like to bottom but sometimes they see THIS and want me to top.
That is Zane talking about his very nice cock that men like getting fucked by.

Big Enough For 2 Hands!

Henry Evans

Hung young Henry has the house to himself, time to jack that big twink cock!

Justin Explores With A Dildo

Justin Stone

It looks like sweet twink Justin might need a little educating in how to use a dildo.

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Tied Up Uncut Twinks Being Tortured and Bloded Up

Zorro Gets Sucked Off


Zorro just got back from Cali where he had a little bit of a sexual dry spell, so I offer him relief with a blowjob. I love Zorro’s furry chest and broad shoulders, and he likes the way I suck dick. I rub his dick through his boxers to get him hard, then stroke his cock briefly before going down on him. Like a true straight guy, Zorro doesn’t react…he just glances down from time-to-time at what I’m doing to his dick. Zorro almost cums in my mouth, but I make him kick back so we can see his big cumshot. He looks straight into the camera at the end, all proud of himself. Check out his eruption in slow motion!

Marky Hendricks


We are happy to introduce you to Hungarian jock Marty Henricks today. Mary’s hours working out really show as his body ripples with muscles as resident photographer Eliot puts him through his paces in this Model of the week feature.

Branson Tickled Hard


It’s only been three months, but Branson is already back for more hardcore tickling. After cuffing Branson in a seated spread-eagle position, Franco immediately begins tickling his size 11 bare feet. Branson laughs hysterically as Franco makes his way from his feet up his legs to his inner thighs. His face turns red with breathless laughter as Franco tickles him lightly on his ribs and stomach, but Branson begs for mercy when Franco tickles him in his armpits. After a stopover at Branson’s bellybutton, Franco slips behind the ticklee and goes at him hard on his sides. Franco continues traveling around the world, down to Branson’s feet with soap savers then back up his inner thighs and landing at his sensitive stomach. Legs vibrating non-stop in the ankle locks, it’s as if Branson’s body is being electrified by the tickling touch. Franco barely gives Branson time to breathe before flipping him over and tickling him face down. Every square inch of this tickle victim is over-stimulated until he’s completely used up.

Smitty At The Gloryhole


I invite this young straight guy over to use the Fraternity gloryhole hoping that he might be one of those skinny guys with a really big dick, and jackpot! “Smitty” doesn’t want to show his face, but that’s not where I’m focused anyway. He stuffs his big, veiny spotted dick through the hole, and I greedily start sucking. Smitty moans with pleasure at what I know is one of the best blowjobs of his life. His thick cock pulses in my mouth as he grinds on the hole and fucks my face. Then finally, with some loud groans, Smitty unloads all over my face. I suck and stroke the rest of his potent nut down my throat before letting him pull out.

Hanging Out With Demanding Dicks

CJ Jacks, Scott Davis & Marek Zamoyske

CJ and Marek discover secret porn, they’re soon caught with their cocks out!

Matt Gage Tops Bareback


Matt Gage claims to be straight and has done straight porn before, but since he’s a freak, I see how far I can push him.  With his girlfriend watching off camera, it doesn’t take much to get Matt turned on.  He strokes his huge, pierced cock in his boxers, then slips them off to reveal his big boner and smooth feet.  I get Matt to stand up so I can oil his body and take my first taste of that dick.  Then Matt shows me how he can suck his own big dick before I get another mouthful of him.  Next, he flips me over and surprises me by sucking my dick and lubing up my hole with a ton of his viscous spit.  He slides his raw pole in my ass then puts me on top to take a ride.  Finally, Matt puts on my back so he can fuck my face and cum in my mouth.  I make sure to bite Matt’s cock and drain every last drop from his over-stimulated cock to let this rough trade know who’s boss.

Aaron, Ethan & Skye In Threeway Fuck

Aaron Aurora, Ethan White & Skye Romeo

Aaron, Ethan and Skye…did we pay for the VIP package’ Either way, this has got to be our favourite threesome of Brothel Boys. Nothing will get you harder than these three twinks sucking each other off, fooling around and fucking each other!

Boston and Utah Get Blown


Boston and Utah have never met before, but they get along great right from the start. Utah thinks he’s getting head from a girl, but I think if Boston gets blown in front of him, Utah might give in, too. My sneaky ploy works, and Utah doesn’t say a word when I slide over and go down on him. Each one takes his turn standing up and fucking my face like a pro, too. Boston’s the first one to bust, and his loud, powerful orgasm bounces him right off the bed. Utah is next, and he just about hits the ceiling with his cumshot. Look how high he squirts! In the end, Utah says my blowjob was better than head from a girl. You never forget your first time…

Elis Squirms On The Couch

Elis Ataxxx & Richard Lennox

The tickle professor is back and he has gorgeous little Elis to torment in this special presentation.

Making Use Of The Hottest Arse

Elio Amari & Sean Taylor

Sean can’t wait to play with gorgeous little Elio, his cock is ready for that boy!

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