Hot Straight Dudes Jerk Off, Being Sucked and Fucked by Mates

Ashton Montana


Ashton Montana is one of our easiest models to work with. Tall and handsome he is the perfect fit for BelAmi. He never complains and gets along well with all the other guys so all of our cameramen and directors call him a dream model… We call him a dream model as well, but not for the same reasons as our crew! He is here today with Eliot for this photoshoot and as you will see, the only challenge for Eliot was to subtly apply a little makeup to his cheeks, as Ashton blushes easily and when he does his cheeks turn a very bright shade of red. We could not think of a better model to start the new year off with, so we hope you enjoy seeing him here today.

Drew: Muscular Navy Man’s 1st Gay Sex


Drew is a slim, fit Navy guy with a great body and a quiet demeanor. I always say you have to look out for the quiet ones. Drew has a nice cock, and it gets bigger when I oil him up for the camera. When Drew says, “let me know what you want me to do because there’s a first time for everything,” I know that this scene is going further than I originally planned. I give Drew a quick back massage, and then suddenly he’s fucking my face. Drew seems surprised at how quickly the situation turns, but he clearly loves the sensations on his cock and doesn’t stop me. I assure Drew that it’s okay if I get him off, then I stroke and suck him until he blows his big load. You can see it in his eyes that Drew doesn’t know what hit him!

Ethan O’Pry


We all have to admit that 2021 turned out to be a pretty crappy year, but it’s no reason not to give it a spectacular send-off, so to say goodby and good riddance to 2021, we have our model of the year, Ethan O’Pry. Ethan is definitely one of the wild child guys on our team. No rules, no boundaries, and definitely no stopping Ethan when he makes up his mind that he wants to do something. This bad boy persona is tempered by a very sweet nature and a cheeky expression that almost forces you to forgive him anything and everything, combine that with insanely good looks and a body to die for, Ethan is the perfect package and we expect to see a lot more of him as time goes on.

“Slim” Gloryhole


Hung runner “Slim” scares off some girls with the size of his dick, so sometimes he uses gloryholes to drain his swollen balls. Slim unzips his jeans, drops his boxers and presses his muscular legs against the wall. His massive meat hangs through the hole, ready to be serviced. The eager guy on the other side manhandles the big tool a bit and sniffs his balls before licking the precum off of Slim’s big white salami. He swallows as much of Slim’s big cock as he can and adds in expert strokes using both hands at the same time. When Slim’s about to cum, he lets out a little warning, and the guy on the other side makes sure everyone can see Slim’s load before he swallows it. There’s so much cum, it leaks out of the sucker’s slick mouth. Finally drained, Slim pulls his monster back, zips up and heads out. Another satisfied customer.

Riis Erikson


Eddie Frank is down in our Budapest studio for his photo shoot with Eliot today. We don’t have a lot to tell you about Eddie as he didn’t get any further though the recruiting process than this shoot, but he is an easygoing and relaxed guy with a great body and beautiful dick.
Thanks to not having had sex for 3 weeks before this shoot, he was also able to give us a quite a big, creamy load to wrap things up with.

Gay Blowjob with Taint Tickling


I was really surprised and happy when Dax called me out of the blue to do another shoot. I thought that having Nikko get him off during a previous hazing scene had freaked him out, but he told me he was ready for more. When Dax comes over, I get him hard by sucking his dick. Then, when I lick his balls and taint, Dax moans and unloads on himself. Everyone knows straight guys love having their taints licked.

Ethan O´Pry SOLO


Following his recent interview, we bring you the latest solo video from Ethan O’Pry where he again shows us just why you consider him so irresistible.
This video was shot by our newest cameramen Claude Sorel and in our humble opinion, he did a fantastic job. Now sit back and enjoy the show.

Hot Stud Diego Tops Fanboy Tad


Tad’s a sweet and sexy guy who is shy, but brave enough to ask if he can be in a scene with Diego, his favorite guy on SF. Both guys are nervous as hell, but Tad gets Diego hard with a handjob and Diego returns the favor. Tad starts sucking on Diego’s fat cock, getting him ready for his first top scene. Diego gets on top and tries out his first position, fucking Tad slowly. Tad sits on Diego’s cock, then gets on his back. Straight stud Diego doesn’t have any trouble keeping it up for the entire scene, and Tad loves sucking on that cock of his. Diego is ready to shoot and busts his huge nut. Check out the slow-motion replay and Diego’s reaction.

Branson’s Severe Tickling


As soon as Branson is tied down, Franco starts tickling him. It only takes a minute before Branson has turned almost completely red and is begging for Franco to stop. Franco tickles Branson on his legs, ribs and sensitive size 11 feet. Even through his ankle socks, Branson can barely take it! Franco tickles Branson in his bellybutton and armpits before lubing up his torso and tickling him all over it. Halfway through, Franco invites Jason Jones in to take the session to the next level. The evil twosome tickle both of Branson’s bare feet with soap savers and scalp massagers, then use all four hands to tickle him in his ribs and pits. Branson gets a little break when Jason sucks his cock and jacks off on him, but he’s not allowed to cum himself. Instead, Franco jumps back into the scene and restarts the severe tickle.

Spence aka Ty Tucker’s Gloryhole Drain


Spence’s girlfriend is out of town, and this horny gay-for-pay performer will get his balls drained any way he can. He visits the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, drops his boxers and immediately sticks his dick through the hole. Spence moans softly as he’s received by the warm mouth. It doesn’t take long for this randy stud to go from chub to raging boner, and with some pro sucking, ball stroking and steady jacking from the other side, he’s ready to cum. Spence drains his full balls into the other guy’s mouth, who spits the load out to show just how huge Spence’s nuts are!

Hazing: Derrick Blows Another Guy


Diego tells pledge Derrick that he needs to blow him in order to get into the fraternity house. Derrick takes Diego’s fat cock in his mouth and starts sucking his Brother off. Derrick makes Diego shoot a big load before his roommate tags in and strokes him off. Cum sprays everywhere, ending with post-cum, sensitive cock stroking and a big ball slap!

Bart’s Veiny Uncut Cock Sucked


Bart sticks his thick cock through the gloryhole and immediately gets hard from my sucking. The veins in his dick swell and his dick turns purple as I stroke and suck him. Bart moans louder and louder until he coats my tongue with his huge load. I greedily swallow it all and suck Bart’s dick clean.

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Seducing Straight Horny Twinks

Bert’s First Experience With A Guy


Bert touched a guy’s cock when he was young, but he’s never done anything sexual with a guy before. He’s here with Nikko and very nervous. Gay-for-pay pro Nikko is hard almost immediately, and Bert follows his lead. The guys stroke each other to get started. They have to stop because Bert is about to cum already! Nikko shows Bert how to give a good blowjob, and I can tell that Bert’s really loving it. Bert gives his first gay head, sucking Nikko’s uncut cock, and Nikko gives him an impressive thumbs up. Bert doesn’t know what tea-bagging is, so Nikko shows him by dangling his balls in Bert’s mouth, making him lick them. Nikko loves having his balls licked but turns around so Bert can suck his cock again. When the guys switch and Nikko starts licking Bert’s nuts, Nikko gets so excited that he shoots his load. Nikko licks Bert’s balls and sucks his cock more, then gets Bert to bust his nut all over his stomach.

Callan Moore – Jerked-Off

Peep Show

Gotta love it when a young guy asks for a helping hand. Callan was shy to start with, but once he asked Shawn to help him out, his cock got hard and huge. What a nice dick this guy has! Shawn gets to play with his ass, and though Callan prefers to top, his cock started dripping with some bootie play. Anytime Callan would wilt, he would make eyes with Shawn, pleading for a helping hand. Finally, enough was enough, Callan began to suck on Shawn’s dick. That made Shawn close pretty quick. He backs-off a bit, but Callan insists on at least jerking him while he beats his own cock. Shawn cums quickly, and with a fresh load splattered on his body, Callan adds his own load to the mess. Apparently, Callan liked the taste of his own cum too!

Marco Tickled and Milked


Before Franco ties up Marco, he briefly tickles him freestyle to expose his most ticklish spots. Marco laughs loudly and lifts his butt out of the chair as Franco tickles him in his ribs and armpits. He howls and snorts, trying to catch his breath from within his hysterical laughter. Although Marco’s big size 12 1/2 feet don’t seem ticklish at first, Franco finds the right combination of tools and techniques to make his feet come alive. He tickles them with soap savers and brushes before traveling up to Marco’s inner thighs and belly. Since the hottest spot for Marco is in his pits and on his sides, Franco tickles him crazy there for a long time before a final tickle of his inner thighs. At last, Marco reveals his huge dick, from which Franco extracts a major load. He ends the session jacking Marco’s swollen, sensitive, post-cum cock.

Giulio Pasolini


The beguiling Giulio Pasolini is with us as our penultimate model of the week for 2021. With his boyish good looks and buff body he is perfect material for cameraman Eliot. For this week’s shoot we made sure Giulio did no trimming for a while, so what you see is a perfectly natural Giulio with full bush and pleasing furry butt. Next week we will be back to see out the year with our newcomer of the year, Ethan O’pry.

Country Boys


20-year-old Dean has escorted a few times and 19-year-old Richard has messed around with a guy, but neither of these country boys have a whole lot of experience or recorded a gay-for-pay video before. I want the guys to undress each other, but they’re having a little trouble following directions. They laugh nervously as they get naked and answer my questions. I tell Richard to start stroking Dean’s uncut cock. Dean’s having trouble, so I tell Richard to suck his dick. I jump in, cover his eyes and lick his nipples while Richard keeps blowing him. And when Dean stands up to stroke by himself, I sneak in behind him and swallow Richard’s meat. I blow Richard until he’s good and hard, then slide over and work on Dean. Once they’re both hard, I pull off my shorts and slip between them on the couch. We stroke each other’s dicks, and I make Richard go down on my rock-hard monster. I show Dean how to jack my cock until I shoot a huge load down my leg. Richard is next, and his load is surprisingly big. When Richard and I work on Dean at the same time, he finally busts his nut, too.

Brian Martinez – School Lunch Jerk

Peep Show

Brian went the extra mile for this video. Coming home from school for lunch, he decides he would rather play with himself. This skinny boy has a nice big cock too, and he likes having a little bootie toy in his ass. Stay-tuned to the end when he makes a comment after cleaning up his lunch!

Nervous Pupil Gets A Handy

Tutor Him#039

Ethan has been struggling lately in his biology class so he reached out to Kiki to come tutor him. Kiki comes in and they get to chatting about what Ethan is struggling on and it seems Ethan left his books in the other room. Ethan went to go get them but Kiki stopped him in his tracks and told him they don’t need them. Kiki seen this as a oportunity to do things her way. She starts listing off body parts to tease Ethan a bit and lead him straight to where she wants him. When Kiki gets into Ethan’s pants, within seconds he has a full hard on. It seems Ethan’s last name suits him well. Kiki starts stroking his long hard cock and follows up with some lube she brought with her. She then has him stand up and take his clothes off to get more comfortable. As the time passes you can see Kiki’s sexual frustration is getting to her because she wants this teen to cum. Ethan was a bit nervous and couldn’t cum so Kiki asked him to finish himself as she watched.

Eighteen & Ready To Hustle

Raunchy Bastards#307

Tyler Blue was definitely one of the hottest finds in recent memory. His youthful, healthy look and his blond locks are reminiscent of some great gay porn of days gone by. While he’s not from California, nor is it the early 80s, Tyler has not only the looks – but the attitude – to have fared well in that environment. This guy once freshly 18 took every opportunity to hustle, starting with his stint on Raunchy Bastards.

This video captures Tyler’s first time ever being filmed, and you can see he takes to the camera right away. He both shows off his body and cock, and delivers an awesome cumshot. Just the right amount of stroking get him quite ready to bust, too. There’s not much bad to say about this budding star, except that he sure is one of a kind.

Home Sweet Home


When a new guy, especially a younger man, checks into the House, it can be disorienting. After all, it’s a complete upheaval in his life. Moving from a world of chaos, instability, and dependence into a place with rules and hard work can be a challenge. This guy, for example, had lived with a family member until she got tired of him. She is probably the one who turned him in after she got sick of his shit. Well, our Manager in charge sure did welcome him into the House.

After explaining the rules and all that happy horseshit, the Manager notes that our newest resident seems quite skinny and needs to eat and workout more. Nothing breeds compliance better than berating someone with a low self-esteem. But what works even better is letting him know right away that he is just a fucking cum rag. So, in short order this newbie had a fat cock being shoved down his throat. As he was getting face fucked, I’m sure that the Manager was thinking this guy was a winner, because his cock sucking skills are superb. “Day by day” is his newest tattoo, but it might as well be “Cock by cock.”

Some intense fingering follows until his teen pussy is nice and wet, and then he gets railed – big time. Starting out in missionary, there’s such a contrast between this small guy’s skinny legs and the Manager’s massive cock. It’s hot as can be. The look on the resident’s face is priceless, too. He just looks like someone who needs to be fucked in order to feel safe. Just the kind of resident we like around here! After some more asshole inspection, the Manager rolls him over and fucks him until he breeds his ass, and oddly enough this made the teen cum while the Manager sticks his dick back in! Then, our newest boy slut goes ass-to-mouth, slurping off the last drops of cum from the Manager’s pole. We’re all gonna have a lot of fun with this one, that’s for sure. Home, sweet home for him!


Twink Academy

St. Samuel’s is very conscious of the medical issues and problems which sometimes arise within close-knit communities where a great deal of social interaction is constantly taking place. As a result of that awareness, each of our campuses supports a fully trained and equipped medical team, all highly qualified practitioners in their various fields and ready to deal with all eventualities.

Each campus is supported by full-time doctors, all of whom are specialists in boys’ physical and psychological development. They are attracted to work at St. Samuel’s by the opportunity it provides for them to explore and develop their specialized research on a numerically significant sample of adolescent boys and all of them take exceptionally deep interests in their charges.

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Ripping Off Those Straight Dudes

Lance’s Gloryhole For Pay


Lance will do just about anything to make some extra cash, so letting someone film him getting his dick sucked is a no-brainer! He shoves his cock through the gloryhole and into the eager hands and mouth of the person on the other side. That warm, wet hole feels so good that it’s not long before Lance is moaning that he’s about to cum. He unloads his substantial nut, which leaks out of the sucker’s mouth as he tries to swallow it all. Lance is drained completely and licked clean before collecting his cash and heading out to meet his buddies at the game.

Roger Michaels Tickle Pleasured


Tied up face down on the Franco’s table, Roger doesn’t know what to expect. Franco teases his backside from head to toe with brushes, feathers and a metal scalp massager, but he really wants to focus on Roger’s ticklish size 10 1/2 feet. Although he tickles Roger in other hot spots on his tight, athletic body, Franco keeps going back to his feet. He tickles Roger through his ankle socks, slowing pulling them off as he goes. The only break Roger gets from the foot tickling is when Franco tickles him hard on his muscular thighs, abs and underarms. Halfway through, Franco flips Roger on his back and resumes tickling his soles. Roger squirms and twitches, swearing softly and laughing deeply throughout his tickle pleasuring. Franco keeps switching tools on Roger’s feet to keep him in a constant state of surprise. When Roger starts wearing out, Franco hops on top of him, tickling his way along the entire length of Roger’s torso before doling out the final tickle on his big bare feet.

Enrique Bound


Straight go-go dancer Enrique is a total exhibitionist and loves the attention both women and men give him. He knows there are guys who want to suck his thick uncut cock, and he’s happy to let them do it, for the right price. Enrique plays with his big, veiny dick while I cuff his ankles. I tie his wrists together and blindfold him, then rub all over his smooth naked body. I know Enrique is very open-minded, so I don’t hesitate to go down on his fat cock. I jack Enrique’s dick and suck the head for a bit, but I can tell he wants to finish himself off. I take off his blindfold and let him stroke it to some porn. I jump back in at the end and blow him until he’s ready to shoot his thick load.

Johnny & Angel’s First Gay Experiences


Johnny and Angel just met, but I know they’ll do almost anything for the right price. I give these two young, inexperienced guys an afternoon they won’t forget, with their first gay 69, face-fucking, tea-bagging and one guy cumming on the other. First, I want them to experience sucking cock while having your dick sucked, so it’s time for some gay 69’ing. Johnny kicks back as Angel sucks his cock some more. They concentrate on getting off, and after a lot of stroking Angel finally shoots his load on Johnny’s dick. In the end, Johnny beats his cummy dick into a froth until he nuts, too.

Cristiano Cruzo


The very sexy Cristiano Cruzo is visiting us as our featured model this week. Dark haired and handsome, Chistiano is the perfect accessory to any garden setting! So far his content is split fairly evenly between BelAmiOnline and Freshmen (2 scenes apiece) but we feel that he is a better fit here going forward. Cristiano started with us on chat in 2018, but it took until last year to convince him to get him on either of our sites.

Cali 2: Sailor Cums In My Mouth


I think Cali is very sexy, and I was thrilled when he called me to see if he could make more money doing another scene. I want to go further with him, but I’m so nervous about scaring him off that I almost don’t make my move. But when Cali asks for more lube, I start stroking him. “Hey, what are you doing?” I remind Cali that I’d given him a handjob before. Once I get into the groove and he’s enjoying himself (with his eyes closed), I lick his balls and suck on that rod. Cali doesn’t protest and shoots a big load, which I gladly swallow.

Toby Granger


This is not the first time that we worked with Toby, but we decided to skip his casting for now and introduce you to him as our model of the week instead. When he turned up for the casting he was a little unfit and was sporting a bit of a belly, so we asked him to come back again when he was in a bit better condition, which is how we see him here today.
Eliot is photographing him today in Budapest, where Toby is from (For those of you who are new here, although Eliot is Slovak, he is from an ethnically Hungarian part of the country, so speaks both languages, and English, fluently). Toby is a good looking guy with dark eyes, full lips, nice body and great cock with quite a large head on it. We hope you enjoy meeting him here today.

Passing The Test

Tutor Him#048

Miss Violet came over to Mikey’s house to help him with his science homework. Mikey has a test coming up on the nervous system and he hasn’t been able to focus in class. Violet asked Mikey to stand up so she could give him a more hands on explanation of the nervous system. She ends up having Mikey take his shirt off so things could be easier. Mikey was a little confused but went with it anyway. Violet really wanted to help this teen. After she starts rubbing on his crotch she has him take the rest of his clothes off as she grabs a bottle of lube. She further explains that everything he is feeling is because of the nervous system.  Violet gets on her knees and has Mikey lay on the bench so she can reach from behind. Mikey is going to ace this test.

Arranging A Solution


One of the major precursors to young men ending up in dire need of help is this: they know that what they are doing is wrong, but they think that it is “no big deal.” You see, we’re not talking about people with a good amount of foresight. They don’t understand that each little “no big deal” all can add up to a very big deal. This guy broke one of the House rules, because, even though he knew it was completely against the rules, he didn’t connect the dots as to why his breaking the rules might be a bad thing. Well, our trusty House Manager not only knew that the rules had been broken, but he immediately confronted this delinquent.

After explaining that there was a zero tolerance policy, he explained that instead of kicking him out of the House, he’d rather work out an arrangement. The arrangement, of course, was one hot bareback fuck. I wish I could have been in the room when this happened, because to tell you the truth, this guy would be hella fun to tag team. But the manager in charge – well, his dick is unbelievably thick, and the resident is a small guy, so it was a great pound down.

Just shoving his dick into the derelict’s mouth gives you a sense of the size difference here. It seemed like the resident was going to end up choking out on cock. But he’s a cock-lover for sure, so even though he wasn’t digging the scene, his instincts kicked in and he gave some great dome. He even compliantly hopped on the bed to show off his hole. Teen hole is always fun, but this guy was even more so. The manager alternated between admiring his fuck hole and stuffing him like a grape leave in a kabob shop. With his teen hole so stretched out, and getting pounded hard, his facial expressions let the manager know that he was a bit uncomfortable, but still he did as he was told.

After a good fucking in both doggie and missionary, the Manager dumped his load. It was a big load, too! Time will tell whether this resident will break another rule. It’s a fifty fifty proposition, but all of us other Managers hope that he does it on one of our watches.

Teen Craves Daddy

Raunchy Bastards#340

I can never get enough Malachi Rayne, even after I’ve had a week of him. The last time he was with me, on his last day, I couldn’t help myself. We had an hour to leave to drop him off at the airport, but I needed to dump one more load in his ass before he hopped on the plane. We had a quickie, and he was more than happy to give it up once again for me. This teen sure does crave daddy dick, as well as daddy jizz deep inside of him.

The entire time I was fucking him, he had a raging boner, and after a few positions, he came while I was going into him deep and hard. I bred him a few minutes later. Everything about him gets me off, but nothing more than that muscled, athletic bubble butt. As I nutted, I grabbed onto him tight and made sure that he got seeded as deeply as possible. I wanted to make sure he could feel that load as he was sitting on the plane (on the way home to his girlfriend), and I’m guessing he was thinking about me, and probably popping another boner. This guy is amazing.

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