Tickling, Stroking, Blowing and Fucking Straight Teen Boys


Tall MMA athlete and surfer JP is 6’3″ and 165 pounds, and he’s not sure how much of that is his big dick. “You know, I’ve always been curious to just put it on a scale and see how much this thing weighs,” he says with a handsome smile. This outdoorsy, tattooed hunk is more than ready for his first Sean Cody solo, so he strips off to show his lean, athletic body, caressing his chest and jacking his big cock. Get a view from below as JP strokes that dick and plays with his balls, then watch him lie on his back and fuck his hand until he shoots a thick, white load on his abs.

TJ: Giant Construction Worker’s Gay Handjob

TJ is HUGE. He stands 6’4″ tall and is a construction worker. I don’t expect this big, muscular straight dude to let me jerk him off, but a confident stud like TJ is always up for something new. I love TJ’s thick, furry chest and the way he rubs his pecs and nipples to get himself aroused. Once I start jerking his cock (he wants me grip it good and tight), it doesn’t take him much to get heated up. Suddenly, with a loud grunt, he shoots his creamy wad on his stomach. TJ smirks and tells me how much he really liked it. Maybe next time he’ll do more…

Czech Hunter 690

Shame I didn’t encounter this student on my birthday because he would be a perfect present. I met the cutie on his way to work and instantly fell in love with him. I couldn’t believe he worked at a restaurant because he looked more like a model to me. A handsome 18 years old super model with a massive cock, as I was about to find out. My camera made him a little nervous, but money fixed that problem soon. Who wouldn’t like to earn a monthly salary in 30 minutes? I took him to my place and had a careful look at his beautiful body. His ass looked particularly delicious and took my fingering very well. I was sure my cock would enjoy that lovely hole a lot. First, I had to convince my new friend that there is nothing wrong about anal sex. Especially when it involves a generous amount of money.


18-year-old straight exhibitionist Jebediah sits on my couch after taking a shower. He gets hard as soon as he opens his towel and touches his cock for me. Jebediah jacks his big, uncut dick while grabbing his balls. When he unloads, he doesn’t know what to do with his cum, so I tell him to eat it. Jebediah hesitates, but he finally eats his own cum for the first time!

Jay Stroke

Hairy, bearded fitness coach and jiu jitsu enthusiast Jay Stroke is here for his solo today. This athletic hunk from the Pacific Northwest chats about his fitness origin story and gives his top tip for working out before he moves into more intimate conversation. “I primarily top,” Jay says, “but sometimes I’m in the right mood and bottoming feels fantastic.” Jay describes his favorite type of sex before stripping down and sensually playing with his cock to get it hard, then shows off every part of his taut body as he strokes his cock and fucks his hand till he cums.

Max at the Gloryhole

Max heard from some of his buddies about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole and recently decided to try it out. In moments, he’s moaning in pleasure as his big, uncut cock is deep-throated and sucked dry.

Czech Hunter 691

Forgetting where you park is quite inconvenient and embarrassing but sometimes it can be a good thing, too. You never know who you might meet while looking for your stupid car. It might be a stud on the way home. Nicolas was a 19 year old cutie, who spent most of the time working or pumping muscles. I liked him a lot, so I offered him cash for a look at his chiseled body. He drove us to my place and showed me his beautiful figure. He was nicely shaved so I was able to admire every single muscle. His dong was impressive, as well. I wanted to do much more than watching. I reached deep into my pocket and stuffed the guy’s wallet full. In return I got everything I could dream of. The guy tried hard to please me and make as much as possible. I enjoyed every second of his effort.

Blowing More Than Steam

Cayden Clay thought he had the sauna to himself, but he doesn’t mind when hot couple Laura Fox and Nate Rose enter and both shoot him flirty looks! As Laura closes her eyes, the guys start eyefucking each other and soon Cayden is sucking Nate’s cock. When he realizes Laura is watching and touching herself, he fingers her pussy, then she blows him while he sucks her man. The guys spit-roast the babe, then Laura sucks Cayden as he rides Nate’s cock. Laura takes her BF’s load in her pussy and the hot stranger’s in her mouth!

Lane Tickled and Blown

Big, blonde, 23-year-old straight boy Lane is nervous about being tied up, when really he should be nervous about what else is to come! Franco tickles Lane’s smooth body piece by piece as he straps him into place. Lane grimaces a lot and is certainly jumpy, but he obviously enjoys the tickling attention. Franco tickles Lane in his bellybutton and armpits, but his thick inner thighs get an even more intense reaction. Lane’s face turns red as he struggles to catch his breath, and it’s only just begun. Franco tickles Lane’s size 11 feet with a grooming brush, and even through his ankle socks the tickling is insane. Then Franco lubes Lane’s bare feet and tickles his toes and soles with his fingers and a flexible rubber soap saver. Those nubs all over Lane’s greased up feet drive him crazy! Franco tickles Lane’s balls and ass crack with his fingers, then surprises Lane with a blowjob. When Lane shoots his load, he thinks it’s over, but Franco keeps tickling his super-sensitive cock. And now that Lane’s body is overcharged, Franco lubes up his hands and returns to Lane’s thighs and pits for the final treatment.

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Horny Straight Twinks Being Seduced


We’re finishing up Newbies Month with cute blond Grayson, who takes off his shirt out in nature and shows you his muscular chest as well as his charming smile. Grayson seems to particularly enjoy nipple play as his hands keep straying to them, both as he leans back against a tree and when he strips down to his jock strap in the studio. This newbie cutie is hiding an impressively long cock, and he puts on a very good show for his first solo as he strokes it and fucks his hands, finishing with an explosive cumshot.

Nerd Spank

I welcome back Tex and Reese and catch up on their adventures. Tex tells me about the ladies in Texas, and Reese is still with his girlfriend. I get them comfortable since they don’t know what I’ve got in store. After the guys strip, I bring out the paddle. I tell them that only Tex is being paddled today, and Reese is excited about that. He happily whacks Tex’s ass until it’s cherry red. Then I reveal that it’s his turn next. Reese takes a few smacks, but his skinny butt can’t handle it. I make the guys stroke their cocks and tell Tex he has to suck Reese’s cock to make him feel better. Tex does what he can to choke down Reese’s big dick. Reese takes over jacking his cock, and he shoots a huge load all over himself. He even flings some on Tex. I make him play with Tex’s nipples and balls, and when Tex is ready to cum, Reese puts his leg up for Tex to cum on.

Bert Fucks Zander’s Mouth and Tight Hole

Beefy, uncut Straight Fraternity alum Bert is visiting on Spring Break and hot for a piece of ass. For the right price, Zander is willing to help a brother out. The guys size each other up, unsure how this is going to go down. Zander takes off Bert’s shorts first, then Bert helps Zander out of his tight jeans. In no time they’re kissing and popping boners. Zander is the first one to suck dick. Now it’s Bert’s turn to smoke some pole. After a quick suck, he stands up and fucks Zander’s face like a horny bull. The guys take turns ramming their cocks down each other’s throats. There’s some real chemistry here. Bert positions Zander so the two can 69, and so that Bert can rim Zander’s hole. Zander rubs their dicks together, and it’s not long before Bert is knocking on Zander’s back door. Bert puts Zander on top to get in his tight hole. Once Zander is warmed up, Bert fucks him on his back, then doggie-style. He pulls out and shoots his load on Zander, who follows with his own big, juicy nut.

Joseph’s Audition

19-year-old science major Joseph hasn’t had a lot of experience with girls, but he sure gets hard easily. For his audition, I make him finger his asshole while he jerks off in front of me. He must have an exhibitionist streak because he pops a boner as soon as he’s out of his clothes. He lubes his hole and even slips a little finger inside while he strokes his uncut cock. Joseph slides in more finger while his other hand focuses on the head of his dick. He plays with his big balls and taint, but in the end goes back to fingering his hole. He shoots three big spurts of cum that go everywhere.

Sharing The Boyfriend’s Cock

Justin Jett admits to his best friend, Lily Veroni, that his hot new boyfriend has a serious premature ejaculation problem! Lily can’t relate; her boyfriend, Papi Kocic, is always hard, long, and strong, but she offers to let Justin borrow him. After another disappointing shortcumming from his man, Justin spies on Lily riding Papi’s cock in the living room and decides to take her up on her offer, sneakily sucking Papi and then hopping on for the ride. Papi’s always wanted to have a threesome with Justin, and both the bearded bottom and his bestie get all the cock they can handle as Papi fucks both of them and cums on both their faces.

Derek Hazed

Derek has a tennis scholarship to college. He works out at least four days a week, and you can see it in his lean, ripped body and muscular legs. I tie Derek up and blindfold him, and his young cock starts to stiffen. He jumps when I first touch him, but then relaxes and smirks while I suck his cock. He tells me I’m better than his ex-girlfriend, but I knew that already. I swallow Derek whole and gag while he fucks my throat with his big dick. Derek starts demanding I suck his balls and deep throat him more. If his hands weren’t tied up, he’d be pushing my head down on his cock. Who’s hazing who! Derek shoots spurt after spurt of his cum in my hands.

Lucky Bareback

It’s been so long since dominant Lucky got laid that he’s half-cocked from the beginning. I suck his sweet dick and he sucks mine, getting me good and hard before I climb on top of him. I sit down on Lucky’s big dick, and immediately he starts banging me. I get on my stomach and he goes even deeper. Then he grabs my hair and flips me on my back before putting me in his favorite position, on my side. Lucky feels so fucking good that when he tells me to squirt, I bust a huge load. Lucky cums on me right after, but then he surprises me by stroking out another load without any rest in between!

Ty Tucker and Trevor

Hung, straight 20-year-old Trevor has agreed to push his limits a little more today, so I hook him up with Spence, a.k.a. gay-for-pay stud Ty Tucker. First, I get the guys naked and sitting close to each other. Trevor still won’t kiss another guy, so I have them start playing with each other’s nipples and stroking their cocks. Ty goes down on Trevor’s enormous dick, sucking him until he’s rock hard. Then it’s Trevor’s turn for his first ever taste of dick. They lube up and stroke for a bit before Ty goes back down on Trevor’s pole. Since Ty’s too afraid of getting fucked by Trevor’s huge cock, they trade blowjobs instead. The first one to cum gets to shoot on the other one’s chest, and what a load it is!


Blue-eyed go-go dancer Drew was introduced to Sean Cody by his buddy Phoenix, and he’s excited for the opportunity to show his stuff on video. Drew prefers to be a sub bottom, but adds, “I can play a little rough! If you’re not being dominant and rough enough, I’ll challenge.” Drew chats about what he’s into before stripping out of his clothes to show his hot dancer’s body and stroke his thick cock. Turn up the volume to listen to Drew’s hot gasps of pleasure as he fucks his hands before he blows his load!

Gage’s Late Night Blowjob

Gage is out late and really just wants his dick sucked. He stops by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to see if it’s open. I make sure it’s ready for him. Gage sticks his dick in, and he gets hard as soon as I start sucking him. He shoots his big load in my mouth and looks down just in time to see my fingers pulling away.


LOOK OUT FOR: The most perfect looking rough chav in his
cap his SO SO HUNG! This Trashy chav lad shoots the FATTEST load up the young lads arse! BRILLIANT
OMG – u wanna see this student taking cock – SO SO beautiful words

Lukas’ Gloryhole Blowjob

21-year-old Lukas visits the Fraternity gloryhole to get his dick sucked. I’m so eager to get at that cock that I reach through the hole and pull it out. I lick Lukas’ balls and suck his tasty dick while he presses against the wall, then I jack his tool until he unloads on my tongue. Good to the last drop!


Cute, bespectacled James is “very, very, very excited” to be shooting his Sean Cody solo and really looking forward to working with all the other hot guys soon. James loves exercising in the outdoors and big strong men, and says, “If you play around with me for about an hour, I tend to cum everywhere. I hope you guys can see that today.” James definitely makes sure that load is primed and ready, starting with caressing his muscular chest through his shirt, getting undressed, and spreading his firm ass for you as he strokes his cock. So, does James’s cumshot live up to his promise? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Corey and Abel’s Bowl of Tricks

Sometimes it’s easier to get straight guys to do what you want when you make it into a game, so I load up the Bowl of Tricks with a few of my favorites and invite Corey and Abel over to play. It’s the first time Abel’s played our game, so he draws first. Suck cock! He pulls off Corey’s boxers and slurps on his shaft until he’s good and hard. Corey drew teabagging, and he’s got Abel’s huge sack of nuts to fit in his mouth. Then Abel licks Corey’s feet before putting him over his knee to spank him. Straight guys are so much fun to toy with! Abel draws the kissing card, but he refuses to kiss another guy. That’s okay. I’ll make him suck Corey’s cock and balls instead. And let’s put a cock in Corey’s virgin mouth, too. It’s time for some cum! I turn the straight porn back on and let the guys jack off. Abel nuts between his fingers first, then sucks Corey’s dick to help him get off. I wonder what they think about each other’s cocksucking skills…

Nico and Mickey Bareback

Mickey O’Brien initiates Nico Stiles into the world of gay-for-pay with a blowjob and a bareback fuck. The guys have got their cocks out warming up to their favorite straight porn. I ask Mickey about his experience with other gay-for-pay shoots and Nico about his big dick and fucking his girlfriend in the ass. Since Mickey has experience, I tell him to take over. He sucks on Nico’s huge cock, but when that doesn’t do it for Nico, I talk the guys into fucking. Nico lubes Mickey’s hole, then Mickey tries sitting on his raw, hard cock. Mickey turns around and continues the bareback ride. While he’s being fucked, he shoots his load on Nico’s stomach. Then I tell Mickey to lie face down, so Nico can jerk off all over his pretty white ass.

Cody’s Blindfolded Pleasure

Sweet young Cody has no idea what’s going to happen to him while he’s blindfolded or that I’ve invited gay-for-pay stud Abel over to take advantage of him. And it turns out Cody is super-ticklish once he cums! I put Cody in a special pledge shirt before I tell him to strip. I make him pose in his underwear, then get him naked, blindfold him and tie him to the couch. He has no idea what’s coming or that Abel’s here to work on him. I pinch Cody’s nipples and motion to Abel what he should do. Since I know Cody likes a little ass play, I lube Abel’s fingers and have him warm up Cody’s hole. Abel switches to sucking cock, and soon it’s my turn to slip in a finger. I use the leg ropes to lift Cody’s ankles up to his chest, exposing his smooth asshole, but the position doesn’t work out how I hoped. Instead, we put Cody back down and Abel tries some new cocksucking techniques. He learns fast! Abel jacks Cody’s big dick with the Pocket Pussy and makes him cum, but the fun’s not over. Cody’s extremely ticklish after he shoots, and Abel won’t stop pumping. Will Cody know if that was a male or female?


Platinum-blond Cali guy Brad is a muscular hunk with a thing for twinks. Brad talks about his daily routine and drops the fact that lately he tends to top, “because I’ve gained more muscle, so that seems to please the twinks. And I like to please the twinks…” Brad does some reps in the gym, stripping out of his shorts and jock strap to stroke his cock and tease his hole on a bench, then heads to the living room to get comfy on the couch as he jacks off until he cums on his ripped abs.

Jag Cums Twice

Even though I don’t have any girls around, I’m still able to convince Jag to come over and get serviced like a man. Jag strokes his dick and avoids looking at me while I ask him questions about girls and getting off. So finally I just jump in and pounce on him. Jag leans back and closes his eyes while I bob up and down on his cock. His body convulses as he cums in my mouth…twice!

Phil Makes Some Extra Money

Scruffy young New Yorker Phil needs to make some money and heard about jacking it on camera to get paid. He tells about the first time he masturbated, the first time he had sex, the first time he saw another guy naked and his sexual fantasies, before nervously stripping out of his clothes. He beats his uncut cock hard and fast to straight porn so he can shoot his concentrated load.


As handsome, dark-haired Presley gets undressed and starts stroking his already-hard boner, he quickly starts breathing heavily… and he won’t be the only one. Enjoy watching every minute as Presley kneels to fuck his hand, spreading his ass for the camera, then strokes himself on his back until he loudly moans, “Oh, fuck, yeah!” and shoots a huge load.

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Straight Young Guys Being Fucked

Jump on Jake BB Orgy! Dumped up by STUNNING 19yr Clark Kent Look-alike soaking wet hole.

Jump on Jake orgy – countless guys doing Jake in the arse and leaving his bum soaked with spunk! – REALLY CRAZY
Official Closing Party of Gran Can Fetish week – which is just an excuse for us to get boys in and get their clothes off – and we found some REALLY CUTE BOYS whom would let us show there face’s GREAT!!!!

Czech Hunter 682

Recently I bought a small flat in the mountains and decided to go hunting on the slopes. Soon I bumped into a snowboarder. The poor guy lost his expensive helmet somewhere. He didn’t want to risk injury and rather went to a bus home. That was great. It meant he needed money and had time to earn it. I offered him to pitch in for a new helmet. I just wanted to see him naked in return. He had an impressive cock and didn’t mind to whip it out a little. I easily convinced him to follow me to my place and make enough to buy more than a helmet. He stroked and sucked me nicely but strictly refused to get fucked up the ass. Rough looking men like this probably don’t like their asses raw. I loved the idea of being fucked by a tattooed snowboarder with a massive boner, so I offered him my sweet butthole

Just Relax

Well-endowed Kayden trades blowjobs with his hung buddy Jeff, and Jeff shoots his load when Kayden cums all over him. Two huge cocks and a male cum facial! After telling Jeff to lead, I make the guys undress each other. But Kayden takes over right away, sucking Jeff’s dick for a while before telling Jeff to suck his huge cock. Jeff does his best to blow Kayden’s giant tool, and just when he starts wearing out, Kayden makes them get into a 69 position. It’s a little too much for Jeff to handle, so I tell them to relax while I go grab some straight porn for them. It only takes a little porn to get Jeff ready, but I tell Kayden to go first. He gets on his knees and cums on Jeff’s face and stomach. Horny Jeff shoots his load at the same time!

Diesel’s Audition

Former high school linebacker Diesel puts on a show for the camera. This 20-year-old gets hard as soon as he’s naked and likes to play with his balls and asshole while he jerks his dick. He’s totally into getting himself off and rubs his big load into his cock when he nuts.

Price’s Gay Handjob

Price tells me the story of a truth-or-dare game he played once with a buddy of his and four girls. To get a fair trade for some girl-on-girl action, the girls dared Price’s friend to give him a handjob. Of course, this easy-going, horny straight guy was willing and bonered! I want to wrap my hands around Price’s fat dick, too, so I have him kick back on the couch with his arms behind his head and lube up his cock. Price seems a little uneasy when I take over stroking him, but he just smirks when I start jacking him faster and playing with his balls. I can tell Price’s nerves are keeping him from cumming, so I give him his dick back for the finish. Price shoots his load on his abs and looks into the camera with a big, satisfied grin. That was easy!

Czech Hunter 680

I was looking for a lawyer because of an unfortunate situation I got into. I checked this law firm online and went to their address. Their website had to be outdated because I couldn’t find them there at all. I even asked the local resident and he had never heard of them. Well, the man was pretty cute, so I decided to try my luck. This is why I keep my camera rolling wherever I go. The guy needed money to buy a Christmas present for his girlfriend. Fortunately, she wasn’t at home so we sneaked inside and I let him earn the cash he needed. It was such a shame he didn’t want to do anything too gay. I was lucky to make him fuck my ass. Being very horny, it was good enough for me. It had been a while since I had a proper bottom action. I think that my new friend enjoyed it as well.

Dixon’s Hardcore Tickle and Cum

This is the first time straight 24-year-old Dixon has been tied up and tickled, and Franco starts by tickling his furry little butthole and inner thighs. Franco blindfolds Dixon so he has no idea what’s coming next and from where. Dixon squirms as Franco tickles his sides and armpits with feathers and his thick fingers, and he thrashes and swears as the intensity increases. Dixon throws his head back, groans and curses as Franco continues digging into his super ticklish body. He’s ticklish all over, on both his front and his back, and of course he’s ticklish on his size 10 feet. It’s like an electric shock when Franco tickles Dixon on his sweaty heels and soles, but that’s just the beginning. Franco sucks on his toes and tickles them with his tongue and beard. Dixon struggles, but Franco calmly tickles his trapped little buddy. Dixon begs for him to stop, but Franco won’t let up. His face turns red as he struggles for breath, and his body twitches and shivers. With Dixon sweaty and nearly exhausted, Franco puts down his arms and strokes his big dick. Franco deep-throats Dixon’s cock and nearly makes him faint, so he sits him up for the finale. He jacks a load out of Dixon, heavily teases his sensitive cock and gets in one last tickle hit. Dixon’s so worn out, even unbound he can’t fight back!

Parker Fucks A Guy Bareback For The First Time

Parker has been reluctant to top a guy, but he finally agrees when he needs the money badly enough. A Straight Fraternity member, Tad, is the lucky guy who won the chance to take Parker’s huge cock. First, Tad gets Parker erect, strips him and gives him a sensual foot massage. Then Tad blows Parker so good that he almost makes him cum right there. This guy can suck a mean cock! Parker is nervous about fucking a guy, but Tad keeps that dick hard. Tad slowly sits on Parker’s 8-inch cock, since it’s the biggest one he’s ever tried to take. It’s not long before Parker bends Tad over and pounds him bareback. Parker’s surprised at how great it feels to be inside a guy, and he almost collapses when he busts his nut.

GIGANTIC Halloween PARTY/SEX-Chillout 2x cute teens bottom for EVERYONE!
1oo% gen

Private HYB Halloween Party
You know this by now! Hung Young Brit have the best parties and this is no exception!!

Another GIGANTIC house and over 200 people in attendance!! The place was crawling with fit lads in slutty halloween outfits,
THIS IS HOW WE PULL BOYS – Just invite them to parites LOL

Kyle Denton

Get to know tall, thicc Midwestern bodybuilder Kyle Denton. Kyle chats about his workout routines and his status as a dessert connoisseur, then reminisces about the first time he had his muscles worshiped. This vers bottom confesses, \”I love my ass getting massaged, it is a wild turn-on for me,\” before stripping down and stroking his cock as he teases his hole. Kyle shows the muscular back and ass he’s rightfully proud of as he jacks his cock, then cums for you.

Aaron Donlough

25-year-old Aaron is straight as an arrow, but he’s okay with letting another guy watch him jack off. He takes off his shorts and his low-hanging balls fall out of his boxer brief leg. While he plays with his big cock, I ask him about fucking girls in the ass and how he likes to cum. He tugs on his big balls and jacks faster, then suddenly stands up and cums all over the floor. I surprise Aaron by licking his cum off his foot.

Bruno At The Gloryhole

20-year-old Bruno is in town visiting Brandon, who tells his buddy where he can go to get his dick sucked. It doesn’t take much for this horny exhibitionist to cum, and he loudly shoots his load straight into the other guy’s mouth.

David Tickled Hard

20-year-old straight wrestler David isn’t sure he’s ticklish, but he’s still nervous to be tied up for the first time. Franco straps his muscular body to the table and quickly discovers the ticklish spots in David’s armpits and on his sides. David tries to hold it together, but Franco knows how to make him laugh and squirm. He greases David up with silicone lube and tickles him up and down his ribcage before digging into his muscular thighs. Since David has been working his way out of his size 10 1⁄2 sneakers, Franco briefly tickles his socked feet and finds that he’s ticklish there, too. David may not be a screamer, but the hardcore tickling is enough for him to try using a random safe word to make it stop. He pants in little shallow breaths and tries stiffening like a board so he can handle it. Franco climbs on top and digs around in David’s pits, causing him to squawk through the sensation overload. Each new tickling touch is a like a jolt of electricity going through tissue, making David tense everything until finally Franco turns the current off.

Czech Hunter 679

This 20 years old student was quite busy. I met him on his way from school to work, such a hard-working guy. He was a bit nerdy but still cute. I just loved his shy smile. After a little chat, he agreed to show me his cock for 2 000 Crowns. It was way more than his daily salary, so I convinced him easily. We went to my nearby apartment, where things started to heat up pretty fast. When he dropped his pants, I was welcomed by a massive boner. What a lovely surprise! Greedy and horny, I could’ve hardly picked someone better. Well, he tried to play hard to get but I saw right through him. The dude enjoyed sucking my cock. He might have been worried about putting it in his virgin asshole but money solved that problem in the end. Sliding inside and listening to his moaning felt amazing.

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