Straight Dudes being Seduced by Cunning Gays

Czech Hunter 711

The construction worker I met a few days ago promised to bring a co-worker interested in some easy cash. I decided to have a look first and visited them during work. They were both so sexy in their dusty work clothes… I quickly agreed and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them both. The new guy was a bit inexperienced and shy but we took good care of him. I think my friend wanted to fuck him for some time and this was a perfect excuse. First, I enjoyed watching them playing with each other. It was so hot I couldn’t take it for too long. I let them both suck my cock at the same time while thinking about all kinds of stuff I could do to their sweet asses.

Czech Hunter 712

It was a nice summer morning, and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I wanted to fuck. This was my lucky day because soon I noticed a dude running. He was actually training for a marathon, his eyes fixed on the prize of 10 000 Crowns. He was too focused and didn’t want to bother with me. I had to get his attention first. And what could possibly work better than cash? Once he got greedy enough, it was easy to move to my place and make him try different ways of earning money. I really liked his thick cock and nicely shaped body. His mouth and tongue also felt pretty amazing. But his ass was by far the best part. Being nicely tight and sensitive, it took a while to adjust to my horny boner. Once the guy got used to it, he enjoyed the ride immensely and even cummed while being fucked.

Czech Hunter 715

Today I was hunting on a small island in the middle of the Vltava river. The weather was nice, so I hoped to meet cuties enjoying the sun. Soon I noticed this dude waiting for a ferry. His name was Ales, and he was on the way to his friends. They wanted to spend a day off work together. I was about to change their plans. The guy was saving for a car, which meant he needed a lot of money. That made things a little easier, but it took me a while to convince him that I’m not just some creepy pervert. Well, fortunately my pockets were full of cash, and he was greedy enough to stay with me. We hid in the bushes and played with our cocks. Mine was too big for his ass so we eventually moved to my place where I could give it a proper stretch. I’m not sure about Ales but I definitely enjoyed it.


William Seed and his girlfriend are on a camping trip with friends, but little does he know that the other couple both want to fuck him! When William wakes up early due to the call of nature, Laura Fox spies him with his dick out outside her tent and invites him over to suck his cock. Her boyfriend, Enzo Muller, wakes up and joins in, and soon William comes inside to start a train, pounding Enzo while the bi guy fucks Laura. The busty girl gets spit-roasted, then rides her boyfriend as he rides the tattooed hunk’s dick. William fucks Laura as Enzo cums all over her, and then the horny couple share William’s load.

Straight Buddy Needs A Hand

Chris Damned can barely dress himself with both his arms in braces, so he’s relieved when his buddy Logan Aarons comes by and offers him a hand. Logan helps the straight guy eat and even go to the bathroom, but Chris gets embarrassed when he gets hard as Logan touches his dick. He can’t even jerk himself off, though, so he gratefully accepts Logan’s help! Logan strokes his cock and sucks him, then rides the straight guy. Soon Chris is pounding the bottom in doggystyle and missionary. He pulls out and cums, and Logan puts the top’s cock back in to fuck him till he orgasms!

Cowboy Riley’s First Gay Blowjob

Riley is a 21-year-old ranch hand with a great body and nice cock. First I ask him how he learned to jack off. He Googled it! Then Riley kicks off his boots and underwear and starts getting himself hard. I thought this straight boy would be a challenge, but it turns out he’s pretty easy to make. Riley lets me play with his cock for a few minutes before he says anything. “I’ve never had a guy doin’ that before,” he says. I tell Riley to pretend he’s at a physical, and once his cock stiffens again, I go down on him. Riley says he’s shocked that it feels so good with a guy giving him head. I could have told him that! I give Riley a choice of whether he wants me to finish him off or whether he wants to do it himself. He chooses me, and I make him shoot a big nut all over the place.

Greyson’s Audition

23-year-old Greyson is tight and muscular, but very approachable. His physique is so amazing that I can’t wait for him to get naked. I take some shots off his muscular little body then give him the Pocket Pussy to play with. He really pops a boner when he tells me about the first time he had sex. It was with his friend’s girl, while his friend recorded it! I tell Greyson to show off his hard dick, then he slides the jack-off sleeve back on and strokes some more. When I ask him if he’s getting close, Greyson says he can cum whenever I want. And I want it now!

Riley’s Step-Brother Reese Sucked Off

Reese came to see me with his step-brother Riley, and now it’s his turn to get blown! The two step-brothers look alike, but Reese is a bigger guy, and I think he’s been around a bit more than Riley. He seems to be hornier and ready to have his cock sucked. I’m sure Riley told Reese what to expect, so he don’t flinch when I grab his cock and start stroking it. Reese just closes his eyes and lets me do my thing with his fat dick. Reese starts oozing pre-cum pretty quickly while I’m blowing him. He closes his eyes and enjoys the blowjob, getting closer and closer to his nut. He lets out a great big moan as I sucked his cock dry. Afterwards, Reese gives my abilities high marks, then leaves to take a shower so he can go meet his girlfriend.

Blowing George

George is a nerdy college freshman who visits the Fraternity gloryhole every day before class to get his rocks off. He quietly takes off his shirt and slides his dick in the hole. George keeps pretty still while I blow him, but he warns me right before he’s going to cum…like it matters! He sprays his big load all over my face and in my mouth.

19-Year-Old Blake Lets Me Blow Him

Blake is nervous and doesn’t feel like talking, so we launch right into it. He strokes his cock for a bit, then I have him stand up so I can rub him down everywhere, including that fat piece! Once I talk Blake onto the bed, I’m able sneak his meat into my mouth. In spite of his doubts, Blake seems excited and keeps looking at the camera. He gets harder and harder, and when I finally I make Blake nut, he’s all smiles. Very different from the nervous guy I met a few minutes earlier!

Playin’ Around

When it’s cold outside, what’s better than meeting up with a buddy for a brojob? C’mon. You’re just playin’ around! It’s kinda cold when Angel and Seamus get naked, so when Angel has trouble getting hard with his cold hands, Seamus steps in to help a buddy out. What’s better than a warm hand on your cock? A warm mouth. Seamus follows my instructions and sucks Angel’s stiffening cock. This cold day is heating up! The guys jack together and rub each other’s taints. After more cock-sucking, Seamus is ready to cum. He kneels over Angel and busts on his chest. When Angel’s ready to shoot, Seamus gets down and tells him to cum all over his face.  He even laps up some of Angel’s load!

Trey At The Gloryhole

Trey heard about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole from a buddy of his. He just wants to get his rocks off, and does he ever! When I see Trey’s bulge through the hole, I can’t help grabbing it. He’s a little surprised, but smiles and takes his dick out. I turn that smile into shock by sucking and jacking his tool until he busts his big nut in my mouth and lick his sensitive cock clean.

Jesse Tickled

21-year-old Jesse may play it tough, but a good tickling will expose the vulnerable twink in him. After getting to know Jesse a little bit better, Franco brings out the feathers to lightly test his ticklish spots. Then he uses his strong fingers to tickle Jesse deeply in his ribs and inner thighs. Jesse’s laughter is a mix of giggles, honks and muffled cries as he tries to keep himself together. He moans softly when his size 7.5 feet are tickled, but that won’t satisfy Franco. He returns to Jesse’s upper body, first tickling his ribs, then sitting behind Jesse so he can dig his thumbs into Jesse’s armpits. When Franco finds a hotspot in Jesse’s abdomen, he tickles into it relentlessly. It’s the first time Jesse has been able to utter a word, and that word is “no!” As Franco tickles Jesse’s sides, his leg flutters out like a puppy getting a belly rub. And that’s where Franco keeps tickling until the end.

Best Friends Bo and Maverick Go Gay For Pay

These two guys are old friends and VERY comfortable with each other. They talk about their friendship, and Bo gives details of some embarrassing, hot facts about Maverick, like how his girlfriend pegs him sometimes! The two strip on the bed together, then Maverick strokes his big cock while I oil Bo down and start to give him head. These two have no problem with all the gay action going on around them. While I suck on Bo’s cock, Maverick totally concentrates on shooting his load. He nuts with an amazing display of moaning, twitching and convulsing, all while Bo looks on. Bo is so worked up by seeing his buddy cum, that he shoots his first load quicker than he wanted…

BB Boi 2

Scrappy and Joey return for another bareback play day, but this time it’s Joey who’s going to get fucked. He takes a major banging from Scrappy and his big raw dick, and he even gets in a brief flip before nutting himself. I welcome Scrappy and Joey back then leave the room. The guys know what I want… to see them get each other naked and get off.  It starts with a couple of blowjobs and Scrappy eating Joey’s ass. Unlike last time, Joey is the main receiver in this shoot. Scrappy fucks Joey’s big butt on his knees and on his back with his bare cock. It’s a real ass-slapper!..

Alec’s Audition

24-year-old Alec has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. I have Alec strip out of his clothes and show me his size 10 1/2 feet. He lubes up his dick and boners out with no problem. I get a close-up of his tight hole, then let him kick back and beat off to straight porn on his phone until he shoots his big, thick load.

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