Straight Boys Being Ripped Off

Czech Hunter 700

I spent the last weekend in the countryside. It was a lovely summer trip around small Czech towns, where I looked for guys willing to make easy cash. This handsome dude was selling ice cream as a summer job. At first glance he looked so innocent… I couldn’t believe how well money worked on him. I followed the guy inside of the shop so we would have some privacy. I really wanted to savour the moment. Nicely shaved, this cutie was exactly what I was searching for. Staring into his beautiful eyes while being sucked sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t wait to feel his silk smooth asshole. The dude was a bit worried about anal sex but his massive boner was a good sign. Money and curiosity won eventually and my cock tasted yet another amazingly tight virgin ass.

 Czech Hunter 701

I spent some time walking around Prague but had no luck. The weather was about to get bad, so I needed to find someone quickly. I noticed this dude standing at a table tennis. Petr was there waiting for a friend. They were supposed to play together but something went wrong, and the friend was late. That was a great opportunity. We played a little game of tennis to break the ice and then I convinced him to do even more interesting stuff. My green paper and starting rain were good enough reasons to follow me to my place. It took a while to undress this shy student, but his nicely shaped body was worth the effort. Judging by his bulge I could tell he was hiding something special in his undies and I was not wrong. This innocent looking cutie had an enormous dong. Man, I just couldn’t wait.

Czech Hunter 702

I met two students putting some stupid fliers inside mailboxes in my apartment building. They both looked pretty so I approached them. Since my neighbors are getting a bit upset about my adventures, I quickly showed them cash and we moved to my apartment. These two old friends had a gay experience with each other a few years back. I paid them to recreate the special moment for me. It was simply amazing so I threw in just enough money to let me join them. One guy looked bisexual to me so I hoped to at least fuck his ass. His friend would be a hard nut to crack, I thought… Well, I was wrong. The experienced guy refused my cock because it was too big. The virgin had no clue and took my money. Hard to say who made the better choice. In any case, this was money well spent.


Cam Crawford


I catch up with Angel and Nico and introduce them to each other. Angel warns Nico about the Bowl of Tricks, and I warn these straight guys with the paddle! Nico’s huge cock gets hard first, so I tell Angel to suck it. He does the best he can to swallow Nico’s huge cock, and after his college try, they kick back and jack each other’s dicks. Angel sucks Nico’s monster some more, jacks him and lets him cum on his smooth chest. I tell Nico to rub Angel, and he keeps it up until Angel unloads on his stomach.

Kae and Carson: Tickle Footjob

It took a long time, but Franco finally gets ticklish 20-year-old Kae back on his tickling table. He tests Kae’s size 10 1⁄2 feet, then goes right to his armpits and stomach. Moving slowly from spot to spot, Franco tickles his feet, knees and inner thighs. Kae moans and tries to escape, but he won’t be going anywhere. Franco lubes Kae’s soles and invites 18-year-old Carson into the session. Carson tries rubbing his dick on Kae’s foot, but Kae manages to kick him in the balls. While Carson recovers, Franco tickles Kae hard in the bellybutton and armpits. Carson uses Kae’s lubed up feet to jack his cock while Franco continues tickling his pits. Before anyone realizes what’s happening, Carson shoots his huge load all over Kae’s feet. Carson tickles the soles of Kae’s cum-drenched feet with a brush while Franco holds him down, then they tickle torment him together.

4 Man Circle Jerk: Blue, Colten, Connor and Jace

The guys cum over for some pool time, and afterwards I show them a porn I just bought. When their cocks come out, so does my camera! Blue is the first guy to bust his nut, and it’s a big one. Jace is next, and he unloads all over his chest and leg. Connor and Colten can’t hold it anymore either, and pretty soon the room is swimming in cum.

Hung Straight Guy Nico

26-year-old hung straight guy Nico needs to unload his full balls. He steps up to one of the Straight Fraternity gloryholes to get his huge cock drained, without knowing what’s happening on the other side. I feel Nico’s big dick get hard as I roll it around in my mouth. Then I take a deep breath and swallow it whole. I slurp his shaft and head and complete the slobbery blowjob by drinking his load. Before Nico can leave, I demand that he keep his dick sticking through the hole. Without him knowing, I beat off right next to him.

TJ Pounds

TJ and I joke a bit to ease the tension while he strips down to his compression boxers. Then I surprise him by pulling his big dick through the fly and blowing him. It’s so good that I almost make TJ cum. I lie down on the couch and pull down my pants. Keeping his eye on the straight porn I’m playing, TJ mounts me from behind. He starts fucking me with his huge cock and gets deep inside me. This testosterone-fueled straight stud fucks me so hard and deep that even I can’t handle it! I make him pull out, and he kneels over me, stroking his huge load out on my lower back. He scoops it up to show me what a big cummer he is.

Beefy Asian Aaron At The Gloryhole

Aaron’s high testosterone makes him constantly horny, so he stops by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to relieve his blue balls. He steps up and pulls his uncut cock out of his athletic shorts. His thick cock glistens as I suck it, and I make sure to lick his big nuts, too. I bob on Aaron’s hard, curved meat until he’s moaning and finally unloads all over my tongue and down my chin.

18-Year-Old Steven’s First Gay BJ

Steven is a college freshman who’s a bit shy. He has a tattoo on his chest and doesn’t want to show it on camera for fear of being recognized when he runs for President. I guess when Steven is President he’ll have a lot of explaining to do about me jacking him off! I start licking Steven’s balls then begin blowing him. He’s a bit shocked, but rolls with it without saying a word. Steven keeps watching the porn, and his cock gets bigger and bigger as I suck harder and faster. Instead of shooting distance, his juicy load finally leaks out of his cock. I jack and swallow Steven’s sweet, sticky dick, then ask him to rate the blowjob. He rated me what??

Stan At The Hole

Straight fraternity man Stan sneaks off to the gloryhole room to get his big, veiny dick sucked. This horny guy is hard and moaning in no time, but I don’t want him to cum too fast. I keep him right on the edge, sucking his veiny cock and big balls. Stan presses up against the hole so he can fuck my mouth. I swallow his cock, and he cums down my throat. With his jizz on my lips, I make sure his fat cock is clean before sending him on his way.

Kevin: 21-Year-Old Marine Gets Blown

It’s really hot when I know a straight guy is curious and ready to try something new. That’s the case with Kevin, a beefy Marine who’s nervous but open-minded. With his big arms, nice chest and abs, I know I’m going to have to try to get Kevin to do more than just jack off. I make my move and start stroking him. He just kicks back and lets me do it. While Kevin’s head is back, I switch from stroking to blowing. I can feel a tremor go through his body when he looks down and realizes that he’s getting a blowjob from a guy. Kevin ends up finishing himself off with a big load that goes all over the place.

Jason Hayes’ Trick

19-year-old, tall, ex-football player Jason Hayes has been working on a special trick. He can make himself cum without getting hard. Jason tells me about his sports background and physical stats before getting naked on my couch. He leans back and strokes his cock, but without even getting hard, he shoots a huge load on his stomach. All he has to do is think about his girl.

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