Abused Straight Dudes

Czech Hunter 694

I went hunting right in the city center. Tourists visiting Prague are usually an easy target, so I looked for one. It didn’t take long, and I bumped into this young man from Slovakia. It was his first time in the city and his plan was to party through the whole trip with his friends. That was just perfect because he needed plenty of cash to make this trip worth it. Don’t worry, we moved to my place and my new pal managed to make all the money he needed. His cock felt nice in my hand, I couldn’t wait to see him hard. When we moved to the bed, things got way more serious. He sucked me pretty well for a newbie and even had a close look at my asshole. That really got me going so I used all my remaining money to get inside of his sweet tight hole. The guy loved it and cummed with my cock still in.

21-Year-Old Greg Cums Twice

Greg is an adorable 21-year-old senior. I’m in love with his furry chest and gorgeous blue eyes. He has a big tent in his shorts, and when he pulls them off, his cock is very impressive. As I lube Greg’s body down and play with his dick a little bit, I know he can be had. Greg strokes himself and gets all horned up, but he surprises me when he’s startled by me jacking him. He’s worried because his friends are in the next room. After a few seconds of playing with his cock, I calm him down and he begins enjoying it. Then I go down on him and that’s it. As soon as he busts the first time, this horny guy is ready to go again. It’s not long before Greg cums again while I blow him.


Cali hunk Sumner is a very vers guy who likes it all, especially eating ass and having two guys suck his dick at the same time, and he’s excited to get started on his Sean Cody solo today. What’s he most looking forward to? “Cumming.” Sumner announces that he has a nine-inch dick, then pulls it out of his form-fitting jeans to prove it, getting his cock hard, then stroking it. He kneels on the bed with his face down ass up to show you that hole, then jacks off till he shoots a hot load.

Pansexual Fourgy

Tguy Nicky Zeal is super horny and just settling in for a nice long stroke sesh with his favorite toy when his wife, hot trans babe Zariah Aura, tells him to put his clothes on, because their guests are almost here! When Dante Colle and Aria Valencia arrive, the guys chat on the couch while Zariah whisks Aria to the bedroom to show her her cock! Meanwhile, Nicky tells Dante about how he and his wife recently opened their relationship, and Dante wants to do the same… especially when Nicky invites him to the bedroom. When the ladies catch Nicky riding Dante’s dick, they join in for a hot pansexual romp, as everyone gets fucked from A to Z!

Coach Bill

Big Bill is a football coach at a community college, so it’s important that he keep his private pleasures discreet. The fraternity gloryhole is the perfect place for him to unload in secret…or so he thinks. I set up the gloryhole in a new spot, so Coach Bill has no chance of seeing the cameras. His big dick stiffens as soon as I start blowing him. He moans as I lick his shaft, balls and head, and his body is like a quivering bull when he unloads in my mouth.

Czech Hunter 696

This student of clothing design caught my eye pretty easily. He wore interesting trousers revealing much of his muscular legs and I just loved his innocent looking face. This cutie worked after school to save enough money for a car. When I told him how much he could make with me, he didn’t think twice. Soon we were at his parents flat, and I was finally able to see how beautifully chiseled his entire body was. It was obvious the dude hit the gym regularly. His cock felt amazing in my hand, and it made me incredibly horny. I just had to suck it. After we sucked each other, it was easy to move to more serious stuff. I simply reached in my pocket and paid him enough to let me fuck his virgin ass. It took a while to stretch him enough but when we got there, it was worth it. For both of us.

Jason Jerks His Thick, Uncut Cock

Jason’s porn actress girlfriend has made home movies with him before, but today is his first time on camera in front of another guy. I tell this totally straight guy to strip off his clothes and stroke his thick, uncut cock. Jason’s dick gets big and hard as I ask about what he might be willing to do on camera and about getting his girlfriend involved. Suddenly Jason quiets down and his pure white cum starts spilling out of his dick and running down his fingers.

Blake’s Hardcore Tickling Experience

Blake is used to being in control, so he’s justifiably nervous about being tied up and tickled. Franco straps him to an old massage chair and starts with the armpits. Blake struggles and swears, but this tickle victim has no place to go! Franco tickles his bellybutton and his inner thighs, and it’s not long before Blake is dewy with sweat. When he breaks free of a wrist cuff, Franco attaches heavier duty restraints. He tickles Blake’s size 12 feet and makes him breathe in his own smelly sneakers. Franco continues attacking Blake’s bare feet, tickling his soles and in between his toes. When Franco gets too close to Blake’s face, he bites! Franco climbs on top and rides Blake like a cowboy, pinning him down while Gage jumps in to tickle Blake’s feet. He may be a strong stud, but with four hands tickling Blake, the experience gets really intense. He pants for air and turns red, bucking and struggling. For a break, Franco switches to feathers, but when Blake snatches one, Franco orders him to “drop it.” Like an obedient boy, Blake does, but his reward is only temporary. Franco and Gage tickle Blake together until he’s completely exhausted, then they slowly release his bonds just in case Blake tries to throw a punch!

Shawn Drained

Shawn takes off his shirt and sticks his dick through his fly and into my mouth. It’s been days since Shawn last drained his balls, and this horny young man is desperate to shoot his load. He moans and rubs himself and commands me to suck his dick. I swallow him all the way down to his blonde pubes, then he fucks my face through the hole and I eat his load.

The Flow

Tall, goofy straight guy TJ likes to laugh and go with the flow. Today the flow includes an awesome deep-throat blowjob, cumming in Franco’s mouth and having his own load transferred to his hole by Franco’s beard. TJ takes his shirt off for me, then I undress him the rest of the way. I rub his naked body a little bit then get him in a relaxed position on the couch, ready for me to suck his cock. I’ve sucked TJ’s dick before and remind him just how good my blowjobs are. TJ confirms that I’m way better than the girl who blew him earlier, and he’s impressed that I can swallow all of his big meat. I suck TJ right to the edge, then he jacks himself off. I slide underneath TJ and catch his load in my mouth and beard. I tease his sensitive cock, then eat his ass and rub his cum all over his hole.

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