Straight Boys Going Gays

Czech Hunter 703

This was a very warm day, so I spend some time in a park. Don’t worry, I wasn’t just chilling out but also looking for cute guys willing to whore themselves out. It didn’t take too long, and I met this stud on his way from the gym. He was busy and didn’t want to talk so I had to use cash to get his attention. Conveniently, this dude had a flat not far away, so we went there to discover more ways to make money. He was incredibly greedy, just to get him naked cost me a fortune. It was worth it though. He had a beautiful cock and a nice body. For someone who had a girlfriend, this cutie had some gay talent and enjoyed pleasuring me a lot. The poor man didn’t have sex for two months and this was better than nothing. Still, he loved it, his girlfriend would be surprised how much.

Czech Hunter 705

My car needed some minor fixes, so I visited a nearby repair shop. It was a nice and cozy place with only one mechanic inside. The guy wasn’t old but looked experienced enough to trust him with my wheels. He was half-naked, sweaty and so dirty… that got me incredibly aroused. The dude almost hit me in the face when I asked him to take his pants off. To calm him down, I simply reached in my pocket. Then I finally had a full view at his massive cock. It turned pretty solid once I started stroking it. Sucking that dirty and oily cock was even better. My new mechanic was also really good with a cock and gave me a nice blowjob. Now I wanted that hunk of a man to take my horny boner. I would pay him anything. We had to do a lot of stretching before that tight virgin let me push it inside.


Handsome vers hunk Matty looks like the clean-cut guy-next-door but has a surprising habit: “I love jerking off in public.” Matty confesses that from his car to the airport to the nude beach, any taboo spot for stroking himself really gets him going. This East Coast native loves to be the center of attention and fantasizes about being the bottom in a gangbang one day. For now, Matty is ready to strip down and show his pretty, pink dick, first slowly stroking it before pumping his hips to fuck his hand. He kneels and teases his hole as he jacks it, moaning loudly as he fingers himself, then lies back and jerks off till he cums.

Redhead Kelly’s First Gay Handjob

It takes some convincing to get adorable redhead Kelly to let me jerk him off. He’s never done anything with another guy before, except beat off with some buddies. Kelly is one hot package, with a big cock and a sweet ass.  I put on some porn for him to watch, and after getting totally naked and stroking his cock in front of me, he finally nods at me that I can grab his dick. Kelly doesn’t think another guy can get him off, but once I’ve got my hands on him, I know I can make him cum. I jack his big, pretty dick, and with a sigh of relief, Kelly shoots his load. “That felt good!” Mission accomplished!

Joey Hazed

Before Joey can be initiated, he has to prove that he’ll suck any cock presented to him. I blindfold Joey and demand that he blow a guy at one of the Straight Fraternity gloryholes. With the blindfold on, I position him on his knees in front of the hole. He sucks Scrappy’s big dick and plays with his balls until Scrappy loudly unloads in his mouth and all over his face. Joey’s not done until I say he’s done!

Nickolas Strokes His Big Dick

Nickolas is a pretty shy guy who’s both nervous and excited about jacking his dick on camera for me. For someone who says he’s nervous, he sure gets hard fast! Soon Nickolas is stroking his meat with gusto, and I sneak a feel while greasing him up for the camera. After shooting his load, Nickolas admits to jacking off just before he came over, “just to calm down a little bit!” He’s definitely calm now!

Asher’s Tickle Fun

Asher’s a wild guy and likes tying people up, but today it’s his turn to submit. He doesn’t seem worried, and in fact he looks excited when Franco locks him in and starts tickling. Asher giggles with pleasure as Franco tickles his armpits and stomach, and his face turns red with happy laughter when Franco tickles his size 10 feet. Asher squirms and flexes his whole body, enjoying every new twist of the tickling experience. It’s obvious that he loves being watched! Franco removes Asher’s other shoe and sock so he can tickle all over his bare soles with oily brushes. Asher moans and grits his teeth when Franco tickles his bellybutton and sides and squeaks with delight when Franco tickles him deep in his pits. Since Asher needs his arms in a less stressful position, Franco decides to blindfold him to keep him feeling extra vulnerable. He sneaks behind Asher and tickles him on his ribs, back and chest while he bounces around in the restraints. Franco tickles Asher’s bare feet and inner thighs, then jumps from one spot to another on Asher’s body. By the end of the session, Asher is elated and out of breath, and he happily pets himself while telling Franco how much he loved being tickled.

Ginger Britton Goes Gay For Pay

Britton comes over to make a gay dare video, but when the other player chickens out, it’s up to me to play with him. Britton has such a hot cock that I can’t wait to suck it, and he lets me! He gets close to cumming a few times while I work on his rod, but he holds onto his wad tight. I show off his ultra-hot ass while he gets on top of me and fucks me. Britton tells me I can get him off any way I want, so I put his ankles over my shoulder and go to town rimming his asshole. He loves it! I lick Britton’s balls and stroke his cock until he throws his head back and shoots his load everywhere.

Jeb and Ace

18-year-old str8 guy Jebediah is paired with more mature, rough trade Ace. After asking the guys a few basic questions, I have them strip on the couch and show me their buttholes. Jeb is shocked at the sight of Ace’s guiche, but since he’s always up to try new things, I tell him to put it in his mouth. Then I have him lick Ace’s balls and suck his dick. When Ace returns the favor, Jeb is impressed that he can swallow his big tool whole. I encourage young Jeb to fuck Ace’s throat like a pussy. When he finally makes Ace gag, he gives him a break and sucks his dick briefly before the guys jack their cocks together. Ace plays with Jeb’s balls and sucks on his nipples, even tickling his taint a little bit. Suddenly Jeb starts giggling, and I find out that Ace is tickling him in other spots, too! Ace clamps down on Jeb’s balls with a vise-like grip that Jeb seems to like. He unloads a pool of cum on his leg before jacking Ace’s load out, all over the couch and his balls.

Diesel’s First Gloryhole Experience

It’s Diesel’s first time at a gloryhole, and he’s obviously nervous. I can see Diesel is struggling to get his dick out, so I tell him just to drop his pants. Diesel jacks himself trying to get hard, but I tell him to stick it through the hole instead. Once I’ve got Diesel in my mouth and hands, I work his cock until he’s shaking with pleasure. When I tell him how much I love sucking his hard cock and want his load in my mouth, he quivers and unloads in my face. I sucked Diesel’s dick clean, leaving him stunned.

Milo Wrapped

Franco has something special in mind for Milo today. After he takes a taste of Milo’s cute little butt, Franco brings out a big roll of cellophane and wraps Milo in it from ankles to shoulders. He picks Milo up and lays his cocooned body flat, then starts tickling his feet through his ankle socks. Milo twitters and wriggles like a caterpillar while Franco tickles his feet and nibbles on his soles. Franco punches little holes through the plastic to tickle his armpits, balls and even his butthole. The rustling continues as Milo contorts his body within the plastic wrap. He hates being tickled! Milo moans and squirms in between his giggles, but he’s not going anywhere. With the tip of a feather, Franco finds Milo’s most sensitive spot, tickling him in tiny strokes on his heels. Then when Milo is at the peak of annoyance, Franco pulls his cock out of the plastic and strokes him until he unloads down the side of the couch. Milo feels the relief…until Franco won’t stop stroking his sensitive cock.

Kiba: Hunky Hawaiian Jacks It

I was lucky to get together with Kiba. He was leaving town for a while the next day, and I rushed to get him and his sexy body on video. I can tell that Kiba is nervous about jacking in front of a guy, but he said he needed the money really bad for his trip. He fucks my sex toy for a bit, but he’s clearly uncomfortable when I try to jack him. Still, once Kiba gets himself going, there’s no stopping him! He busts a huge cum load all over his chest.

Seamus’ Blowjob

All Seamus knows is that he’s going to get a great blowjob. What he doesn’t know is that it’s going to be from another guy. Seamus thinks I’m teaching a girl what to do on the other side of the gloryhole, but really I’ve pushed Ace down to his knees to suck Seamus off. Does it matter who’s doing it when it’s the best blowjob of your life?

Miguel and Wiley Audition Together

Good friends Miguel and Wiley come over together to audition for Straight Fraternity. When Wiley has trouble getting off, he steps off camera and lets Miguel take his turn. But it’s not until Wiley jumps into Miguel’s audition with some straight porn that Miguel busts his nut. Miguel and Wiley are both super nervous as they each strip off their clothes and show me their naked bodies. I get a good look at their bare feet before trying to get Miguel to turn around and show me his ass. Watching his friend stroke it makes Wiley hard, so he brings a porno in for him and Miguel to share. And even though Wiley is still too nervous to cum, Miguel shoots a hot load.

Drew’s Tickle Ecstasy

Franco doesn’t waste any time tickling 19-year-old Drew. He tickles Drew’s tight abs, furry pits and sensitive ribs, causing him to let out a long series of high-pitched squeaks and laughter. Using a box cutter, Franco carefully cuts Drew’s underwear off him and blindfolds him with it. He continues to explore Drew’s body, tickling him on the right side of his body, his inner thighs and down to his size 10 feet. Drew laughs and squirms in tickle ecstasy as Franco tickles his left foot with wet fingers, then coats his sole in lube and uses the soap saver on him. Drew goes nuts when Franco munches on his toes and rubs his big soft beard along on Drew’s right foot. Glistening with sweat and lube, Drew tightens all the muscles in his upper body as the tickling intensifies. But wait! When Blake hears all the laughter coming from the next room, he can’t resist joining in the fun. Franco motions him into the room, and the two of them tickle the unsuspecting young Drew like crazy.

Horny Boys Take Gay Dares

Warren and Trey get acquainted by drawing from the Bowl of Tricks and doing to each other whatever they pick. After teabagging, toe-sucking, paddling and more, a long deep kiss leads to a blowjob swap and Warren getting fucked in the ass. I have the guys strip to their underwear and pass them the very full Bowl of Tricks. Warren draws first and gets to lube Trey’s asshole. What a one to start on! Trey’s not liking it, but me and Warren sure get a laugh out of it. After Trey smacks Warren’s face and tongue with his dick, it’s Warren’s draw. He teabags Trey, who finally relaxes a bit…until he learns he has to lick Warren’s ticklish toes and then get paddled. Next, Trey has to suck Warren’s nipples, but when Warren draws “kiss,” I know it’s time to tell the guys to go for it…

BB Boi

21-year-old blonde twink Scrappy lets 19-year-old Joey fuck him bareback in his first video. I tell Joe and Scrappy to undress down to their underwear get each other hard. Each guy rubs the other one’s cock, then Scrappy pulls down Joe’s boxer briefs and starts sucking on him. Joe sucks Scrappy’s dick a little bit and eats his ass. Once he’s good and hard, Scrappy pushes him down on the couch and sits on his raw cock. He moans loudly as he bounces up and down on Joe’s tool. After riding Joe’s cock a bit more, Scrappy lies on his back and gets ready for Joe. When that position doesn’t work, he stands up and bends over, letting Joe take him from behind. Finally, the guys jack off together on the couch. Scrappy is the first one to bust his nut, and Joe follows shortly after. Scrappy is covered in cum!

Nathan At The Gloryhole

Nathan needed someone to suck his big dick and Bradley was willing to give gloryhole servicing the old college try, so Franco hooked them up. Bradley kneels at the gloryhole and waits for dick to arrive. He gives a top notch blowjob to Nathan, making him shoot a huge load. Franco makes sure Bradley drains the lasts drops out of Nathan’s balls and swallows his cum.

Christopher’s Sexy Tickle

Franco invites Kae over to have some fun with 25-year-old Christopher and give him more experience tickling other guys. They cuff Christopher loosely so he can squirm, then blindfold and start tickling him from both sides. Christopher twists around hard, but you can tell he’s loving this special kind of attention. They tickle Christopher’s smooth armpits and inner thighs while he laughs and tries biting at them. Just for that, the blindfold stays on longer! They continue tickling his thighs and pits before pulling off his socks and tickling his wide, size 11 feet. First they use their fingers on his soles, then Franco munches them with his wet mouth and tickly beard. Franco attaches another rope and hoists Christopher’s feet to the sky, and they tie his knees together with bondage tape…

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