Straight Hunks Being Tickled and Fucked on Auditions

Czech Hunter 716

I wanted to go mushroom picking in a forest but ended up having a nice fuck instead. This man I met was on his way to meet his friends. They were a bunch of rock fans visiting a nearby music festival. Unfortunately for his pals, he met me and my generous wallet. The guy was a bit worried his friends might see us but quickly realized that my cash was worth the risk. First, we had a quick blowjob in my car and then moved deeper in the forest. There I finally had a good look at his big, circumcised dick. The guy was really good at taking care of my horny boner. He tried hard to please me. This dude even liked my pre-cum. I couldn’t take it any longer and simply gave him my remaining cash in exchange for anal. To my surprise he took my cock pretty well and I think he enjoyed it.

Czech Hunter 717

Samuel was a cutie from Slovakia. I met him walking near a highway looking for help with his broke down car. The poor dude was broke, too. Walking randomly seeking for assistance led him to me and that was the best thing that happened to him in a while. I was more than ready to fill his pockets with money. Samuel liked to lift, and it showed. I gave him some cash for doing push-ups and enjoyed the view. It made me really horny, so I offered him way more in exchange for a bit naughtier stuff. The road was too busy, so we moved in a nearby forest. There I was able to have a look at his sculptured body and lovely dick. This guy was just adorable and despite being inexperienced, pretty good at pleasuring my boner. I offered him my remaining cash for letting me in his ass and prayed he would agree.

Czech Hunter 718

I got an email from a delivery company that a courier would be delivering a package I ordered. I was at home, alone and really horny. A naughty idea started creeping into my mind. Could I convince him to make me feel less lonely? I put a few large banknotes in my pocket and waited for the call. I got a bit worried when the courier arrived. The guy was at least two meters tall and didn’t look like someone who let people to fuck with him. He refused my offer right away and wanted to leave with the package. I kept offering him more and more money until he broke. It wasn’t easy but I managed to get me a fuck buddy for the afternoon! The guy was straight as a highway but my cash was just too tempting. He was expensive and didn’t plan on being my whore but he definitely tried hard to please me.

Czech Hunter 719

I could feel my balls getting a bit too full so I went out for a little walk. While strolling along the river, I noticed a dude sitting on the bank, looking all depressed. The poor guy just got cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend. And before that he lost his job as a welder. Things weren’t exactly going well for him… until he met me. Of course he hesitated when I told him what my naughty offer was about. But money was just too good to refuse. We moved to my nearby apartment and I made him show me his boner. My new friend promised me 16 centimeters but it was way more, I loved that dong. Then it was time to take care of my horny cock. The dude didn’t really enjoy all this but that was fine. He needed money so there was no other option than go through it. Life sometimes suck.

Double Swap Fuck Sesh

Cherry Kiss’s best friend Michael Jackman tells her he would love to get a glimpse of her hot BF’s dick. Roman Todd mentioned once that he was bi-curious, so she gets a naughty idea. She tells Michael to hide in the closet so he can watch her suck Roman’s cock… then hides him under a blanket, ass out, so Roman thinks it’s her ass he’s fucking! Cherry gets horny watching her man fuck another man, and even puts on a strap so she can peg Michael too! When the truth cums out, Cherry talks both guys into a fun threesome, and she and Roman spit-roast Michael before Cherry gets to be in the middle of a train. Then the guys use Cherry’s mouth and pussy before she takes their loads on her face!

It’s Huge

I tell Kevin and Warren to strip and face each other. Warren grabs Kevin’s big black cock, and Kevin grabs Warren’s perky white butt. When Kevin’s huge cock is rock hard, the two sit down to jack each other. It’s not long before Kevin is playing with Warren’s hole. When Warren lubes his cock, Kevin wipes some off and uses it to lube his hole. I make Warren suck Kevin’s monster dick until he’s ready to cum. Kevin starts to shoot on himself, then turns on his side and unloads the rest on Warren. Kevin fingers Warren’s hole and continues stroking his cock. I can tell Kevin wants to plow that sweet little ass, but his giant tool is way too big for our little straight buddy. Instead, he keeps fingering Warren’s ass, and Warren shoots a big load on his abs.

Texas and Landon

Tall, straight boys Texas and Landon both free-ball, and they start stroking as soon as their shorts are down. I tell the guys to help each other get off, so they grab their cocks and swap blowjobs. Open-minded exhibitionist Landon is especially into the scene. After a little more cocksucking, the two jack off side-by-side. Landon is the first to cum, and he shoots all the way up on his hairy chest while Texas side-eyes him. Texas pops immediately after. I tell Landon to suck Texas’ cock dry, but I’m shocked when Texas takes over and gets his first taste of another guy’s cum.

Braxton’s First Hardcore Tickle

21-year-old Braxton stops by after work to try something new… being tied up and tickled! He strips down to his tight white briefs and shiny black shoes, and Franco straps him to the tickling board and starts exploring. Clearly, Braxton is a little ticklish, but it’s not long before Franco has him producing maniacal laughter. He tickles Braxton on his defined abs and in his armpits, causing him to squeal and every muscle in his pretty, toned body to tense. Braxton’s laughter gets louder and louder, and he’s just about to cry when Franco has pity on him and gives him a second to recover. He repositions Braxton’s arms to relieve the shoulder stress, then resumes the tickle on his abs and inner thighs. He removes one of Braxton’s shoes and socks and nibbles on his size 9 1/2 foot…

Marky and Angel

Marky and Angel both happened to stop by at the same time, so I put them in a room together for some awkward kissing and mutual masturbation. They strip down to their underwear and anxiously answer questions for me. These guys know they’ll have to do gay stuff, so I start them off with some kissing. The kissing continues and Marky and Angel pull out each other’s dicks. They slip off their underwear and try to find a good position for stroking side-by-side. Instead, I make them face and put their cocks together. Marky makes Angel shoot his load first, then leans back to get himself off. He asks Angel to play with his balls to help, and I make sure Angel does it. I also make sure Angel fucks with Marky’s sensitive cock right after he cums!

Joshua’s Audition

21-year-old Joshua is a little nervous at his audition, but it still doesn’t take long for him to get his 8-inch cock hard. I have him get naked and show me his size 12 1/2 feet. He spreads his hairy legs for the camera and gets into jacking his dick, but he seems nervous. With a little encouragement from me, he finally shoots his pure white load.

Joseph and Ryker

19-year-old Joseph is in for a treat. He’s paired with furry surfer Ryker who’s willing to do just about anything, including rimming Joseph until he cums and slipping in a toy that makes Joseph power-shoot a second load. Joseph and Ryker both go commando, so it’s easy for them to get at their dicks. They take turns jacking and blowing each other, then suddenly start making out. Seems like Ryker is the one taking the lead. I help get Joseph in position so Ryker can lick his ass and tongue-fuck his hole…

Quarterback AJ

Former high school quarterback AJ is extremely nervous to jack off on camera. He strokes his cock and tells me about the first time he had sex with his girlfriend. While he’s looking for porn to beat off to, his dick gets nice and hard. With AJ hard, I step back and let him do his thing. He’s pretty proud of his dick and glances at the cameras while he jacks. AJ smacks his dick in his palm, and I can tell he’s getting off on being watched. He shoots a huge load on his chest and stomach.

Marc Tickled

Marc is so sweet as Franco ties him up and eases him into his tickle session. He tries not to whack Franco, but he’s so ticklish that he kicks like a jackrabbit when it begins. Franco tickles Marc on his strong, flat stomach and inner thighs, making him laugh hysterically and gasp for breath. He tickles Marc’s size 9 1⁄2 feet as he makes his way from one side of Marc’s body to the other. When Franco reaches underneath to tickle the back of Marc’s thigh, he pulls up so hard he’s afraid he’s going to knock the entire tickling table over. Franco assures him he’s not going anywhere, then tickles him hard on his sides and ribs…

Blake Barnes Blown

Blake agrees to let me suck his cock at the gloryhole, and he unloads in my greedy mouth. I suck his smooth, pink cock and have him moaning right away. I deep throat him and slurp on that head, but he just doesn’t seem to want to cum for me. Right on the edge, he steps back and strokes his cock for a second, then leans in and shoots his hot load in my mouth.

Straight 20-Year-Old Donny Tickled

20-year-old straight surfer Donny isn’t sure he can handle being tickled by Franco, but once his wrists and ankles are clipped down, he has no choice. Franco tickles him under his shirt and through his jeans, then pulls down his pants and tickles his smooth, muscular thighs. Donny’s body thrashes as Franco tickles him on his size 10 1⁄2 feet, and his laughter becomes softer and higher-pitched as Franco tickles him in his armpits and on his ribs. As the tickling becomes more intense, Donny squirms more and verbalizes less, twisting back and forth on the tickling table, making almost no sound…

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