Straight Boys Seduction

Raunchy Rubdown

There’s only one masseur on duty when Kane Fox and Aria Valencia arrive for their romantic couple’s massage, but Trevor Brooks assures them he can take care of both of them! He starts by giving Kane a back rub, then moves his hands lower, fingering his hole, and soon Kane is sucking the masseur and riding him while Aria’s none the wiser. When she asks if it’s her turn, Trevor massages her back, and her BF starts fucking Trevor… so hard that they knock her off the table! Aria’s annoyed at being left out, but Trevor says they can share him, so Aria sucks him while Kane continues to pound his hole, then Trevor fucks her while taking that dick. Aria sits on her BF’s cock and Trevor fucks Kane’s feet, then she takes both dicks at once till they cum all over her.

Czech Hunter 726

A few weeks ago, I returned extremely tired and horny from a business trip abroad. My company provided me with a driver so I tried my luck. It wasn’t a very good idea as he basically told me to fuck off. Not very polite but I understood. Fortunately, later that day I got visited by a mailman. This time, the guy was very polite. Suddenly, I didn’t feel tired anymore and started talking him into all kinds of naughty stuff. He was married, which made things a bit complicated. I couldn’t let such a handsome young man leave so I slowed down a bit and kept offering more than he could refuse. Step by step, I made him undress and play with my horny cock. Of course, I wanted to go all the way but for that I had to really stuff his pockets with money. This cute dude valued himself pretty high.

Czech Hunter 727

This guy was such a lucky accident. Lukas and I wanted to go shopping after lunch so we ordered a cab. Something went wrong with the app because instead of the driver we ordered, this guy arrived. During the ride, we decided to drop the shopping idea. Instead we tried to convince this cutie to spend some time with us. Prague was really crowded so we paid him enough to follow us in our flat. For a heterosexual, this guy was pretty awesome. I let Lukas play with him first and just watched. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I joined in. He was simply amazing and had no problem sucking us both. Yes, this was an expensive afternoon but that’s the only way to get your hands on a straight virgin ass like this. Don’t worry, we were very careful. Lukas went first and stretched him out for me.

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