Horny Straight Uncut Euro Twinks Jerking Off

Lars Halty


We are happy to bring Lars Halty as our model of the week. Aside from being very cute and quite sexy, Lars is also quite an industrious young guy. He trained as a physiotherapist but quit that job in preference to doing a sales job. We have roped in photographer Marty Stevens for this shoot and it is Johan who is asking the questions here.  There is quite a bit of drama at the start of the shoot as our newbie decided to shave completely before coming in. Normally he would be sent packing, but Marty decides to kick the responsibility up to GD to decide the matter… In the end, he gets the go-ahead and we are able to bring Lars to you here today.

Skeeter’s Surprise Blowjob


Skeeter is just out of the Army and looking to make some quick cash. This 24-year-old country boy is also a rodeo clown and has been riding bulls his whole life. He says he likes the attention. Well, he’s going to get it today. After chatting with him a bit, he takes off his clothes and starts working on his thick cock. Little does Skeeter know that I’m going to make a move on him. I tell him to put his arms up over his head, and when he does, I start lubing up that fat member. Skeeter’s surprised, but once I start sucking his cock and licking his balls, he relaxes and really begins to enjoy it. He gets louder and louder the closer he is to cumming, until finally, with a loud, “Oh God!” he shoots his load.

Connor At The Gloryhole


Connor’s buddy told him where to go after class to get his big, heavy balls drained. He steps up to the Fraternity gloryhole and sticks his uncut cock in to be serviced. Connor softly moans as he gets closer to cumming. When he’s ready, he excitedly tells the guy on the other side not to stop, then fills his mouth with an enormous creamy load.

Inked Blinx Gets A Load Out

Straight Naked Thugs – Blinx

Inked Blinx is back and he has a load of cum in his cock that he needs to spurt.

Luca’s Feet Worshiped

My Friends Feet – Luca

In between suburban soccer games dad Luca checks out the foot apps to see who is available for some quick foot action. He matches with Dan who happens to be reffing the games, and since Luca lives near the park they rush back to his house. Dan is an expert foot worshiper and he goes to town on Luca’s moist socks fresh out of his shoes. Luca sits back and smokes his vape while Dan licks in between his toes and sniffs his soles. Dan keeps worshiping right up until the time he has to leave to ref another game. Just another reason to love suburban family life, Luca thinks, as Dan heads out the back door.

Sensual Stroking With Fit Joey

bad boys boot camp – Joey

Joey is a cheerleader with some real sensual moves in his solo jack off.

A Heavy Load From A Heavy Cock

Lust for Boys – Taylor Montana

Taylor is so gorgeous! Smooth and fit, and with a big heavy cock to empty!

Adventurous Boy In The Woods 

Euro XXX Boys – Andy Companion

Just imagine what it would be like to stumble across this desperate twink boy in the woods!

Uncut Straight Jock Carlos Spurts

Bad Boys Boot Camp – Carlos

Handsome and incredibly fit straight boy Carlos beats his uncut fuckmeat.

Jordan Makes A Mess In His Bedroom

Lust for Boys – Jordan Wolf

Slim little twink Jordan has a load in his cock and he needs to spurt it.

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Horny Straight Twinks are Seduced

Lewis Bradley


You can’t get much fitter that our model of the week, Lewis Bradley. Our hot Hungarian is with our talented in-house photographer Eliot Klien today for this shoot in his home town of Budapest. We don’t usually do this, but Eliot is in Lewis’own partment for this shoot, so we hope this makes him feel a little more relaxed.
Apart from having a great body, Lewis also has a very nice dick and ass and we hope that we will be able to get him back for more soon.

Zorro’s Big Nut


Beefy, straight guy Zorro is back in town after living on the West Coast for a while, and he looks even better now. He starts by giving me a bit of a peek up his shorts before he drops them so I can see his fat cock. Zorro has a hot ass, and he shows it off for me while he strokes himself. He’s ready to blow a load right in my face, but I have him slow down so I can be the one to get him off. It doesn’t take much to make this horny straight guy cum. I stroke Zorro’s cock and tickle his balls, then finger’s his ass a little…which he loves. In no time, Zorro blows a huge load, and with cum all over him, he says, “now THAT’S a nut!”

Noah Cavill


We have a special guest as model of the week. Noah Cavill is one of our BelAmiChat stars. Tall, blond, handsome, Noah is just about perfect in every way. Don’t get your hopes up too much about seeing him in hardcore action though, we have been trying to get him to film for 3 years and he is still firmly in the “Chat Only” team. Thankfully he agreed to do some solo work for us, so we have this photo-session and also another solo.

Sampson Cums Twice


After a long day of working guys out at the gym, straight trainer Sampson stops by a gloryhole where he knows he can get some quality, no-strings-attached head. He sticks his sweaty dick and balls through the hole for the greedy mouth on the other side to relieve him. It doesn’t take long before this horny Greek stud is rock and ready to blow. He moans loudly as he shoots his load all over Franco’s face. But Franco doesn’t stop there. He keeps sucking and jacking Sampson’s cummy dick until he gives him a second cum facial, draining the stud’s balls completely.

Mike Love – Solo


Bearded vers cutie Mike Love is joining us in the studio today, and before he gets down to his solo, he tells us a little bit about himself. \”I do like to be dominated, I’m more of a sub type. I like choking, spanking, spitting, all that good stuff.\” After relating the naughty story of hooking up with one of his college professors, Mike strips off his shirt and settles down on the couch to rub his cock through his shorts, pulling it out to jack it before getting totally naked and stroking himself. Mike gets on his knees to give you a look at his nice ass as he pleasures himself, and finishes by standing in front of the mirror and cumming on the glass!

Pump ‘N Dump Creampie

Raunchy Bastards#342

Charlie Knox was really into TJ’s dick, and TJ was horny as hell that day. As a matter of fact, they started the scene before the camera was even on! I guess the hormones were raging that day. After some terrific cock sucking and 69-ing, TJ really started paying attention to Charlie’s ass, and before long TJ was eating that salad like a man half-starved.

Once Charlie had thoroughly worked over TJ’s cock with his mouth, the fucking commenced. It was hot as can be – TJ just loves fucking and he looks amazing doing it, too. He really can’t get enough. Good thing for Charlie, because Charlie was loving the pound down. Before long, this intense pump ‘n dump left Charlie’s hole filled to the brim with jizz, and he creampied it out for us before he busted his own nut, with TJ’s help. Wowzer of a fuck!

Spy On Tommy’s Feet

My friends feet

This new guy in the neighborhood, Tommy, has caught everybody’s eye because he’s so sexy. He’s got a great body, a perfect beard and his feet are awesome. Here’s a short clip to introduce Tommy’s feet in his flip-flops. I’ve heard that his size 9 feet are ticklish, and I hope to have more info on that very soon.

In The Bedroom With Danny

Lust for boys

Smooth boy Danny is giving us a great solo bedroom show in this home video!

Teaching Student Galiel

Boy napped

Sweet little student Galiel gets a hard spanking lesson from Master Kane.

Spurting Brit Twink Cum

Harry Alexander

Smooth little twink Harry has a long uncut cock to stroke on camera for you.

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Straight Young Boys Going Gay Way

Adam: Out Of The Service and Back For More


Adam is out of the service now and back home so I asked him over to shoot him again. He talks about being recognized from the site out at a bar. I just got a new clear Fleshlight, and Adam tries it out. It seems he prefers my mouth to anything fake. He lays his head back and smokes as I stroke him and give him head. Adam says it’s better than any of the girls he’s been with. If you want to see a explosive load, check out this cum scene. Adam’s like a fountain, and I eat it up!

Jean Laurent


We have quite the stunner as model of the week for you this time. Newcomer Jean Laurent is from Hungary but has spent time living in both Italy and Spain so he is quite well-traveled. Although he’s not a professional, he has done modeling work before for an Austrian designer.
To match his classically handsome features, he has a great body that seems almost too perfect to be true. We’re pretty sure that you will like him, but as always look forward to hearing your comments.

So Much To Learn


There’s a new guys in the House this week, and despite knowing all about his record, he still seems so damn innocent. Since we knew from the get-go that this was not truly the case, out Manager on duty decided to explain to him – and then show him – how things work around here. You should see this resident’s face when the substance testing is brought up! He looked like he wanted to jump out of the window and run. Fortunately, our Manager was able to keep him in his room and get him out of his clothes before he had the chance to escape. From the first second he saw the bulge in the Manager’s crotch, this guy knew what to do. And what follows is a lot of dick sucking and fucking, to be sure.

This guy is so petite that he looked like his entire face was being impaled on cock, and he was able to wrap both hands around it while he was slurping away. But the real stretching wasn’t this dude’s jaws, it was his ass. The House Manager, after some good fingering, fucks him in missionary and doggie, then has him riding – both facing forward and backward. The thing is, the resident has such a pretty face, but his behind is truly a wonder. With a bubble butt like that it’s hard to decide which angle you want to see him getting fucked from the most! But at any rate, after a few different positions the Manager was going balls deep, and hard.

After so much fucking, this resident got fucked again some more in missionary and then again in doggie – it’s as if the House Manager doesn’t want to stop! But he also got so worked up that he gave this no-good lowlife a fresh creampie, and then had the delinquent slurp it up while he jerked himself to a climax, cumming all over himself. The Manager left our young resident naked, with his chest covered in his own cum, and the Manager’s cum dripping out of his ass. The Manager asks the guy to keep it a secret, and the resident agrees. Little does he know that every other resident is getting banged on the regular as well, and the this Manager cock won’t be his last!

Doobie Groped and Sucked


Doobie comes over to watch porn and jack off. He doesn’t even blink when I start stroking him and giving him head. Doobie tells me that he likes it rough. Stroke that cock harder! At last, he gives me a palmful of his jizz.

Trying It Out

Raunchy Bastards#318

Jared Moran wasn’t the least bit nervous about having some photos taken and jerking off for me. In fact, he was downright excited. His buddies (including Jake Combs) waited eagerly in the living room while I took him into the bedroom to see what he was made of. Well, needless to say, this charming young man made a good impression. He’s got beautiful blue eyes and a great smile. On top of that, he has a huge personality.

He strokes his cock pretty damn vigorously, too, until he releases a nice gooey load of jizz. He had been tugging so hard that he was actually very relieved to have it all over with. Sexy young stud, for sure. Enjoy!

Straight Buddies Kae and Diesel


Straight buddies Kae and Diesel never thought they’d be in a gay-for-pay scene together. I have Kae undress Diesel and strip himself down. Then I have them drop their boxers and stand naked back-to-back. I turn them around and have them rub their dicks together. Since Diesel gets hard first, I make Kae suck his dick. He’s startled by his buddy doing it to him, but a blowjob is a blowjob! I tell the guys whoever cums first is going to cum on the other guy’s face, and the race is on. Diesel just can’t catch a break. Even though he got hard first, it’s Kae who’s ready to cum. He showers Diesel’s face with his load, then tickles Diesel’s balls while he tries to get off. Kae rubs Diesel’s taint and balls and helps him jack his cock. When Diesel is finally ready, he cums all over his dick and flings his load at Kae. What’s a buddy if you can’t throw your cum at him after you bust your nut!

Gold Star Student

Tutor Him#055

Jake was doing some reading while Nikki walked in and asked him how it was going. Jake has always been a little confused about talking to girls, he gets mixed signals when it comes to sexual tension. Nikki decided to give him a little help with that. She leans in for a kiss and then starts to take Jakes clothes off. Nikki has always been straight forward with what she wants with these teens. Once Jake has his pants off Nikki Starts rubbing his big hard cock with some lube. Nikki takes her top off to spice things up a bit and has Jake sit on the couch. Once Jake is on the couch she decides that lube isn’t enough so she spits on his cock. Nikki wants one thing and that’s to make this teen cum. She decides to get into her favorite position and cradle him until he cums all over himself.

Josh’s First Gay Head


I admit it. I have a bit of a crush on Josh. There are so many guys in and out of here that’s not usually the case, but Josh is really something special. He talks about getting noticed from his first time on the site. Josh had told me that he was curious how different head from a guy would be versus getting blown by a girl, and he’s about to find out. Josh has a really nice cock, long, fat and tasty. I can tell he’s enjoying the moment by the way he’s joking around. He likes me and lets me show off his round, furry butt. Then it’s back to the job at hand. Blow job, that is! Josh counts down when he’s ready to cum. Adorable. Three, two, one…

Alex D’Souza – Food Jerk

Peep Show

I really wanted to have Alex use a toy for his next video. Nice dildo to match his own amazingly huge cock. But apparently, he can’t find such toys in his country. So the next best thing would be food! Ok, so he really doesn’t use them on himself very aggressively. Maybe he doesn’t like to bottom, but based on his previous videos, he does like to show us his hole. Regardless, this Indian guy is always just so horny. His cock gets hard quickly, and the precum leaking from his uncut cock looks tasty. And as always, he shoots a major load!

Str8 Boy Curiouser & Curiouser

Raunchy Bastards#320

I hadn’t seen Rafa in a long, long while, but I was happy that he gave me a call when he was a few hours from my place. We hung out for a few days, and right before we left, he mentioned doing a video. You see, he had been chatting with another guy who was with me one day doing some pretty hardcore stuff. While I was fucking that dude, and he was screaming, I thought “Oh, boy. Rafa is in the other room and he’s gonna freak out and never want to do anything remotely gay.” On the contrary, apparently after learning how much he could make from the other guy, he decided to ask me for a shot. I don’t think I had discussed money or gay videos with him in such a long time because I figured he just wasn’t about it.

Well, long story short, I ended up giving him a massage, including a foot massage, that led to a hand job. Rafa was rock hard, too, which was a bonus and quite hot. I loved getting my grubby hands all over his sexy athletic body, too. He came hard, and it turns out that we both had pretty good time. Not bad for a first try. Hopefully next time he is free he will be a little more open! At any rate, his journey is getting curiouser and curiouser, as they say.

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