Seducing Horny Straight Dudes

Abel and Angel Go Gay 4 Pay


Abel is willing to do all sorts of gay acts for cash, but today is the first time he’s ever agreed to kiss another guy in more than just a friendly way. He and Angel start with the kiss, but quickly go back to the easier stuff…handjobs and sucking cock! Abel and Angel talk about dating girls and the fact that Abel has a new girlfriend. It turns out Abel got snipped young so he wouldn’t have to worry about getting any girl pregnant. But today all I want is a kiss. Abel finally agrees to his first sensual kiss with another guy. He’s uncomfortable during the tongue swap, but comes out alive. Maybe a handjob with some straight porn playing would be easier to handle. First one hard gets a BJ. After doing such a good job smoking pole, it’s only fair that Abel gets blown, too. Then I turn up the volume on the porn and the guys lube up. Abel shoots a massive load all over Angel’s face, and Angel nuts on his abs.

Donny and Dean


20-year-old Donny is still figuring out this gay-for-pay thing. He’s clearly uncomfortable doing stuff naked with another guy, but he can’t help getting aroused. I ask Donny and Dean for their stats while talking them through getting undressed. This is still new for Donny, so he’s kind of hesitant, but both of them do what I say and grab each other’s cocks. When I suggest one guy rub his lubed cock on the other’s ass crack, neither one wants to do it. Donny is sort of shocked by the idea, but he gives it a try anyway. When I demand something more from him, he struggles to come up with what to do. Donny sheepishly asks Dean if he’ll suck his dick, and Dean agrees. Donny does his part by playing with Dean’s dick, then stroking him some more after getting in a few strokes on himself. Dean rubs Donny’s nipples and inner thigh until he dumps his load on the couch. Then Dean kicks back and Donny does the same for him. It doesn’t hit him in the face, but Dean still shoots a big load!

Flaco’s 3-Day Load


This handsome, straight Hispanic guy hasn’t shot his load in three days, and with a sex drive like his, he can’t wait to nut. Flaco talks about making a sex tape with his girlfriend to give to friends. They’ve been told they should do porn. I ask Flaco about the first time he had sex and first time he saw another guy’s dick, then he gets naked. Flaco lubes up and strokes himself hard. He tells me about being an exhibitionist and about other girls he and his girlfriend have sex with. He’s definitely turning himself on, and at last he releases his big load all over his thigh.

Steffan Tickled


19-year-old Steffan is brand new to bondage and tickling, and at first he seems pretty comfortable with the idea. Such a trusting youth! Franco removes his glasses and starts right up top, tickling Steffan’s armpits, ribs and stomach. Steffan giggles and flexes his feet as Franco tickles his smooth young body. His nipples get hard and he arches his back, and it’s clear he doesn’t know what’s coming next. Franco climbs on top and lubes his hands to tickle Steffan’s sensitive stomach and pits. Steffan clearly enjoys the attention and the tickling pleasure, even if he’s not quite sure what it all means. To confuse him even more, Franco starts sucking his dick and slides a thick finger in his tight little hole. Steffan pops his sugary load, and Franco uses it to play with his dick before jumping back into the tickling. Steffan’s definitely more ticklish after he cums, and Franco makes sure he feels it!

Jag’s Gloryhole BJ


Jag, who had his first blowjob from another guy on Straight Fraternity, is hesitant to do more. But every guy loves getting a blowjob when he can’t see who’s giving it. Jag heard this would be a great blowjob, but he plays some straight porn on his phone to enhance the experience. Obviously he likes the BJ because he’s quickly rock hard, puts down the phone and is ready to shoot his big load.


OMG we are SO HORNY! I’ve set the cam up on the room and you can hear That Trent is Such a good looking boy with a ‘deep voice’. Lets get that Cute little Joshyy LOADED UP! His sucking on That Trent Nob, when you see Trent give me the ‘eye’ to Ju8mp on that Joshyys arse which is poking out in the Air at me. Then Im proper licking him out N wanking – Its such a beautiful slight. I lay next to the lads and just keep wanking whilst Trent goes 4 Joshyys arsehole. Pushing his fingers first tin then then spitting on his dick and slipping it up him.

Marcus’ Gay Hazing


When Marcus comes in for his audition video, I’m struck with how friendly and upbeat he is. At first he says he won’t do anything with a guy, so I know a hazing video is perfect for him, bound up in a chair with nothing to do but enjoy the sensations on his body. Marcus’ cock responds quickly, and when he tells me he likes his balls played with, I tickle them and rub the rim of his asshole a little bit. In no time, Marcus tells me he’s ready to cum and busts his nut for me.

First Day


Jason’s been trying to break into the adult industry, and today he gets his chance. From sucking cock to swallowing cum, Jason does (almost) everything he’s told. I joke with Jason and Dean to put them at ease before they undress each other. Then I have them sit side-by-side on the couch naked and touch each other. They laugh nervously and do what I tell them to do. Jason continues sucking Dean’s cock, but he won’t let Dean finger his butthole. He’s doing such a good job sucking dick that I don’t mind, but I’ll make sure he gets that load later on! He jacks his cock while he goes down on Dean. The guys kick back again, and Jason jacks both their cocks at the same time. After a while, Dean takes over for himself, then suddenly they start making out. Jason lays his leg over Dean’s and licks his neck. They kiss more until Dean is ready to cum. Dean shoots a big load all over the side of Jason’s face. He grabs Jason by the hair and puts his mouth on his dick, and I tell Jason to swallow it all down. With cum dripping down his face, Jason pops his own load through his tight foreskin.

Kyler Shoots A Big Load


Kyler was so nervous to audition that he could hardly talk, but I still get him to tell me about his first girlfriend and the guys in his swim team’s locker room. I finish Kyler’s interview and start him naked and jacking. I want to see that slim swimmer’s body of his and his hard, greased up dick. Kyler’s relaxed and getting into it now. He leans back, and I take some great foot shots while he focuses on stroking. I give Kyler the okay to cum, and he finishes himself off with an impressive load.

Chris R. at the Gloryhole


Uncut straight guy Chris R is so horny and full of cum that he’ll do anything to get off, including being recorded at an anonymous university gloryhole. Chris steps up and puts his soft, uncut cock into the hole. In my hot mouth, this horny dude gets rock hard and ready to burst in no time. He shoots tons of juicy semen all over the side of my face and on my tongue, and I lick his big, veiny cock clean.

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Young Straight Dudes being Seduced

Tyson: Muscular 20-Year-Old With Big Dick Cums Twice


Tyson is so hot with such a great body and a 7 1/2 inch fat cock. At first, he’s a bit shy about jacking in front of me, but he gets into it pretty quick. I really want to get my hands on Tyson’s hard body and sexy abs, but I’m not sure I have much of a chance. Lucky for me, Tyson’s always horny. He shoots his load, then we sit back and chat for a bit and he finally agrees to let me jack him, too. I thought it might take a while since he had just cum, but I get his second nut when I use both hands on his big, fat cock.

Uncut Straight Guy Sucked Off


“Mike” learns from a buddy about the Fraternity gloryhole. He really needs to get off, but doesn’t want anyone to know where he’s going, least of all his girlfriend. Mike secretly visits the gloryhole on his lunch break, sticking his uncut dick into the hole while he watches straight porn on his phone. After a few minutes of deepthroat pleasure, he unloads his balls into the mouth on other side.

Dean Daniels


Former diver and gymnast Dean Daniels auditions to be part of the Straight Fraternity. He’s a top with a handsome face and a fit body, so all he has to do is prove he can cum on camera. Dean goes the extra mile, beating off upside down and trying to shoot his load in his own mouth. I have Dean strip down to his underwear while he tells me about himself, tanning at the nude beach and his experience in college with fraternity guys. There was this one guy once… I tell Dean to get naked and show me his sexy swimmer’s body. While we’re talking, he strokes his cock and is getting hard fast. Since Dean was a gymnast, I want to see him jack off upside down and aim for his face. Dean gives it his best, stroking upside down while he fingers his hole for me. When I see him turning red, I tell him to lie on his back and try to shoot himself in the face that way. Dean’s got a big load, but will he make it to his mouth?


Three crazy horned up guys at the DARKLANDS fetish event are all over our booth, like moths to a flame of bottoms to tops. They can smell cum in the air and they’re looking for their fill. Especially the two mad footy fans. They are jumping all over the place with excitement. So we are chatting on the booth, telling them a bit about us (as if they didn’t already know) when before you know it out appears a GIGANTIC COCK!

Jacob’s First Fuck


I use the Bowl of Tricks to give Dalton and Jacob an excuse to perform new sex acts on each other. It starts with deep kissing and paddling, and ends with Jacob fucking a guy for the first time. Jacob is first to draw from the Bowl of Tricks, and there’s a lot more passion in this straight guy’s kiss than I expected. It’s only going to get harder from here. The New Pledge paddle is next. Jacob gets naked and Dalton paddles his ass some more. Then, by luck of the draw, Dalton has to be spanked next. Jacob has a blast dishing out the payback, but it’s time for Dalton to suck some cock. With more kissing and some mutual stroking, Jacob is hard and ready. Dalton slowly sits down on Jacob’s dick. It’s not long before he’s bouncing up and down on his shaft, and Jacob jacks him while he does it. Dalton unloads in Jacob’s hand, then pops his cock out of Jacob’s ass. He sucks Jacob’s dick and balls, then strokes him until he nuts. Jacob sounds like he’s willing to do it again, so I give him a few ideas for next time.

Milo In Stocks


19-year-old straight guy Milo may be short, but he’s solid muscle, and today he’s agreed to be tickled by Franco. What he doesn’t know is that Warren is there to exact his revenge for last week’s tickle session, or that his buddy Evan will join in the fun, too. The guys tickle Milo’s feet through his dirty white ankle socks with their fingers, brushes and feather tips, and Evan uses a long feather to tickle Milo’s balls. Milo struggles but he can’t help laughing as the three naked guys pin him down and constantly change what they use to tickle his feet. He squeals and begs when they lube up their hands and tickle his armpits and sides. For a little break, Franco blindfolds Milo and tells Warren to stroke Milo’s big dick until he’s almost ready to cum. Then they lock him back down and continue tickling his feet with fingers, feathers and all the brushes at hand. After making Milo answer who his superior is, Franco tells Milo he has to masturbate for them.

Nate at the Gloryhole


21-year-old straight skater Nate is always horny, so when he hears about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, he’s curious to find out if it’ll give him the kind of release he needs. Nate likes it rough. He’s curious about getting off at a gloryhole, and I’m excited to do it! I suck and jack Nate’s dick rough like he tells me. I also grab his balls and play with his taint. After some intense stroking and sucking on his cock head, Nate finally grits his teeth and unloads in my mouth.

Lee’s Audition


Lee tells me about performing with his girlfriend on a webcam sex site, so I know he won’t have a problem doing a solo for me. I take a couple of shots of Lee’s big feet before he strips to his boxers and starts stroking it. Lee keeps jacking while he tells me about his girlfriend using a prostate massager on him and how it changed how he cums. I let him get comfortable and finish off with some big, hot squirts.

Beefy Army Guy Goes Gay 4 Pay


Beefy former football player and Army guy Craig may be a little apprehensive, but this military man is in for a treat. Cody has experience going gay for pay, so I have him introduce Craig to the pleasure of his first gay blowjob. Craig cums in Cody’s mouth, and Cody keeps sucking. Then Cody greases Craig’s dick with lube and spit before jerking a huge load onto Craig’s thigh. Can Craig bust out a second load?

Donny Sucked Off


After a long day at the beach, 20-year-old Donny stops by the Straight Fraternity gloryhole to get serviced. He steps up to the hole and drops his board shorts. Donny sticks his pretty cock and balls through, and I get to work. I suck his big balls and shaft while he rides the wave of the gloryhole wall. He unloads right in my mouth, and I suck out every last drop of cum.

Trent At The Hole


What his girlfriend doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and horny Trent is desperate to get his long cock sucked and balls drained. Trent takes off his shirt and sticks his dick in the gloryhole. He’s so horny that he gets hard as soon as a warm mouth is on him. Trent takes off his shorts and leans into the hole for his balls to be sucked, too. Trent’s long cock gets harder and harder with the anonymous sucking and stroking. He screws up his face and moans at the expert BJ he’s getting. Trent shoots his load with a splat, pulls up his shorts and leaves.

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Only Straight Guys Amateur Sex Videos

Respect and Obey


When Carson makes a snide comment about Blake, he gets what’s coming to him. Blake ties him up, spanks him, makes him suck his cock and balls and flogs him with a heavy rope. When Blake pushes things too far, Carson tries to beat him back, but since he’s too small to subdue him, he does what Blake hates most and shoots his load on him. Carson makes an offhand comment about Blake’s weight that really sets Blake off. He asks me for a rope and ties Carson up, using Carson’s boxers as a blackout hood. Blake puts a big “A” on Carson’s chest in duct tape and makes him suck his dick. He flips him over and spanks him before ripping the tape off and spanking him some more. Then Blake makes Carson blow him while he flogs him. Since Blake hurt Carson, I allow Carson to turn on Blake. He gives him a good whack with the rope, but Carson’s just not as dominant. I tell him that if he cums first, he can do it on Blake’s chest, which Blake hates! Carson does cum first and shoots on Blake, but Blake grabs a handful of his cum and smacks him with it. And after Blake cums, he wipes a bunch of his jizz on Carson’s chest, just to make it even.

Linwood Learns He’s Ticklish


19-year-old Linwood has never been tied up and blindfolded before, but since he thinks he isn’t ticklish, he’s not too worried about it. Once he’s in position though, Franco quickly shows him that he has a lot more to worry about than he thought. Franco starts by tickling him with big fluffy balls and feathers on his torso and inner thighs. Linwood giggles sharply and his body tenses to the tickling pleasure. He starts turning red as he sucks in air, but there’s nothing he can do to make it stop. And it sounds like he doesn’t want it to stop! Franco tickles Linwood’s soft, size 10 1⁄2 foot with his fingers and a rubber soap saver before traveling back up to his super-ticklish inner thighs. Franco mixes the tickle pleasure with cock pleasure, jacking and sucking Linwood until he shoots a huge load everywhere. Linwood smiles and laughs as he gets off, and Franco keeps playing with his hard cock as the tickling resumes. With Linwood in total ecstasy, Franco goes back to his beautiful feet, getting the one he skipped the first time around. And to sap the last bit of energy from Linwood, Franco climbs on top of him and tickles his sides until he simply can’t move anymore.

Kayden Fingered and Blown


I’m very excited to see Kayden’s big, uncut dick pop through the gloryhole, but that’s not enough for me. I tell the guy to turn around so I can eat his ass. After a good rimming, I have him flip back around and go at his veiny pole. I suck Kayden’s sensitive head and heavy balls while I jack the loose skin up and down his shaft. Kayden twitches all over as he’s being serviced and tells me to play with his hole. Soon the twitching builds, Kayden presses into the wall, and finally he unloads in my mouth.

Med Student Samuel


Samuel answered an ad for fit college guys to jerk off on camera for money. This handsome guy will make you hard, too, looking between you and some porn as he moans and jacks his dick, his balls bouncing. I get a shot of his virgin ass and bare feet before he leans back on the futon. He beats his meat until he’s red in the face and nuts on his stomach.

Parker: Light Massage And A Big Happy Ending


I love Parker. He’s such a cool guy with a hot body and a great cock. I invite him over and let him shower up, and I can tell he’s horny. As I massage Parker, I play with his perfect ass and tickle his cock until it jumps into action. Parker turns over, and as I massage his chest and tweak his nipples, he gets a huge boner. I can tell Parker loves having his balls, cock and asshole rubbed. When I lick Parker’s nuts and start stroking him, he grips the covers and moans. Soon Parker stiffens up with ecstasy, and his huge cock was squirts jizz all over the place.

Fit Stud Jules At A Gloryhole


Fit stud Jules hasn’t gotten off in almost a week, and he seriously needs to blow his load. He doesn’t care who’s on the other side of the gloryhole as long as his aching balls get drained. Jules pulls down his shorts, takes off his shirt and presses his muscular body against the wood. His hot ass flexes as he fucks the hole, and his whole body twitches when he cums in my mouth. I squeeze out every drop and lick him clean before he walks away.

Ryan’s Tickle Breakdown


20-year-old control freak Ryan has been tickled before by his girlfriend and horsing around with friends, but he’s never been tied down and tickled by an expert. Franco explores Ryan’s fuzzy stomach with different feathers before zapping his abs with his fingers. The tickling sensation and sense of confinement is so intense that Ryan freaks out, but merciful Franco frees Ryan’s arms to ease his panic. Of course, that doesn’t mean the tickling is going to stop! Franco tickles Ryan’s ribs and armpits while he tries in vain to fight back. Ryan moans, his breathing is labored and his whole body twitches under the hardcore tickling. He tries to hold it in, but the whole situation is just too much to handle. Ryan breaks down in tears, and Franco gives him a much needed break. He brings Ryan a glass of water and talks him down before picking the tickling back up at Ryan’s feet. Franco tickles Ryan’s size 8 feet, and at first it seems like he might like it. But pleasure quickly becomes extreme with Ryan laughing and crying at the same time, unable to control himself. Even when Franco frees him from all the restraints, Ryan can’t free himself from his own mind. It’s all too much for him! Franco ends the tickling session with an unusual move. He lies back and sits Ryan on his lap, so Ryan can look down on him. On top and face-to-face, Ryan finally feels the pleasure of being tickled by a real man.

Blake Fucks Steffan


Straight young tough guy Blake talks a big game, and today he lives up to it. He flips Steffan over and bangs his tight little hole in one position after another, and when he cums, he wipes his load all over the twink. Blake doesn’t know that I brought in a ringer for him to fuck. Before the shoot, I pull Steffan aside and tell him what to do. He plays with Blake’s nipples and sucks his cock while leaning over so Blake can grab his ass. Steffan blows Blake’s big dick, then the guys stroke each other’s cocks. I’m just about to push them more, when I notice Blake is rubbing lower and lower. He puts Steffan over his knee, spreads his cheeks and starts fingering his hole. When Steffan’s butt is warmed up, he sits down on Blake’s hard cock and starts riding him. Check out his quads! Blake stands up with his dick still in Steffan, and he fucks him from behind. Steffan turns around and rides Blake, winking at the camera as he takes control. Sweaty and worn out, the guys sit down to jack off together. Blake shoots first and wipes his load all over Steffan’s chest. Then it’s Steffan’s turn. I tell Blake to play with Steffan’s nipples and rub his leg to help him pop.

Spin 2: Gay Games, 2 Big Cum Shots


For this scene, I bring Nikko (who’s bi) over to bait Caleb into going gay for us. They start by undressing each other, then play a game of naked Twister to see who will go first in a game of Spin the Bottle. Kissing is the first task, and these two get into it hot and heavy. Next, Nikko gives Caleb a blowjob. Caleb says he’s nervous, but his cock responds with no problem. Caleb returns the favor by giving Nikko a handjob. It’s the first time he’s ever touched another guy’s cock. Nikko is rock hard by this time, and a little nipple play gets Caleb hard with him. On the next spin, Caleb has to lick Nikko’s balls, another first. Caleb is the first to blow his load, and it’s a big cum-gusher! I make him get down and lick Nikko’s balls again, and Nikko nuts with huge moans and gasps. Caleb even tastes Nikko’s cum.

Young Twink Beating Off


He may be graduating from massage school soon, but the only thing Rage is massaging for me is his fat dick. Rage introduces himself and he tells me he’s a little nervous today. I ask him about school. He gets up, takes his pants off and is ready to start jacking. He uses his phone to watch some porn while I get some nice shots of his cock and balls. Now that meat is really swollen. I was surprised what he was packing! I make sure to get some great shots of his fat dick. Rage asks if he should shoot his load. I’m like, “Yeah!” So he pulls up his shirt, lubes and starts pumping his cock. He’s definitely getting off on being watched. Finally, with some deep moans he shoots his wad.

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