Bending Straight Boys

New Conquest

When Beaux Banks discovers that his new neighbor is the sexy Kaleb Stryker, he decides to give him a hand moving in. But when Kaleb catches Beaux sniffing his underwear in the back of his moving van, he realizes why Beaux has a reputation as the neighborhood slut. Kaleb decides the punishment should fit the crime and lets Beaux prove that he deserves his title. Beaux drops to his knees and blows Kaleb, sucking and stroking his cock right there in the back of the van. Soon Kaleb returns the favor before bending Beaux against the wall and giving his perfect bubble butt a deep and passionate rim job. Beaux can’t wait any longer and takes the curly-haired hunk’s cock deep in his ass, slamming his cheeks against Kaleb’s thighs as he rides it all the way down to the balls. The two horned up dudes blow their loads in the back of the van, proving that there is something in nature that does want neighbors to get along.

Czech Hunter 455

This boy was a bit busy and didn’t want to talk to me. I had to improvise and throw money in his face right away. I definitely wanted to do him. I asked him to show me a nearby lookout. He agreed to help me for 2 000 Crowns! That was just crazy but also incredibly promising. Greedy boys usually don’t know when to stop. Before we got to the lookout point, he was totally my bitch. He wanted money and I wanted my entertainment. I found us a discreet place and there the fun began. The boy looked adorable while trying to fit my horny cock in his tiny mouth. I gave him the rest of my money for analing his virgin ass and it was well worth it. The boy was an awesome catch. I was very disappointed when he refused to give me his phone number. Shame, I would fuck this cutie again anytime.


Zane sent in an email through the site a few months back, asking about how to apply to model. Apparently, he was checking out the site and ended up recognizing a few of his former military buddies. He’d just gotten out of a relationship and thought it would as good a time as any to cross “Do Porn” off his bucket list.

Now 27 y/o, Zane is out of the military and soaking up the So Cal life. He described himself as kind of a wild one back in the day, but, even so, the one friend he’d told about getting naked for the world to see was pretty surprised to hear it.

The chit-chat part of the video was challenge; I couldn’t get a good read on what was going through his head. After he peeled off his clothes, though, the rough interview was quickly forgiven seeing his hairy, muscular package. When it took Zane a few minutes to get himself ramped up, it started making sense that he was more nervous than he’d let on earlier.

Zane did find his groove, though. He found just the right porn to play in the background and most of his focus was on that. But, even so, the facial expressions and his intensity was pretty hot.

He normally jerks off 3-4 times a day, so when Zane said he’d been saving up for a couple days, I had a feeling we would be in for a helluva finish. As he ramped himself up to the edge, Zane’s breathing got even deeper just before shooting streams up cum up his chest that just barely missed his face.

Anatomy Of A Men Scene Part 2

In the second part of Anatomy of a Men Scene, Beaux Banks gives us a peek into the everyday life of the hero of a scene. From waking up with an eerie feeling that he’s about to have anal sex to an unexpected visit from his married neighbor, we see all of the bumps and surprises that make up a day in the life of the average citizen of the cinematic universe. Through a series of unavoidable circumstances, straight neighbor Justin Matthews ends up with his eager lips wrapped around Beaux’s cock while trying to make his wife a cake. The first-time-fellator does his best, swallowing Beaux’s thick cock down to the balls then sucking and licking those, too. Soon Beaux is bent over his kitchen counter taking the kind of hardcore pounding that straight men always seem to deliver if given the opportunity, fucking Beaux until the tattooed cutie can’t contain his moans of pure pleasure and blows his load right there in the kitchen.

Best Of Both Worlds

Jacob Stax and Michael Stax know that it’s important to have someone who you can share everything with, especially dates. One night the two stacked Stax dudes bring home the eager to please Elle Voneva and the ready to dominate Jessica Fox. Proving the old adage about death and Staxes true, the boys inevitably decide to pull off a swap. They sneakily trade partners, but nothing gets past Elle who quickly realizes what’s happened. However, Jessica and Elle aren’t the type to look a gift horse in the mouth and decide that it’s time for a freaky foursome with a pair of Staxes! Michael bends over for Jessica, letting her fuck him hard while Elle watches from on top of Jacob’s thick cock. Michael and Jacob swap partners and let both gorgeous girls ride their matching cocks until they’re ready to receive their sloppy facials.

Straight Boys Fuck – Eurocreme

There’s only so much pussy a boy can handle before he starts craving some hot stiff dick! The boys in this movie have all reached that limit and allow their carnal instincts to be taken over by the cock hungry gay boys they’re with! Whether it’s a risky moment in the gym changing rooms or a sneaky hook-up once the girlfriends gone shopping, the straight boys are all hung and definitely horny, perfect for the bottom boys to take full advantage of and enjoy the long solid shafts pumping them full of straight dick!!

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Seducing Straight Dudes

Tobin’s massage

It had been nearly a year since I’d heard from Tobin, so you can imagine my surprise when he got in touch recently to see about doing another shoot. I’d mentioned the massage shoot to him earlier, but he was non-committal about it at best. Eventually, the money sounded pretty good and, after thinking about, decided to give it a go.

What’s funny is that one of Tobin’s favorite porn “genres” are the happy-ending videos and he’d fantasized about getting one for years. Being married, he even passed up the chance when he got an offer from a lady while on deployment overseas. But getting one from a guy was definitely a leap for him. Tobin has never done anything sexual with a guy before, so he was understandably a bit nervous when he showed up.

Luckily, though, he’d held off from jerking off for a couple days and was extra horny. Laying face down on the massage table, Tobin’s cock was growing stiffer and harder with every pass of my hands between his legs. And, damn, that bubble butt of his was fun to fondle. I thought he might flinch when I spread his ass cheeks and rubbed his hole, but that seemed to make him get even harder!

Flipping over onto his, back, Tobin was so charged up that he gave a quiet whisper a couple times, “You better slow down.”

Apparently, he was *that* close to cumming. His cock was throbbing in my hands as he held back from busting too soon.

When I gave him the thumbs-up to fire when ready, it barely took a minute before Tobin’s body clenched up and he moaned that he was about to blow. He lifted his head up and sprayed his abs with two days worth of jizz.

Hot Ginger Kelly’s First Gay Handjob

It took some convincing to get adorable redhead Kelly to let me jerk him off. He had never done anything with another guy before, except beat off with some buddies. Kelly is one hot package, with a big cock and a sweet ass. It turns out that he’s really comfortable in front of the camera, and he finally said that I could grab his cock and start stroking. Kelly didn’t think another guy could get him off, but he’s close to cumming in no time. With a big sigh, he shoots his load and says, “that felt good.” Maybe I’ll get to blow him next time.

Jason Hayes’ Trick

19-year-old, tall, ex-football player Jason Hayes has been working on a special trick. He can make himself cum without getting hard. Jason tells me about his sports background and physical stats before getting naked on my couch. He leans back and strokes his cock, but without even getting hard, he shoots a huge load on his stomach. All he has to do is think about his girl.

Czech Hunter 451

Today I met two good friends on their way to a park, where they wanted to chill out and drink beer. While at it, they also planned to try picking up girls. I changed their plans quite drastically. One of the boys looked kinda familiar but I didn’t bother with it too much. There was at least one fresh ass for me so I went for it. The guys needed money to pay rent and I had thousands of Crowns to solve their problem. One of the boys was bisexual so I thought his ass would barely feel my cock going in but he struggled way more than I expected. On the other hand, his straight friend took the drilling with ease. It’s funny how things sometimes go. I hope we didn’t offend too many passers-by because the park was quite busy. We tried to hide behind the bushes but the boys were so loud…


This week, Elder Bar prepares to meet with the priests by stripping naked and running through his workout regimen in the bathroom. As he washes down after the workout, he reaches down and jerks his cock until he covers himself in sticky cum.


When Lance’s step dad catches him fooling around with the next-door neighbor, he gets a little jealous. He doesn’t want to ruin the fun, so he decides to join in. He makes the cute twinks give him a wet blowjob before he barebacks their sweet holes side by side!

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Straight Barebacking Dudes

Diary Of A Sex Addict – Falcon Studios

When you’re addicted to sex, where and how you get it doesn’t matter – in public restrooms, the sex club, or even at home with a stranger off the street. Sit back and let award-winning director, Tony Dimarco, weave a tale of sex and desire with eight horny hunks that paint a tantalizing picture in ‘Diary of a Sex Addict’. When Devin Franco and Jack Hunter catch each other’s eye at the urinal, they hit the bathroom stall where they suck each other until both Devin’s face and the floor next to the toilet get covered with jizz, only to find themselves sitting across from each other at a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting with Colton Reece. Connecting on the street, Colton Reece and Casey Jacks can’t contain their lust for each other and head up to Casey’s apartment, where Casey’s ass goes in the air and Colton accepts the invitation to fuck. Once Casey’s hole is filled with a thick load, Colton eats his cum out of Casey and finishes the session off with a cum-filled kiss. Devin Franco leaves work to look at apartments with real estate agent, Mateo Fernandez. Devin makes his move, and soon Mateo’s massive uncut cock is stretching Devin’s ass. Hunter Smith can’t keep his eyes off bartender Kurtis Wolfe and ends up taking his bare cock in the back of the bar. After his romp with the bartender, Hunter Smith leaves with Colton Reece and gets on his knees to service his massive dick before he bends over to let the stud stretch his ass. Later, Devin hits the local sex club and puts his ass in the air for any stranger to come by and plow him. Christian Finch and Colton Reece take turns on Devin’s face and ass until they fuck him in an epic double penetration session. Crack open this seductive diary full of uninhibited desires and seedy hookups. It will have you wanting to write your own, ‘Diary of a Sex Addict’.

Dirty Scout 195

This young man wanted to go back to the trade he trained for because his current job was going downhill. He worked as a driver for a company lead by incompetent managers, who didn’t know how to keep good employees. The guy was a trained electrician but lacked experience, which was only a small problem. I gave him a job at a construction company and was sure he would do just fine. With only a few more meetings left for today I decided to try my moves on him. He was broke but my offers didn’t intrigue him too much. On the contrary, the boy was shocked so much that he left my office. I was really disappointed because I didn’t want to simply rub one off, I wanted to have a proper fuck. I hoped he would come back before our closing hour. And he did! It was one of the best fucks I had this week.

Czech Hunter 449

Today I decided to hunt near the city centre. I headed to the river, where I expected to find a lot of young people. It was a good idea because I bumped into a cute guy even before I got there. The boy was meeting a friend but I managed to steal a few minutes of his time. I didn’t care too much about what he had to say, I only wanted to calm him down and bait him into nasties with some cash. The boy lived nearby so we went to his place. It was a nice flat and the boy got a lot less shy there. He broke up with his ex some time ago so his cock was a bit unsatisfied. He got a huge boner pretty much instantaneously. Now I had to show him that sex can be fun even without girls. To be honest, I think he had a great time. I certainly did. I ended up covered in cum so much that I needed a shower.

Kevin: 21-Year-Old Marine Gets Blown

Sometimes it’s really hot when I know a straight guy is on my bed just to pay his bills. That was the case with Kevin, a beefy Marine who was nervous but needed some quick cash. With his big arms, nice chest and abs, I knew I was going to have to try to get Kevin to do more than just jack off. I made my move and started stroking him. He just laid back and let me do it. While his head was back, I switched from stroking to blowing. I could tell he was surprised by the tremor that went through his body when he looked down and realized that he was getting a blowjob from a guy. He ended up finishing himself off with a big load that went all over the place.

Stan at the Hole

Horny fraternity brother Stan sneaks off to the gloryhole room to get his big, veiny dick sucked. This horny frat boy is hard and moaning in no time, but I don’t want him to cum too fast. I keep him right on the edge sucking his veiny cock and big balls. Stan presses up against the hole so he can fuck my mouth. I swallow his cock and he cums down my throat. With his jizz on my lips, I make sure his fat cock is clean before sending him on his way.

Camp Chaos – Upstate: Bareback

In this episode of Camp Chaos Matthew Camp recalls an encounter with a freshman in college, reminiscing about the softness of his skin, the crumbling basement floor and the sound of the furnace rumbling to life on a cold night in Upstate New York. After poring over the potential men to help him recreate the memory, Matthew decides on the sweet and sensitive Enzo. The two men take an intimate shower together, letting their bodies gently graze each other and washing each other’s chests as they banter affably. When the time comes for them to meet in the bedroom the two share a tender and erotic encounter. Matthew slowly and intentionally fucks Enzo, making sure he feels every stroke as they try to recapture, however fleeting, the feeling at the heart of their memories.

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