Real Straight Dudes Being Used

Giant Construction Worker’s Gay Handjob

TJ is HUGE. He stands 6’4″ tall and is a construction worker. I didn’t expect this big straight dude to let me jerk him off, but money talks and he’s out of work. I love TJ’s thick, furry chest and the way he rubs his pecs and nipples to get himself aroused. Once I started jerking his cock (he wanted me grip it nice and tight), it didn’t take him long to get heated up. With a loud grunt, he shot his creamy wad on his stomach, then told me how much he liked it.

Clayton at the Gloryhole

Before he leaves town, Clayton tries out the Fraternity gloryhole for the first time. I’m excited when Clayton shows up at the gloryhole because I like a challenge. I fill my throat with his huge white cock while playing with his big balls. Then I slurp his swollen head until he unloads his salty goodness in my mouth.


Summer school students!

Wade is finally free from his cage. Just in time to make another video. We decided nose goes! Luckily for me I’m quick with my hands, but Casey wasn’t so lucky. He may be failing all his classes but he definitely got an A in todays vid.


Twenty-seven year old hunk Zane is a small town boy at heart. He’s a fitness trainer that does “lots of fucking right now.” The bisexual beefcake likes “fucking girls” and “getting fucked by guys.” He discovered he was bisexual at about seventeen, Zane and his friend “were just joking around” and Zane “ended up sucking him off.” “The biggest penis I’ve ever taken is 10 inches,” says Zane. “The kind of dicks I like to get fucked by are big, thick, and long with big balls,” says Zane, “just big dicks.”

Dirty Scout 189

I don’t like insurance companies as I used to work for one and I know how dirty this business can be. The boy that came to my office was exactly like one of my colleagues back in the days. Smooth talking and overconfident brat that would steal a coin from an old woman. Well, he was in luck because I had such a job open and the guy fit the requirements. Too bad his wallet was empty and our mediation fee had to be paid. I offered him my help but only because I wanted to go crazy on his ass. Assholes like him deserve a big dick. I was a bit disappointed by the boy’s attitude actually. He seemed to take it quite easily and certainly enjoyed it a bit. We had a nice fuck and then I let him go back to his wife. Maybe I judged the boy too harshly at first, he turned out to be a lovely slut in the end.

Czech Hunter 437

This boy was a huge surprise. He was an 18 years old student of multimedia studies and he looked super innocent. Thanks to his school program, he was quite used to be in front of a camera. The guy wasn’t shy at all. We chatted a bit and then I gave him a first serious question to test the water. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done”?, I asked him. I expected some crazy stuff but certainly not a bisexual threesome during which he was fucked by a dude… It was just an one-time experiment, still it dropped my jaw a bit. He looked so innocent! When I took him inside, he proved beyond any doubt that he was a pretty filthy young man. His cock was hard for the better part of our little fuck session and the boy truly enjoyed my dick thrusting in his tight ass. Sweet teenage dudes are simply the best.

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Straight Dudes Seducing

Michael and Milo’s First Time

From being unwilling to kiss another guy to their first anal sex experience, Michael and Milo go a long way in this video. They suck, fuck AND kiss, and coat each other with their big, sticky loads. Michael and Milo (aka Tyler) give us their stats. I start by telling them to undress each other, and it snowballs from there. Michael goes down on Milo, and Milo sucks his first cock ever. Michael forces Milo to suck his big dick more, then I make him jack it. But Michael’s got another idea. He gets Milo hard then surprises everyone by telling Milo he should fuck him. Michael gets on all fours and lets Milo try it. I suggest that Michael sit on Milo’s cock, and he does! They try a couple of positions and Michael rides as long as he can. Then I have the guys stroke off together side-by-side. Michael gives Milo a slow, greasy handjob. I force the guys to kiss before seeing who will be the first to cum. Milo’s the winner and gets to shoot on Michael’s leg, but Michael makes his own rules. He plays with Milo’s cum, squeezes his sticky cock and jizzes all over him.

David at the Gloryhole

David stops over on his lunch break to get a blowjob at the Fraternity gloryhole, and Cody is up for the job. He sucks David’s cock so good that David barely gets hard before he cums unexpectedly in Cody’s mouth and down his hand.

Elder Packer Ch 2: THE COVENANT

This week, sensitive Elder Packer is guided through The Covenant by handsome President Oaks. The priest watches as the boy washes his feet before sucking his swollen cock. Then, he covers the boys butt in a creamy load of semen.

Daddy’s Little Man Ch 2: DAD’S BODY

 Innocent Michael has always wanted a body like his stepdaddy’s, so today the old man shows him the secrets to his cardio routine. He gets the boy’s heart pumping by penetrating his tight hole with his hard cock!


When his younger stepbrother sprays some cologne on his nuts, Darron can’t resist his scented package. He slobbers on the boy’s dick and balls and then slams his asshole with his meaty boner.


Our trickster shoots his tatted boyfriend as he fucks two hung strangers in an ecological reserve. The tatted stud spreads his ass cheeks for a hard pummeling, and a cock-hungry boy guzzles down a gooey load of hot leche!

Geovanni Fucks Ryan

Ryan sucks Geovanni’s huge, uncut cock and eats his ass before Geovanni flips Ryan around and takes his virginity. The guys tell me about the ladies in their lives before getting undressed. I tell Ryan to suck Geovanni’s big, uncut cock, and he does a great job. He swallows Geovanni’s dick and sucks his balls like a pro. After some mutual stroking, Ryan’s cock plumps up, and I tell Geovanni to play with his butt. He fingers Ryan’s hole, then turns around and makes Ryan rim him. Geovanni’s so turned on that he tries to fuck Ryan with his big dick. Ryan struggles to take every inch of Geovanni’s dick, and just when he can’t handle being fucked any more, Geovanni pulls out and cums all over his back. Ryan strokes out a big load and tells me how it felt to finally take a whole cock in his ass.

Rough Trade Brian Beats Off

20-year-old Brian needs to make some quick cash. He’s really rough trade, but of course I still want to see him jack off. I invite him over to see what he can do. For being as rough as he is, Brian is surprisingly soft spoken. Then again this IS his first time jacking off in front of another guy…or so he says. I tell him to strip naked and play with his dick while I set up some porn for him. A little naughty neighbor video is just the thing to make Brian good and hard. He jerks his dick until he shoots a big load from his swollen purple cock head.

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Screwing Straight Guys

Daddy’s Little Man Ch 1: MY FIRST JOCK STRAP

When Michael’s pervy stepdad gifts him his first jockstrap, the boy is excited to try it on for size. It gets the old man so excited that he devours the kid’s hole with his tongue, before he slides his thick cock inside for a raw, rough pounding.


Private brain, public hole!

This is so fucking HOT!!
Ive NEVER EVER met such a sex mad dirty boy!!! His fucking crazy !!!
He spent the night and we shagged so many times🕑 and every time we were both obsessing about cum –
WE grab the cam as We go to bed and During the middle of the night
It starts again by him backing is bum 🔙 towards my crouch when we were spooning 🥄 SOOOO HOT
We knew we wasn’t gonna get no sleep -he just wants to be fed with cum SO MUCH – I lean over and grap the camera 📸 so i can see us doing everything – we never want you to miss out- not on someone so outrageously confident he wants breeding 🙉
After this dirty Cum filled night he goes on Grinda RIGHT AWAY and with an arse full of cum we head over to my neighbours SEX PARTY flat :)) 😈 xx George


It’s been an endless parade of dick around here. Cum has been dripping out of every hole. My roomie sucked the jizz right out of strangers ass hole. We’re very dirty boys.

Dirty Scout 185

This boy wasn’t easy to handle. I think the main reason was his pregnant wife. He didn’t want to be unfaithful. On the other hand, he wanted to provide for his family. The young soon-to-be father had various jobs before so it wasn’t hard to find him a new one matching his experience. The mediation fee was too steep for him and we had to look for another solution. I was relieved when he finally undressed. I think his wife would be shocked to see her hubby getting a quick boner like he did. My new friend was greedy and eventually got all my money. That’s why I didn’t spare his poor asshole. This was probably the hardest job interview in the boy’s life. I didn’t give him a rest until I unloaded on his beautiful body. I wonder what his wife told him when he got home…

Bubble Bath Bang – Bareback

Jake Porter is just trying to take a long, steamy bubble bath in peace when he’s interrupted by his bossy new step-dad, Jax. Jake goads Jax into giving him a spanking over the side of the tub, daring the chiseled hunk to admit that it’s turning him on. Jax can’t resist the hard-bodied cutie, fucking him hard and deep in the bubble bath while Jake begs for more. When the studs are nearly caught by Jake’s nosy mother Jake stuffs Jax under the bubbles until she’s gone. Jax pounds Jake’s hole all over the bathroom in this wet and wild bareback fuck fest.

Czech Hunter 430

Patrik was a welder from a small town. I met him when he was on the way from a job interview. Small towns are devastated by high unemployment so everyone tries to get a work in Prague. The boy was quite cute and interesting. He liked sports and to my surprise he was quite successful at betting. He bet on a football match and won 200 000 Crowns! Pretty impressive, unfortunately he spent all that money and now was broke again. For me that was a good news. He needed cash so it didn’t take long and I had him naked in my apartment. And I didn’t just look at him. It would be a shame to pass an opportunity to fuck such a cute and athletic guy. I let him suck my cock first and then I rammed his ass. He took it quite well. I bet the job interview was way worse than our lovely afternoon together.

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