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This is one of those scenes that are so hot to watch, that we could hardly contain our own cocks while filming! Not only do we have the return of muscle hunk Jack King, but also our straight southern newbie, Austin Floyd. Austin totally has the lean nerdy boy look going on, and hiding in his pants a nice full sack and thick cock; a perfect match for our guy Jack King. Jack then runs him through what they’re going to do and guides the newbie through some standards of fucking. When Jack drops his shorts and tells Austin to suck it, Austin takes to it and proves what he said in the pre-interview “I’m jumping in head first.” Austin goes after that dick like a hungry gay boy, although he chokes when it’s time to learn to deep throat, Jack is obviously enjoying Austin’s southern straight mouth. You decide what got more spit on it, Jack’s cock or Austin’s glasses. After some warming up, it’s time to tackle Austin’s virgin hole. He eagerly puts it up bent over the sofa and takes to Jack’s throbbing cock. You have to give Austin props, his first time taking raw cock was rough. It’s hard to decide what was louder: Jack’s hand smacking Austin’s ass or Austin panting for breath. Jack tosses our southern newb on his side to bust on that newly christened hole before fucking it back in. Austin, visibly in awe of what just happened keeps staring at the camera between eyes wincing in a mix of pleasure and pain. Austin doesn’t take long to shoot his load once Jack has had his way with him, that creamy load flying onto his abs. Casting director asking Jack how he did, gave him a thumbs up for a first timer. Looks like this casting couch just became a training school for how to take dick.

Rod Driver is your typical straight guy who doesn’t mind going outside and getting his hands dirty, but thought porn is his next calling. As Rod starts to explain his cliché activities like hunting and fishing, the casting director mentions that Rod is pretty straight for wanting to do gay porn. It seems Rod missed the memo that Raw Castings is GAY as he exclaims “What?! I thought this was for straight porn?!”. Rod thought he’d be fucking a girl today, but turns out he’s the one who’s getting fucked. Once Rod hears gay porn pays more his clothes come off in a heartbeat. Rod has a solid hard dick as soon as his shorts come off and the casting director happily tends to the needs of it just before Rod tends to our director. There is nothing hotter than a tight-holed straight guy who doesn’t know he’s about to get fucked. I have to hand it to him though; this straight guy takes dick like a true bottom! Maybe porn is Rod’s next calling.

Caleb is the new guy on the casting couch in this episode, and the director begins by grilling Caleb on his sexuality, including his likes and dislikes. Caleb explains that he is gay, submissive, and loves getting controlled and fucked bareback. He loves being covered in cum, but he hates the thought of cum in his mouth. He has a nice body, which must come from all of the sports he did in high school, including being the swim team captain. It makes one wonder what all was happening in the showers at this boy’s high school! As Caleb stands up to get some photos taken in various states of undress, he tells the casting director that he is 6 foot 3. This is a big guy, and the casting director is expecting big things! Caleb certainly has a big bootie – a nice fuckable ass. He also has no problem getting a boner. Once the photos are finished, the casting guy takes a seat on the couch in order to let Christian show off his blowjob skills. He isn’t half bad at sucking dick, but it’s when he has a raw cock up his ass that Caleb really shines. The director goes into him full throttle, too. Soon Caleb’s butt is jiggling like a bowl of Jello as he gets pounded. He looks excellent in doggie style. The director fucks him good, and before long Caleb is the one on top, riding like a champ. Being a swimmer, his legs don’t tire out too quickly, but after a few minutes the casting director flips him over to bareback him more in missionary. In every position Christian shows himself to be a competent bottom: young, sexy, and able to take a drilling. Once the director dumps a load on him, Caleb nuts, too. Another successful raw casting.

Devon Black is on the casting couch. He’s never done porn before, but he looks like he needs the money. He says he is straight, but that he understands gay porn can get him the cash he needs. “You’re looking a little rough, there!” the casting director says. Immediately, the director grills him on his incarceration history. When Devon says he is 25, the casting guy says that he really looks like he is 37! Devon admits to having been fucked in the ass once (in prison), but he did not like the experience. Now Devon is back for some consensual ass fucking, and the director is looking forward to it. He has prepped the couch for Devon’s ass by placing some lube and two very large dildos next to him. Devon takes off his clothes and without much ado, he gets Devon to suck on the dildo. As he does, the casting guy asks him to get hard. No matter how hard Devon tries, though, his dick stays as soft as a wet noodle. Even though Devon is already a fail, the director figures he might as well have a little fun. He has Devon bend over the couch and try to shove the toy up his butt. Devon starts with the small one. Since he doesn’t know what he is doing, it causes him a bit of consternation, but he manages finally. Despite his humiliating position, Devon needs the cash, and he keeps going. He winds up sucking on one dildo while he is trying to shove the other up his ass. The casting director at this point is having a lot of laughs at Devon’s expense. Not wanting to let a casting go to waste, the director finally whips out his cock and has Devon show him what he can do. He asks Devon – while sucking – to say “Look, ma, I’m sucking dick!” Devon complies. Devon says that he has only had dick in his mouth once before, but he seems to know his way around a pole. The director doesn’t like the BJ much, however, and asks the newbie to just bend over. Once the director’s cock is in Devon’s ass, he goes hard. Devon says it hurts, but the director thinks Devon’s ass is loose. “How can you even feel it, it’s so loose!” the director exclaims. After a brief bareback fuck the casting director drops a load in Devon’s mouth and then makes him swallow it. This casting is finished, and Devon will be going back to the trailer park without a booking.

Jake Riley is a Georgia boy who describes himself as “an everyday normal guy,” but he also admits to being curious about man-on-man action. In his casting interview, Jake also mentions that he hasn’t done much, but that he is eager to try more. Like a lot of curious self-described straight guys, it seems that Jake is using porn as a way to experience some new things, in addition to getting a job. As he undresses for the cameraman, he seems a little nervous, but once he is fully nude, he doesn’t have much of a problem getting fully erect. Jake jacks off for a while as the casting manager takes some photos of him. Before long, the director has a hard-on, too. Jake is in for one helluva casting interview! Jake approaches to show off his very large cock, and then the camera guy gets a feel. Before long, our newbie has his mouth stuffed with cock and seems to be loving it. Jake explores every inch of the casting director’s cock with his tongue before bending over to let the director explore his pink hole with his fingers. His asshole must be really tight, because the casting director takes his time loosening his love canal up with a finger or two. Jake gets fucked reclining on the couch with his legs in the air. The camera man’s raw cock seems to slide in with ease after a few minutes, and once Jake is ready, the slam fucking begins. As Jake gets pounded he gets a little noisy – obviously loving this new experience! When his hole is gaping from the rough fucking, the casting director pulls out and ends up fitting four fingers up Jake’s raw hole! Wanting some more ass, though, he bends Jake over onto his stomach and takes another turn. Jake ends up getting a huge wad of jizz all over his blown out asshole to end a hot bareback casting!

The casting director has Kyler on the couch today for a raw casting. Kyler is 23 years old, and he has a bit of an emo look going. His straight black hair underneath a backwards cap, gauges, and his outfit indicate that he is an alternative type of guy. Kyler professes to be bi, but he doesn’t have a lot of experience getting fucked. Once a guy with a 9 incher tried to fuck him, and Kyler didn’t like it much. Kyler, though, needs the money, so he wants this porn job badly. His waiter job just isn’t cutting it. When asked about what he likes sexually, he says that a mutual experience is the best – where both guys are verse and equally aroused and satisfied. The director gets Kyler out of his clothing as he snaps some photos. Kyler has some tats, but not too many. His body is average, but his butt looks fuckable. Kyler doesn’t mind being nude, but he insists on keeping his cap on, saying that it is “his signature look.” Once Kyler is stroking it on the couch, he reveals a nice thick cock. The casting guy doesn’t want to waste any time, so he pulls out his cock, too. Kyler is down on it sucking away before you can blink. The guy definitely likes dick! He doesn’t have a gag reflex, and he makes a lot of noise while giving a blowjob, which is good. After getting some grade A head from Kyler, the director sticks it bare into this newbie’s hole. Once Kyler is on his back, you can see that he has a hairy / otter thing almost going on. As the director’s dick slides in and out, Kyler moans sensually and jerks himself off. While he can take a fucking with ease, he doesn’t seem to have much pizzazz. Nonetheless, his hole must feel great because the casting director doesn’t let up. He fucks and fucks away, even giving Kyler some light face slaps to test out his tolerance to being treated like a bitch. That does the trick, because shortly thereafter, Kyler asks for it harder and busts a nut while he is getting barebacked deep. The casting guy cums immediately thereafter, cumming all over Kyler’s ass. Bareback Casting Complete!

Jackson Davis is on the casting couch, and he begins by explaining what a cum whore bottom he is. Because he loves cock and cum so much, Jackson thinks that he will be fantastic in the porn industry. Jackson has a good look: He is a feisty redhead with blue eyes and boyish good looks. The casting director asks some perfunctory questions about Jackson’s background, interests, and etcetera before jumping into taking some photos. Jackson seems very at ease during the photos, and he has no problem whatsoever getting a hardon. As Jackson is sitting on the couch stroking his dick, the director walks over and asks Jackson to suck his cock. Jackson asks, “Ok, is this part of the interview?” but he doesn’t seem to mind. He gives the casting guy a great sloppy blowjob, with lots of deepthroating and slobber. Jackson blows cock like a pro! He particularly seems to enjoy getting face fucked, but he also shows some skill at working a dick with his hands and lips at the same time. Once the director takes a few more photos, Jackson gets what he has been waiting for – a big raw dick up his ass! The director fucks Jackson’s hungry hole, filming some great closeups of Jackson getting plowed. Jackson gets nailed hard both on his back and on his side, loving every second of it. The casting director obviously loves fucking Jackson. Every once in a while during the long fuck session, he pulls out his dick to inspect Jackson’s pretty pink hole. When the casting guy gets close, Jackson rushes down to his knees. Jackson want this job, and he eagerly gulps up every last drop of the director’s cum. Once he has a mouth full of jizz, he gets himself off while the director takes a few more photos. Sexy ginger bareback casting!

Joe is the pornstar hopeful in the “porn taxi” today, and he explains why he is auditioning even though he has done porn in the past. “It’s been seven years,” he explains. Thankfully, he is still hot as fuck – this guy has definitely been taking care of himself. He stopped doing porn, he says, because he wanted a little break that turned into a long break. In the meantime, he hasn’t had any sexual contact with another guy. He is nonetheless single, and describes himself as a man-whore. When pressed, Joe says that if he did like guys, he would like taller, muscular guys. Surprise, surprise! Despite his sabbatical from gay porn, Joe definitely thinks he has what it takes. Once in the studio and on the casting couch, Joe tries to project a strong confidence, but he is nervous nonetheless. It’s been years since he has had a dick up his ass, and Joe wants to loosen up with a dildo before getting banged. As he removes his clothes, he reveals an already hard uncut cock and a nice bod. To loosen up, he grabs the dildo and bends over the couch. He slowly works the dildo in, and he doesn’t seem to have too much trouble. The casting director gets a closeup and exclaims, “Oh, you’re super tight, buddy!” As Joe continues to loosen his tight butthole, he stays hard – which is a great sign! After several minutes of plugging himself, he is finally ready for industry vet Austin. Joe sits down fully naked and erect right next to Austin, who explains that there is no need to be nervous. His pep talk seems to work well, because when the action starts, Joe seems like a natural! Austin and Joe trade blowjobs before the real fun begins. Austin only give Joe a few brief seconds of slow bare cock sliding before the fucking gets intense. With Joe on his back, feet in the air, he gets a dicking-down like he’s never gotten before! Austin really is trying, obviously, to put Joe through the hoops. Joe definitely looks hot getting fucked so good, and his whimpers and moans are just the right balance between pleasure and pain. Throughout the rough fucking, Joe stays hard. He is a trooper! Because the casting director wants to see everything Joe is capable of, he asks Joe to fuck Austin. Before he does, Joe admits to the director that there was definitely some pleasure getting fucked like that by Austin. The casting director gives Joe’s cock a pervy grab and then asks to see his wrecked hole. Once the damage is confirmed, Austin bends over doggie style and Joe gives his ass a whirl. Austin is tight, and Joe definitely like the sensation. This can only be classified as a “revenge fuck,” since Joe gives it to Austin just as hard as he got it just a few minutes before. Joe flips Austin over and fucks him missionary while he chokes Austin out. A good amount of getting fucked bareback puts Austin over the edge, though, and as Joe grabs his neck and fucks him hard, Austin shoots a load. Joe keeps fucking like a maniac a minute or two longer until he cums. Joe unloads a stream of jizz all over Austin’s ass and balls. Hot bareback casting!

Bentley, a friendly 21 year old, has just arrived from Austin, Texas, and he tells his new agent how excited he is to be doing a gay porn audition. He says that for the most part he is straight, but that he has done some webcam work before, and that webcamming opened his mind a lot. “Living life and trying to smile,” he says about the state in his life. Upon further grilling, he confesses to receiving several blowjobs from other guys. One wonders how much more he is hiding? He’s not sure whether he will be topping or bottoming for the audition, but he thinks he’d be a better top. Little does he know what awaits him on the couch. Meanwhile, in the studio, the casting director is prepping Joe (an experienced performer) to fuck the newbie hard and deep. Joe’s face widens with a big grin upon hearing this news, but he’s not so sure how a supposed virgin will take it. The casting director wants Joe to be nude and hard when Bentley walks in, so Joe strips down and works it up. When newbie Bentley walks in to find a dude already naked on the couch with a hard on, he begins to look extremely nervous. The casting director just rolls with it and starts an interview with Bentley fully clothed, sitting next to a naked guy who is about to deflower his ass. It seems as if Bentley is trying as hard as possible to NOT look at Joe’s erect cock. The interview is priceless, especially the about-face on the experience with other guys thing. In front of Joe and the casting director, Bentley says that he has never had a sexual experience with another guy! The director gets the show on the road by asking Bentley to grab Joe’s cock and stroke it, then start making out. So far so good! Bentley seems like a natural. When Bentley’s shirt come off, he reveals a tight bod with a few tats here and there. Joe instructs him to remove the rest of his clothes, and then he has Bentley go down on his cock. Bentley, who also has an uncut cock, already knows how to work Joe’s pole! He goes nuts sucking cock, in a very good way. Once he has wiped all the dick-sucking tears away, Bentley hops doggie style onto the couch and happily offers Joe his ass. Joe barely has his bare dick all the way into him when Bentley starts backing up rapidly onto it. Whether he has done this before, Bentley sure looks great with a cock in his ass! You can tell that while he may nut be having the easiest time, he certainly wants to come across well. Once he is on his back, Joe really begins to drill him hard. Joe just keeps pumping and pumping until he dumps a large load on, around, and inside Bentley’s now gaping ass. Bentley is a virgin no more, that’s for sure! Just to push his boundaries even further, Bentley is asked to dig all the cum out of his ass with his fingers and eat it! Even though you can tell by the look on his face that it might not be the best tasting thing in the world, he says, “Oh yeah, it tastes good. I love it!” This cum whore must really need that money.

Newcomer Brad has just flown in from Michigan to try his hand at some gay porn. The casting director loves those Midwestern guys, so he got an all expense paid trip to Florida just to get fucked up the ass on camera. Like a lot of guys who are interested in doing porn, Brad swings both ways, but he primarily swings toward the opposite sex. That’s fine by us, as long as he can suck a mean dick when he wants to! The ride to the studio from the airport definitely raises the expectations on his BJ abilities, too, since he confesses that he is a fanatic for blowjob porn vids. When he isn’t watching sex on his computer, but actually having sex, he says he likes it rough. Brad thinks he is made for sex. We will all find out once he is on the Raw Casting couch! Brad has an intricate sleeve tattoo. He is quite proud of it, and he plans on inking his entire body up some day. He certainly has gotten a good start. He has many tats on various parts of his body. His body itself is decent shape – he is definitely a good looking guy, just the kind of guy we like to cast. He attempted to do porn once before, but he says that he and the producer didn’t get along, and that he got stranded out of town. That’s good news for us, because that means his ass is still virgin tight! Although he has messed around, he has never had a guy fuck him before, he says. There’s a first time for everything, and it looks like Brad’s first time will be on camera. Once the action starts, Brad stays hard sucking cock, and he does a fairly good job using his mouth as a pleasure tool. He wraps the casting director’s entire cock inside his hand and mouth. The way Brad gives a blowjob seems to be with the intent to get a nut in his mouth as quickly as possible. Are there still gloryholes in Michigan, anyone? Maybe he gets a lot of practice. Once he is getting barebacked, though, he puts up a bit of resistance and complains mildly. The casting is fucking him at a normal pace at first, and Brad exclaims, “You’re gonna fuck the freckles off my butt!” After a bit of time, though, it gets easier. He gets barebacked like a little bitch in missionary position, riding, and bent over the couch. It’s when he is flat on his stomach with his ass in the air, though, when he looks his best. Brad cums first, and then the casting guy cums all over his ass. In regards to losing his butt virginity, he says that it was painful at first but not too bad. It looks like we have another successful recruit!

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There are only two types of joggers: those who want to get in shape, and cuties who want to stay in shape. This one was the latter. It wasn’t easy to run next him, he was really fast. But the effort was worth it. If you’re into young good looking beefcakes, you will love this adventure. We started with some workout, we had pull-ups and push-ups. Then I made him to work on my cock, exercising his hand and facial muscles. And we ended the routine by stretching again, of course. I just hope I didn’t stretch him too wide. He was kind of moaning a lot, so hopefully, the boy was okay. No pain, no gain, that’s my fitness motto. I think he was fine, because when we were done, he was eager to go drinking. Probably wanted to enjoy the 30 000 I gave him.

a new video of two very hot guys having a wank off competition. The pair are buddies having a good laugh while tugging on their hard todgers!

Like skinny boy’s with luxuriously suckable dicks? This video has got a very horny one. He unwittingly gives a great show, stripping right in front of my camera – his balls hanging out of his underpants is one of the hottest things I’ve seen all year! He’s just begging to be licked all over.

Another boy who traveled across the republic to finally get a job. He rented a hostel and he wasn’t going to go back. Find a job, then rent a regular flat. A typical ambitious guy from a provincial town. He wanted a big flat to throw parties. The boys who come to Prague are always poor and hungry for money. This one was no exception. But to my surprise, he came prepared. He read about the company policy regarding registration. He had the 5 000 ready! It was his last money. His girlfriend’s last money, to be precise. It didn’t take much time to convince him to keep the 5 000 and loose the clothes. I enjoyed his athletic body, his innocent face was such a turn-on!. I didn’t expect him to go all the way, but he surprised me for the second time.

We were having a regular night with beers and weed when frat brother Jessie knocked over our bong and spilled the water all over the floor. In our frat that means he gets fucked, but the little bitch wouldn’t give in so we had to tape him up and pound him one by one. Once we all fucked him sideways and raw he hoovered all of our loads like the slutty little pig he is.

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I want to introduce you to my beautiful new mate, 24 year old Benjamin Bosco.  Benjamin is visiting us from South America and is currently travelling around Australia. I was really excited to hear that he was coming to Melbourne and quickly made plans for us to meet.  I found him to be very quietly spoken but also very flirty as we worked through his first photoshoot in my studio. The first thing I noticed about my new mate is his gorgeous big smile. I probably took way more photos than I needed as I suggested more and more positions around the room. Eventually Benjamin was naked and showing off his beautiful physique. I was so taken by this stud during our photoshoot that I almost forgot to make a video with him! The video is pretty dam hot too with Benjamin lubing up and thrusting his fat cock in and out of a fleshlight. This guy is totally gorgeous. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing him in a lot more shoots this year.

Amateur Straight Boys Nude Videos

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Rudolf is straight, but says he likes some bi action from time to time, although only in an active role. He’s a happy guy with a good sense of humor and a big fan of all kinds of sex. After breaking up with his girflriend, he decided to enjoy life as much as he can. Working in erotica seemed like a good choice and he has everything a guy needs to succeed in this business, so check him out and wish him luck!

On camera is one of our most popular Bait boys, Scott Riley, and right away Caruso notices that the dude looks buff. Scott tells him that he’s been layering on the muscle since he recovered from an injury. Scott’s all about his body (he’s a personal trainer), sex, which is says is the most important part of his life, and sleeping and eating which he’s very fond of. So, if he’s not sleeping, eating or working out, you can be sure he’s having sex. Scott also says he’s becoming a bear, he has hairy legs, hairy butt, and is trying to grow out his chest hair, which is going real slow. Scott is horny today and really looking forward to meeting our straight boy, Dylan, who Caruso says looks a little like Scott, so he’s really intrigued. When you do see them together, just a tighter haircut on Dylan, and Caruso could shoot them as ‘Brothers’. When Scott lays eyes on Dylan you can see he’s not disappointed. Dylan is a straight 21 year old boy who’s at home with his guitar in hand. He’s all muscle with a handsome face, a stud with blond hair and blue eyes, a bubble butt and a 7.5” cock, and we can’t wait to make his acquaintance in all his naked glory. It doesn’t take long for Caruso to introduce the idea of the ‘Boner test’, which is just basically a way to get the dude to strip down, stroke his cock and show it hard. We want to make sure he can get it up on camera, and they always fall for it, because it doesn’t sound unreasonable. Both boys are rock hard when Caruso delivers the news, he doesn’t have a girl for the scene. But, he does have a way that everybody can get paid double the money for doing something a little different. When Dylan hears the offer he’s taken aback just a little. Caruso asks ”have you ever thought about doing something with another guy”. ”Well, I can’t lie” says Dylan, ”I’ve briefly thought about it”. So, before long everyone is in and Scott grabs Dylan’s now limp cock. Eventually, he just bends over and gives Dylan his first gay blowjob, and Dylan really responds to it. ”I can’t lie to you, it feels good” says Dylan. So, Caruso tells Dylan to return the favor – and boy does he, and with lots of gusto, so much so that Caruso quips ”do you need to come up for air”. Well, with the cock sucking going into overtime, Caruso says ”let’s step it up, how about some fucking”. In no time Scott is in the doggy position and Dylan is pummeling his ass. He says he likes it, but after a little while, he’s getting soft and says it’s just not doing it for him. So, Caruso suggests that Dylan try some dick in his hole. Maybe that’s what he was up to in the first place, he wanted to feel a cock in his ass. He even tells Caruso that he’s fingered his own hole before. So, Dylan is on his back and Scott sticks his cock in. Dylan is at first wincing in pain, but it soon melts into pleasure as he jacks his fat cock and shoots a huge load all over himself. Scott keeps on fucking him and pulls out moaning as he shoots his own load onto Dylan. Our straight boy Dylan’s conclusion ”I’m doing great. I surprised myself. I liked having a dick inside myself today. I didn’t think I’d like it”.

At 20 years old there isn’t a lot of sexual history to relate, but Donato comes up with a pretty good tale of the time he fucked his friend’s Mom when he was 17. That buys some street cred, and definitely gets Brendon’s respect. He lost the friend as a result, but… small price to pay. Now this college kid whips out his un-cut dick and stares at the porn video while the director charms the python. Donato definitely does not look comfortable getting head from a guy, but seeing him squirm is half the fun. When he shoots, he lets fly a three foot stream. Bull’s eye!

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