Big Muscled Guys Being Fucked

Dirty Scout 194

This young man had quite a few problems. He managed to finish school and became a bricklayer but hated the trade. Instead of doing something he was qualified for, he wasted his time by working as a shop assistant. He got fed up with the slave job eventually and decided to give his career a boost by using our employment agency. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he would like to do. In the end, I convinced him that bricklaying was the best shot he had. The boy was stubborn, which made me worried. I wanted to have a look at him, maybe let him fondle my balls a little… I was so horny I would fuck anything with an ass. I tried very hard on the boy and he finally cracked. I of course had to pay him. He wouldn’t had done it otherwise but finally he performed.

Let’s Talk About Ass

Summer Hart is tired of her boyfriend, Trent King, putting work before sex, so she decides to prank him with a little help from her roommate Michael DelRay. When Trent excuses himself to take a call, Summer sneaks Michael into the room and has him take her place on the bed while she hides in the closet. Trent returns and starts fucking Michael until Summer bursts out and pranks him. Trent is too horny to be mad and the three horny friends decide that it’s time for a sexy bisexual threesome.

Marine Groped and Shoots a Huge Load

I thought I was going to get punched in the face with this session with Vinny. It started out fine – Vinny took his clothes off to show his fucking HOT body. I oil his body down, including his cock and he is fine with everything. He jacks his cock for a while and then I start stroking it for him. Of course, I think that I am in for sure. I wait another minute and keep jacking until I make my move. I put my mouth on his cock and start blowing him. He seems shocked and stops me. “No way, Bro. Not on camera!” Vinny says. Is he going to punch me? He jacks himself some more, and I try to make another move. I start stroking his balls while he jerks off and he seems to like that. I film him over his shoulder while he gets close to cumming. With his legs pumping and his toes curling, he shoots a humongous load all over his tight abs. Whew! Another hot scene – and I didn’t get punched!

Hung Redneck Jerking Off

Bradley’s a farmboy and self-described redneck who’s into rough stuff with his big dick, but he’s easy-going, too. I found out that he hadn’t had sex in a while, and I knew I could convince him to jack off for me. Bradley tells me about the first time he got off with a girl in the back of the school gym. I ask him to play with himself, and he gladly does it. He jokes that he’s got a small dick, but when he whips it out, it’s definitely big. Bradley says he can come whenever I want, and I like the sound of that! He lubes up his dick and uses two hands to stroke. He plays with his foreskin, spanks his pole and edges for as long as he can, until finally I let him nut.

Honor Just to Be Dominated

When  tattooed stud Steve Rickz finds out that he lost a very prestigious award to Johnny Rapid he’s understandably unhappy. However, when Steve tries to steal Johnny’s spotlight things take a turn. Johnny decides that if Steve wants the trophy so badly then he should have it… he should have it shoved into his ass. Johnny teases Steve’s hole with the trophy before replacing it with his thick cock. Steve takes it all, letting the southern cutie rail him right there on the couch. Johnny shows off what makes him the best salesman around, giving Steve a good hard dicking down before he blows his load all over the blonde bearded stud’s face.

At Large – Raging Stallion

With a killer ‘At Large’, how far would you go to catch him? What risks would you take? Hunky detective Ricky Larkin’s is on the case and he’s willing to go all the way. Watch as he navigates through a mysterious web of sex, intrigue and jaw dropping twists that will leave you scratching your head and jerking your cock again and again. Join award-winning director Steve Cruz and ten hung studs as they take you on an intricate journey of crime, passion, and hardcore sex in this exclusive new blockbuster feature written and scored by the director himself. When Ricky takes a laptop as evidence from Alexander Kristov’s murder scene to forensics expert, Zario Travezz, Zario gets more than a new case of diagnostics when Ricky makes his move. Zario hops on to ride Ricky’s massive dick until both hard studs drop their loads all over Zario’s cock. Ricky gets an anonymous call from Dante Colle, a blind, psychic witness, who has a vision of a man in black watching Marco Napoli visit Alexander Kristov’s house for a hook-up. In the psychic retelling of Alexander’s final sexual encounter Marco and Alexander flip-fuck and cover each other with cum. But who wanted Alexander dead and why? Ricky interrogates Dante Colle on his knowledge of the case before he sends him home. Dante and his boyfriend, Logan Stevens, share an intense shower and fuck session upon his return home. Logan receives a mysterious call and leaves Dante sleeping, but what is Logan up to? As the killer ‘At Large’ moves in to silence Dante, officers Sharok and Liam Knox arrive to his distress call. After questioning Dante, they leave him alone in his bedroom and head downstairs to watch for intruders. To kill the time, they start flip-fucking on the couch until the mystery deepnes. Liam wakes in a daze from a bashed head to discover a disturbing new turn of events. Ricky gets a call from the killer who is holding Officer Sharok and the witness hostage. The captor is having Sharok suck his dick and Ricky only has until the killer busts his nut to find them. Unfortunately, for everyone involved, Sharok is a really great cocksucker. Will Ricky find them in time or will Sharok’s talented mouth put everyone’s lives at risk? When Ricky faces death, he finds Dillon Diaz and Logan Moore on the other side. Ricky sticks it to both hot studs in a threesome as he faces the battle of his life. Will Ricky choose to cum on the other side or will he take Dillon’s advice and wake up to face life where the killer could face justice? Ricky’s fucked the case, not to mention every guy along the way. Will Ricky overcome his arrogance and even death itself to crack the case and find the killer ‘At Large’?

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Hand Jobbing College Dudes

Robert: qwicky

Robert had fallen off the radar for a while, so I assumed he’d gotten over his “porn bug” and had moved on. But out of the blue he sent a text, recently, asking if he could do another video.

I’d asked him about doing a massage shoot last time, but, so far, has been one hard nut to crack. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get him back in for a “qwicky” shoot and see if he might upgrade to doing something more. Alas… not this time. He did seem a little more receptive, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing him again.

Just watching this bull of a guy beat his meat is pretty hot, IMO. Still a little shy in front of the cameras, it takes him a minute to get fully charged up. But the intensity of his body language and face as he ramps up to the cumshot is off the charts. In a sweaty finish, Robert splattered his chest and abs with ropes of cum.

Dirty Scout 193

Sometimes I don’t understand the young people who end up in my office. For example this guy came here looking for a job without having any idea what he would like to do. He was a trained barber but he hated the trade. Eventually I gave him a job as a bartender. The boy really liked such a career change. I bet he already pictured himself mixing drinks and getting all social. Well, our mediation fee turned out to be quite a bumper. The boy was broke, he didn’t work for a while. I was his only hope. Obviously, I was more than willing to help this cutie. He had a nice body but his cock didn’t look anything special. I was wrong, the boy made it grow like crazy. I had to convince him to use his magic hands on me, as well. It was a really nice prelude to what was about to happen next.

Str8 Chaser – Jason

Today I’ve got Jenn and Roman in the van to pick up straight guy Jason. Jason is a huge, muscular, tattooed silver fox, and he’s not happy about it when he pulls off the blindfold and sees it’s a blond twink sucking his dick! But after I flash the cash and Jenn promises to fuck him all night long, we manage to talk him into getting back down to it, even sucking Roman’s dick and fucking his ass. Jason may claim to be 100% straight, but he really takes control as he pounds Roman doggystyle and talks dirty, then they both jack it till they cum.

4 Man Circle Jerk: Blue, Colten, Connor & Jace

The guys came over to play in the pool, and afterwards I showed them a porn I had just bought. Their cocks came out and so did my camera. Blue is the first guy to shoot his load, and it’s a big one. Jace is next, and he shoots cum all over his chest and leg. Connor and then Colten can’t hold it in anymore, and pretty soon the room is swimming in cum.

Tough Guy Lance Gets A Gloryhole Blowjob

Straight tough guy Lance is willing to get his first gloryhole blowjob if he doesn’t have to show his face. I make sure it’s a long, wet one and don’t stop until he nuts on me and down my throat. Lance sticks his veiny cock and big balls into the hole. Right away, I can tell he likes it because he pushes hard against the opening trying to get me to go deeper. I lube his shaft and tease his head with my mouth. I grab Lance’s balls and finger his taint while I jerk his swollen shaft. I suck his thick cock more and jerk him hard and fast until he finally shoots over my shoulder and on the side of my face. I finish by sucking him dry.

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Dads Seducing Smoot Twinks

Travis & Dallas: Two Straight Guys Get Off Together

Travis and Dallas are two popular guys who finally agreed to do a scene with each other. It was funny to hear them joking around while they stroked themselves. Travis is a horndog and got hard immediately. Dallas got hard once their cocks were rubbing together as they were fucking a rubber toy at both ends. Travis got on top of Dallas, and they put their asses together so they could stroke their cocks at the same time. They were getting close. Finally, I got the guys to do some mutual stroking. Travis shot his huge load first, and Dallas came quickly after him with his impressive nut.

Czech Hunter 443

Once I finished fucking one of the friends I met at the dried up lido, I just wanted to get dressed and go home. I still hoped that the other friend would come back but I didn’t expect much. I was about to call a taxi when, to my surprise, the guy emerged from the woods. I think that his friend told him everything and the boy got jealous about the money. He told me he forgot something… yeah right, he forgot to get his ass fucked for nice and easy cash. I didn’t mind another round. The boy was a little bi, he had some previous experience. I remembered he mentioned having a girlfriend so I was surprised how well he handled my cock. I loved his lean and young body, most men would die for fucking his tiny ass. And there he was, riding on my cock and getting pounded from behind. I loved it.

Pool Boy Toy

Katy Rose and her husband Thomas Friedl have just gotten a new pool boy, the hunky Jeffrey Lloyd and they can’t wait to break him in. Katy gets the pool boy to come over and lotion up her shoulders and back, inviting him to run his hands all over her stunning body. Jeffrey cannot control himself and starts jacking off while he’s alone with Katy, which is exactly what Thomas wants to see when he comes in to check on them. The barrel-chested stud grabs the athletic pool boy and coaches him through a hot and wet bisexual three-way by the pool.

Elder Argos Ch 1: THE INTERVIEW

As President Lewis interviews Elder Argos, he quickly realizes the boy is rougher than your average missionary. To break the rebellious boy, he sticks his cock in his tight asshole, pounding him until he spurts a gooey load of cum from the tip of his cock.

Sleepover With Gramps Ch 4: GOODBYE, GRAMPS

Bar is bummed that his step-grandpa is leaving, especially after they spent so much intimate quality time together. But the old man wants one more memory before he goes. The little guy and his stepdad take turns plowing the old man’s tight asshole raw before the boy fills him up with hot cum.

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