Bareback Str8 Hung Hunks

Jayce & Asher: Bareback

“Shower’s feeling awesome right now,” says Jayce as the warm water courses over his tight body and his already-hard cock. “It’s what I needed.” He also needs a tight hole to put his dick in, and luckily for him, Asher’s here and ready to help out! The tanned Latin stud strips off his clothes and hops in the shower, making out with Jayce and sucking his cock before turning around to get pounded doggystyle hard till he cums. Jayce showers Asher’s ass with jizz and then turns the water back on to help him rinse it off, but Asher jokes, “I kinda wanna keep it so I can play with it later!” That’s okay, since Jayce is going to give Asher another big load very soon!

What’s In Their Pants

Hung twink Kaleb Stryker and his foxy wife Ella Nova are just trying to get through airport security so they can take their long anticipated honeymoon. However, when Donte Thick catches them trying to smuggle something through airport security, their romantic getaway is going to have to wait. Officer Thick finds a big metal butt plug jammed up Kaleb’s ass, and an even bigger strap-on around Ella’s waist! Donte is shocked when he discovers the couple’s kinky secret, but his shock is quickly replaced by curiosity as Kaleb and Ella weave him into their sneaky sexy game with a hot and heavy bisexual three-way in the interrogation room. Donte and Ellla take turns railing Kaleb’s hungry hole, filling him up as deep as they can go until they’re all ready for takeoff!

Str8 Chaser: Leo

At first it seems like the park is gonna be a bust until Leo walks around the corner. This tall Latin cutie is a bit shy when a hot chick asks him to sit down, and he can’t believe it when she invites him to have sex in the back of her van! She asks Leo to put on a blindfold and has driver Alex pull over and tap in to suck Leo’s big uncut cock, but she almost loses this jumpy dude when he takes the blindfold off and see’s a guy’s lips around his meat. It takes all her persuasive powers and a big chunk of change to convince Leo to keep going, let alone try giving Alex a bj and fucking the twink’s ass, but he does a great job, even giving Alex a big facial!

Bi Stepbrothers 5: Scene 2

Talent: Mina K, Max Born, David

Bi Stepbrothers 5: Scene 1

Blake Barnes Blown

Blake agrees to let me suck his cock at the gloryhole, and he unloads in my greedy mouth. I suck his smooth, pink cock and have him moaning right away. I deep throat him and slurp on that head, but he just doesn’t seem to want to cum for me. Suddenly he steps back, strokes his cock for a second, then leans in and shoots his load in my mouth.

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Hand Jobbing Blow Jobbing and Fucking Straight Dudes

Sweet Southern Comfort

Although I’ve never been a ranch hand, I imagine trying to break a horse is a lot like trying to break this fucktard of a teenager. He’s been a resident long enough to know better, but he just keeps fucking up and disobeying all the rules. Thankfully, because he messes up so often, he’s not nearly as tight and difficult to fuck as he used to be. So there’s that. And beyond that, he’s got so many issues and is so messed up in the head, that I’m beginning to think he likes the punishment. I don’t know if you’d call that Stockholm syndrome or what, but for a straight boy he sure pops a boner pretty decent when there’s a cock in his mouth.

So anyways, this time he failed a test, and all of us House Managers had pretty much had it with him. Very unruly, and now breaking a trulyl fundamental tenet of recovery. So I basically let him have it. Fortunately for me, he’s turned into a good, albeit reluctant little cocksucker. He knows his way around my cock by now, and damned if he didn’t almost get me off just with his mouth. His cunt is what I really wanted more of, though, and I took it. I fucked him every which way, but I was especially impressed by the way he can ride a cock now. That thick dick was stretching him out for sure, and his legs were tired, but he just kept going, even though his face was red and he was sweating like a pig in a poke. He knows he is a loser, but he’s always trying to prove after the fact that he can be redeemed some day, and that’s what I think keeps him going when we have our little behavioral sessions.

My goodness – his ass felt so good as it was enveloping my cock, and he was actually riding it like a good bitch should. I almost felt like he might be enjoying it, so I had him hop off and put his mouth around my dick. I’m sure that going ass to mouth gave him a good taste of what his little boy butt tastes like, and he wasn’t too keen on it. But to get that taste out of his mouth, I laid him on his back and dropped my load on his tongue. This Southern “straight” boy might not have gotten much comfort, but hopefully it prepares him even better for his life ahead, if he doesn’t shape up his act.

Lance and Tommy Push Their Limits

Originally the plan was to push Lance’s limits in getting off with another guy, but with my help as a fluffer, both straight guys end up doing more than they bargained for and three big loads go everywhere. I know Tommy is pretty open-minded, so I put him with Lance to see how far I can get this tattooed MMA fighter to go. Lance is obviously nervous, but he still lets Tommy lube his hand and stroke his big white dick. Lance is stunned by the whole situation, so I make Tommy go down on him. I lean the couch back to help Lance relax, then jump in to suck Tommy’s dick. Lance closes his eyes, but keeps sneaking looks at what’s happening.


His hole got bred good!

We screwed this freshman’s brains out. Jason had both holes plugged real good. He ain’t so tight anymore.

Bait: Alex Meyer; Straight: Jason Steymos

Alex Meyer is back and so is his big beautiful dick! As a matter of fact, he’s at the studio in search of a cock that is as big as his or even bigger! Caruso just so happened to have a big cock stud coming in today so he told Alex to stick around and see if they can make this happen…

Jason Steymos is the guy Caruso had coming in for an interview and he was a perfect pairing for Alex. Jason was born and raised in Miami so that makes him a true Florida Native! But, it’s what’s in this sexy guy’s pants that will leave your mouth watering. Jason is packing a thick and uncut cock that is definitely above average! He says it’s 8 inches but we think it’s time that he measures that monster again because it looks a lot larger!

Caruso tells both guys to stroke their cocks to make sure that they can get hard and stay hard while he pretends to go check on the female talent. He returns and breaks the news that no girl will be showing up today but if they want to shoot a gay for pay scene instead, then he can double their pay! Jason seemed a little unsure but when Caruso asked him if he ever thought about being with another guy, he said that he thought about it when he was younger and that he would be willing to give it a shot today! With that information, Caruso stepped back and told both guys to go at it!

Stud Is Straight But Gives Hella Pleasure

Tyler Nugent is a real class act. I met him just a few weeks before this casting, and he told me he’d be interested in performing with women. I filmed him jerking off, and to tell you the truth, I had a boner the entire time. When he texted me a few days later asking if any shoots had become available for him, I mentioned that he’d have to wait, but that I had lots of guy on guy stuff he could do. He passed, but a few days later texted back with some demands. He didn’t want to suck dick or get fucked, but he *might* be down for something else, as long as he got a lot of money for it. I told him that I’d like to see how he might do. After a few days of waffling he agreed, saying that he really could use the money for his car. I told him to come over the next day. Sure enough, he showed up on time and ready to go.

I have to admit that I have a huge crush on Tyler, so it wasn’t difficult for me to get all over him, but he made the experience all the more enjoyable because of his downright cheerful attitude. Usually, I’m dealing with extremely reluctant straight guys who have sour looks on their faces. Tyler, on the other hand is quite chill and open-minded. In the beginning of his on-camera interview, he admits that he has tons of experience being flirted with by gay guys, and that rather than being put-off, he always considers it a compliment. So there’s that. He hadn’t ever acted on it, so he says, and I think that I believe him. At any rate, if it is true that he never touched another guy, then that makes what transipred during this casting session even better.

Once he was nude and sitting on the casting couch, I joined him, and grabbed his cock. He definitely got a little nervous at this point. Until another dud has your junk in his hands, after all, it is all conjecture. But once the deed has been done, reality sets in. I’m sure it sets the brain a-whirlin’ for most straight guys. So I gave Tyler a tug and got progressively more agressive until he was erking me off. He lost his full hard on once he began concentrating on my dick, but to tell you the truth I wasn’t bothered by that at all. After all, it a) confirms that he is straight, and b) as long as I get my rocks off it’s a good day, right? So after a long uncomfortable time on the couch, I told him that I wanted him to get me off. This concentrated his attention (he is a people pleaser, after all) and he got to work giving me one of the best hand jobs I’ve had in years. I nutted and most of it got on his hands, which he then held out, as if it were covered in battery acid and he was afraid to get it anywhere else. It was cute. What was even more cute was the fact that he kept apologizing and making excuses for not staying rock hard. I chalked it up to him not being terribly excited about what was going on, but he was blaming it on the type of lube. It was endearing for sure that he was basically saying that if it weren’t for the lube he would have been super into it. And he also was eager to know whether or not him getting me off was pleasurable. “Did I do a good job?” he asked. Well, of course I though he did a good job. Having a studly nineteen year old straight boy work your dick until you blow a load of jizz is never a bad time! He was all smiles and I got off, so I considered it a great casting session!

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Fuck Those Straights

Str8 Chaser: Marcus

I saw short, brown-haired Marcus hitching by the side of the road and I immediately hoped I could give him a different kind of ride. Marcus just got kicked out by his girlfriend for cheating and he didn’t have a car or a job, so I knew he was slutty and in need of cash! He wasn’t sure about giving me a blowjob for a lift, but when I offered him a hundred bucks and a hotel room for the night he hopped right in. Marcus said he wasn’t gay, but he really gave it his all when he sucked my dick. For another two hundred bucks he got on the bed on all fours and let me fuck his ass and then cum on his face!

Joshua’s Audition

21-year-old Joshua is a little nervous at his audition, but it still doesn’t take long for him to get his 8-inch cock hard. I have him get naked and show me his size 12 1/2 feet. He spreads his hairy legs for the camera and gets into jacking his dick, but he seems nervous. With a little encouragement from me, he finally shoots his pure white load.

Czech Hunter 480

I wanted to get out of Prague and enjoy the nice autumn weather. I went to a calm area on the outskirts and looked for local cuties. It took quite a while as the place was a bit deserted. Finally, I bumped into this young guy. He was a high school student who turned 18 only a few months back. This was my lucky day! Now I had to make him do stuff. The guy didn’t have a job and was broke, so it wasn’t that difficult. I wanted to do it right in the street, but we got constantly interrupted. That’s why I took us in a nearby forest, where the dude calmed down a little. First, he gave me a sloppy blowjob and then allowed me to wreck his beautiful ass. He was nicely tight and smooth; I couldn’t make a better pick. When he swallowed all my cum, I knew we will meet again. Hopefully, he’ll give me a call.

You Must Cum Over For Dinner

Autumn Borrelli and Brian Delgado are a smoking hot young couple who’ve been invited over for dinner by Brian’s mentor, the daddylicious Matthew Figata. Matthew’s beautiful wife, the long red-haired Lauren Phillips cooks a meal for the two couples, offering the gang an unforgettable spread. However, both couples have been keeping secrets from each other, all of which spill out as the two wives and the two husbands come face to face with their spouses cheating… with each other! Rather than make a federal issue of it, the foursome decide to take the high road and throw down in a sleazy, sloppy bisexual four-way orgy! It’s a hurricane of moaning, sucking, slurping and spitting as these four swinging sex fiends throw themselves at each other in a frenzied whirlwind of lust! Husbands and wives swapping and switching as they drive themselves towards the absolute heights of debauchery!

Niles’ massage

After his solo shoot, Niles got in touch to see what else he could do to make some cash. When I told him about the massage shoot, he said he’d give it some thought. When no answer came after a couple weeks, I figured it was a no-go. But apparently when rent was due, it suddenly didn’t seem like all that bad of a gig.

Niles had never gotten “regular” massage, let alone a happy-ending one. And taking the leap to get his first from a guy didn’t seem to phase him too much (or else he was just playing it cool pretty convincingly). When I asked how he was feeling about everything, he just shrugged and said with a smile, “It is what it is.”

It probably didn’t hurt that he’d been busy and hadn’t had much time to rub one out for a couple days. At least that’s what he’d told me: “a couple days.” From last time, I knew Niles’ cock was one of those perma-hard ones. But between the throbbing rod between his legs and the pre-cum that kept leaking out he seemed extra horned up.

About halfway through the shoot, I went to change the camera angles and suddenly his dick started pulsating wildly. Niles looked down and sheepishly mumbled something about a little pre-cum. I glanced over and see a pool of “pre-cum” on his stomach that was streaming from his cock. He admitted that the “couple days” he’d told me earlier was more like a week of pent-up sexual tension.

Probably needless to say, I took the rest of his rub-down carefully so he wouldn’t blow too soon. And it didn’t take much to get his up to the edge when the time came. Niles didn’t make much noise, but a few deep breaths a sudden body twitch let me know he was close. Out shot five big squirts up his chest with a handful of oozing dabs that soaked my hand and his pubes.

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