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You’ll Be in Heaven with Evan

Active Duty rolled out Evan, another of Kaden Saylor’s gorgeous recruits, in their War Chest. Evan is one of Kaden’s first recruits, and Kaden sure got it right the first time. This gorgeous peaches-and-cream twink is about 5’9″ and weighs in at a perfect 145 lbs. This blonde blue-eyed dreamboat has a face that will melt your heart, and nice long perfect cock that I bet you’d like to try melting in your mouth! His solo was soooo hot! You could tell this amateur was nervous, but that made it even sexier. Join Active Duty today to see his streaming video solo in the War Chest, or buy it on DVD in Kaden’s Recruits 1.

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Evan_active_duty (14)

Aaron S:
When I first opened up Aaron’s model application, I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough to get him up to the house.  When I contacted him, he as eager to get in and give it a shot while he was still brave enough.  He admitted that he likes to show off but inside he can be pretty shy sometimes.  He is 20 years old and about to enter college and study engineering.
I seem to have a new favorite every week these days buy I will have to say it again.  When Aaron walked in the door, I basically melted.  I couldn’t wait to get him out of his jeans and see what this Southern Boy looked like naked.  He has the cutest face than can appear really young and yet mature at the same time.  He is tall and slender with an obvious bulge in his pants.
Aaron said that he definitely prefers to get fucked when it cums to hooking up with guys.  I thought that we would help him out a little bit in this solo so I gave him a nice glass dildo to play with.  Aaron didn’t waste any time and before you know it, the dildo is completely buried in his ass.  Aaron moaned with pleasure as his huge, thick uncut cock grew harder and harder.
Aaron continued to stroke his rock hard cock as he fucked his hole with his new best friend.  Watch the look on Aaron’s face as he strokes his cock.  There are times that he barely looks 18 while other times you would think he was in his mid 20’s.  Aaron definitely isn’t new to sex and he proves it by working his cock until he sprays a thick load of come all over his lean chest and abs.  I will definitely try and get Aaron back for more.

southernstrokes-aarons (1)southernstrokes-aarons (3)southernstrokes-aarons (4)southernstrokes-aarons (5)southernstrokes-aarons (6)southernstrokes-aarons (7)southernstrokes-aarons (8)southernstrokes-aarons (9)southernstrokes-aarons (11)southernstrokes-aarons (13)southernstrokes-aarons (12)


Gavin Waters is a bartender from upstate New York who freely admits that, when it comes to downtime, he’s “pretty much up for anything.”  Hot blondes really get Gavin going in the sexual department so we helped him make a new friend in Addison and sat back to see what kind of sparks would fly.  Almost instantly Gavin’s playmate had his shirt off, revealing his muscular chest and six-pack abs.  You never know how much of a package a man has tucked away but in Gavin’s case, it was a nice surprise when Addison pulled his cock out to lick and suck and found a good 8 inches of thick man meat to work on.  Gavin seems right at home on all fours, his jeans around his ankles, moaning with pleasure as his butthole gets a little tongue action.  Our stud soon moves into the driver’s seat, expertly using his tongue and fingers to stimulate his partner.  (Check out the overhead shot of his butt flexing as he slithers across the sheets).  Once he slips on his rubber, he’s definitely a guy that likes to drill pussy long and hard.  Holding back all that love juice couldn’t have been easy judging by the amount of cum he releases at the end. 

straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (1)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (2)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (3)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (4)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (5)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (6)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (28)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (29)straight_guys_4_gay_eyes-Gavin_Waters (30)


Today we get to meet Tony. A very cute 18 year old twink boy that is trying out for the wrestling team but is in his freshman year studying business. Like with all the patients, I started off simple and took his vital signs. Tony was in great shape but I had to make sure everything was working great! I had him remove his clothes just leaving his undies. Tony is about 5’7 inches weighs in at 126 lbs. With all sports physicals I have to have the boys undress and check for hernias. Tony was a bit hesitant and worried and nervous and didn’t like have me examine his dick. I don’t think Tony is thrilled about this part of the test but he just went through the motions. I had him lay on the exam table as I examined his genitals very thoroughly. I then had him hope down on the exam table and had him bend over as I took his temperature with the anal thermometer. Tony didn’t like that either but since I am the doctor, he had no choice if he wanted to pass his test to get onto the wrestling team.

I inserted the lube thermometer into his tight anus and his temp. was perfect. I then had him get onto the exam table but when I told him I had to check his prostrate, he wasn’t thrilled and he never had this done before. This was Tony’s first time having his prostrate examined and the first time something went up his ass. As I placed my finger in his tight hole and massaged his prostrate, I stroked his cock with my other hand. Instantly Tony got hard as a rock and he was super erect. I wanted to help him get the swelling down on his cock, so I placed lube on my hands and started stroking his hard cock. He was not having and resisted some, but I pushed him down and stroked his cock and told him that its part of the exam and if he wanted to pass the test, he had to do what I say. Tony was a bit stiff, but as I stroked his cock, he relaxed and enjoyed having my firm grip around his cock. Tony had a really nice cock, 7.5 inches of twink boy cock in my hands as I was stroking his cock. I placed one hand at the base of his cock, holding it upwards and with my other hand I continued stroking his cock. Tony was moaning and loved the feeling he was getting from me stroking his cock. He was super hard and I can feel it throb in my hands as I upwardly stroked his cock. It was a matter of time that he was about to release his jizz onto my hands and squirt his cum onto his stomach. His first shot of cum squirted out landing on his side and the rest of his cum just oozed out as I stroked his cock and got out all the cum from his balls. I passed for the team but I forgot to give him his results so I sent him a note to his dorm to pick up his results. I can’t wait to see him again.

college_boys_physicals_tony (1)college_boys_physicals_tony (3)college_boys_physicals_tony (5)college_boys_physicals_tony (2)college_boys_physicals_tony (4)college_boys_physicals_tony (6)college_boys_physicals_tony (7)college_boys_physicals_tony (9)college_boys_physicals_tony (10)college_boys_physicals_tony (8)college_boys_physicals_tony (11)college_boys_physicals_tony (12)


Cute college boy gets molested by the college doctor.


Jan Krasny is one aptly named twink – “krasny” means “beautiful” in Czech, and this 18 year old bisexual student is truly gorgeous. His perfect baby face is just the beginning – Jan also has a fantastic muscular body with great shoulders, smooth pecs and a sexy treasure trail that draws the eye down across his toned stomach to his very strong and hairy legs. Easy-going and up for anything, Jan was not at all shy about stripping naked in the lovely Czech countryside, showing us his great bubble butt and jerking off for the camera. And he lost his concentration only for a moment when a lady on a horse passed by and asked him what he was doing!

czechboys-jankrasny (1)czechboys-jankrasny (2)czechboys-jankrasny (3)czechboys-jankrasny (4)czechboys-jankrasny (5)czechboys-jankrasny (6)czechboys-jankrasny (7)czechboys-jankrasny (8)czechboys-jankrasny (9)czechboys-jankrasny (10)czechboys-jankrasny (11)czechboys-jankrasny (12)czechboys-jankrasny (13)czechboys-jankrasny (14)czechboys-jankrasny (15)


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