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In Holesovice there is a huge shop with computers. I was snooping around for any good looking geeks and nerds. After some time I came across a beautiful young boy, who was there to pick up a new T-shirt. A very nice T-shirt to be honest. It had kamasutra style pictures on it. Immediately, I got an awesome idea. I wanted to try every single position depicted on the T-shirt. Obviously, I couldn’t go for it too directly, I had to be smart and charming at first. Fortunately, the guy was at high school so he was basically broke. We went for a little walk and then I took him somewhere nice. He had an absolutely stunning cock, I almost couldn’t stop playing with that beautiful thing. But I had to, I wanted to try all those positions. I think he started regretting his choice of T-shirt pretty soon.

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This guy was scary. I mean, he was harmless, polite, and nice. But his appearance was intimidating. It has been a few days and I still have no idea what to think about him. He looked very tough, I mean proper tough, not like a wannabe gangster. I think this guy had a pretty nasty background. But I didn’t care. I patiently listened through his ridiculous and incoherent story about “loosing” some goods from a warehouse where he used to work and then agreed to help him. He looked pretty scared of his former boss, who demanded payment for the loss. He was even frightened to go outside of his flat because someone might recognize him. For a tough guy he was quite gentle and willing to ass fuck. Maybe prison taught him how to handle a cock.

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I just love watching this handsome lad – a lad who is really hot and he knows it too! Watch as he checks out his mates’ bodies at every opportunity – giving himself a nod & grin of approval. I still find that a turn on, but not as much as his damp bulge and floppy dick. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Incredibly sexy Lukas will charm you with his pleasant personality and relaxed interview. He will tell you a lot about himself and show what all he can do when he gets wild. Nothing is a problem for him and he’s open-minded about just everything. I dare to say it would be a mistake to miss this video, because working with him was excellent and you cannot just forget a guy like this. Make yourself comfortable and let your imagination flow. The wild ride full of passionate sex is about to begin.

The scene with Ted starts off a bit stiff. He’s nervous, unsure of his surroundings and suspicious of the older man behind the camera; all totally valid concerns (especially that last one). But as Brendon talks with him, he visibly loosens up. His smile comes a little easier and he is soon stripping off his clothes. This 24 year-old guy has bright blue eyes that don’t miss a thing. He’s an outdoor guy for sure, snowboarding and dirt biking whenever possible. But today he’s in the studio and he’s all ours. The stiffness in his manner has moved south to fuel his rock hard dick. His eyes never leave the TV he’s watching where chicks are getting plowed, while Brendon lubes and strokes his beautiful straight cock to orgasm. Next time, Ted, you might not get off so easy!

Hey Troops, Say ‘howdie’ to Mr. Tex Long.  He’s our newest recruit and he’s absolutely delicious!  He’s a tall, fun-loving gym rat with just a great attitude.  That’s right, don’t let that hard, chiseled exterior fool you.  Tex simply exudes a sweet warmth that I know will bring a wonderful vibe to the squad. Once Claude lets him get down to it, Tex pulls off his tank top and we see his lightly tattooed, heavily toned upper body.  Yowza!  Tex has the type of body I can’t resist: his long, powerful torso and those athletic arms are so sexy!  Then Tex takes off his shorts and undies to fatten up his gorgeous dick.  Yes, Tex is quite well qualified to join the squad, and THEN some!  As he lays on the bed, getting his cock rock solid for us, Claude moves in tight for a closer look.  There’s a moment when we start out looking into Tex’s dreamy, blue eyes, then a slow pan down to see Tex’s fair complexion with juuuuust the right amount of chest hair, then down to his luscious erection.  From the bed, Tex goes to his feet and Claude gets the shot from underneath.  Oh boy, I love seeing those tight balls.  Tex is that rare kind of specimen…strength, masculinity, and style.  Then he relaxes a bit and sits on the edge of the bed to continue tugging his firm dick.  He goes from sitting to pillow humping and we get some incredible looks at his unbelievable ass.  Wow, now that is a shapely butt!  It’s between bubbly and athletic, but when you see it in action, pumping his hips into the pillow, it’s easy to see that ass is built for hard fucking. Tex goes back to jerking on the edge of the bed and Claude goes over Tex’s shoulder to give us a nice POV view.  Like many of our other recruits, Tex has those gruff, powerful hands I enjoy.  His dick such a perfect fit with them, especially when they’re really working hard on that stiffie.  After a little while, Tex lays back on the bed and stretches his body out.  This is where he becomes extra relaxed and let’s a little bit of his guard down.  I think with a tad more experience, this is the side of Tex that will come out further.  He’s a super-hot, laid back dude who’s here to blow of some steam and explore things he never has before.  I know we’ll be looking forward to enjoying some time with Tex in the near future.

If blond hair and blue eyes are a turn on for you, then we have a treat for you this week! Let’s start off with Scott Riley. He’s back by popular demand as our bait and we never get tired of seeing his great body and how he puts it to good use! Scott is always up for having sex with a straight dude and he’s always horny! Next up, is straight newbie Phoenix Williams. He’s 27 but looks much younger, has a nice slender build, blue eyes, blond hair, tight bubble butt, and rock hard cock! Caruso returns to tell the guys that our girl can’t make it today. Lucky for them, Caruso has another option. How about have sex with each other for double the money? Phoenix was so disappointed but with the help of Caruso and Scott, he finally agreed to give it a shot. Scott takes charge and gives Phoenix a handjob. Phoenix seems to like it so Scott leans in and starts blowing him. You can see that Phoenix is in pure bliss as his eyes roll back in his head so Scott moves up and starts kissing him. After Phoenix returns the favor and blows Scott, Caruso brings up the fact that Phoenix has had a strap-on in his ass before so why not try the real thing. At that point, Phoenix was so turned on that he just couldn’t say no!

Young Liam is unusually confident and experienced, but he still gets a nervous excitement making a new video with new men because anything can happen! Note how the first thing Liam suggestions for action in the video is rimming. That’s the kind of filthy-minded thinking we like! Adrian takes his time displaying Liam’s body in close detail. His dick is really excitable. As soon as his trousers slide down out it pops all thick and ready for action! Liam’s big cock and hairy arse have a rich masculine scent which is a turn on, but it’s also horny bathing him tenderly before sucking on his nob and tonguing his tight sphincter. Liam isn’t allowed to lay back and just take a fucking. He needs to earn his initiation by demonstrating his cock sucking skills first. Those dark mischievous eyes look particularly sexy looking up while he’s going down. His arse is way too tight and even though he thinks he can take it, Liam really needs some loosening up first. We watch him slide a butt plug in and out of his arse to get ready to be filled with flesh. Then he gets a real hard fucking from different angles. But next Liam gets his own back being the top and screwing as nasty and hard as he wants. And, of course, no good new professional partnership is sealed until men cum in each others’ mouths!

Connor Maguire and Brenner Bolton share their delicious cocks with each other. Brenner savors Connor’s rod, then Conner decides to plunge his tongue and hard dick into Brenner’s smooth butt doggy-style. Connor can barely contain himself once he has Brenner on his back, pumping away until Brenner is sprayed with cum.

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I was feeling really lazy today so I decided to try something new. Instead of looking for fun I should try to bring fun to me. You all know that I never hire professionals, which makes thing a bit complicated. Why not order pizza? Someone would have to deliver it. And that someone might be willing to earn extra cash. The first boy told me to fuck off but I was determined to get what I wanted. The second guy was more reasonable. It took some convincing before he agreed to follow me upstairs, though. I sat comfortably in my sofa and watched the pizza boy undressing. When I enjoyed the view at his sculptured body enough, I took off his nerdy glasses and let him work on my cock for a while. This big boy had a very small and tight asshole. I should order pizza more often.

When we first posted about real footballer Fergus’ fully naked examination and jerk off video, it caused a massive scandal! Strapping Fergus grew up in a rural area where sexual adventures were limited. Now that he’s living in the big city he wants to try it all and fully utilize his insatiable sex drive. His big fleshy foreskin and tight pink asshole will be a pleasure to use in upcoming videos. Fergus gives an impressive show jerking off his big cock for the camera and producing a sizeable sperm sample. As a towering muscular sporty hunk who is up for trying almost everything he’s someone that can make it far in the industry.

Football fans stopping off for a piss after the match. Hot jovial macho guys with their big fat cocks out standing right next to each other!

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My new hi-tech camera doesn’t get affected by water or steam so I’ve managed to put them right into changing rooms to really capture guys stripped and showering. This guy doesn’t realise that he’s the first to be filmed by my super-hidden camera lens – in fact, he has no idea that I’ve been enjoying his fine, naked body and dick many times since he exposed himself.

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This boy used to work as a waiter. Aren’t waiters supposed to wear a shirt? This one was clearly too cool to wear one. Even to a job interview. On the other hand, he was really into sports and fitness. Which improved my opinion of him dramatically. Fitness guy who needs money, this was supposed to be easy. He wanted to pay the mediation fee but didn’t hesitate too long when I offered him a way to save all that money. His body was simply superb, especially his abdominals. When he put his tongue to work, I had a hard time to keep myself calm. I put him on the floor and fucked him from behind like a whore. Then we moved on my table. He kept his mouth shut but afterwards he admitted it hurt him a lot. Well, getting a job isn’t easy.

From the other side of the wall in this changing room I can spy this hot young footaballer showering who I have never seen before. He doesn’t know that I’m peering at him with my tiny camera aimed in his direction. Check out the hot flashes of his dick as he turns around. He is so hot!

Unlike the boy from the previous video, this one had a very nice apartment. He lived in there with his girlfriend and they together turned the place into something beautiful. Too bad he couldn’t keep track of his expenses and then he tried his luck in a casino. 25 500 was the sum he needed from me. I had no problem with that. He was a tough guy covered in tattoos and yet he looked so cute. At first he rejected my offers, he didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend. I will never understand this argument. Don’t they know it doesn’t count? Finally, he took care of my cock very gently. He was inexperienced but tried his best. We had some difficulties with his tight ass but when I got inside, it felt amazing. Tight virgin asses always do.

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This week we had in our atelier in Prague Mario. He’s a bisexual, but still he managed to perform a perfect and professional show. He seemed very calm since the beginning and when it came to the action, he did not hesitate and revealed all of his talent. After watching this video you will agree that he can earn his living as a porn actor straightaway.

Conner Mason is back as our bait guy for the third time! He loves coming to the studio for sex because he knows he’s always going to land a straight guy. Timothy Rivers is the newest straight guy to end up on the couch. He’s smokin’ hot with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He’s tall, fit, and he’s hung! Timothy also loves sex and older women are a plus. At 23 years old, he’s already had sex with a woman in her forties! Caruso comes back to deliver some bad news. The girl that was supposed to be in the scene was decorating for the holidays and fell off the ladder. Unfortunately, she’s not going to be able to make it so the only option left would be for both guys to have sex with each other for double the money. Timothy just couldn’t resist the offer and agreed to give it a shot. Caruso has them start off by stroking each other’s cocks. Seeing that both guys are rock hard and clearly enjoying the moment, Caruso has Timothy stand up so Conner can suck his dick. Timothy loved the blowjob so after some kissing, he decided to return the favor. Conner couldn’t wait any longer and was dying to get Timothy’s cock inside him. Timothy put on a condom, lubed up, and shoved his dick into Conner’s tight hole!

Brendon is so happy to have Wilson back in the studio. This hearing-impaired stud charms without words, though he does speak. He reads lips and responds in a beautiful voice. His jet-black hair and alabaster skin compliment his gorgeous cock. A gentle, but generous straight guy with a yen for adventure, he agrees to pair with another guy though he yearns for a woman. Jacob’s smooth tender skin will feel silky and feminine under Wilson’s touch. Jacob’s full, luscious lips will glide down Wilson’s thick shaft like no woman could do, mapping the veins and ridges of its incredible length. Urging it to spill its secrets on Jacob’s willing face, revealing things about Wilson that we may never learn.

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