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The unexpected has become reality! Czech streets are not a safe place to roam anymore! A young couple with a camera approaches other Czech couples and offers them money for sex! Right on a street! An innocent chat ends up with wild fucking in the public. Amateurs are first jolted when the couple offers them that they would join them. A foursome in the public! Everyone is fucking with everyone. This is the ultimate perversity! This is a world primacy! Money, emotions, and fidelity testing. Not everybody can cope with it and good smacks land on cheaters’ faces! Czech couples are fucking right on the street! They would do anything for money! This is pure reality! The mind boggles.

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This dumb ass was suppose to do our home work. He fucked that up. Now we gonna fuck him up! Bend his sorry ass over the desk and pound him a new hole. That’s how we do it here!

His First Bareback Lesson

Sometimes it’s the guys you would least expect who show up at the House in need of some help. These are young men who otherwise seem to have a perfect life except for one little problem that over time turned into a big problem. This particular resident had a lot going for him and threw it all away as he was seduced slowly into a cycle of addiction. The guys who are wound tight are always the ones who cause a lot of damage when they lose it.

We all thought that this one wouldn’t be causing many problems when he first arrived. Polite, well mannered, and deferential, he certainly had all the tools to focus on getting better and get on with his life. Just like all the rest, though, he let the devil on his shoulder tell him what to do. When it quickly became apparent that he was just another rotten egg like the others, we felt free to take our special course of action. If you are going to act like an idiot, you are going to be treated like one.

The best thing about pretty boy here is that he hadn’t had any experience sucking cock or giving up his hole. It was like plowing virgin ground. Even so, he did what he was told. When I had my cock stuffed in between those sexy lips with his eyes gazing up at me, I thought that maybe this was the life for him, after all. He actually sucks dick a lot better than I would have guessed. No teeth, and just the right amount of pressure. He didn’t enjoy being slapped around, but he didn’t cause a fuss, either. I could have cum in his mouth right then and there when he was submissively on his knees looking up as if he were seeking some kind of approval for the job he was doing.

My real intent, however, was to get my dick wet in his straight boy virgin butt. It was a beauty, too. He had some natural fur down there around his bung, underneath which lie a very pretty and inviting fuck hole. With just enough lube, I finally got my cock inside of him, and he winced but didn’t make much noise. Slowly I picked up the pace, and he didn’t show much emotion at all. Rather, he just relaxed and went with it. By the time I’d fucked him in a few positions and stuck my ass-juice soaked cock in his mouth, he was ready for a full-on pound down, which is exactly what he got. His ass looks good with a creamy filling, too.

Czech Hunter 316

My friend recommended me this beautiful park at the outskirts of Prague. I arrived there pretty hungry so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I went for a nice junk food lunch while watching for boys. I found two very funny guys. They just got fired from work and were furious. One of them was pretty hot, innocent looking teenager. I asked them to show me the park. Now I just had to get rid off the older dude so I could have fun with the cutie. When we were finally alone, I revealed my true intensions. He was a bit shy but in the end it was all about money. He was greedy. He also had a very deep throat and ass tighter than a girl scout. Our only concern were people, this was a very busy park. The spot we found was probably the most dangerous place I have ever had sex at.

Casting Cooper

Cooper put his own ad online seeking a position in the porn industry as a performer. I thought he looked pretty good, and chatted him up. A few weeks later when I was swinging through his hometown, I gave him a call and asked if he wanted to meet me for an audition, and asked if he was down for anything with another guy. Although he said he was only interested in working with chicks, he reluctantly agreed to come by. He was definitely curious about the biz and he also needed the few bucks I said I’d toss him. In my opinion – although I could be wrong – he was also slightly curious about exploring his sexuality more.

I had him get hard and take his clothes off. His cock was great, very stiff. I gave his dick a tug and he didn’t mind too much. Cooper was clearly uncomfortable but not so uncomfortable as to want me to stop. I had my camera and I was snapping some photos, but I really just wanted to dig my tongue into his teenage hole. Once he had his legs in the air I didn’t waste any time or ask any questions. I could tell he liked getting his hole worked over. When he saw that I had pulled my cock out, though, he stiffened up again.

I managed to have him give me a handjob and then finally to go down on me. That sweet straight boy mouth slurping all over my dick was a real treat. At the end of the casting, he didn’t seem to be too traumatized, so I guess it was a win-win situation for both of us!

Dirty Scout 96

This boy was almost too easy-going for my taste. He didn’t know what job he wanted. He would do basically anything decently paid. Well, he had only primary school so he kind of had to take anything available. Nicely paid warehouse job was just right for our guy. Except he couldn’t afford the mediation fee we charge. My dirty propositions surprised him only a little. He wasn’t shy at all. Actually he was quite curious and happy to fool around. He even wanted to try anal sex. For free! It turned out to be a very special experience for our boy. I fucked him hard like a cheap whore. He should have known better, he knew my cock was big. He was so shaken by the experience that he didn’t even demand more money. When I was done, he just left my office, with his shirt unbuttoned.


Casting director Donny Forza asks Jack King for a second opinion.

Debt Dandy 206

A desperate student called me for help. He studied for too long and lost the stipend from the government that covered the fee for the college. He was a foreigner so he didn’t realize it in time. He was really close from finishing the program and the debt caught him by surprise. When I met him, he was very stressed out and afraid. He was scared that all the hard work he did so far would be for nothing. He was quite muscular and handsome so I gladly offered him my help. I wanted to get inside of his pants, I didn’t care about the money. He needed 35 000, which is quite a sum for a poor student. He would never get the money in time so he agreed to become my sex toy. After I silenced his protests, he even agreed to do some very nasty stuff.

Joseph. Student. Prague. Casting.

This week came to our shooting young Josef who says you should try everything the life offers you. That’s why he did not hesitate to use the offer of our gay casting. He told us he is into girls only, but it’s no problem for him to fuck another guy’s ass. He’s been in the business of filming for several months and he came to show us his experiences and demonstrate what he learned during his short career of porn actor. He will show you everything he’s got and you can look forward to some interesting facts from his life and for action that is finished by a massive cumshot and pissing in the shower. All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and enjoy the next episode of the CZECH GAY CASTING. Have fun!

Str8 Chaser: Jackson

Jackson is a sweet southern boy with a cute face and a runner’s body. But don’t let his shyness fool you, Jackson drives a hard bargain. It was definitely worth the extra time it took to convince him to loosen up for me. His inhibitions dropped once the money started flowing and when we were in private he and his big dick were all mine.

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