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Coy and his buddy drove from Alabama and made their way to the lake house because Coy wanted to do some modeling and he wanted to take a road trip. You see, this is exactly how a hot straight country boy ends up being filmed while he strips naked and jerks out a load. Coy was nervous as shit by the time he arrived, the long drive gave him and his buddy time to let their minds go wild and scare them about what could be waiting for them at the lake house. The body guard hit the beer in the ice box and Coy made his way into the bedroom. Coy took off his shirt and we all realized why he wanted to do some naked work. Coy had a big muscular chest and a pair of guns that could fuck you up in you piss him off. He has a little run of hair from the middle of his chest leading you down to his perfect abs. Coy got naked and flexed for us for a while before he grabbed his cock and lubed it up and started to crank. Coy closed his eyes and tightened up his thighs as he grew closer to his release point. Finally this country boy pulled a stream of cum out of his ‘Bama cock.

Bryson sent a text asking about doing another shoot. He knew that his buddy, Anthony, had done a massage video and figured that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him, considering his previous scenes (getting a hand-job, jerking off and getting jerked off by Anthony). Bryson showed up feeling cool and confident. He’d saved up a couple-day load and even “edged” himself with his wife earlier in the morning to help ramp up his horniness. But nerves may have gotten the better of him starting out — first time jitters having a guy rub down his body with more intimacy wasn’t quite getting his dick super hard. At least at first. Seeing a chance to take things up a notch, I gave Bryson a little extra help and jump-started his dick with my mouth. That did the trick; Bryson got rock hard in no time. In fact, after a couple minutes his eyes suddenly popped open. “Stop! Stop!” he said, looking down at his cock. It was a close call to him cumming too quickly. Now that he’d been edged one more time that morning, it was time to go for the gold. Bryson’s breathing got heavier as I picked up the pace of stroking him. Then, going in for the kill, I wrapped my lips around his shaft to finish him off. Bryson gasped deeply, then reaching down, grabbed the back of my head, giving it a quick tap letting me know he was about to cum. It was just barely enough to time to pull off as globs of jizz splattered onto his pubes.

I wanted to hunt outside Prague. And to make things even more interesting I decided to get there by using carpooling. I just went online and randomly picked a guy to go with. I didn’t care where he was going. There are young boys everywhere. When I got inside the car I was a bit disappointed at first because the driver was not my type. Fortunately, he seated me next to a cute young boy who was carpooling, too. He wasn’t really a talker so I got terribly bored soon. To pass the time, I started making sleazy offers to the young gentleman next to me. He resisted but eventually he pulled his cock out and started masturbating. The driver didn’t like our little game and kicked us out in the middle of nowhere. Now, I just had to find the right place where we could continue.

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He didn’t complete his first stay with us, and now he is back for more. We really only let him back in because his ass is so fuckable. Other than that, he is for the most part a waste of oxygen. Worse yet, he’s picked up some even worse habits in the last few months. Those poor brain cells are just being obliterated one by one it seems. At least we have his hole to use as a DNA dumpster before he goes off the deep end again! I let him jerk me off nice and slow while he looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes, but it wasn’t long before his mouth was wrapped around my cock. For a straight boy, he sure does take to blowjobs. Guess that is a useful skill in a lot of situations when you’re uncertain of where your next meal is coming from. The way he was slobbering on my knob, I almost came down his throat. But I knew I had to save it for that sweet ass of his. He knew exactly what to do, just like a trained circus animal. He greased up my dick and sat right down on it. I could tell that he wasn’t getting pounded on the regular by the wincing look on his face, but before long it was as if he never left us. He was bobbing up and down like a buoy in a tropical storm. Not only that he was getting a chub. I was thinking to myself how sad it is that he rarely gets touched by another human being except when he is getting into a scrape or being used like a bitch. The riding was good, though, and soon I turned him onto his back and let go on his sweet ass. As I was fucking him, I started jerking him off, too, and before long he nutted while I was going full throttle on him. It’s always nice to know someone cares. I came shortly thereafter, and I made sure that almost every drop got deep inside his hole. I thrust it in so deep that he actually told me to stop! Of course, he tells me to stop only once I’m done with him!

Liam told me he had wanted to be a pornstar every since he could remember. Well, at the age of 21 he finally got his chance. I flew him down from up North on one of those discount airlines, and when he arrived at the airport I was a little worried because he seemed so uptight. Thankfully, around the same time I hooked up with Tucker, who was referred to me by some friends. Surely, if anyone could get Liam to loosen up a little, it would be Tucker. Since Liam had never fucked a dude in the ass, setting him up with a guy whose mouth was like a vacuum cleaner and whose hole was hungry for a big cock seemed like a great idea. When I turned the camera on, Liam and Tucker chatted a bit before Tucker began giving Liam a nice back massage. As he did, one hand he slipped into Liam’s shorts. Tucker just couldn’t resist getting his hands on Liam’s dick. Once he had played with it for a while, he also couldn’t resist wrapping his lips around it. As Tucker moved on to sucking Liam off, Liam seemed to let down his guard a little bit. But when Tucker offered up his greedy hole, Liam seemed to have no issues diving right into it. I got a closeup of Liam’s fat cock slowly sliding into Tucker. It looked damn hot seeing him go in totally raw. Tucker fucking loved it, too. This seemed to encourage Liam, and he started fucking with more verve. Although Liam identifies as straight, I couldn’t help but think that he was digging getting this intimate with another guy. After several positions, I was pretty much convinced that Liam had been turned out, but he still insisted on watching some tits and pussy to be able to nut. It’s always good to let these guys have their little crutches, so a few minutes before he was done, he is barebacking Tucker while his cell phone is playing a vid of some bitch riding cock. While some people might think that this is offensive, I think it’s actually humorous. A lot of guys need something – anything – so that they can fall back on their wannabe hetero status afterward. Fine by me. Tucker didn’t mind either, because he let Liam fuck the cum out of him, and he popped a big load on his stomach while Liam pounded away at his hole like he was setting up a fence post. After Tucker came, Liam hopped up on the bed and jerked off into Tucker’s mouth. When he came, it was stunning. Liam dropped one of the biggest loads of jizz I’ve ever scene – much to Tucker’s surprise! Here’s the thing: real straight guys don’t just drop huge loads like that unless they are super turned on. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. It was hot watching Tucker deal with all that cum. Some of it he let dribble out of his mouth, but even when he stood up, there was more coming out, like a waterfall! Not bad for a weekday afternoon.

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When you look at Eda you have to agree that he’s a good-looking young man, maybe even a dream of many guys. He’s been filming gay movies for four years and that’s why nothing was new to him and he was happy to participate in all action. You can tell he has some experience from before, he threw away all of his shyness in front of the camera and showed us what is he good at. You can expect a video full of sex with a massive cumshot in the end. I dare to say that this will be your favorite video and that it will be a worthy piece in your private collection.

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Me and my boys were chilling, gettin drunk. We had this dumb ass in the cage cause he did some stupid shit. Smacked him around a bit. Spat on his face. We were drunk as hell. Had a great time though! We all blew big loads on his face too. It was epic dude! 😛

Juan Carlos is back at the studio but this time his best buddy Rico is missing. That’s because Rico felt bad after his last scene and decided to spend more time with his girlfriend. But, that’s not stopping Juan Carlos from having more sex and getting paid for it! This week’s straight guy is Blue! Blue is 26 years old, hot, tall, and hung! He’s 5’10”, 130lbs., and has a thick, 7.5” cock! Originally from New York, Blue has had plenty of chances getting laid but he wasn’t getting paid for it. That’s why he decided to experiment in the World of porn. Caruso tells the guys to strip down and get hard so that he can make sure they’ll be able to perform. Both guys are rock hard in a matter of seconds so Caruso steps out of the room to check on the female talent. When he returns, he has to deliver the bad news. The girl isn’t going to make it today and both guys are going to end up going home empty handed. Unless, they have sex with each other for double the money… Blue’s smile quickly fades and his cock goes soft as he weighs his options. But, with the help of Juan Carlos, Blue caves in and decides to give it a shot!

Hung straight guys Lex and Trevor want to make some extra money and are willing to do a few gay-for-pay dares to earn it. They start by drawing from the Bowl of Tricks, but once the BJ card is drawn, the only game is to get the other guy off. Lex has never done anything with a guy before, and Trevor…

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I’ve always wanted to try racing karts. It looked really cool on Youtube so I went to one of the indoor tracks that can be found in Prague. I brought my camera and my equipment with me. I just wanted to be prepared for everything. The karts looked actually a bit dangerous, I definitely didn’t want to risk my camera by driving one. So I just sat down and watched. It was a good idea, young people love karts, apparently. I just had to wait for the right guy. One showed up. He was part of a larger group but his friends didn’t want to go drinking so he had a glass of beer at the bar alone. We started chatting and very soon we ended up at a cubical. Together. With my cock shoved down his throat. When I asked for more, the boy even agreed to take me to his friend’s flat.

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Very specific 18 years old Robert wasn’t afraid to come and show not only his tanned body, but he also had no problem with joining the hit action with our cameraman. He doesn’t mind working in porn and even though he likes girls only, he’s able to grab a well grown cock and handle it better than well. You will see that even heterosexual guys from the Czech Republic are not afraid to get wild and that they will not get lost in the gay business.

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I love taking advantage of straight boys who desperately need a job. But sometimes it’s nice to try something a little bit different. This boy came to Prague from Ostrava and needed a job in the city very quickly. He was nice and looked younger than he really was. So far nothing special. What really caught my attention was his curiosity. It was a special kind of “curiosity”. He had thoughts and fantasies about having sexual adventures with boys. He was straight, he never had gay sex, he gave me no reason to thing otherwise. He was just bicurious. And I was more than happy to be his teacher. I’m not sure if the boy will enjoy gay fantasies ever again. The harsh reality of my cock fucking his asshole wide open probably satisfied his curiosity for near future. Or not?

Any time you put a group of guys together, there’s gonna be a lot of smack talk. The House is no exception, except that when a resident talks shit, he had better do it far away from the subject, if that subject is a House Manager. Sometimes, even when you think you are safe, someone you trust will snitch you out for brownie points. Liam, unfortunately, trusted the wrong loser, because the word got around that he was heaping scorn upon the head Manager. Until this incident, the guy hadn’t been noticed much. He is quiet and doesn’t socialize too much. To tell you the truth, I was happy to have an excuse to pry his straight boy virgin ass open, and I was hoping he wouldn’t enjoy his first intimate experience with another guy’s cock. Sure enough, he did not enjoy it one iota. I marched in the room with his accuser in hand (who should probably get a black eye at some point for this), and called him out. Within a few seconds he was down on his knees with my dick in his hand. Once I had progressed to shoving it down his throat, I realized what a good cock sucker he is. Never would have guessed. Some guys just have innate talent, I suppose. Hell, I even layed him down with his head at the edge of the bed and gave him a proper throat fucking. It did, however, take a while to crack open that ass of his. For such a jock, he whined like a little bitch at the initial pain, and didn’t really let up with his wincing. After trying severl positions, his hole was finally loosened up enough for me to go to town on him, which I did. That virgin hole got blown all the way up, and it looked quite red and swollen. I came all over his hole when I was ready, and then shoved my dick back in and fucked him a bit more. Losers like this are good for fucking, so it was really about time that this P.O.S. got what was coming to him.

On a whim, Roger decided he wanted to do porn. After he first applied, we met up to take some photos and talk about everything. He’s a horny 18 y/o with a thick, uncut cock that he was anxious about showing off. As we were talking, he asked if he could get on camera and bust a nut asap. How could anyone say no? So, I set the cameras up and let him go at it. Roger whipped out his phone and found some pics to get him going. Looking back at the video while editing it, it seemed that Roger is into muscle daddies (watch closely and see if you agree). The way Roger played with his cock while jacking off was super hot: slowly pulling back his foreskin and rubbing the precum onto the head. He’s a guy who really appreciated his own dick. And the cumshot? It was a hefty build-up with a nice thick load that he took plenty of time to rub all over his chest while absorbing the post-climax moment.

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We’re switching things up again this week at and giving another lucky fan the chance to have sex with his pick of a favorite straight guy on the site! Nate Stetson is one lucky fan. He’s hot, ripped, has beautiful blue eyes, and an 8” half cut cock! He may actually be the only guy on the site with a half cut cock! Caruso told him to pick his top 5 straight guys on that he wanted to have sex with. After sending Caruso his choices, Caruso had to narrow them down by which of the 5 guys would be willing to take a cock. Nate may be a huge fan of the site but he will not bottom. He’s also strictly a top… After contacting Nate’s top picks, one of them decided to take his first cock ever! And, that brave straight guy would be – Vlad! Vlad did excellent that last time he was here and Caruso wasn’t sure he’d ever return. But, he returned and this time he lets Nate plow his virgin hole!

When I first met kind of met Mike, it was well over a year before I met him again. I didn’t really meet him, but we chatted on the phone because he responded to an ad for some porn I was filming with chicks. The morning of the shoot I went to pick him up but he didn’t answer his phone when I was parked in front of his apartment building. It ticked me off, and I didn’t think much of him again. However, over a year after that I checked my email and – Lo and Behold! – he was interested in doing gay4pay porn. I guess he finally realized that he needed to pay some bills. This time, he showed up for the audition. I would classify him as a metrosexual. Mike is very into his appearance and likes to be well groomed. He has a nice tan that he works on at the beach, and a really nice hard dick. Italians like him must be horny 24/7! Having lived in South Beach for a few years seems to have made him a little more open minded than most, which is a good thing for me. Hehe.

Winter is dangerous for anyone on the road. This guy was lucky, he only wrecked his front lights when he hit another car. He drove away, I have no idea why. Still, the car needed an expensive repair. And that wasn’t the end of his problems. He also needed a lot more to pay for the rent. Winter is not exactly the best time to become homeless. In total, he was asking me for 25 000. I liked the boy. He had a nice smile and judging by his figure I could tell he was pretty muscular. He used to workout a lot. I had no reason not to believe him. When I finally got him out of his clothes, I was amazed. He looked stunning and his cock was huge. I promised myself that I would make him cum or at least fuck his ass wide open.

Jacob Durham is a very sexy man as well as a lot of fun. Jacob has been building up his muscles and they are wonderful to touch. One thing that didn’t need building up is his big 8 inch cock. It is one of the straightest cocks I’ve played with, but that’s about all that is straight with Jacob. He’s a passionate man and a great kisser. He’s dominant, too. Jacob pulls me in to kiss and pushes my head down forcing his cock deep down my throat. When Jacob fucks my face, he goes all in, thrusting his cock fast and hard into my mouth. Jacob strokes to an amazing cum gusher as I lie next to him. I eat up his cum and suck his cock dry, then end with a sticky kiss. I loved playing with Jacob Durham. What a hot guy!

Cole is quite a mouthful. This shy 18-year-old has amazing abs, but a REALLY amazing cock that is more than 8 inches long. It’s really fat, too. I knew I wanted a taste of that. Cole is in his first year of college, and he was nervous about doing this shoot. I think that cock of his is the biggest I’ve ever seen.

For a guy who doesn’t want his identity revealed, Ian sure has a funny way of hiding it. Naked, erect, rimmed and sucked in living color, Ian can no longer have any illusions that he won’t be recognized. But we go along with his charade because he’s so damned hot! Viking hot! Brendon loves a blonde. That fact has never been in question. Ian pushes all of Brendon’s buttons, and we can see for ourselves that Brendon pushes right back. He tries to find a way to get that enormous dick down his throat. Brendon tries one way, then another, practically standing on his head to deep throat Ian’s love muscle. This big straight stud can’t seem to stay away from the studio. The door is always open mystery man! 

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