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Seasons Best Straight Boys Porn Pictures and Videos

Honza called me that a boy he met around Christmas last year invited him for a BBQ party. He told Honza that 2 guys at that party have been already quite drunk and quite broke. Of course that boy expected some reward for this delicate information. Honza was busy so he sent me to this party instead. Once I paid a small amount – or lets call it reward – to the host he introduced me to the group. And then the party got started. After a bit of small talk and a couple of beers I tried to talk the first one into giving me a blowjob. He hesitated a lot and offered me to talk to one of his friends who was gay. But that would have been too easy. Instead I offered him more money if he could even convince his 2nd straight friend into some threesome action.

tom bartos shower

When I met 22 year old Tom Bartos in Munich I knew it was going to be an odd shoot. Tom spoke almost no English and I don;t speak any Czech. But when I spotted this beautiful guy in the lobby of my hotel I really wanted to make it work. Tom had travelled a long way to meet me and asked to take a shower first. So I suggested that we start making photos while he showered. Tom has got a very nice muscly chunky body. And he loves showing off his bum! Without any prompting Tom turned around, bent over and stretched his bum open so I could get a better look. These are some really nice shots in the bathroom from my new Czech friend.

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Lazy worker is being punished for his behaviour. He is gonna be humiliated and marked as gay. The construction site chief is using the plastic foil to made him his personal bitch. Soon he is gonna look like a slut, with lipstick a nail polish he looks just awesome. Bit of cream is the cheery on the top and the action can start.

Young guys today sometimes don’t have manners. What’s the point in making an appointment when you come to that place and nobody is there. That happened to me this time. And then he was even pissed about the cam and told me to switch it off at least until we are in his apartment. Well, on the other hand he was kinda cute. Very slim, sexy eyes and a bit nervous. I love if they get nervous. So after he told me all about his debts I went straight to the point and offered him money for one hour of sex. In the first moment he was shocked. He insisted that he had a girlfriend and that he was straight etc blah blah… Somehow he appeared to me to be metrosexual. Or bisexual or whatever. I was so curious. So I had to find it out.

david circus ben

After seeing the shoot Zac did with Dave Circus I knew that I wanted to have the sexy Hungarian model for me as well.  So I invited him back to my hotel room to have some fun with me. I could go on for a long time about how attractive I find Dave. Plus he’s a super sweet guy. I had just picked up a Nike tracksuit for myself in London and asked Dave to try it on for size. It fitted his muscled body perfectly. So in addition to those pink jocks Dave changed into the tracksuit, only to strip out of it during our shoot. I think Dave would look in anything. These are some really nice shots of Dave getting naked and pumping that fat cock, but wait till you see the video we made.

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This punishment is severe. His ass is in pain like never before. Screaming for his life, just to survive every single penetration. I think he will learn his lesson and will never commit a crime ever again.

Breaking up with a partner is never easy. Today’s little fellow was quite depressed as his girlfriend left him the day before. He appeared so young, so cute, so vulnerable… how could this stupid bitch ever leave him? He was quite happy to have someone to talk to. And so it wasn’t difficult for me to find out that he was still a student living with his mother and only getting some money from occasional part-time jobs. Good news for me so far. I showed him my bucks and asked him if he is up for a new experience. Not knowing what this will be about he was more than curious. And I started my little step-by-step game. His balls were full of sperm as he didn’t jack off for a long time. His body was slim but sexy and his butt… well, his butt was the cherry on top 😉

david circus ben video

Things got very hot after Dave’s photoshoot with me in London. Dave had already done a solo scene with Zac, so I wanted this video to be a little different. This time I jumped in on Dave’s video. Dave had been waking while watching a video. I suggested he move down on to the chair where I could have some fun with the beautiful hungarians fat cock. I started wanting his thick tool while he rested back on the chair. Eventually I wanted to tongue fuck his hole. So I got his legs up high to allow me easy access to his bum. I pulled my own cock out and started poking his cock with it. It was this action that eventually brought him to the edge of cumming. After a few minutes of pushing the head of my cock against Dave’s bum he eventually loosened up and let me in. I was getting incredibly turned on too. Eventually Dave pushes my head down lower so he could dump a thick load of his cream across my face. What a hot way to finish our horny shoot together.

Straight Nude Hunks

When I arrived in today’s client’s apartment at the top-floor of an old building he seemed not to be quite aware of his situation. First I offered him the loan with a horrible interest – but he accepted. So I had to remove that option and instead offer him the good old money-for-sex-thing. Actually he was making all of those debts because of his former girlfriend who was obviously too expensive for him. So she left after he was broke. With his best friend by the way. Indeed he was a small cutie – and I decided that I want to have him. But he was quite annoying as he wanted to know everything upfront. What I am going to do with him, how long it will take, why I have a cam and so on. He knew it all within the next hour.

david circus ben BTS

One of the most fun shoots I got to get in on this year was with the very hot Dave Circus. I have known Dave for a for years after we met in Budapest on my first trip there. It seems we only ever meet in the coldest times of the year in Europe. So this was also an indoor shoot in a hotel room. This time it was in London where Dave now lives. I had been taking a load of photos of the gorgeous stud posing and flexing in my track suit. Then I let him start the video as he strips and starts wanking. Eventually I start playing with his cock. I gotta say, it’s pretty thick! Dave moves across to a low chair where I can easily get down to lick his hole, suck on his cock and tease his hole with my own cock. I really like this shoot because eventually Dave can’t hold back and cums across my face. Very very hot!

Male Shower Spy Cam Videos

I had to take care not to get hit by one of those reckless rollerblading guys. Several of them would have fit my fantasies today…  but they just all went too fast 🙂 Finally I spotted the perfect catch. A young guy with blond hair. Well-built and – as I found out – working part-time in a call center as a sales agent. His job sounds not too spectacular, I know. But as it wasn’t well-paid I decided to take the risk. His looks turned me on so much… I had to try it. And after a whole while I talked him into comparing our dicks. A few minutes and a few thousand Crowns later he had my dick in his mouth. But how far would he go? Would he allow me to pop his cherry as well? I was up to fuck a rollerblading callcenter-guy’s ass today…

cody balcony BTS

I really liked this cheeky shoot with Cody James out on my mate’s balcony in Melbourne. It was the first I had done a shoot there so I guess Cody was being my guinea pig for the day. It got breezy and quite cool out there so we didn’t stay for too long once Cody was completely naked. But I do love the photos from this shoot. Cody is one of the most fun guys to shoot with. I have done a stack of shoots with him so far this year and can’t wait to do more. All of my mates like making scenes with him too. And he is an awesome top too! So that big didlc is not going to waste.

Straight Boys Stolen Private Videos

I noticed him already a couple of minutes before. But as he looked very young I didn’t approach him at the first place. Just when I listened him calling a friend for a party in a club I had to try my luck and to find out his age. His name was Tomas, and he was 18, almost 19 to be correct. And a real cutie. He just moved to Prague to study Economics. Living from part-time jobs and the support of his family he showed some interest in my dirty offer. And I didn’t hesitate to make him an offer he couldn’t resist. He even couldn’t believe that someone would pay him for a blowjob. Yes, he didn’t even realize how cute he was. On the way to the hotel I asked him to show me his ID card – one more time checking that my luck was true. And later in the hotel… it was unbelievable.

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