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It was a cold but sunny autumn-day. I went to one of the biggest bus-stops in Prague to look for some hot catch. Many boys come here from Moravia, a region in the South-east of the Czech Republic. And many of them come here to find a better life. I bet they wouldn’t expect me to wait for them. And what can I say – already the second boy I approached was interested in my dirty money-offers. A young guy from Slovakia even. They have such a sexy accent that they are very attractive in general. This one even especially as he had a magic smile. And a great body even as I found out once he joined me in my hotel room. He was not as shy as he pretended. And how he was moaning when I fucked him. It was a game of Sweat and Fire.

We welcomed back our ‘straight’ bait boy, Anthony, whose last appearance on BaitBuddies.com was over 3 years ago. He basically left the porn business for a while and has been working construction, as he says ”I’m good with my hands” – and we agree – in more than one way. Last time he was here we saw him get fucked for the very first time. He’s definitely a sex slut – he says ”if it gets my nut off, I’m gonna do it”. He has a fairly long time girlfriend who knows he does gay4porn and although not thrilled, she accepts it. Anthony considers himself straight, but doesn’t deny he likes gay sex. That’s why it isn’t difficult for him to talk about it, even to his best friend Archer.  Archer is 18 years old, a few years younger than Anthony – as a matter of fact Anthony was long time buddies with Archer’s older brother Ethan. When Ethan went off to college, Anthony took Archer under his wing and became a surrogate big brother and best buddy to the teen.  Archer is as they say ”cute as a button”, he’s young, adorable with a perfectly proportioned, fit, muscular body and a big, thick 7” cock. He’s also has a girlfriend and says he’s been fucking pussy since he’s 14 year old, but has always been curious about having a sex with a dude. He says that he’s never done anything with a guy – the closest he came was in middle school when his buddy taught him how to jack off. So, when Anthony approached Archer about doing porn and having sex with him, he jumped at the opportunity. Anthony recently called us about doing this buddy ‘experiment’ on camera for cash (the money is always the motivator to do porn) and Caruso set it up immediately – especially after he got the email with Archer’s photos. With both boys in the studio, Caruso asks a few questions and then lets the guys go for it.  Both dudes are horny and anxious and can’t seem to get their clothes off fast enough. Anthony is soon down on his knees with his buddy’s big, floppy cock in his mouth, hungrily sucking it as it rapidly grows to it’s full, thick 7 inches. Both boys then stand up and rub their dicks together and we see a short kiss, but Caruso encourages them to kiss some more  and they really let themselves go –  the camera shows plenty of detail as their lusting tongues enter each others mouths. It’s now Archer’s turn to suck his friend’s cock. There’s little reluctance on the 18 year old’s part, he just goes for it and does it very well. It’s easier to do a good job when you actually like what you’re doing and we’re thinking that Archer is totally digging gay sex.  It’s on to fucking and Anthony, who has some experiencing taking cock in his hot little butt, is up first. Even though it’s not his first time, Archer’s thick piece of meat is a bit much for him and there’s definitely some discomfort before the pleasure barrier is broken and the moaning transitions from agony to ecstasy. Archer is really into fucking his bud’s hole. He later tells Caruso that guys are much tighter than girls.  Tables are turned and it’s time for Archer to get fucked. Our cutie gets on his back and Anthony grabs the boys legs as positions his cock at the entrance to his friend’s virgin hole and slowly pushes it in. There’s a few gasps from Archer, but it only takes a minute before he’s saying ”I didn’t think it would feel this good”. Upon hearing this, Anthony fucks away, just as he would if it was his girlfriend, and Archer is loving it. Before long Anthony announces that he’s going to cum. He pulls out and both boys start jacking off. Anthony cums first squirting his stuff all over Archer’s belly and torso which triggers the teen to shoot his load. Archer jacks his cock so frantically that it splatters all over Anthony’s belly as he leans over the boy.  With the shoot over, Caruso says ”this is an experiment gone well” to which Anthony quickly replies ”an experiment gone wild!”.

I had a mood for some real kinky and educational act today. I was lucky, cause the dude I got to my money trap today even looked like a perfect toy for my dirty game. His girlfriend was at work, so I had enough time to use all my imagination to make him my bitch. After the usual sum up and agreement I ordered him to strip down, ride a skateboard with his bare ass. But that wasn’t enough for me. I made him to wear his GF’s clothes while sucking my hard cock. To push him even further he had to dance in G strings like a slut in front of me. That was the ultimate fulfillment for me and we could proceed to the sex part, which I’ve enjoyed a lot, due to the previous excitement from all the stunts he did for me. Such a nice obedient boy he was.

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Where there are troops of hot young army men getting changed, EricDeman is there recording them! This group of real army men are at a bath house. While showering and relaxing inside the guys get too hot and strut outside to cool off and casually enjoy a cigarette while stark naked. It’s so hot spying on these hot young military men who have no idea they are being filmed!


My mate Jet Wellington is becoming a bit of a star on BentleyRace after all the hot scenes he has been making with my mates. You see Jet is our 22 year old lanky straight mate from Sydney. He has done a couple of solo scenes, but lately he has been getting down and dirty with some of my gay mates. Last week I organised for him to meet Jay Townsend. And after seeing Jet on the site, he was pretty excited about meeting him too. I warned him that Jet is seriously hung and likes to fuck pretty hard. He was all okay with that. We all headed up to the rooftop to take a load of photos of the guys stripping off and having a bit of fun. It was extremely windy in Melbourne on that day so we didn’t end up staying out there for the whole shoot. Later in my bedroom the guys stripped off again and Jay got to work on Jet’s big dick. And even later he took it up the arse with no problem at all. Jet told me later that he really liked fucking Jay’s perfect round muscle bum. I think hooking Jet and Jay up together worked out perfectly! I’m heading off now to watch their video again.

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Ondra spends a lot of time working out and doing Muai Thai. He likes cars and has a girlfriend that loves to watch him have sex with guys, so he’s really lucky and happy about his relationship. Having so much support, it’s no wonder he enjoyed himself so much at our casting. Seeing someone so nice and so open is wonderful and we hope to bring you more fresh faces like Ondra in the near future. Check him out!


When Javier and Diego accepted to shoot a duo together we knew in advance the result: an explosion of masculinity. They both are smoking hot, have terrific asses, great bodies, low hanging nuts, and they jerk off twice.


Straight, masculine badass, batboy parties with his friends then goes to his room for a private jack off session

Colby is the star of the stroke show, until Ryan wants a taste of that cock

Straight boy Nolan gets wet and messy in the shower, pissing through his shorts and jacking out a load

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I ended up in the very city centre of Prague, close to Wencheslav square. It was never too difficult for me to find a cute lad here. And I was once again more than successful. My first pick was the right one. I was a bit afraid once he told me that he had at least a job, but his attitude was very YES, man!. Within few minutes I got him into a nice and spacey hotel room with a jacuzzi where we could start with things I love the most. A blow job in the jacuzzi is my personal favorite and this young fella was so talented that he really fulfilled all my desires. I really wished I could stop the time and have him there all naked for the rest of the time. Even tough is not possible, I really did enjoy every single moment with him, as he was sucking and humping me.

The pervy camerman at SneakyPeek spies on a young bearded athlete in the locker room who has a long uncut dick and a big ball sack. The oblivious lad takes his time changing having no idea anyone is watching or filming him in his natural naked state.

“You really look nervous, Bill,” Active Duty’s guest director Mike says, chuckling, as our new find, Bill, appears before the camera. Bill laughs a little bit, and Mike asks, “Is this something new for you?” Bill quickly responds with an affirmative: “Yep.” The super cute (and strapping) Bill stands 6’1″ tall and weighs around 180 lbs. He’s a Chicago boy and enjoys playing video games and “getting drunk.” The “usual random bullcrap,” he says. Mike asks Bill if he has any questions, and Bill says he doesn’t. So Mike encourages him to put on a good show for him and let’s him get down to it. Bill certainly seems nervous, but his cuteness wins over everything. If Mike is able to lure Bill back for another round, we might see him break out of his shell a little bit more! By the time all is said and done, Mike asks if Bill will want to come back and play some more, and Bill smiles and says, “Yes, I will.” Well alright!

Once again I went to help out another young dude in debts. He didn’t even live in Prague, but on the outskirts. I was tired after a long drive so I hoped that he will be worthy. And he definitely was. Beautiful and with sporty well built body. He needed money very urgently so it wasn’t really difficult to persuade him to agree with my dirty offer. He showed me some muay-thai kicks and punches and that made me very horny. Couldn’t wait to have my dick in his mouth. His soft tongue was slowly sliding down my hard cock. I could feel the taste of his mouth like I would be kissing him, that is how great sucker he wes. I was so horny that within few minutes I had to fuck him and deflower his virgin asshole.

Skippy Baxter Soccer (19)Skippy Baxter Soccer (2)Skippy Baxter Soccer (5)Skippy Baxter Soccer (6)Skippy Baxter Soccer (8)Skippy Baxter Soccer (9)Skippy Baxter Soccer (11)Skippy Baxter Soccer (14)Skippy Baxter Soccer (21)Skippy Baxter Soccer (24)Skippy Baxter Soccer (29)Skippy Baxter Soccer (30)Skippy Baxter Soccer (31)Skippy Baxter Soccer (32)

One of the sweetest and sexiest of my mates on BentleyRace is Skippy Baxter. It literally took me years to talk Skippy in to modelling for me. Secretly I just wanted to see my gorgeous mate naked. Getting his shoot up on the site was just a bonus. Well Skippy is looking much more muscly these days. So I decided to get him around to strip naked one more time for me. Skippy has appeared in many scenes now with my mates, but getting him to pose alone is really a treat for me. He still gets a little nervous at the start of the shoot, but is now used to the routine of being naked while I take lots of photos. Eventually I grab the video camera and record Skippy fucking himself with a dildo and making himself cum all over his furry muscly belly. I could just go down there rift now and lick it all up!  Make sure you also check out Skippy’s recent scenes with Jet Wellington and Alex McEwan. Man I love my mates!

Carlos is a hot 18 year old Latino who is making his internet porn debut on our site! Carlos has an amazing face with a killer smile and intense piercing eyes. He’s got a lean build with a tight 6 pack. He’s also got an uncut cock that we get to enjoy! He’s never done porn before and it’s fucking hot to see a model showing off his hot body for the very first time! He clearly enjoys being outside and it’s not long before his cock is hard and he shoots a nice big load of cum!

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Michal enjoys bodybuilding (I bet people can sure see and feel that) and he even tried doing some MMA fighting. He also played football and does musado. He openly admits he’s a metrosexual, which means he takes very good care of his body and image. Doing erotica runs in the family, so he has as much support at home as a young actor could wish for. And his confidence really shows when you see him in action!

18 year-old cutie “Puppy” lets his piss fly all over the room and himself before he starts stroking his rock-hard eager twink cock until he cums! Then Puppy hoses himself down all over again!

For months Geo has been the model fiance; driving his girl to the mall, taking her out to dinner and working his ass off to pay for the wedding. And Brendon’s calls have gone unanswered. No gay for pay. Gotta tow the line. Girlfriend watches him like a hawk… well, he finally cracked. Geo snuck out today on a pre-text and Brendon pairs him with the 18 year old newbie, Gregor. Geo bends over like a poppy in a windstorm to allow Gregor’s fat, throbbing cock to fuck him silly. Gregor is so turned on that he cums in his ass way too soon. The jizz oozes out of Geo’s butt hole, but his ass has not had enough. They go at it like Iowa state wrestlers till both guys go to the mat in a draw. Geo gets the pounding he needs and can go back to domesticity. Gregor will stay on the prowl.



When girls get a glimpse of our straight boy’s thick 9” cock, they gasp out ”oh my gosh!”… and so do we!. At 6’5”, this lean bodied pro tennis player from Virginia, Hunter, is a big boy no matter how you look at it. When Caruso asks what qualifies him to be a porn ‘star’, he promptly and without much thought replies ”I have a big dick” – and nobody can challenge that fact! Even at 5’11” our first time Bait boy Remi looks like a ‘mini-me’ next to Hunter. Remi is a cute gay boy from Philly who submitted a model application through the BaitBuddies.com website and was lucky and cute enough to be selected by Caruso for a shot on the set with a straight guy. Remi gets very excited when Caruso describes Hunter, the straight dude he’ll help Caruso turn out – especially when he gets to the big cock. So, the boys are introduced and it looks like Hunter might think Remi is a bit light in the loafers – of course he’s right. But, since he’s here to make some pussy porn he just seems to let that thought go.  Caruso gets the guys naked and stroking and Remi can’t seem to take his eyes of the object of his desire – Hunter’s huge 9 incher.  Once Caruso sees they’re both boned he takes off to get the ‘girl’,  but is soon to return with the bad news – she’s not available for the shoot. At least one guy, Hunter, is disappointed – but Caruso tells him there is a way he won’t have to leave the studio without getting paid – he can make double the money and all he has to do is have sex with Remi. Of course at first like all the straight guys, Hunter tells Caruso he’s not into that stuff, but like most of them Caruso is able to talk Hunter down and he soon agrees to give it a try. To ease Hunter into his first gay sex experience, Caruso has the boys jack each others cocks.  Remi’s hand barely fits around that soda can thick cock of Hunter’s. And watch how Hunter is mesmerized by his hand stroking another dude’s cock… until he realizes he’s staring at Remi’s penis and quickly looks straight ahead once again. Caruso ups the action and  moves the boys to cock sucking. Remi just about has to unhinge his jaw to suck that mother of a cock, but he’s not complaining. Caruso asks Hunter ”is he as good as a girl”, to which Hunter replies ”he’s better”. They switch places, but as soon as Hunter starts sucking Remi’s smaller 6.5” dick, we hear ”ouch, no teeth”, which is nothing unusual for a first time, inexperienced cocksucker like Hunter. We move on from the sucking to kissing – and as Remi pulls that giant of a boy into him for a little smooching, Hunter pulls back a bit. But, Remi keeps at it and Hunter falls into an extended, tongue and everything, make out session and appears to really be all in and enjoying himself. But, the romance is soon over as Caruso offers up Remi’s ass to Hunter – it’s time to fuck. Hunter dons a Magnum, lubes it up and is ready to fuck. Remi is so obviously hot for that stud’s huge rock hard dick that the boy virtually disappears all 9 fat inches up his hole like he’s performing a magic trick – and fucks it for all he’s worth.  Now Remi is flipped on his back and we see Hunter putting all his pussy fucking experience to use as he rams that monster cock into Remi’s hot, slick hole with abandon.  This puts Remi in a state of ecstasy and between the moans, he tells us how good it feels. It’s not too long before Remi is unable hold back and screams that he’s cumming which only encourages Hunter to pound his hole harder – as if that’s even possible – as Remi spurts his load all over himself. Hunter now rips off his giant sized condom and beats his huge slab of man meat until he splatters Remi from head to toe with his hot, straight boy gravy!  Oh, and be sure to watch ”After the Shoot” where we learn a little bit more about the guys. Hunter tells us about the circle jerks of his younger years and how the other boys were envious of his big cock – he even tells us that he let two curious boys feel his cock up to see what it’s like to have such a big one!

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