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What happened to me today was just awesome. Amongst the things which I love the most is certainly a threesome. But I had to watch my own movie this time to recall how I managed to get these two young lads into my little dirty project. First I’ve met this guy at the metro station. He was very talkative and smiley. Open to talk about everything. Once caught into my money trap, I’ve tried to ask him about a friend. And actually he had one who just called him a day ago, asking for a private loan to pay off his debts. He called him and within 20 minutes we all have been in a hotel room. What happened after was just like from a dream. Two youngster sucking on my hard cock. Licking, slapping and… Well I won’t say anything else. Just see it for yourself :-)

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Michal enjoys bodybuilding (I bet people can sure see and feel that) and he even tried doing some MMA fighting. He also played football and does musado. He openly admits he’s a metrosexual, which means he takes very good care of his body and image. Doing erotica runs in the family, so he has as much support at home as a young actor could wish for. And his confidence really shows when you see him in action!

Thanks God for my still bigger and bigger database of fund-less dudes. Picked the one closest to my apartment and hit the road. Once I saw him, my mood was already way better. Looking very young and scared. That’s what I love the most. I was so eager to fuck him, so I didn’t waste much time with asking him about his debt in a detail. Just showed him that I do have the money he needs. The trick was perfect, he grabbed a pile of cash in front of him, swallowed his pride and started to suck my cock. I could feel his anxiousness through the intense sucking. I was the whole time already wondering how tight his asshole is going to be. Having a straight boy, literally „next door“, on his knees sucking is not the worst feeling in one’s life.

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With the dick in his ass he realised that the stolen watch wasn’t worth of it. All he can do is just take the punishment and try to enjoy it. That’s not easy at all. Counting every second is painful and longer than it ever was.

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Player Buddy is getting pounded hard. Pain and suffering is all I can say. Wishing for this to come to the end. But it will take more than a few moments cause this massive erection is long lasting and hard!

This handsome player leaves the shower room and I zoom my camera in to get a great view of him. He has a fine body, nice dick and when he raises his leg we can see up the crack of his ass. What a treat! He slowly dresses before disappearing from the room and I managed to film the whole thing.

bentley race - Damien Lance

Now that Spring has arrived in Australia I’m getting lots of new guys asking about getting their turn to get naked with us at BentleyRace. I’m pretty excited to introduce you to my newest mate Damien Lance today. The 20 year old Aussie from the suburbs of Melbourne is pretty dam cute. As Damien pulls of his shirt while I’m snapping around him, he reveals a nicely toned fit torso. He tells me that it’s mostly from the kickboxing and wrestling that he’s done since a teenager. Some of his mates told him about the site and encouraged him to get in touch with me. I’m really glad he did. Apart from being totally cute, Damien is also a really sweet guy. These photos and video were taken during our first meeting. In today’s video Damien is still horny from getting naked during the photoshoot. He gets naked one more time on video and jacks off whilst finger fucking himself. It’s a really hot scene for a first timer. He’s very keen to come over again and meet some of my other mates and film some hardcore action scenes.

Johnny Rapid meets up with John Evans after chatting on a dating site. The guys are both into it and decide to do it right there in the restaurant bathroom. John pulls out his dick and gets blown before pounding Johnny’s tight ass!

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Nicolas (20) is a simple, neighbourhood boy. He didn’t like to show his asshole. He said “I liked showing my cock, but I didn’t like to show my asshole”. He owns quite big balls and cock.

If you remember on his last visit, Sterling, still in college, comes in with his straight, best college/surf buddy Jack, to break into porn. They were all excited about getting paid to fuck pussy! But, as you know we’re a ”Pussy Free Zone” here, and when ‘the girl didn’t show’, the only option Caruso had for them to earn a paycheck was to have sex with each other. Sterling was the dominant of the two, so after some half assed swapped blowjobs, he appointed his buddy Jack as the bottom. After it’s all over, he realized that he loved the experience and decided to see for himself what it’s like when his butt is on the other end of a cock. So, borrowing a girl’s dildo he fucks himself silly… and loves it. He knew that it was only a matter of time until he had the courage to try the real thing. The opportunity came when he was recently approached at a party by another college buddy, Ryan, who tells Sterling that he saw him on Sterling is immediately alarmed and figures that it’s all over for him – his secret it out. But, Ryan explains to him that he’s also curious and just wants to be hooked up with ”that guy”, referring to Caruso, because he also wants to do a video. The boys talk and Ryan tells Sterling he’s a top and Sterling tells Ryan he wants to bottom – all that was left was to call Caruso to set it up… and that’s how we got here this day! Sterling tells Caruso that he thought his prior appearance was going to be a one time thing. But, now that he’s exploring his sexuality and loves using a dildo, he wants to enjoy life and if this is part of it he’s going to do it. Caruso instructs the boys to strip down, Ryan has the body you’d expect from a 20 year old gymnast, basketball player and all around athlete. At 5’10” and 135lbs of lean muscle topped off by a beauty of a 7.5” cock, this southern boy from Mississippi is one damn hottie. We are a bit taken aback watching Sterling strip off, his once very lean, almost skinny body has beefed up considerably – he says from daily protein shakes and working out – and on him it looks hot! He’s now a big beefy man with a big beautiful bubble butt and killer thighs, all toned and sexy with a hefty 7.5” dick and big set of balls. Now that they’re naked, Caruso tells them to get going. Sterling goes for the kiss, but then stops and says it’s too intimate and Caruso laughs and says ”too intimate – this guy’s going to be fucking you in a minute!”. So, the kissing comes to an end and the boys proceed to swapping blowjobs. Ryan sucks Sterling’s cock a for a little and then the other boy quickly takes over and starts sucking his bud’s cock like there’s no tomorrow and it goes on for quite a while. He’s finally done and Caruso asks ”So, you like that?” and Sterling answers ”I loved it!”. But, both boys are anxious to get to the fucking, so Caruso tells them to ‘suit up’ and go to it. Sterling decides he want to get fucked, for the first time with the real thing, doggy style. Ryan is happy to comply and easily penetrates his friend’s hole (the benefits of Sterling’s dildo practice) and starts pounding away. But, it appears that Ryan is quickly losing steam, he tires quickly for a young athlete and says he’s slowing down because Sterling is so tight and he’s ready to cum. So, Caruso lets them take a break and cool down a bit before they go back to fucking. Ryan re-lubes and they take the opportunity to switch to missionary style. Ryan starts fucking Sterling’s tight ass again and within just minutes says ”I’m going to cum”. There’s such urgency that he just pulls out of Sterling’s hole, rips off the rubber and tosses it onto his bottom’s torso and jacks a huge load onto him that sprays him from his dick up to his neck! It’s now Sterling’s turn to bust his nut and you see Ryan helping out by playing with his balls. Notice how Sterling’s dick looks lubed and shiny – well that lube is his buddy Ryan’s cum! Caruso is still kicking himself for not catching Sterling doing the buddy cum lubing on camera. Both boys are now sweaty and at least one of them is cummy too, so Caruso sends them off to the shower room to clean up. Here we see a touching moment when Sterling initiates a short hug with Ryan and just quietly says ”thank you”. “After the Shoot”, there’s lots of discussion about the fucking and Caruso lets us into a little more behind the scenes and tells us how super nervous Sterling was about bottoming for his friend, among other things. Caruso then invites Sterling to bring in some more buddies, so that we can all explore “The Evolution of Sterling”.

FLYNN C. 18 y.0.


Sometimes Brendon is inspired by a higher power… and sometimes it’s a lower power. Today it’s a little bit of both as he invites Cary back to the studio to meet one of his favorites, Mitchell. The devil’s in the details, but these two guys find a little bit of heaven when Mitchell fucks the living shit out of Cary. The tall drink of water has a dark brown bush and one the hairiest asses ever, so it’s a nice contrast to see him thrusting in and out of Cary’s pale, moon shaped butt. Cary has to take deep breaths and open wide to accommodate his new bbf (butt’s best friend). He’s very accommodating!

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Today I found myself in the middle of the Jiraskuv bridge. Switched on the cam and tried my luck with the first dude passing. It was very short and I almost got punched. He got so offended that he pushed me quite hard. But luckily right the next young lad was the cutie I was hoping for. Talkative, cute, young and a sportsman. Just getting back home from his football training. Took me some time to start the conversation about sex with him. But once I did I knew he is gonna be a true catch for my little private project. Even so shy as he was, he showed me his adorable cock right there on the bridge. I knew he won’t go any further there, so I used my “money” trap and got him to agree to go to the park with me. Once again it was a great one.

A new video featuring a lad with one of the hottest six packs we’ve ever seen. He takes pleasure in showing off and gets so excited he strips down and jerks himself off!

I had to take a long ride to get to the house of my today’s toyboy. Just another flat in an communist-style apartment-building. He was a young troubled dude with huge debts. They are almost all the same. Not really looking for work, just to find an easy solution how to get by and pay their debts. After my special proposal, he got very scared. Tried even to call his friend for help. And then he tried another rome. But guess what. His fellas didn’t have 40,000 CZK to borrow him just like that on a whim. Therefore there wasn’t any other fast solution how to deal with his situation. Muhaha… I love my little project. And after I saw his well built body I loved it even more. He was maybe not the very best in sucking but he was a really good fuck.

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The cameraman point his camera through a hole in this changing room wall. He spies this hot young thing wandering into my view. The sporty guy strips off his kit and then goes into the shower room but not before he managed to film his completely naked body. This athlete has no idea that we’re watching this amazing footage.

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 I want to introduce you to my new sexy Australian mate Jet Wellington.  I met 22 year old Jet in Sydney a few weeks ago while I was working there. Jet is a part time model and admits to being a bit of an exhibitionist. The perfect combination for me! The first thing I realised about Jet is how strikingly handsome he is. I was swooning as I lead him back to my hotel room. We talked about his life in Sydney for a bit while he posed for me in a tank top and Aussiebum jocks and socks. I didn’t mind taking loads of photos as it gave me more time to chat with the hunk. Then my eyes almost popped out when I saw that huge dick drop out through my camera lens. Jet’s dick is fairly big. After cracking a hard on for a load of photos I finally grabbed the video camera to catch Jet jacking off. I love the sections of video where Jet is slapping his big dick on the glass table while I filmed from below, and when he is humping the pillows on the bed. In fact I love all of his video scene. I think getting to meet Jet was worth making the trip up to Sydney. I hope we will get to shoot more scenes together soon.

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Matej likes to travel a lot, he tries to be as independent as possible and does all kinds of adrenaline-related activities, from car racing to rock climbing. His thin and firm body with smooth skin and is a sight to behold, especially in action – his many tattoos, signifying various important dates and concepts in his life, tend to dance frantically when he gets into the right mood.

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Rodrigo and Raul feature a super hot duo. Rodrigo has the perfect body, Raul has the perfect face. Watch them jerking off twice, showing their tight assholes together, showering and lot more.

Greyson is a straight country boy, a good ol’ boy, who hunts, fishes, is a volunteer firefighter and works on cars for a living – he rebuilds classics.  And, he totally looks the part, a little rough looking, a little beefy – his jeans hug his masculine thighs and a big bubble butt and his tight tshirt shows off his naturally firm physique which is covered with 13 tattoos. Typical straight dude, loves girls with big boobs – especially blonds he tells us. Caruso pairs him up with a new bait boy, Bryan. Bryan is tall at 6’2” and slender with almost 9 inches of thick cock. He’s loves straight guys he says, because they’re the ‘forbidden fruit’. He says you always want what you can’t have, but today it pretty much becomes his for the taking. However, at the start it didn’t seem like a sure thing, because when Caruso tells them that the girl didn’t show and they’d have to have sex with each other, Grayson says ”fuck no – do I look queer!” and grabs for his clothes. Caruso asks him to hold on a minute while he tries to explain to Grayson that in porn you need to go with the flow, just like the straight girls who have lesbian sex. Grayson is just about agreeing to do it and Bryan jumps the gun by grabbing his cock. This makes Grayson flinch and pull back ”I didn’t say I was going to do it!” he admonishes Bryan. But, yet he finally agrees and Bryan wastes no time in getting the country boy’s cock back in his hand – for a couple of minutes anyway – but he can’t resist that nice straight penis and just bends down and takes it into his mouth while Grayson sits there with head in hand, obviously asking himself ”what did I get myself into?”.  But, that doesn’t last long as he unconsciously starts to stroke his cocksucker’s shoulder.  Caruso has to eventually end Bryan’s cocksucking session otherwise it might’ve gone on all day. He has the boys stand up and get into some frot – rubbing their cocks together. This doesn’t last long either as the ever over anxious Bryan goes in for a kiss and surprisingly it lasts for a long, long time in the realm of a straight guy’s first time gay make-out session. It’s now Grayson’s turn to blow Bryan and he tentatively takes the dude’s cock in his mouth starting slowly at the tip, but before long he becomes another official cocksucker, taking Bryan’s cock right to the root. But, enough is enough and it’s time for some fucking. Caruso asks Grayson if he wants to get fucked – he looks at Caruso like a deer caught in the headlights and says ”no way”… but not to worry, our gay boy Bryan loves to bottom and he quickly volunteers his hole. Grayson’s dick has gone soft and he tells Caruso he’s afraid he won’t be able to keep it up if he has to fuck a dude. Well, Caruso being the ever prepared girl scout that he is, has all the necessary sex tools at hand and offers Grayson a silicone cock ring.  Never having used one, he looks at Caruso who tells him to put it around everything. Once the cock ring is on, Bryan is placed in position and Grayson starts a doggy style pounding – and we mean pounding – they country boy way. Bryan isn’t complaining, he’s just moaning and loving every minute. When it’s time to change positions, Bryan says he wants to sit on Grayson’s cock and the fucking continues with Bryan bouncing on the straight boy’s lap. In a short time, Bryan can’t take any more and shoots a geyser of a load, exploding spurt after spurt straight up and all over his chest. Next, Grayson lays back and strokes himself a few times and also has an orgasm, spurting his straight boy spunk all over himself. Look queer? Oh yeah!

BRYTON W. 18 y.o.

Summer lovin, had me a blast! Cary, the cutie with a bootie, is finding city life one big playground. He can’t stop smiling today as Brendon introduces the ‘super bottom’ to one of our favorites from Take A Load Off. Mario is the quiet Latin type who doesn’t say much, but carries a big dick. Cary’s itching to find out just how big and Brendon baits him just so long until he tells the hungry, horny kid to have at it. Cary uses his mouth to take the measure of the man and before you know it, he’s mounting Mario’s fat cock. His smile temporarily takes a detour as the pain of insertion puts a different expression on his face.

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