Australian and European Hung Hunks Auditions


Every now and then I get completely distracted by something of the beautiful guys I get to shoot with. This happened in Texas when I met with the beautiful 22 year old Chris Finch. Chris was brought along to the shoot by his mate Brian. And after sitting patiently waiting for Brain’s shoot to finish, Chris slipped in to a speedo and begun posing for me in the bathroom. I wanted to see this guy naked and soaping up in the shower. I was really distracted by his perfect smile. And this guy was really happy! I could tell that he cared a lot of his appearance and really wanted to look good in these photos. The shoot went really well and we had a laugh along the way. Chris’s solo jerk off video, and the video of him fucking Brian is now posted on BentleyRace. I hope I will get to shoot with the sexy Texan again sometime. In the meantime we can enjoy the photos and videos we made during our visit in Texas.


Now that I am back in Australia enjoying the summer I’m getting to meet up with a lot of new hot Australian men. Our newest mate is the very handsome Hunter Jones. 25 year old Hunter is a straight gym instructor here in Melbourne. He was a bit apprehensive when I first suggested he come model for me. And I’m glad he eventually decided to give it a go. He’s definitely a big boy and likes to show off. With some porn on the TV Hunter is soon naked and wanking his gorgeous cock. He has a nicely trimmed chest, but thankfully he hasn’t touched that big furry bum. We had a really fun afternoon taking photos and making his first video scene in my studio. And now Hunter is very keen to come back and do some more. I’d love to see Hunter is some more actions scenes. He’s just one of the many Aussies now lining up to get their first appearance on BentleyRace. It’s great to be back filming in Australia again.


One of the cutest guys I got to meet during my stay in Texas was 19 year old Jay Mercer. This tall straight lanky guy was very keen to find out what it would be like to get naked on camera. So I invited him around to my hotel room for an audition type of shoot. As soon as I saw him slip in to this speedos I knew that I was going to be shooting with him more than once while I was in town. This guy looks awesome! For his first shoot he is posing in a speedo and then getting wet in the shower. Jay is actually quite a shy guy at first. But after a while he loosened up and chatted and joked with me through the shoot. It doesn’t take much before his cock is growing rock hard as he flexes his muscles above me. His shots look amazing, and the video we made of me wanking his cock is very hot. I hope Jay and I will be able to shoot some more hot action again sometime. He looks great on camera and he’s a lot of fun to hang out with.


Joining us this week at BentleyRace is this beautiful French guy by the name of Valentin Defarge. 25 year old Val was told by one of our mates that I was back in Australia and looking for new guys to shoot with. I’m really glad we got to meet. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet this summer. After chatting for a while we headed in to the studio to get a bunch of shots. Val is a lot taller than I expected. He has these really long legs. I got him to slowly pull down his jocks as I got photos of that perfect round and hairy bum. Then on the bed Val pulls out his uncut dick and works it hard, occasionally flashing a cheeky smile to me. I am really happy with Val’s first photo shoot and solo jerk off video scene. I am looking forward to introducing him to my mates and getting him in to some actions scenes over this summer.


I have started posting the outdoor shoots I have been doing here in Melbourne over the past few weeks. It’s the hottest time of the year right now in Australia, which is perfect for getting my mates naked outside. First to hit the rooftop this summer is 22 year old Japanese spunk Ryan Kai. This guy has got a big cock that’s always hard and one very perfect round bum! He’s showing me a few skateboard tricks, or how not to ride a skateboard, before stripping naked and showing me his rock hard uncut cock. He keeps point up at the sky as I am taking photos. It seemed that we had every possible low flying aircraft pass over my building that morning. Ryan is completely unfazed by being naked out on the roof. In fact he found he very amusing.


When I first met Justin a couple of years ago he was so dam shy! This Polish hottie didn’t speak a word of English or German and I had to give him directions from Warsaw to my hotel in Berlin. Since then Justin speaks a lot more English from watching a lot of TV. And we have been meeting up each time I visit Europe. Today Justin is stripping off in the shower, showing off that cute little bum and growing uncut cock. We always have a lot of fun make horny photo and video scenes. He has a lot of positive energy and loves showing off. More recently Justin has also been introducing me to some of his cute mates.


I want to introduce you to my cute new mate Sergio Duque. I met this 21 year old Spanish boy when I was visiting Berlin last month. I thought he was really cute, but I had no idea that he also had one really big hidden talent, a very very long uncut cock. It just seem to keep going and going as he pulled down his jocks in this shoot. He told me that it was big, but I had no idea it would be this big! We took a load of teasing photos before he got fully naked. And then while taking his photos on the bed he taken grabbing at my erection. So I my cock out and Sergio started sucking on it. And his cock started growing massive! So I figured the video scene had started and started the video camera rolling while we played with each other on the bed. Eventually Sergio layed back while I sucked on his balls until he blew a huge load of cum all over himself and the bed. What a hot meeting that turned out to be! Sergio is very keen to get in to the porn industry. I’m hoping this shoot will encourage him to do more. I know a lot of my mates would love to get in to a scene with him.


I get to meet some amazing guys whenever I go travelling. Last month in Munich I got to meet up with 22 year old Tom Bartos from Prague. I had been chatting with Tom online for a while before we arrived in Germany. He changed this plans around to come to Munich early to meet me. I quickly spotted him in the lobby of my hotel and whisked him quickly back to my room. The first thing I noticed about Tom was his good looks. And the next was how outstandingly polite he is. The funny thing was that I did not understand a word of Czech and he didn’t understand much English. So okay…  this was going to be an interesting shoot. Luckily there was not much talking to be done once the photos were over. Tom asked if he could kiss me, and that started one of the hottest sex scenes of the whole trip. I definitely can’t resist a chunky blond muscle boy. And when Tom rolled over to show me that big round bum in his jockstrap, I knew it would be long before my face would be planted in there. Tom is a totally sweet guy.  I really wish I had been in ton longer to hang out with him. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch and get together again sometime. In the meantime you can enjoy the photos and videos that Tom and I made that morning in Munich.


Last month I had a great time travelling around Europe and hooking up with some of my mates there. This was the first time I had ever visited Poland. And I gotta say that the guys there are smoking hot! I was going up there to repay my mates who would always travel to visit me when I would visit Germany. I’m really glad I did because we had an amazing time. The first of my mates to roll up at my hotel was 22 year old Axel Pierce. It was 2 years ago when I met Axel and learnt that while he likes modelling naked, he also loves getting fucked on camera. Today he brought one of my other Polish mates Adam James along to “hold the camera”.  Once the photos were finished I joined Axel in his video scene. With his arse cheeks spread wide on the couch I leant in to give his butt hole a long hot tongue fucking. It wasn’t long before I swapped my tongue for my cock. I really like teasing Axel’s hole with the tip of my cock, slowly pushing it in and out just a little. Axel really couldn’t hold on much longer. Squirted lube on both our cocks and wanked our cocks in one fist until he was spraying cum everywhere. What a nice end to my first day in Poland!


With the beginning of summer upon us in Australia I have gotten extremely busy shooting with my mates a load of new guys. I was really excited this week to meet up once again with my red headed mate Jake Jensen. I have been trying to tie the sexy 23 year old down for a shoot for several months. So you can imagine how excited I was when he called me last week and told me he was back in Melbourne and ready to get in front of the camera again. Well things got a bit out of hand once the photos were finished and the filming started. My eyes were popping looking that that big uncut cock. But it was when Jake stuck his bum up in the air that I decided I should try tongue fucking the big spunk. Jake quickly returned the favour by pulling my cock out of my shorts and quickly devouring it. It gotta say that it’s one of the most horny and fun shoots I have done in a while. And now that Jake is back making porn again I’m going to make sure I keep him very busy this summer.


One of the sweetest and sexiest of my mates on BentleyRace is Skippy Baxter. It literally took me years to talk Skippy in to modelling for me. Secretly I just wanted to see my gorgeous mate naked. Getting his shoot up on the site was just a bonus. Well Skippy is looking much more muscly these days. So I decided to get him around to strip naked one more time for me. Skippy has appeared in many scenes now with my mates, but getting him to pose alone is really a treat for me. He still gets a little nervous at the start of the shoot, but is now used to the routine of being naked while I take lots of photos. Eventually I grab the video camera and record Skippy fucking himself with a dildo and making himself cum all over his furry muscly belly. I could just go down there rift now and lick it all up!


My new mate Damien Lance was a big hit when I first posted his scene with Zac and Sarpa last month. The 20 year old kick boxer from the suburbs of Melbourne loves doing porn and couldn’t wait to tell all his mates about it. The shoot I have posted today on BentleyRace is actually from his first porn shoot when I met Damien during winter. We were shooting in this room with a big spa tub in the bedroom. So I suggested that he take a dip after posing in a pair of Aussiebum speedos. I gotta admit that Damien is pretty dam cute. He has a hot body and a beautiful little chunky bum. We had lots of fun taking these photos and making a little behind the scenes video for the site. Make sure you also check out Damien’s first solo video as well as his group scene with Zac and Sarpa. This chunky Aussie boy is hot hot hot!


I’m very happy to be shooting with my cute Sydney mate Axle Dean again. After shooting one very hot video with Alxe a few months ago I was very happy to get the 23 year old Sydney trainer in front of the video again. You see Axle has got one of the nicest bums I’ve ever seen (and had on my face). Axle gave me a nice little tweaking action on my face in his last video. Today the dirty blond bottom is stripping out of his speedo in my tiny hotel bathroom. I’m quite happy to see that bum one more time as I click away on the bathroom floor. After posting his last shoot all my mates here in Melbourne are asking when is Axle going to join us for scenes here in Melbourne. Soon I hope! Axle is one of the many interstate Aussies now joining us on BentleyRace. With guys this cute I may never leave Australia again.


I want to introduce you to our newest mate Leon Lee. This skinny 20 year old Euro punk met up with my mate Zac Frevo earlier this year in Germany. Zac loves the twink looking guys and couldn’t wait to tell me about this skinny guy with a huge uncut dick that he’d hooked up with during a vacation. Leon Lee is actually from Hungary and was visiting with some mates when he met Zac. Leon really stands out with his striking punk blond quiff. But he stands out a lot more when he pulls that fat piece of meat out of his undies. After posing for quite a lot of photos, Zac grabs the video camera just in time to catch our well endowed mate jacking off. Make sure you watch this video right to the end to see Leon shoot a great load of cum right over his shoulders. I love skinny boys with those huge dicks!


One of the most dominant top guys that I got to meet while I was travelling around Europe this year was this blond Swedish giant named Phillip Anderson. I didn’t get to shoot with as much as I would have liked too because we met just before I was about to head home to Australia. But I did manage to make a video of me blowing that amazing big dick and this scene and this scene of Phillip stripping and wanting in the shower. Phillip gets pretty aggressive when it comes to servicing that fat cock. I now have first hand experience of that. I was keeping behind the camera this time while Phillip starts showing off in the bathroom. I’ll definitely be looking out for my new Swedish mate when I get over to Europe again.

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Straight Cocks for Gay Eyes


This lad thinks that people who do a normal 9 to 5 job are mugs, when you can just steal money from people’s wallets. Just look at the way this little cunt tries to stare out the wardens with a smug grin on his face. He knows his future lies with the top Alpha in the prison. As his bitch. It was either pick pocketing or rent boy when this lad chose a career but his little boy’s anus started hurting too much so turned to thieving…

Day two of our short holidays in the mountains. We spent all day looking around without any success. Finally, in the evening we were in the right place at the right time. We met a snowcat driver on the way to rescue two lost boys up in the mountains. Peter seized the opportunity and convinced the driver to take him with. Luckily, the boys were unharmed, just a bit tired and confused. And they didn’t have an insurance which would pay for the rescue. Peter immediately offered them his help. They were extremely grateful, which was exactly what he needed. Those tired and broke boys agreed to do anything he told them to. It was almost too easy. Hard to say who, Peter or me, had a better holidays. What do you think?


Sergei is a feisty fucker! He shouts until a big angry vein starts throbbing in his forehead. He’s in the most sexually vulnerable position of his life! Stark naked and bent over a bench, he’s tied with his arms in the air and his ass pointed out so the men can rub their crotches against his butt cheeks. The sensation of the bulge of their cocks pressed against his virgin hole blows his stupid straight mind. His pert pale cheeks are given a hard spanking and flogging till they glow red and Sergei nearly bites through his gag.
We’re determined to make this tough hetero thug more intensely aware of his asshole than he’s ever been. He’s made to play a wicked game where the punishment for wrong answers gets him a sudden sharp zap to his delicate little bum hole. Sergei is driven wild feeling the shocks hit him right on the pink smooth flesh of his sphincter. His big balls and proud cock are tied up and weighted while he’s also made to view a dirty video. It’s the biggest mindfuck for Sergei to see the stimulating porn while having his ass and cock worked on by two pervy men. A big thick dildo is shoved up his ass while his already sore ass is whacked with a cane. Notice how his flesh visibly trembles from the sustained and intensely painful punishment to his ass. He won’t ever forget this session!

When I got the call I could instantly tell that there is no genius on the other end. Nevertheless, my help is for everyone who asks. Surprisingly, I arrived in a nice and clean apartment. The young man had tattoos everywhere, a wannabe tough guy. He got into trouble when he rented a flat above his pay grade. As usual, when he lost his job the problems started to pile up. He needed 32 000 to pay the rent he owed and some other loan. Despite the first impression, I kind off started to like him. The main reason was his athletic body. No doubt that he spent more time in the gym than paying attention during math class. I simply had to see his abs and cock. And he definitely didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed it all. Especially his huge cock, his tight ass, and his moaning…


I want to introduce you to one of the new guys who recently joined our group of mates in my home town of Melbourne. Reece Anderson popped up just recently in an action scene with my mate Cody. Today I want to show you his first modelling shoot with me at the studio. Reece is just 18 years old, but he is completely comfortable getting his gear off and showing off. Reece doesn’t hide behind his skateboard for long as I click away. Soon he is completely naked and making his uncut cock rock hard. Reece is a total cutie and I can see why my mates are all wanting to get in on the shoots with him. In this scene Cody James is helping me make a behind the scenes video of our first meeting and shoot with Reece. Make sure you check both this shoot and the video where Reece gets a heavy pounding from the very hung Cody.

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I was very happy when this amazing guy entered the room. He doesn’t realise that I’m watching and filming them through a hole in the wall and showing me a great view of their ass and dick.


I just returned from a winter vacation in Europe. I was visiting some mates there as well as enjoying a little vacation. One of the guys I got to catch up with again was Hungarian hottie Dave Circus. The beautiful muscle boy with the fat uncut cock loves getting his gear off in front of the camera. We always get along very well so it was a fun welcome to Budapest when Dave turned up at my hotel room. Even though it was snowing outside I warmed the room up so my sexy mate would be comfortable getting naked. He even gave all the tourists outside a little show as he jumped up on the window ledge to show off his bum in a jockstrap. I met Dave in this very same place 4 years ago. And we always seem to get together whenever I am in Europe. He’s a really sweet guy and very hot to play with. Make sure you check out all of the videos that Dave and I have made together now at BentleyRace.

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A hot video of Eastern European soldiers filming themselves stark naked being drenched with buckets of water!

Jose Edmilson’s

Ruggerbugger catch Brazilian footballer Jose Edmilson’s cock on camera!

Jose Edmilson’scock

18-year-old Jebediah kicks back on the couch while CB sucks his uncut cock and eats his ass until he cums. That’s what friends are for!

If you ever read a porn story about a hot straight surfer dude being seduced into gay sex by a buddy, Malachi is that surfer guy! And, Zeke a returning Ft Lauderdale straight boy, another successful conversion to gay4pay by Caruso, who now identifies as mostly gay, is the lucky Bait boy. We say lucky, because Malachi is quite the find. He’s a sexy, fit, cute as hell surfer by day and pussy hound by night. He’s the ”Jeff Spicoli” character from the classic coming of age comedy ”Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. Caruso brings Malachi in to meet Zeke at which point we learn a little bit about him. Malachi lives for the surf, he just came back from surfing in Peru where he had a wild time – so wild that he broke his board and needs to make some fast cash to replace it. We also find out that he’s 25, doesn’t do relationships and likes his girls natural. He tells Caruso that he got a late start having sex at seventeen when an older woman took him into a hot attic, slipped out of her dress and took his virginity. Since then, he’s made up for lost time – he says he’s always getting pussy. He even tells Caruso that he got laid the morning of the shoot! He’s pretty open about sex, has three-ways with his male cuz and a girl, sometimes he fucks a chick while his cuz is fucking in the next bed. He also loves to show off his stuff, he likes nude beaches and even used to surf naked… until he was arrested and then he decided not to do it again. With the interviews over, Caruso tells Malachi that there’s a test and not knowing that what he means by a test is just getting a boner in front of the camera, Malachi panics saying ”I’m not good at written tests” – pretty funny. Caruso assures him that there’s no studying or writing in this test, and Malachi sighs with relief and relaxes back on the couch. Soon both dudes are nude and rock hard and Caruso goes to get the girl. But, as usual our unreliable porn girl can’t work today because of ‘lady problems’. Thinking he can save the day, Malachi hollers out ”dude, I’m red wing certified”, meaning he’ll fuck her even if she’s on her period, Caruso quickly dismisses that idea. Yet, there is still a way to save the day and for everyone to make some money… Malachi’s ears perk up… ”what do I have to do”. When he finds out that it requires him to have sex with Zeke, Malachi exclaims ”I’m here to fuck pussy”. ”You want me to have sex with him” says Malachi as he points to our bait boy Zeke with some undisguised disgust . Zeke is all in of course, he tells Malachi that he’s broke and really needs the money. Malachi agrees he needs the money to fix the board he broke in Peru, so he agrees to give it a try. ”You won’t tell anybody” he very seriously says to Zeke, not thinking about the fact that it’s going on the Internet. So, Malachi settles down and tells Caruso ”I need my own porn to watch” referring to the porn on his phone, ”he’s a dude” say Malachi emphatically, as an explanation for the need to watch his pussy porn. Before Malachi can change his mind, Caruso tells Zeke to give him a hand. Zeke gets right on the job and starts jacking the surfer dude’s thick cock and after a few strokes just goes down on him and starts sucking – ”you do have a warm mouth” says Malachi, ”he’s pretty good… he doesn’t use teeth”. Zeke is loving giving this hot, straight surfer dude his first gay blowjob, but all good things must come to an end as Caruso tells Malachi that he has to return the favor. Hesitantly, he gets on his knees and takes the top of Zeke’s cock into his mouth and starts sucking, but with a little push from Caruso, he’s soon taking almost the entire length into his mouth and giving his first blowjob ever. Caruso then has the boys boys stand up and rub their cocks together. It’s Zeke’s opportunity to grab Malachi for a kiss, and they make out for a bit – ”your the first dude I kissed… I liked it” he says. He barely has time catch his breath from this new experience when Caruso asks his if he’s ready to fuck Zeke – ”you mean in his poopa” says Zeke. Malachi just says okay, but he’s really unsure of what to do. He’s just been introduced to lube for the first time, as hard as that is to believe, he also just gave his first blowjob and kissed a dude for the first time, and now this! Well, he agrees, so Zeke gets to try his first fuck with straight boy Malachi topping. It’s something to watch as Malachi awkwardly attempts to locate the dude’s hole (poopa) and shove his cock in. He finally does, asking Zeke if he’s okay a few times along the way, but after just a little fucking he goes soft. Caruso takes a shot and asks Malachi since he’s unable to fuck Zeke, if he’d be willing to try a cock in his hole. ”In my poopa” he asks incredulously — but he’s so fucking horny by now, he just agrees to it. Sexy Malachi gets on his back and Zeke starts shoving his cock in. Malachi is groaning as this first part of the penetration is painful. As soon as Zeke realizes he popped Malachi’s cherry, he starts pounding the boy and before long, those pained groans turn to ecstatic squeals and moans… Malachi appears to be loving it! After a couple of restarts for more lube, Zeke starts out slowly and as Malachi seems to be going nuts, he picks up speeds and pounds the no longer virgin butthole as hard as he could as we hear Malachi chanting ”oh, oh, oh, fuck yeah”. Zeke is fucking the surfer as he strokes his cock and squeals and moans until he shoots a load. Zeke continues to fuck the boy, but Malachi says it’s too much for him, so he pulls out and jacks a warm load of cum all over Malachi’s chest! The boys catch their breath and Malachi tells Caruso that he really liked getting fucked and even thanks him for the experience! Caruso sends the boys off to the shower where the filming continues and you can check out Malachi’s sexy bubble butt. He’s one fucking hot surfer dude – KOWABUNGA!

Six feet five inches of recently incarcerated male energy can be tricky. How should Brendon approach this dude? It comes out during the interview portion that Dixon is pretty chill. He’s actually kind of funny and charming. And we know from his size that he’s probably stacked, and when his dick bounces out of his shorts, we’re not disappointed. Brendon gets his hands on Dixon’s just-out-of-the-joint joint and gets it nice and slick before Dixon shoots his man spunk all over the studio.

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