Muscled Straight Boys Being Fucked

Axel Rockham

Muscular, handsome first-timer Axel is a natural as he shows off his broad chest and his dimples outside. Axel is not shy to get playful and flirtatious as he hikes the trail, even pulling his shorts down to show his muscle ass and shake his dick around. In the studio, you’ll be eager to follow his thick treasure trail down into his shorts, and Axel’s ready to undress and show his rock-hard boner as he strokes his cock, slapping it against his palm and fucking his hands before displaying an impressive first-time cumshot.

Gay Chicken with Brock & Colten

Getting these two guys to do a game of Gay Chicken wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it! It all begins, like so many hot scenes, with a kiss. After they both get hard, Brock starts stroking Colten’s cock, trying to get him to call Chicken. Next, it’s Colten’s turn to stroke Brock’s hard cock. Then the game gets interesting when Colten gets his cock pointed at Brock’s mouth. Colten assumes the position on his knees and gets a face full of Brock’s tasty cock. The jack-off race starts, and we soon have a winner who shoots his big load all over. The loser still wins with a big, hot cum shot. Plus, I replay both in slo-mo to get every drop.

Jeff Jacks It

Jeff recently started experimenting with guys and tells me all about it in this solo video. When he strips naked, I get him to lean back and show me his asshole. Then I float a few suggestions about what I could do to him. I put on some porn for Jeff while he strokes his uncut cock. He busts his nut and smears his cock head with all that cum. Before he leaves, I flip the camera viewer around so Jeff can see himself, and he flexes his biceps for me.

In His Face

Since 18-year-old Tristan recently learned that he likes sucking cock and 21-year-old straight boy Warren is always down for a blowjob, this is an easy match to make. I let the guys get to it while I check on something outside, and when I come back, Warren is already rock hard and pushing Tristan down on his cock. It’s not long before Warren is ready to cum. He pulls out of Tristan’s mouth and busts a nut all over Tristan’s cheek. Tristan smears the rest on his face, and since he did such a good job, I let him wipe it off before it’s his turn to cum. I tell Warren to rub Tristan’s body while he jacks him off. This isn’t Warren’s first rodeo! He sucks Tristan’s cock until he’s about to pop, then finishes him off with his hand. Tristan’s huge load flies everywhere, hitting Warren in his mouth and eye.

19-Year-Old Shaun Jacks His Uncut Dick

Shaun responded to an ad I placed, but he wasn’t sure it was legitimate. After an hour sitting in his car, he finally came inside. Shaun once made a private video with his girlfriend and has always wanted to perform on camera, so I get him out of his clothes and tell him to show off for me. I quickly find out that this 19-year-old has an exhibitionist streak. Since it’s clear that Shaun is loving the camera, I have him spread his ass checks and show me his virgin hole. Finally, he leans back, pulls up his favorite straight porn and, with my permission, strokes all the jizz out of his uncut dick.

Utah, Brett & Cuba: 3 Hot Solider Loads

Utah’s base is out of town, and he caught a ride over to my place with his two military buddies Cuba and Brett. They didn’t believe he was doing a porn shoot. When they saw that it was legit, they wanted to get in the act, too. I always say that three hard cocks are better than one! After joking around and kidding each other, the guys get down to business and concentrate on shooting their loads for me. Cuba tries the toy first, then Brett and Utah use the already-warmed-up sleeve to get closer to cumming. Utah shoots first, then Cuba shoots a HUGE load all over the place. Brett is last with his cumshot. Of course, he’s the biggest talker and the smallest shooter. Isn’t that the way it always is? All three cum shots are repeated in slow motion, too.

Thomas Tries A Gloryhole

Thomas’ wife won’t give him as much head as he wants, so he decides to try a gloryhole for the first time. He sticks his cock and balls through the gloryhole, and I get to sucking. Once I have Thomas hard, I pull out my boner, lube up and rub our cocks together. I suck on Thomas’ swollen purple head then go down all the way on his hard shaft. I jack his cock while I tickle his glans with my lips, and he unloads all over my mouth and face. Thomas is so weak after the experience that he can barely stand as he pulls up his shorts and leaves.

Cody Fucked By A Straight Black Guy

Junior needed a break from work, and with his girlfriend out of town, he’s horny as hell. Since Cody is always up for anything, I invite both guys over to have some fun and a good release. Junior and Cody meet, and right away I can tell this is going to be good. I have them undress each other and while they’re in their boxers, I tell them to work on each other’s nipples. Junior kicks back and lets Cody rub on his cock and blow him. Cody makes sure Junior’s dick is hard, then slips a condom on him and sits right down on that big black dick. Cody works his tight little ass on Junior’s shaft like a real champ, until he can’t take any more. The boys suck each other’s big boners and finish by both of them shooting their loads on Cody’s smooth white leg.


Gage’s cousin, 18-year-old Tristan, is nervous and excited about getting his dick sucked at a gloryhole for the first time. He steps up and sticks his hot twink cock through the hole and right into my mouth. I jack and suck Tristan’s dick while he presses his body against the wooden divider, enjoying every minute of my gloryhole service. I switch from fast jacking to slow edging, and after several more minutes of teasing and slurping on his cock, Tristan can’t hold back any longer. Tristan unloads in my mouth, and I eat up his tasty twink load.

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