Amateur Straight Buddies Gay Experiences

Axel Rockham

Muscular, handsome first-timer Axel is a natural as he shows off his broad chest and his dimples outside. Axel’s not shy to get playful and flirtatious as he hikes the trail, even pulling his shorts down to show his muscle ass and shake his dick around. In the studio, you’ll be eager to follow his thick treasure trail down into his shorts, and Axel’s ready to undress and show his rock-hard boner as he strokes his cock, slapping it against his palm and fucking his hands before displaying an impressive first-time cumshot.

Kayden’s Audition

23-year-old Kayden has a huge, uncut cock and a big sex drive to go with it. When Kayden pulls down his jeans, I see through his boxers that he’s already getting hard. I had no idea he’d be as hung as he is. Kayden shows me his hole, then gets on his knees to stroke his impressive cock. Kayden jacks his big dick faster and faster. He rubs himself with his free hand and his whole body twitches as he gets closer to cumming. With my approval, Kayden gets back up on his knees to bust his nut.

Chris R. at the Gloryhole

Uncut straight guy Chris R is so horny and full of cum that he’ll do anything to get off, including being recorded at an anonymous university gloryhole. Chris steps up and puts his soft, uncut cock into the hole. In my hot mouth, this horny dude gets rock hard and ready to burst in no time. He shoots tons of juicy semen all over the side of my face and on my tongue, and I lick his big, veiny cock clean.

Adorable Aussie Arse vs 2x British Horse-cocks

Two SCALLY British men and a tiny twink from down under? Can’t imagine a more horny situation
Don’t know why Jamie bothered dressing up cause he only went and took off his shirt
Don’t know why George trusted us! We was all sat chattin about spiders and random shit and nearly forgot what we were there for XD Until that ginger took off his shirt with no warning. Such a beautiful body!! And his cock! OMG Choking hazard alert!!

Elijah Tickled

Elijah kicks off his sandals, gets naked and hops up on the tickling table. Franco starts out by tickling Elijah’s size 12 feet with a toothbrush and licking his soles. He tickles Elijah’s bellybutton with his tongue and fingers, then continues up the body to tickle him on his neck, armpits and ears. Elijah giggles and squeals as Franco tickles him with his beard, a feathery brush and his fingernails. After a little psyching out, Franco tickles Elijah by his armpit hairs and on his upper ribs. Elijah swears and arches his back, squealing more as Franco tickles his knees and inner thighs. He tries clamping his legs shut, but Elijah can’t match Franco’s strength. Franco goes back to the upper body, and when Elijah begs for Franco to stop tickling his ribs, he does…and tickles Elijah’s sensitive feet instead. He tickles his bare soles with a soap saver and a detangling brush, briefly stopping to suck his toes. The experience is so arousing that Elijah pops a major boner. Franco had lubed up his hands to tickle Elijah with, but instead uses his slick fingers to stroke Elijah’s big dick and finger his ass. Elijah moans and shoots a huge load, then it’s right back to laughter and begging as Franco finishes the session with a slippery rib tickle.


Two horny chavvy friends enjoy grabbing
each other’s cocks on the sofa.
getting such a rush from having his mates cock in his mouth . loving the hairy cock on the guy in the red top.
fit ungroomed bloke. the other lads
got some landing strip but end up landing that cock
right into his mates hairy asshole.

Ink: Tattooed Skater Gets His First Gay Head

It’s always hot to help a guy discover how great it feels to get a blowjob from another guy (I’m not bragging, but I’ve had a lot of practice). Ink finds out on camera, and you can tell by his expression that he loves it. It takes a few minutes for this nervous straight boy to get hard in front of the camera, but once I touch his dick, he really comes alive. Ink is so physically excited, he’s actually shaking. He tells me he’s bowled over by his reaction to having his cock touched by another guy…and then I blow him. Ink says a few times that I have to stop or he’ll shoot, so I slow it down, put him on the bed and keep playing with his cock and balls. In no time Ink is ready to nut, and as he gets closer, he moans louder and claws his skin in ecstasy. Ink shoots a huge load, which sprays all over the place. One more straight boy down, millions to go!

Sean Ashton’s Audition

Blonde, bearded hunk Shawn (a.k.a. Sean Ashton) shot some straight porn a couple of years ago, and he’s looking to get back in the game. In this audition, Shawn shows me his big feet before pulling off his shirt and shorts. He displays his muscular physique in his boxer briefs, then I have him strip naked and lube up his cock. Shawn kicks back and strokes his cock while he answers my questions about girls, fucking and getting sucked off. When I let him do his thing, Shawn leans back, closes his eyes and happily jacks out a thick, sticky load for us.

Scrappy Tickled Hard

While thunder booms outside, Scrappy strips down to his swimsuit and climbs onto the tickling table. Franco cuffs his wrists and gives a test tickle to Scrappy’s smooth, soft sides. This 20-year-old sure is ticklish! Franco secures his size 11 feet and tickles him between his pretty toes with the small brush and pointy rubber nub of a denture cleaning brush. He tickles Scrappy deeply on his sensitive thighs, then returns to his feet, tickling them with a regular bristle toothbrush and his meaty fingers. Gasping for breath, Scrappy twitches all over as Franco continues tickling his feet with different tickle toys. Then Franco messes with Scrappy’s head by cutting open one leg of his swimsuit and jacking his dick while he tickles his thighs. Scrappy’s laughter deepens when Franco climbs on top of him and tickles his armpits and upper ribs. He verges on tears when Franco tickles him in his bellybutton and on his underside. Franco tickles Scrappy’s feet with the big blue brush, then makes Scrappy’s thighs flex and toes point hard by jacking a load out of his cock. With Scrappy totally defenseless, Franco continues the hardcore tickling, stimulating all of Scrappy’s tickle centers until he’s completely exhausted.

Ink & Parker: Getting BJ’s However They Can

Ink and Parker had never met before this shoot, but they’re going to get to know each other very well, very soon. I tell them we’re doing a challenge shoot. The first challenge is for them to have a big, wet, sloppy french kiss. Then Parker gets his huge cock hard by rubbing it on Ink’s ass crack. Next, Parker “assumes the position” as Ink gets busy on Parker’s ass. Ink loves head, and he gets his reward – a nice, slow blowjob. As I massage his asshole and stroke his cock, he shoots his wad. Watch again in slow motion! I give Parker the challenge of having his two friends cum on him in order to get what he really wants – that big dick sucked. All’s well that ends well, and Parker has a moaning, bed-clawing cum shot.

Jay Jacks It

Jay’s not really interested in getting into porn. This exhibitionist straight guy is just looking to get off. Jay smiles nervously when I tell him to get naked, and he quietly strokes his thick cock. Every now and then, Jay looks up at me for approval, but when he’s ready to cum, he’s can’t hold it. Jay shoots a huge load from his swollen cock.

Uncut Carter Beats Off

Active 22-year-old architecture student Carter likes sports, pledging his fraternity and fantasizing about having sex in the university classrooms. He’s a tough guy who rough-houses with his buddies, but today he’s going to stroke his uncut 8-inch cock with a little direction from me. Carter rubs his long, thick dick through his underwear and gets hard really fast. I put some porn on for him to watch and after a few directions, let him kick back and jack off. I get some great shots of Carter’s hole and bare feet while he’s handling his big tool. Carter moans and pulls on his balls, switching hands and telling me how good it feels to touch himself. He closes his eyes, leans back and lets me watch him shoot his thick load. I even convince this exhibitionist to taste his own cum for the first time.

Milo’s First Gloryhole

Today Milo learns how easy it is for any guy to get off at a gloryhole. I bring Milo into the gloryhole room and tell him what to do. It doesn’t take long for me to get this horny 19-year-old hard. He leans into the wall and warns me he’s about to cum, but I don’t stop and let him shoot his load down my throat before I suck him dry.

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