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Straight twink Carlito: pictures and video


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BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (1)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (2)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (3)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (4)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (5)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (6)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (7)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (8)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (9)BlakeMason-Sammy-K-HD-01 (10)

You know, sometimes life just happens to bring a big, smiley person in to your world… and that happened when Sammy arrived at my house! And you know another thing? He’s fit as fuck and although he’s just 18 years of age he’s got the confidence of a porn super-hero! Just look at him – he’s a total newbie with a charm that’s bound to win your heart… and with an immediate hard-on that just never gives up he’s bound to prove very, very popular!

All that aside, I’m going to cut straight to the chase with this one. When I picked up Sammy  from the train station he looked even more gorgeous than his application pics… and his fun and very lovely personality really made my heart melt! Not only that but the entire BM team felt the same way – they couldn’t wait to see the footage of this cheeky fella naked and showing us his all… and the wait sure was worth it!

After the obligatory chat about his life, loves and turn-on’s the very horny Sammy stands up to strip naked. His little tattoo above his underwear reads ëblessedí – a promise of things to come and sure enough his tattoo doesn’t lie! Sammy is a delight to behold – his gorgeous face,  fit body, flirty nature and his lovely thick uncut dick that’s almost 8 inches long make for the perfect package. In fact this guy has such a horny jerk-off that he loses all his inhibitions and before long, he’s losing a lovely thick load of cum too;-)


activeDuty-Kale (1)activeDuty-Kale (2)activeDuty-Kale (3)activeDuty-Kale (4)activeDuty-Kale (5)activeDuty-Kale (6)activeDuty-Kale (7)activeDuty-Kale (8)activeDuty-Kale (9)activeDuty-Kale (10)activeDuty-Kale (11)activeDuty-Kale (12)activeDuty-Kale (14)activeDuty-Kale (15)activeDuty-Kale (16)

Active Duty
War Chest

Active Duty featured another super hot new recruit in their War Chest Update. I’m really excited and super crazy about this guy. He’s got cuteness and personality for days and he’s just my type. Talk about a little scamp, Kale is the epitome of the word. He’s adorable and playful and he knows just hot to get what he wants out of you. Kale is just 19-years old, stands around 5’8″ and weighs about 165 lbs. In high school he was on the gymnastics team, wrestled and played football. His hobbies include playing guitar, working on his car and playing in his band. Kale has always thought about getting into the porn business but he never really knew how to do it. When you see this one you’ll know he was made for this business. It’s too hot to miss, so don’t!


collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (2)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (3)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (5)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (7)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (9)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (10)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (11)collegedudes247-tony-amado-busts-a-nut (12)

Tony Amado is a sexy 19 year old Latin-Italian football player. We were really happy that he decided to show up and jerk off for everyone in this hot vid. After talking about his interestes in all things sports-related and his aspirations in music, Tony strips down and begins to flex. For a 19 year old, Tony has an amazing build, complemented by his stunningly beautiful eyes. When Tony works up his nine inch cock, though, the heat really goes up. Tony wanks his meat until it is nice and hard, and as he begins to breathe heavily you can tell he is into it. Tony has an amazing ass, so of course we could not let him get by without shoving his hot butt in the air and giving us a nice long look at his virgin asshole. Tony spreads his cheeks and moans, all the while beating his meat. When Tony flips over onto his back, he works himself up into a frenzy and cums as his legs are both twitching and straightened out – very hot orgasm!


squirtz-vince_demerit (1)squirtz-vince_demerit (2)squirtz-vince_demerit (3)squirtz-vince_demerit (4)squirtz-vince_demerit (5)squirtz-vince_demerit (6)squirtz-vince_demerit (7)squirtz-vince_demerit (9)squirtz-vince_demerit (10)squirtz-vince_demerit (11)

A good looking masculine guy who’s openly gay! Vince Demerit, the world needs more like you. Vince has worked as a construction worker and mechanic and for fun he’s a competitive BMXer. Recently out of the closet, Vince is currently happily in a relationship with a cute boy who is just his type. Though he’s settled down for the moment, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wild side. Vince classifies himself as 100% versatile but that balance seems to tip when he has had a few drinks.

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