Straight Guys vs Gay Hand

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Wade has got some fiery red hair! He’s a 20 y/o Marine who was relocated to San Diego from a small town in the midwest. He identifies as straight, but says that he’s “DP’ed” a girl with a buddy before.
“That’s about as close as I’ve come to messing around with a guy.”
This started out as a typical solo, but something told me Wade might be open to exploring his more curious side. During the photoshoot, he had barely unzipped his pants and already had a raging hard-on.
As we were shooting the video, there was stream of pre-cum oozing out of his cock and I used that as an excuse to reach in for a quick grab. Without a word, Wade let go of his dick and gave me control of the stroking.
He must have been right on the edge. After a few minutes, I have him lie down and just barely start playing with his nipples before he loses control and busts a thick load all over my my hand.


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When I first met Cristopher Garcia I couldn’t believe my eyes!   We were both travelling around Europe at the time and happened to find each in Paris.   It was a very busy time there shooting lots of guys and I almost didn’t have time to spend with Cristopher.   Now I’m really glad I did.   When he dropped over to my apartment and pulled off his shirt I was immediately struck by his perfectly sculptured body.   We talk a little about his gym routine during his video.   It turned out that this was the first adult shoot he had ever done.   I have since seen him appear on another site as well.    Cristopher started his shoot with me by posing in a pair of my Aussiebum speedos and then getting warmed up in a tub of soapy hot water.   As he got back out of the tub he pulled down those speedos revealing the most perfect big round bum on top of those hugely muscular legs.   I grabbed the video camera and filmed a little of us chatting, Cristopher getting hard, me sucking on his uncut cock for a while, and eventually I layed back on the floor while he blew his load all over me.   Hot stuff!  
Cristopher is a really beautiful and sweet guy.   I hope we meet and shoot together again sometime.


activeduty-vance (1)activeduty-vance (2)activeduty-vance (4)activeduty-vance (5)activeduty-vance (6)activeduty-vance (8)activeduty-vance (9)activeduty-vance (10)activeduty-vance (11)activeduty-vance (13)activeduty-vance (15)activeduty-vance (16)

War Chest

It’s raining new recruits at Active Duty and Wednesday’s War Chest Update is the place they showcase the latest and greatest. They introduced a hung, tall, lanky hunk who puts on a really hot show. Vance is 19-years old and a buddy of Kale (who was on last week’s War Chest). Things start off with Dink Flamingo giving Vance a hard time, joking about an 18 inch dildo and he’s a good sport about it all. Vance enjoys working on cars, fishing and hunting and just driving. He’s 6′ tall, weighs 145lbs and is sporting some really nice tats. Once he gets his shirt off we’re given a great view of a lean, ripped upper body as he tells us about his ink. This guy is a real hottie. He’s super masculine and all man. That’s what I love most about young military guys — they’re the epitome of toughness but at the same time super ready to experiment. Once he comes out of his pants I almost faint. This guy is hung like a Howitzer. I mean he’s sporting some really serious meat. I could watch him like a fly on the wall for days. And what a show he puts on once his initial nervousness fades. One thing you’re gonna’ love is all the great ass and every inch of this sexy amateur’s body. I could go on and on all day about this one, but that’d only hold you up from getting your ass over to the War Chest and checking him out in all his glory for yourself.


BlakeMason-Darius (1)BlakeMason-Darius (2)BlakeMason-Darius (3)BlakeMason-Darius (4)BlakeMason-Darius (5)BlakeMason-Darius (6)BlakeMason-Darius (7)BlakeMason-Darius (8)BlakeMason-Darius (9)BlakeMason-Darius (10)

Mmm… when Darius applied to model I simply smiled to myself ( as I often do!).  He looked so damned delicious that I could have eaten him whole… yep, he’s been blessed with handsome good looks, a perfect body and a totally suckable cock… and I really can’t forget to mention that he’s got a very pert little backside that’s screaming for some serious attention too! Add all of these fine physical attributes to a guy who’s got a very warm and genuine personality and it all adds up to a man who’s irresistible 😉
Like me, I bet you’re dying to know a lot more about Darius… so here goes. He moved over from his home country of Hungary only three months ago but he wasted no time in applying to the best site on the web (!) and arenít we glad he did!!! After exchanging some calls and emails he arrived on a sunny afternoon and he looked like a true Adonis – far better than his application pics 😉 We simply couldn’t wait to film this hot fella and so that’s exactly what we did…
We begin with Darius and I having a short chat before he strips to reveal a body that’s been sculpted by the Gods – and then he drops his pants to reveal his soft uncut cock and low hanging – such a tease! Hopping back on to the chest of drawers, Darius is rock-hard within a few strokes and he begins to milk his lovely uncut cock like a true pro! This guy really knows how to work the cameras – he shows off his dick of steel and his tight little hole perfectly… and the way he moves his body is magical! And when he cums it’s a magical event that commands every ones attention… and with very good reason 🙂


like-em-straight (1)like-em-straight (2)like-em-straight (3)like-em-straight (4)like-em-straight (5)like-em-straight (6)like-em-straight (7)like-em-straight (8)like-em-straight (9)like-em-straight (10)

Straight Frat Boy Sid Gets First Guy On Guy Blowjob!

O.K., guy next door in a working class neighborhood likes to drink beer and watch football, and , Oh yeah….pursue a porn career. Obviously Sid will not get the career he may have envisioned, but today he gets his first guy on guy blow job. Sid`s amateur status is what got Brendon into this business in the first place. Find regular guys, get em turned on watching porn and see if you can get their cock in your mouth. It`s worked for 15 years, and it works again today as Sid leans back and finds his cock serviced by the best in the business. If it feels this good, why not do it?

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