Straight guys and their sexual experiments for money

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Ever wonder who keeps texting your partner late at night when all of his focus should be on you?  In the case of Charles O’Riley, a married man who’s hotness level soars off the charts, those messages set off a chain of events you won’t soon forget.  Charles confides to his sweet wife Allison that he has a boyfriend, the very sexy Mike Martinez.  When Mike drops by, our very modern threesome get down and dirty, with the men getting their big, thick cocks sucked while they make out and size up the situation. Addison decides that Charles isn’t getting off THAT easy and after subjecting him to a tickle torture, she decides that her husband the top is about to find out what it feels like to bottom. Without spoiling all the surprises in store for you, let’s just cock + ass + pussy = an erotic equation that leads to our husband and wife BOTH getting fucked and sucked with the cum load multiplied by two.

Straight guys for gay eyes


straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (1)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (5)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (7)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (8)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (9)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (10)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (11)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (12)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (13)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (14)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (19)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (20)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (21)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (26)straightfraternity-Kyle_and_Cory (28)

Kyle and Cory – Best friends jerk off for Spring Break money
Kyle and Cory are both twenty-two and go to college together. They are best friends and needed to make some fast cash so they could go to Mexico on Spring Break. Kyle is beefier with a football player’s body and Cory is a redhead with more of a gymnast’s build. Both are super hot. It’s a bit awkward for them jerking off together. They focus on the task ‘at hand’ and I could tell they were nervous even as they were joking with each other. Cory got off pretty quickly, but Kyle took a bit longer. Soon Kyle was over the edge and shot a load like his friend. They couldn’t wait to get on the road – they were leaving from my place to go on their trip. Have fun guys!

Straight Fraternity – 100% straight guys


brokestraightboys-derek (1)brokestraightboys-derek (3)brokestraightboys-derek (4)brokestraightboys-derek (5)brokestraightboys-derek (7)brokestraightboys-derek (8)brokestraightboys-derek (9)brokestraightboys-derek (10)brokestraightboys-derek (11)brokestraightboys-derek (12)brokestraightboys-derek (13)
Broke Straight Boys – DEREK
Broke Straight Boys is pleased to welcome another straight
boy to the futon; Derek Chambers. He is a local to Miami and
is studying Oceanography and Marine Science at college.
Derek is broke from buying all his text books for college,
thus, why he is in the studio to do his solo scene. Although
he identifies himself as being straight, Derek did confess
to being quite curious about man on man interaction and had
even started jerking off to fantasies involving the swim
team in the locker room.
Derek stood up to his full height of 6′ 1″ and took off his
shirt, revealing slim but toned upper body that complimented
his tanned surfer boy look. Although he had closely cropped
hair, Derek said his natural hair colour was strawberry
blonde, weighed around 150 pounds and that he wore a size 12
shoe. Sitting back down on the futon, Derek put his hand
down the front of his tight white underpants and started
playing with his dick as he watched the bisexual porn
playing on the tv. Derek stood up and took off his undies,
turning around and showing off his nicely formed ass for the
benefit of the BSB members.
He slouched on the futon, not at all shy as he stroked his
dick into full hardness. Derek gently wanked off and I
couldn’t help but compliment him on how nice his cock
looked. As he continued playing with his dick, Derek
admitted that although he was curious about guys, he hadn’t
actually done anything with another guy, however, he was
willing to experiment. I asked him a few more questions and
was surprised when he said that kissing another guy would
probably be a turn on for him. Reaching for the lube, Derek
put a small dollop onto his cock head and resumed jerking
off. He was in no hurry to cum, instead, he seemed intent on
just enjoying his first time on camera.
Standing up, Derek wanked off at a slow but steady pace as
he watched the porn. With one hand lightly caressing his
shoulder, Derek started to jerk off a little faster,
obviously getting close to cumming. Suddenly, he sat back
down on the futon and moments later, a stream of cum spilled
over his cock head and onto his flat, tanned stomach as he
panted hard with the effort. For a first timer, Derek did a
great job and with his willingness to experiment with other
guys, I’m sure that he will be featured in the updates very

baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (2)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (3)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (4)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (5)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (6)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (7)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (8)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (9)baitbuddies-bobby_lite_and_kody_valintine (10)
“It`s the real thing.“
Our Latino straight guy, Diego, and his girlfriend have been fooling around lately with what some couples would consider kinky sex. She`s the aggressor and began using her own private time toys on his butthole – and hey – he said it wasn`t so bad. As a matter of fact Diego decided to take it to the next step at So, we matched up this hot blooded, well built hottie with Hunter, a pretty experienced bi-sexual stud. Hunter is a cowboy from Texas, he rides horse, hunts and all that good manly shit and knows how to use his 8“ shooter real good. He`s hot looking, built and sexy with his hazel eyes, brown hair and great smile.
Caruso is in charge of this gig and starts the guys off with some kissing. Then a flip flop blow job ending with what Diego came for in the first place – a good butt fucking, a stud`s real 8“ cock up his butt. And he really liked it-just watch the never ending smile on this boy`s face. After the video shoot was over, Caruso asked his preference – his girlfriend`s toys or Hunter`s cock – without any hesitation he answered “The real thing”.
Bait Buddies – Straight vs Bait

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Mexican Teen Boys

BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (1)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (2)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (3)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (4)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (5)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (6)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (7)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (8)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (9)BlakeMason-Curtis-HD (10)
All you lovers of big, thick, chunky cocks are in for a real treat – Curtis has one of the finest, fattest and most veiny cocks Iíve had the pleasure of filming in a long, long time! He really is a huge fan of playing with his big fat boner too… and wouldnít we all if we were blessed with his man-meat? Anyway, let me tell you more about this 19 year old ex-army lad…
Curtis describes himself as straight but Iím not so sure. He made this film on the eve of his 20th birthday and spent his last day as a teenager jerking his big dick for our pleasure (and his!)!  After having a relaxed chat about his life, his first times and the wanking competition in the army barracks, he stands proud to show off his flaccid cock and very large balls… before he sets about working his prized meat to full mast – lovely 🙂
His superb cock begins to grow as he moans and mutters under his breath… and as it grows larger and larger he gets on his knees where it points skywards all on its own! He bounces it around, slaps it about a bit – this man is really proud to have such a big, powerful and very hard boner.  He drops to the floor where his aching hard-on can’t take anymore teasing and he jerks his thick load all over his tight abs…
But this guy was still horny! As if one wank wasnít enough, it turned out that he knocked another orgasm out in the shower afterwards… and you can see it all in the bonus film 😉 I guess that’s teenager’s for you!
Amateur British Straight Men



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