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videoboys-Jake_Bass (1)videoboys-Jake_Bass (2)videoboys-Jake_Bass (3)videoboys-Jake_Bass (4)videoboys-Jake_Bass (5)videoboys-Jake_Bass (7)videoboys-Jake_Bass (9)videoboys-Jake_Bass (10)videoboys-Jake_Bass (11)videoboys-Jake_Bass (12)

Jake Bass: Takes a Shower, Then Sprays a Shower

If you prefer a guy who’s simple, innocent and deferential, Jake Bass is NOT the guy for you. Jake is a complex character with many moods, an irreverent sense of fun and somehow always finds a way to get what he’s after.

An enthusiastic swimmer and diver, Jake’s love of the pool might just be rooted in the ambience around the pool, of speedo clad guys and furtive glances in the shower room. Jake wasn’t too shy to reveal some of his poolside secrets to us. For this reason, we really wanted to show Jake in his skimpy speedo under some cascading water to give you some idea how some of his pool mates might feel showering next to him.

But there is something else you might like to know about Jake: he has powerful, explosive cum shots. So how could we show that off to its best advantage? We wanted to show you the potency, the force and the shear volume. Watch Jake Bass cum like you’ve never seen anyone cum before.

Video Boys – Boys porn from Montreal


boysFox-Vinny (2)boysFox-Vinny (3)boysFox-Vinny (4)boysFox-Vinny (5)boysFox-Vinny (7)boysFox-Vinny (8)boysFox-Vinny (9)boysFox-Vinny (10)

Yuoung Twinks on BoysFox


Blake_Mason-Olly-J (1)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (2)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (3)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (4)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (5)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (6)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (7)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (8)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (9)Blake_Mason-Olly-J (10)

Olly J – & Seven Inches of Meat

I canít believe that this lovely young newbie is actually 24 years old, can you? I know! He looks much younger but that’s his real age and his friendly, confident personality confirms it! Olly confesses that he has been a big fan of the site for some time and when his partner (who is also a BLAKEMASON model) Suggested he should show us his stuff naturally we said yes! He’s got such an adorable face, a lovely slim body and, of course, a perfectly suckable uncut cock 😉

It’s quite an impressive one too – a good 7 solid inches of man meat with a nice girth that just demands attention. Olly’s a real talker who’s confidently chats about his life, job and many sexual encounters… When it comes to getting it on you can tell heís struck with newbie nerves although I have no idea why! He looks superb standing there butt naked with his cock clearly semi-excited!

But nerves aside he soon settles on the bed and works that lovely dick to its full 7 inches, stroking it both fast and slow, ensuring he alternates the pleasure he is giving himself (and us!) from his shaft! Olly then kneels up to wank his dick some more before he jumps off the bed, stands proud and allows us to get some lovely underneath shots! Finally he stretches out across the bed and goes for it… he shoots a lovely load of cum all over his abs and then milks the last remaining drops which dribble down his shaft and ass crack, hot!  🙂

Blake Mason – all English lads


Gianluigi_feeling_good (11)Gianluigi_feeling_good (8)Gianluigi_feeling_good (12)Gianluigi_feeling_good (9)Gianluigi_feeling_good (1)Gianluigi_feeling_good (4)Gianluigi_feeling_good (6)Gianluigi_feeling_good (2)Gianluigi_feeling_good (3)Gianluigi_feeling_good (5)

Men at Play – young straight men


active_duty_war_chest_Guy (1)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (3)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (4)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (5)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (6)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (7)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (8)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (9)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (10)active_duty_war_chest_Guy (11)

War Chest: Guy

Active Duty’s humpday update in the War Chest offered up their new recruit, Guy. He’s a beefy football player type dreamboat. It starts out with Guy already naked as a jaybird and stroking his huge fucking cock. Guy is packing some serious fucking meat–it’s at least 8.5 inches long and delicious. He’s 21-years old, stands 5′ 11″ tall and weighs in at around 190 lbs. He played lots of football in high school and he’s sporting some of the sexiest thighs I’ve seen in awhile. Guy gets much more comfortable showing off and eventually he shows off that beautiful ass for us and he lets us get a nice, long look at it. Then he’s back to stroking that huge cock of his and eventually blows a huge load all over the place. Dink Flamingo could not get enough of this big, blonde-haired beauty and followed him into the bathroom afterwards to watch him wash that big cock off in the sink. That smile of his will drive you wild and leave you wanting more.

Active Duty – gay military porn with real straight soldiers, marines and sailors


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