Straight Hunks Seduced

squirtz-BobbyLong (1)squirtz-BobbyLong (3)squirtz-BobbyLong (4)squirtz-BobbyLong (6)squirtz-BobbyLong (2)squirtz-BobbyLong (5)squirtz-BobbyLong (7)squirtz-BobbyLong (8)squirtz-BobbyLong (9)squirtz-BobbyLong (10)

It’s been almost a year since Bobby Long graced our camera. For months now Bobby has been in self-imposed exile from the homo-erotic temptations of the big city, busying himself with his job at a restaurant and girls in a small town about an hour away. But spring was in the air and Bobby was feeling the need to be back in the company of boys who like boys. Bobby’s gained a little bit of weight, which looks great on him and added a lip ring (but it’s a clip on).

Bobby Long is 19 years old, is 5’7″ tall, weighs 125 lbs and has a 8″ uncut cock.

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straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (1)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (2)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (4)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (5)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (6)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (7)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (8)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (10)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (12)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (14)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (23)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (24)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (27)straight_fraternity-peter_hazzed_by_nikko (28)

Peter called me because he needed to make some money for a trip. I told him I would work with him, but he had to let me do whatever I wanted to do to him. He agreed. He’s a 27-year-old handsome student with a great body and a really nice cock. I stripped him down first before I told him what I was going to do to him. He had no idea. I told him this was going to be a hazing video and he was very nervous! I bound him to a chair and blindfolded him before starting to explore his body. I love playing with a guy’s nipples, and I licked Peter’s and played with his cock which got hard in no time flat. It was my awesome blowjob that sealed the deal. He didn’t think that he could get off with another guy, but while I was sucking him off he was ready to shoot. He was saying, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” right before he shot all over my hand. Another successful straight boy gets off on my watch! Hot, horny, hazed, Baby!

broke-straight-boys-jimmy (42)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (44)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (30)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (35)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (6)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (7)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (8)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (10)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (12)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (16)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (20)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (21)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (22)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (24)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (2)broke-straight-boys-jimmy (27)

The newest boy to appear on the BSB futon is Jimmy. We found Jimmy, who was tall, dark haired and buffed, down by the beach who was visiting some friends while on vacation. As Jimmy and I chatted about how much money he makes at his job, I offered him $100 if he would come back to the studio with me and jerk off on camera, however, I told him I would pay him $50 if he showed me his cock right then and there. Sure enough, Jimmy undid his bathers and pulled out his cock, showing off his close cropped pubes as he did so. Jimmy then questioned the amount I was going to pay him to jerk off on camera and I confirmed that it was indeed going to be $100 and after barely a second or two to think it over, Jimmy was ready to go.

cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (2)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (3)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (4)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (6)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (5)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (8)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (7)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (9)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (10)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (11)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (12)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (13)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (14)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (15)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (16)cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (17)

Attention class!  Today, our professor, the appropriately-named John Magnum, will be covering a topic we trust is relevant to all concerned, no matter what your major may be: Cocksucking 101.  One of his top students (in every way) is Mike Martinez and he will get the course started by demonstrating the proper technique to giving a blow job.  Step one: get naked.  Mike does so in record time!    But before things progress, our instructor gives Mike a refresher in the finer points of oral service.  Note the placement of his hand as he uses his mouth and tongue, sliding up and down the penile shaft until it is fully engorged.  Mike is practicing suction when who pops in but the yearbook photographer.  Smile for the camera!  After doing is best, Mike is outraged to hear his grade so far is only a ‘B’ so back he goes, down the professor’s huge dick to strive for an ‘A.’  Once we saw the part of the course covering the number 69, we decided to register for next semester and you will, too, once you see the cum facials these two give one another!

cocksure-men-Cocksucking 101 (18)

xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (1)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (2)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (3)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (4)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (5)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (6)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (7)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (8)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (10)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (11)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (12)xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (13)

Gavin Sovet (Solo)

xtra-inches-gavin-sovet (14)

bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (1)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (3)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (2)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (6)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (7)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (8)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (9)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (10)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (12)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (13)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (11)bang-bang-boys-marcos-d (14)

Marcos D (Solo)

like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (1)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (2)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (3)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (4)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (5)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (6)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (7)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (8)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (9)like-em-straight-ed-jack-brendon (10)

Ed, Jack & Brendon Marley

This isn`t exactly beauty and the beast, but quirky best describes Jack`s looks. Brendon has paired him today with the big, sexy Ed. Jack was last seen getting a hand job from the boss but today there is a lot more on the line. Sitting next to Ed, Jack looks bewildered and scared as shit. Find out what these guys have to do to make a little scratch. Jack certainly doesn`t have a problem keeping a raging hard-on when Brendon`s mouth is going down on his cock. Ed knows that blow jobs this good are hard to find.

bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (6)


“Dorm Dazed“

“Dazed“ is the word in this video – it describes poor, nervous, disoriented Eddie who`s about to have his first gay sex experience with his straight buddy and college roommate, Jake, who also happens to be a Gay4Pay model who works for Robins & Caruso. These two dudes are tight – they do everything together – they share majors, they share meals, sports, clubs, girls – you name it. And, after today they`ll be sharing spit, dicks, butts and lots of cum!

Both dudes are total freshman jocks. Jake is as hot as they come. He`s got the cutest face with longish brown hair and a smile to die for. At 23 he`s 5`10“ with 195lbs of hunky muscle and a beautiful, really hot, 7.5“ cut cock. Eddie is only 19 with guy next door looks, but when he removes his clothes he`s anything but! This dude has the most amazing body – he`s totally ripped and everything is in perfect proportion from his toes to his nose including a sexy 7“ cut cock which gets hard and stays hard from beginning to end.

When Eddie found out what his roomie was doing to pay for his books and extras he flipped. His straight roommate is blowing dudes and getting fucked while Eddie is breaking his neck stocking shelves at the local market. Although, being very straight laced himself, Eddie figured why the fuck not. Make what it takes him a week to make in that shit hole – in just a few hours. So, that`s how Robins & Caruso wound up in the dorms. Watch how nervous Eddie is kissing his roomie and eventually sucking his dick and then actually being in his hot roommates ass when he comes. He never even saw his roommate jack off or blow a load – now his dick can feel the pulsations as his buddy Jake blows a huge load all over his stomach and chest!

bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (1)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (2)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (3)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (4)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (7)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (8)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (9)bait-buddies-eddie-blake-jake-taylor (10)


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