Wanking sexy hunks and twinks

Tatooed piss-loving twink Chris Porter hoses himself down and drinks a load of his piss outside in a hammock. After he soaks his shirt and drinks his piss, Chris strokes his thick, rock hard cock for a long time…taking another piss break in the middle of working a load out! Chris shoots all over the steps and then hoses his cum off with a hot stream of his piss!

boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (1)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (2)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (3)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (4)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (5)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (6)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (7)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (8)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (9)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (10)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (11)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (12)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (13)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (14)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (15)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (16)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (17)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (18)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (19)boys-pissing-chris_porter_piss_and_stroke_in_a_hammock (20)

Straight Boys Pissing


Real Amateur Twinks

BlakeMason-Trey (1)BlakeMason-Trey (2)BlakeMason-Trey (3)BlakeMason-Trey (4)BlakeMason-Trey (5)BlakeMason-Trey (6)BlakeMason-Trey (7)BlakeMason-Trey (8)BlakeMason-Trey (9)BlakeMason-Trey (10)

Wow check out this hot newbie, Iíll say that he is going to melt some hearts and turn some other things very hard indeed! Quite simply he is sex on legs – there’s just no other way to describe him – he’s the kind of guy that makes you automatically turn your head in the street! At 23 years of age he’s only going to mature like a fine wine and hopefully weíre going to see his thick, fat uncut dick in plenty of action on BLAKEMASON!!!

Trey, he works as a stylist and has done so for the past six years. But don’t be fooled into thinking heís the camp handbag swinging type – far from it – in fact Trey’s very much the ëguy next doorí that you just long for an excuse to see! He’s cool, confident, yet also endearingly coy, so much so that seeing him naked and jerking his cock somehow makes you feel very privileged…

As he undresses he knows he has what it takes to push all a guys buttons… he strips down and reveals his flawless body, deep golden tan and awesomely thick uncut dick! His hands meet his cock and away he goes, moaning and groaning like this is the best wank of his life 😉 He happily shows off his hair free hole (and his rock-hard cock is still visible from under his legs) before he lays back and takes himself to that magical point…

active-duty-Bastian (1)active-duty-Bastian (2)active-duty-Bastian (3)active-duty-Bastian (4)active-duty-Bastian (5)active-duty-Bastian (6)active-duty-Bastian (7)active-duty-Bastian (8)active-duty-Bastian (9)active-duty-Bastian (10)active-duty-Bastian (11)active-duty-Bastian (12)active-duty-Bastian (13)
Active Duty
War Chest
Active Duty’s War Chest Update introduces Bastian, one of Kaden’s recruits. We’ve all seen Bastian in action, but Kaden thought it was important (and I agree) for us all to see this little hottie in his very first performance. This was actually Kaden’s first time being behind the camera and directing a new guy all on his own. Bastian is a hot Texas boy and this wild little hottie really gets into this shit. He’s rubbing his chest and crotch and smiling from ear-to-ear. He’s so erotic and sensual that it seems like he’s done this before. Lucky for us, he’s just always really wanted to and we get to see his first attempt at being an exhibitionist. Once he’s naked Kaden puts him through the ropes with Dink coaching them on. Bastian spends a lot of time stroking his big dick and playing with his pretty little ass before he blows a nice fat load all over. Bastian is one hot little firecracker!

amateurstraightguys-titan (1)amateurstraightguys-titan (2)amateurstraightguys-titan (3)amateurstraightguys-titan (4)amateurstraightguys-titan (5)amateurstraightguys-titan (6)amateurstraightguys-titan (7)amateurstraightguys-titan (8)amateurstraightguys-titan (9)amateurstraightguys-titan (10)
Amateur Straight Guys
Titan is a beefy stud who, upon coming to Amateur Straight Guy’s studio, made a shocking discovery. One of the other guys they’d taped is his former wrestling coach from back in the day! What are the odds? That’s why Titan is wearing a lucha mask for his horny solo video; he says his buddy “can’t know” that it’s him. I’m pretty sure that if I’d wrestled this guy I’d be able to recognize him, mask or not, and I’m also pretty sure his buddy wouldn’t be in any position to say anything having done this. But whatever, the mask is hot anyway. Titan lives up to his name by being built like a greek god! He’s got a beefy, broad chest, a huge thick cock and big round balls. Of course the director can’t resist stroking Titan’s giant member and he’s ready to put his arms up and let a pro take care of his business. Pretty soon some intense moaning lets us know that his one eyed monster is about to blow a huge load all over the director’s hand! Mmmmmm indeed!

amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (1)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (2)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (3)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (4)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (5)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (6)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (7)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (8)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (9)amateur_straight_guys-soggy_martini (10)
Amateur Straight Guys
Soggy Martini: Blaine, Caleb & Parker
Amateur Straight Guys featured Blaine, Caleb and Parker in a game of Soggy Martini. That is where a group of guys jack off into a martini glass. The guy with biggest load wins and the guy with smallest load looses and gets the entire glass of cum poured on his head. Blaine drew the short stick so to speak and had to do some fluffing for the other guys. A few hand jobs and some blowjobs got the guys warmed up and the contest began. At the end of the night, Parker Shot the biggest load and Blaine got a new “There’s Something About Mary” hair do—a spooge do!!

Mason was driving across the country to visit his girlfriend (who also does adult work) when I was told he could swing by easily, I said, “Sure!” Happy to not pay for airfare near the holidays.
I was told he had all his pubes, and I suppose for straight porn it kind of counts, but it’s really the only thing ‘off’ about this beefy ex-football jock.  He drove a 1000 miles with his gf (who got the flu) so I wasn’t about to turn them away.
If fact they stayed about 4 days.  She recovered and they had wheels so they would go out and eat and explore Austin.
In interim, I put Mason to work doing a solo, and of course, while here, an oral video.   I picked one of my models I hadn’t heard from in years to do it, and next week you will be asking, “Who is Servicing Who?”
I love this guy. Very polite and his girlfriend super friendly.
I think Mason is down with the whole idea of doing full on work, so even though I haven’t shot anything with him yet, he says he is ready to go.
Now the only question I have to ask myself after editing this solo, will this boy who clearly likes to play with his ass, bottom right out of the gate?

belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (1)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (2)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (3)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (4)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (5)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (6)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (7)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (8)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (9)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (10)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (11)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (12)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (13)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (14)belami-jim_kerouac_pin_up (15)
This weeks Pin-Up Jim Kerouac has flown under the radar here for several months, but no longer. We are immediately struck by Jim’s amazing muscled body and ripped abs. Peel his clothes off further and out pops a big uncut cock plus a sweet bubble butt! This stud is gonna be a star! Get to know more about Jim all week long at BelAmiOnline.com!

alex-foot-solo (1)alex-foot-solo (4)alex-foot-solo (5)alex-foot-solo (6)alex-foot-solo (7)alex-foot-solo (8)alex-foot-solo (9)alex-foot-solo (10)alex-foot-solo (11)alex-foot-solo (12)alex-foot-solo (14)alex-foot-solo (15)alex-foot-solo (16)alex-foot-solo (17)alex-foot-solo (18)alex-foot-solo (19)alex-foot-solo (20)alex-foot-solo (21)alex-foot-solo (23)alex-foot-solo (24)alex-foot-solo (26)alex-foot-solo (27)alex-foot-solo (28)alex-foot-solo (29)alex-foot-solo (30)
Meet Alex a new boy here although you would never know he is new based on how comfortable he was when we started rolling. I did not even have to tell him what to do. Once I hit the record button it was not long before he was working those sexy feet and stroking his hard cock for you folks at home. And believe me watching him work those cameras he was not the only one who was hard.

menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (4)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (8)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (11)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (5)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (13)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (1)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (2)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (9)menatplay-black-and-white-DavidBandW (14)
Black and White
Starring David Jones

One of our favourite straight boys, David Jones is back on Menatplay and looking hotter than ever in this James Bond style Black Tie. Or rather in Bond villain style as beneath the sharp and elegant evening suit lies a tattooed, bad boy who knows exactly what to do to charm you and get his way with you. Off comes the crisp white shirt to reveal a perfectly ripped torso covered in soft blonde hair. From his muscular chest and perfect nipples, down to his abs and leading you down to his hardening, uncut dick. Stroking it whilst lifting his legs to show you his tight, hairy hole which he plays with teasingly, making you wish you were close enough to lick it. But David is in no rush, and likes to tease you until just the right moment when he has you at his mercy and gives you exactly what you want.. a hot, juicy cumshot all over his chest as you blow your load watching him.

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