Montreal guys jerking off for the camera

straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (1)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (2)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (3)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (7)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (8)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (9)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (10)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (11)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (4)straight_boy_Arthur_wanking (12)

Arthur is committed to the hospitality industry. Currently he works as a waiter and is studying toward a career as a sommelier. Naturally, drinking a lot of wine is a part of it and so Arthur is busy studying even when he’s out at the clubs. Arthur is out, gay and doesn’t make any apologies about it. If he sees a man that he likes he’s not going to hesitate to go talk to him. If the guy turns out to be straight, so what? Nothing ventured nothing gained seems to be Arthur’s motto.

straight_boy_joseph_jackman_jerking_off (1)straight_boy_joseph_jackman_jerking_off (5)straight_boy_joseph_jackman_jerking_off (2)straight_boy_joseph_jackman_jerking_off (3)straight_boy_joseph_jackman_jerking_off (7)straight_boy_joseph_jackman_jerking_off (8)

From the moment we met him we knew that Joseph was a real sweetheart. He’s a bit shy and it took him a little while to get used to the situation. But once he did we found he was quick to laugh and was very open with us on every topic. Joseph admits that he hasn’t slept around with a lot of guys so far in his young life but he’s definitely no prude and really wants to try a great variety of experiences.

straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (1)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (2)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (4)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (5)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (3)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (8)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (9)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (11)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (12)straight_hunk_alexis_posing_naked (13)

Alexis is the perfect stereotype of a straight guy. He’s studying to be a mechanic and a brown belt in karate, he also was seriously into hockey and soccer. He has a serious look to him and so we thought he might be hard to work with for this kind of video. But it turns out Alexis is just one of the sweetest, friendliest guys around. He’s strictly for the ladies but he has no problem with interested gay men admiring him.

straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (1)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (2)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (4)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (5)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (7)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (9)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (8)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (10)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (11)straight_twink_kevin_showing_ his_uncut_cock (12)

So often the ones that are the shyest to talk are the ones that aren’t shy to act. Kevin, this skinny boy with the deep blue eyes and the shy smile, was a man of few words but when we found out a bit about his love life we found out that this boy gets what he wants without needing to talk about it much. We were surprised when he told us his special fantasy, but after we thought about it for a bit it made perfect sense.

straight_horny_guy_luda (1)straight_horny_guy_luda (2)straight_horny_guy_luda (3)straight_horny_guy_luda (4)straight_horny_guy_luda (5)straight_horny_guy_luda (6)straight_horny_guy_luda (8)straight_horny_guy_luda (9)straight_horny_guy_luda (10)straight_horny_guy_luda (11)straight_horny_guy_luda (7)straight_horny_guy_luda (12)

Luda Wayne is one of the hottest Squirtz models we’ve ever had and he’s back again and hotter and hornier than we’ve ever seen him. Maybe it’s the new job or maybe it’s the new kinky girlfriend that’s got Luda glowing in a very exciting way. Find out what Luda has to say about his first time as a bottom.

straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (2)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (4)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (5)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (6)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (7)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (8)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (3)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (10)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (9)straight_junior_is_ready_for_audition (11)

If Junior looks familiar it’s because he’s the brother of a Squirtz model from a few months back: Jacob. Both of them work for their father’s construction company but Junior is the one that does the heavy lifting. Junior is a serious athlete into boxing, hockey and working out at the gym and it’s not such a surprise to find out that he’s straight. But his straightness isn’t focused on how unattracted he is to guys but rather how strongly attracted he is to girls.

Sexy_boy_Kane_Sweet (1)Sexy_boy_Kane_Sweet (3)Sexy_boy_Kane_Sweet (5)Sexy_boy_Kane_Sweet (6)Sexy_boy_Kane_Sweet (4)Sexy_boy_Kane_Sweet (7)

Just days after his eighteenth birthday, Kane Sweet, with his cute little dimples and ear piercings, was at our door and ready to show the world what he’s got. Kane is planning to be a massage therapist and is currently preparing for school for his career. Kane makes no apologies about being 100% and open and definite about his position as “the bottom” in any relationship.

nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (2)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (3)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (4)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (5)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (7)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (8)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (10)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (11)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (9)nude_boy_jake_bass_showing_dick (12)

Right from the first words out of his mouth you can tell that Jake Bass is quite a character. He’s like an atomic bomb of energy from the minute he walks into the room, talking, moving and thinking a mile a minute. His incredible sex appeal goes way beyond his good looks. He exhibits both self confidence and self consciousness in such a way that you can’t help but be compelled by him. An avid sports lover, Jake excels at hockey and diving but loves to play any sport where he’s having fun. And when it comes to playing at sex, Jake just can’t be pinned down. Sexuality runs very deep with him. We’ll let him explain, lol.
Jake is 20 years old, is 5’7″ tall, weighs 140 pounds, and has a 7″ uncut cock.

nude_myles_posing (1)nude_myles_posing (4)nude_myles_posing (2)nude_myles_posing (5)nude_myles_posing (6)nude_myles_posing (7)nude_myles_posing (10)nude_myles_posing (11)nude_myles_posing (9)nude_myles_posing (12)

Never judge a book by it’s cover because you may miss out on some great opportunities. We’ve known Myles casually for almost a year now and with his diamond stud earrings, eyebrow stud, jailhouse tattoos and highly masculine good looks, we just assumed that he was a super-straight tough guy with a nose for trouble. Imagine our surprise in this interview when we found that Myles is a professional massage therapist, has a serious interest in French literature and is bisexual, versatile! It never hurts to ask.

straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (1)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (5)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (2)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (3)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (4)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (6)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (7)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (8)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (9)straight_stud_TJ_posing_naked (11)

TJ graced our screens back in 2005 when he was just 19. Now a few years later and the biggest change in his life is that he’s got a young son and is spending a lot of time as a care giver. All that domestic life has meant a pretty boring sex life but now he’s got a new “significant other” and he’s expecting things to heat up again. Like, for example, the other night when he fucked someone out in an alley downtown.
TJ is 24 years old, is 6’2″ tall, weighs 170 lbs and has a 8.5″ uncut cock.

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