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authentic footballer Javier

Javier (21) is a very masculine dark skinned stud, with good amounts of hair in his groin, his legs, his buns and a lot around his tight anus. Luckily, he spreads his cheeks and we can closely watch his virgin puckered hole.

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czech hunter 117

I don`t like banks at all. When I was young I was permanently broke. And even when I started to work in a normal job they still didn`t even consider issuing me a credit card nor lending me some money. This must have happened to two friends who I met the day before yesterday. They told me that they need money cause they want to move to Prague. But even when you can share the rent the money for the deposit is already a lot for a young guy nowadays. As I almost immediately fell in love with one of those guys I offered my “selfless help”. Both have been quite shy in that moment. Maybe they didn`t trust me. But when I payed them 2.000 for a kiss they realized their chance …

Meet Active Duty’s shredded new recruit, Tim. He’s 22 years old, stands at a compact 5’4″ tall and weighs 140 lbs. As you can see, he also has the most amazing abs ever. This guy is nothing but rippling muscles in his torso. It’s insane. You could grate the hardest cheese on Tim’s abs. Tim is a bit nervous during this debut solo, as he’s never been filmed or done anything with a guy. He says he’s never even thought about doing something with another guy, and is visibly nervous while guest director Mike questions him. Lucky for us, he admits to Mike that he jerks it 2 or 3 times a day, so he definitely knows what he’s doing and has a big appetite for pleasure. We’ll see if Mike can get Tim to go farther in the future. Until then, enjoy his debut solo!

18 year old Max Gatling Jock (2)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (3)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (8)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (9)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (11)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (12)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (19)18 year old Max Gatling Jock (21)

After his first appearance on BentleyRace a few weeks ago I’ve had many of our mates asking when 18 year old Max Gatling is going to be coming back.  Well Max has recently moved to Melbourne so he will be popping a little more often on the site.  When he was last visiting us he jumped in to this shoot with Zac. Max looks awesome in that little white jockstrap. He’s finding it hard to hide his excitement in it as Zac clicks away around him. His oversized cock is busting out as he starts pulling poses for the camera. Max Gatling is one of the many straight boys getting their gear off at BentleyRace. This Queenslander is already a big hit with the members. I’m looking forward to his next shoot. He tells me he’d like to naked outside. Max’s arrival is perfect timing for the start of summer here in Australia.

first auditions

Experienced Guy has the pleasure of initiating hot straight man Scotty into full on gay sex in TheCastingRoom – he’s caught on film taking a cock in his mouth and getting fucked for the first time! Guy’s masculine hairy torso looks fantastic paired against Scotty’s toned muscular physique. Red-faced and nervous as hell, Scotty takes the plunge and the results are fucking hot. The trouble with straight guys who start doing gay sex for money is they often think they need to camp it up. But Scotty remains his rugged and tough self while taking direction to grope, suck cock, stick his dick in a man’s arse and offer his arsehole for fucking. Guy wants to really enjoy taking Scotty’s cherry so he takes the time to properly loosen up his arsehole sliding a butt plug in first. After Guy gets done screwing the fresh hetero boy for all he’s worth Scotty’s hole is positively gaping. Next Scotty takes his first taste of male arse running his tongue around Guy’s sphincter and pushing his tongue inside his anus. Scotty gets his own back by shoving his dick deep inside Guy and screwing him. Scotty then kneels and gets his first taste of sperm as guy ejaculates directly into his mouth and nearly blinds him. Director Adrian can’t resist stepping in to get a flavour of Scotty’s straight arsehole and screwing the newly initiated stud himself.

A hot new home movie of someone filming his buddy naked in the shower. The sexy young guy takes his time washing his cock and under his foreskin.

true bromance-my straight buddy

Mac, John and TK (AKA Tennessee) are marines and best friends, and are a wild bunch. Sandy redhead Mac has known Joe for a minute now, and knows how much fun coming back to Joe’s “naked house” after the bars are all closed down for the night can be. Mac has been stationed with John and TK for almost three years and you can see when they’re together you can see why this video had to be called “True Bromance”. This video is a record of one crazy night that happened when John and TK joined their best bro Mac at Joe’s “Naked House” one night after the bars closed. Pretty soon the clothes were falling off and with no girls in sight, the guys were getting pretty horny. Mac and John were the horniest so they were the first to succumb, but TK—sensing that he was being left out of the fun—dropped his drawers too and joined them. This is real video of real marines on a real night, so there’s no cumshots in this video, because they all had whiskey dick (actually whiskey, vodka, tequila, various mixed drinks, and several different kinds of beer dick). On the plus side however, those whiskey dicks are all huge. John in particular has a giant dick, an amazing body, and a gorgeous ass. Watching these straight marine buddies showing their huge cocks to each other will make you want to pack and move to the nearest marine base.



CABLE G. 19 y.o.

Anton Pissing on Hacked Straight Jocks’ Private & Secret Photo Albums Plundred

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