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Wow… guys, when I started this homepage together with Honza we never thought that there would be 123 updates one day. Even though it feels like I alone already fucked 200+ boys from the streets, bars, shopping-centers and trams of Prague. The disturbing thing is that meanwhile I almost every week meet one of them. In the cinema, in a supermarket and so on. And some look a bit angry at me. Anyway, today I decided to take the train to Usti and Labem. A lovely city in northern Bohemia. Boys there are willing to do a lot for money. But already in the train I spotted two guys who looked actually not bad. I decided to sit next to them. They would have been a nice catch.

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Amateur Straight Guy Rhett is a 24 year old with a military background and a great body. This amateur knows how to put on a good show, and this is only his second solo ever. The director chats with him about how he’s jealous that his friend got to direct his first solo, and about how he wants this scene to be even better than the first. He gives Rhett the hint that he is an “assman” and asks Rhett to show him what he’s working with in that department. Rhett quickly strips out of his clothes to show off his round rump. The director has him pose and he’s quick to show off his hole and gyrate his hips. He spends a lot of time fingering himself as he jerks off. He’s very active and does this in several positions as he moans and talks dirty to the camera. Eventually, after a great show that’s sure to make you pop, Rhett explodes… more than once!

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A quick update today on BentleyRace. This is one of my favourite shoots from the beginning of this summer. 18 year old Aussie boy Henry Loch had his very first shoot outside on my inner city rooftop. Henry was so excited about his first shoot. He was rock hard from the moment I started taking his photos. We were having some fun out on the roof with Henry showing me some of his tennis tricks. And Henry is full of them! Juggling tennis balls and showing me how many balls he could shove down his undies. He could have gotten more down then if his cock wasn’t erect! Henry has been hugely popular with our fans and mates. He has already been back to star in his first action scene with Ryan and can’t wait to get in on more scenes this summer.

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Sex and fun, this is the best summary for this superhot duo we are introducing today. Both Alex and Alejandro are sexy, have well formed bodies and also tight virgin assholes. Together they are much more than two.

Star footballer Miguel is ushered into the team’s private locker room and immediately ordered to strip. He doesn’t dare raise any objection to any prying or inspection from the confident men with a millions of pounds on the line. Treated like nothing more than a valuable object, the athlete’s physically-superior body is groped all over with particular care taken when evaluating the heft of his testicles and the firmness of his ass. They are impressed by his virility as the sportsman grows a large stiff erection.

HAIDEN B. – 18 y.o.

Pedro is has an amazing body and a thick uncut cock! He looks so fucking hot pissing…I would love to lick the last drip of piss off his uncut cock! Pedro is just 19 years old but already has a perfect body from skateboarding and surfing! He’s str8 but we even got him to hose himself down with his own pee…his sexy brown skin glows as his piss flows over it! It may have been his first time pissing on himself but you can tell my the number of times he did it that he was enjoying it! He has a beer (legal age to drink is 18 where he’s at) and that beer just seems to flow right from his mouth out his hot uncut cock!

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