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The urge to fuck was strong. But as there were almost one week no new applicants I opened my mailbox and randomly picked an older one. Called the guy that I can help him to solve his money issues immediately. He agreed and within 30 minutes I was in front of his door. Young, phlegmatic and shy boy with huge debts. Same shit, other day! He didn’t have very masculine figure but that was exactly what I wanted today. I wanted good, dirty sex. He was slim with nice, small and tight ass. For a minute I was thinking if I should help him, cause his debt was really high. But I couldn’t resist. Made him to strip and dance for me. He was like a little bitch working hard to get the money. As soon as he started to suck me, I knew I did good to pick him.

Cort’s a sturdy-looking young man with a nice, toned body and a penchant for drinking and partying. He tells us he’s 5’7′ and 160 pounds, with a bare, smooth chest and a couple of tattoos. He alternates, as one hand strokes his firm stiffy under his boxer-briefs, while the other caresses the muscles of his upper torso. <br/><br/>Cort hits the ground running, as he rubs himself up fast and furious. But this is a marathon, not a sprint, so after a while he slows his pace, using just his thumb and index finger to play up and down the sides of his shaft. With his other hand, he gives his balls a little tug, just to show them who’s boss. They must be bursting with semen, but our man Cort’s gonna cum when he’s good and ready, and he’s not done enjoying himself yet!<br/><br/>He picks up the pace again, and the loud sounds of him rubbing his dick back and forth in his hand are priceless.  So’s the huge load that shoots all over his smooth chest and drips down into his treasure trail. Cort’s left a little wordless while he catches his breath, but the smile on his face says it all. 

A steamy new video a group of sporty rugby guys took of themselves in the locker room trying to imitate the big game players who do naked calendars. The boys flaunt their asses and try to strategically place small things to cover their dicks but they mostly fail (much to our pleasure!)

This winter is taking already too long. It’s getting more and more difficult to run around with a cam -even the boys seem to stay at home. Today I waited at the tram stop for someone to come around. Someone up there has to love me, cause the one I’ve met after waiting quite a long time was absolutely amazing. He was exactly what I was missing for quite some time. He was not shy, at all. For just a few thousands he ran bare ass just in the middle of one of the most busy streets in Prague. It was just a matter of time to persuade him to do something more. And he was home alone and lived just there. Once we agreed on the sum, we moved to his place. Finally I was in some place warm and safe. My brain started to function again as well as my dick…

[wposflv src= width=640 height=380 title=”sneaky peek”]

Сheck out this cute guy as he appears completely naked when using the changing room to switch his clothes before a game of football. He has no idea that I’m filming him and I’m sure he’d go crazy if he ever found out that I was putting this sexy video onto the internet without his permission. He’d kill me!

Mark hails from Dallas, where he says he’s lived for about 5 or 6 years. At 5’9′ and 140 lbs, he’s still got that new recruit look to him, with a wiry frame and a cute, boyish face that probably got him teased a lot in basic training.</br><br>Mark teases us for a bit with just flashes of his bulge, as he gets his dick worked up under his sky blue boxer briefs. He could be doing anything under those undies of his, but sure enough, the head of his dick starts to peek out the side as he gets himself nice and hard for you. When he decides all that fabric is getting in the way, he gives us a great introduction to his abs, and can’t help giving us a little tease of his hole when he lifts his legs to pull off his boxer briefs.</br><br>But who’s satisfied with just a tease? Mark knows what we’re paying to see, and after some rubbing to get us all in the mood, he flips over onto his knees and starts fingering his hungry hole. Even as he turns back around to give us a proper show, his finger keeps probing and playing with his beautiful butthole. It’s an incredible sight to see his hot long dick sticking straight up as he rubs and fingers away.

bentlet race - axel

I couldn’t wait to get home and watch this video. I knew the action was really, I was in it! But I really wanted to watch it because my Polish mate Adam James filmed it. And when I watched it I realised that this guy is really good. Possibly even better than me! As I took my time teasing Axel’s bum hole with my tongue Adam zoomed in at just the right points to capture the action. I was getting intensely aroused as I pushed at Axel’s hole with my cock. Occasionally I was spit on his hole to allow my dick to push in further. And Axel was loving every minute of it. Eventually I let his legs down and started rubbing our cocks together. I didn’t know this action was going to make my cute mate blow his load. He ended up squirting cum all over his belly. And thanks to Adam there is a very nice close up of that spraying cock to enjoy. What a nice way to end my horny afternoon in Poland with my mates.

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