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There are only two types of joggers: those who want to get in shape, and cuties who want to stay in shape. This one was the latter. It wasn’t easy to run next him, he was really fast. But the effort was worth it. If you’re into young good looking beefcakes, you will love this adventure. We started with some workout, we had pull-ups and push-ups. Then I made him to work on my cock, exercising his hand and facial muscles. And we ended the routine by stretching again, of course. I just hope I didn’t stretch him too wide. He was kind of moaning a lot, so hopefully, the boy was okay. No pain, no gain, that’s my fitness motto. I think he was fine, because when we were done, he was eager to go drinking. Probably wanted to enjoy the 30 000 I gave him.

a new video of two very hot guys having a wank off competition. The pair are buddies having a good laugh while tugging on their hard todgers!

Like skinny boy’s with luxuriously suckable dicks? This video has got a very horny one. He unwittingly gives a great show, stripping right in front of my camera – his balls hanging out of his underpants is one of the hottest things I’ve seen all year! He’s just begging to be licked all over.

Another boy who traveled across the republic to finally get a job. He rented a hostel and he wasn’t going to go back. Find a job, then rent a regular flat. A typical ambitious guy from a provincial town. He wanted a big flat to throw parties. The boys who come to Prague are always poor and hungry for money. This one was no exception. But to my surprise, he came prepared. He read about the company policy regarding registration. He had the 5 000 ready! It was his last money. His girlfriend’s last money, to be precise. It didn’t take much time to convince him to keep the 5 000 and loose the clothes. I enjoyed his athletic body, his innocent face was such a turn-on!. I didn’t expect him to go all the way, but he surprised me for the second time.

We were having a regular night with beers and weed when frat brother Jessie knocked over our bong and spilled the water all over the floor. In our frat that means he gets fucked, but the little bitch wouldn’t give in so we had to tape him up and pound him one by one. Once we all fucked him sideways and raw he hoovered all of our loads like the slutty little pig he is.

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I want to introduce you to my beautiful new mate, 24 year old Benjamin Bosco.  Benjamin is visiting us from South America and is currently travelling around Australia. I was really excited to hear that he was coming to Melbourne and quickly made plans for us to meet.  I found him to be very quietly spoken but also very flirty as we worked through his first photoshoot in my studio. The first thing I noticed about my new mate is his gorgeous big smile. I probably took way more photos than I needed as I suggested more and more positions around the room. Eventually Benjamin was naked and showing off his beautiful physique. I was so taken by this stud during our photoshoot that I almost forgot to make a video with him! The video is pretty dam hot too with Benjamin lubing up and thrusting his fat cock in and out of a fleshlight. This guy is totally gorgeous. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing him in a lot more shoots this year.

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Rudolf is straight, but says he likes some bi action from time to time, although only in an active role. He’s a happy guy with a good sense of humor and a big fan of all kinds of sex. After breaking up with his girflriend, he decided to enjoy life as much as he can. Working in erotica seemed like a good choice and he has everything a guy needs to succeed in this business, so check him out and wish him luck!

On camera is one of our most popular Bait boys, Scott Riley, and right away Caruso notices that the dude looks buff. Scott tells him that he’s been layering on the muscle since he recovered from an injury. Scott’s all about his body (he’s a personal trainer), sex, which is says is the most important part of his life, and sleeping and eating which he’s very fond of. So, if he’s not sleeping, eating or working out, you can be sure he’s having sex. Scott also says he’s becoming a bear, he has hairy legs, hairy butt, and is trying to grow out his chest hair, which is going real slow. Scott is horny today and really looking forward to meeting our straight boy, Dylan, who Caruso says looks a little like Scott, so he’s really intrigued. When you do see them together, just a tighter haircut on Dylan, and Caruso could shoot them as ‘Brothers’. When Scott lays eyes on Dylan you can see he’s not disappointed. Dylan is a straight 21 year old boy who’s at home with his guitar in hand. He’s all muscle with a handsome face, a stud with blond hair and blue eyes, a bubble butt and a 7.5” cock, and we can’t wait to make his acquaintance in all his naked glory. It doesn’t take long for Caruso to introduce the idea of the ‘Boner test’, which is just basically a way to get the dude to strip down, stroke his cock and show it hard. We want to make sure he can get it up on camera, and they always fall for it, because it doesn’t sound unreasonable. Both boys are rock hard when Caruso delivers the news, he doesn’t have a girl for the scene. But, he does have a way that everybody can get paid double the money for doing something a little different. When Dylan hears the offer he’s taken aback just a little. Caruso asks ”have you ever thought about doing something with another guy”. ”Well, I can’t lie” says Dylan, ”I’ve briefly thought about it”. So, before long everyone is in and Scott grabs Dylan’s now limp cock. Eventually, he just bends over and gives Dylan his first gay blowjob, and Dylan really responds to it. ”I can’t lie to you, it feels good” says Dylan. So, Caruso tells Dylan to return the favor – and boy does he, and with lots of gusto, so much so that Caruso quips ”do you need to come up for air”. Well, with the cock sucking going into overtime, Caruso says ”let’s step it up, how about some fucking”. In no time Scott is in the doggy position and Dylan is pummeling his ass. He says he likes it, but after a little while, he’s getting soft and says it’s just not doing it for him. So, Caruso suggests that Dylan try some dick in his hole. Maybe that’s what he was up to in the first place, he wanted to feel a cock in his ass. He even tells Caruso that he’s fingered his own hole before. So, Dylan is on his back and Scott sticks his cock in. Dylan is at first wincing in pain, but it soon melts into pleasure as he jacks his fat cock and shoots a huge load all over himself. Scott keeps on fucking him and pulls out moaning as he shoots his own load onto Dylan. Our straight boy Dylan’s conclusion ”I’m doing great. I surprised myself. I liked having a dick inside myself today. I didn’t think I’d like it”.

At 20 years old there isn’t a lot of sexual history to relate, but Donato comes up with a pretty good tale of the time he fucked his friend’s Mom when he was 17. That buys some street cred, and definitely gets Brendon’s respect. He lost the friend as a result, but… small price to pay. Now this college kid whips out his un-cut dick and stares at the porn video while the director charms the python. Donato definitely does not look comfortable getting head from a guy, but seeing him squirm is half the fun. When he shoots, he lets fly a three foot stream. Bull’s eye!

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