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I love to completely derail other people’s plans. For example, this guy was going to have a job interview today. I bet he prepared for it, shaved himself, dressed nicely, maybe even put on some perfume. He was deep in his thoughts, probably rehearsing the right lines to impress his potential employer. And then I bumped into him and started talking to him. Very soon the job interview was forgotten. Because he was smart. There would always be other ordinary job opportunities. But ordinary jobs rarely make you 26 000 in one afternoon. He did the math and instead of trying to get a bartender job he ended up in my hotel room being pounded like if there was no tomorrow. He was straight but I’m sure he liked our little experiment. And if not, so what? I got what I wanted.

Horny Straight Hunks Jerking Off on Cam

Some people I meet in my office have a very powerful story to tell. Like this guy. He has never met his dad, his mother died when he was a child, and his grandfather soon after that. He had to fight for everything. And still, he managed to live a decent life, to be ambitious and optimistic. He was such a nice and polite boy. I was almost willing to forget about the fee and just give him the job. But my cock didn’t let me. The boy was simply too good to let him go. He wanted to live in Prague so he needed a good job and would take every single Crown. I knew that before I even asked him if he would undress. Innocent boys with big dreams are perfect. My only concern was the cleaning lady coming today, she would certainly be a bit distressed by all that moaning.

You wouldn’t know it from his casting session with Scott, but this is Tony Prower’s first time doing porn. On the drive over he let slip that he loves being watched. Cam shows, screwing around on the soccer field, that sort of thing. But porn? This Chicago boy came all the way to Sin City for a shot at the big leagues. When Scott asks him to strip he’s already at full mast, and his thick uncut cock never goes down. He leaks enough precum to put a lube company out of business, it’s incredible. After going down on Scott’s thick cock and rimming his hole, Tony gets fucked, and we see a transformation take place. As they get into a rhythm, Tony forgets the camera’s there he’s loving it so much. Spaced out on dick, he comes to at the end with a picture-perfect smile on his dripping face.

This one was very difficult. He was totally shocked when I offered him to spend some quality time together. I didn’t understand why he was so against it. He had serious debts that were due in three days. 32 000 looked like a great reward for just one hour of ass play. But he was firmly against it, he was even rude at me. But he needed to pay the debt. I was so eager to see him naked, it was almost unbearable to wait until he would realize there is no other way. He was lean and in a good shape, even had some nice tattoos. That is the combination I really like. The boy was beautiful but his ass was the real treat. Two small and firm pillows I would love to sleep on. And the inside was even better. The boy had one of the tightest assholes I’d ever seen.

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Hey Troops. What an immense pleasure to introduce this striking young man!  This here is Johnny B.  Johnny is very new, very fresh, and a bit nervous about the whole idea of getting naked and masturbating on camera.  That’s ok…we have a way of making new recruits feel comfortable.  Johnny is just such a handsome guy, I have no doubt he’ll be a huge sensation for us here at AD.  He’s in absolutely incredible shape and covered with some sexy tattoos.  I like everything about Johnny, even that fashionably unique haircut.  I love his style, right down to the technique he uses to stroke his big cock.  Claude chats with Johnny just a little bit, then we have Johnny relaxing on the couch, watching some naughty movies, and enjoying his own body.  Once Johnny gets his gears properly cranked, he stands up from the couch and we get a nice look at his strong legs and luscious ass.  His skin in smooth and looks silky to the touch.  Johnny clearly spends a lot of time on his body, lucky for us, and it shows in so many ways. Claude shoots him both wide and tight to give us a dynamic look at this rookie soldier.  From head to toe, there isn’t anything I don’t like about this dude.  Claude captures some excellent looks at Johnny’s cock.  It’s well shaped and looks perfect in his masculine hands.  This is a cadet that has potential written all over him (along with several other tattoos) and I’m so excited to see him return for a little fun with some fellow recruits.  

Our popular and sexy Javier Cruz is back in the studio looking to turn another straight guy out! Javier just keeps getting hotter and hotter each time he comes back. He bulked up a little more and is still rockin’ his facial hair.
Caruso brings in Antonio and introduces him to Javier. Javier’s eyes light up when this hot Latin jock sits down beside him. Antonio is originally from Venezuela but lives in Miami. He’s 5’9”, 175 pounds, dark brown eyes, jet black hair, and he’s sporting a 7.5” uncut Latin cock!
Antonio wasn’t happy to find out that the girl couldn’t make it but with a little sweet talk and a better offer, Antonio finally agreed! Javier is a pro at this so he doesn’t waste a minute and reaches for Antonio’s cock. Antonio seemed nervous at first but he couldn’t deny how good he was feeling. At least his cock couldn’t. Before long both guys are stroking each other’s cocks and making out. Javier was extremely horny and needed Antonio’s cock in his ass. Antonio puts on a condom and lubes up! Javier takes Antonio’s dick like a champ and in no time both studs and shooting two giant loads!

Russian Soldiers Nude – Amateur Video

Amateur Straight Boys Videos

[wposflv src= width=640 height=380 title=”4248 Roman”]

Roman is a pleasant and good-looking young man who films gay films. He has a lot of experience and he did not hesitate to show us some of that on our casting. He will win your heart with his nice smile and he will arouse you with his wild temper. Filming with him was very pleasant and you are sure to be satisfied with his effort in front of the camera.

Alfie learns the hard way in the Headmaster’s Office

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