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After last week’s ice skating, I wanted more winter fun. Tomas was quite jealous that he missed the guy from #283 and insisted to go with me. We packed our cameras and went out to hunt together. There was not much snow in the central areas of Prague so we headed to the outskirts. The weather was nice and it didn’t take long and we met a young couple. We joined them and went sledding. The young lady was funny but a bit temperamental. She got really angry when we started convincing her boyfriend to show us some skin. Eventually, she left yelling and cursing at all of us! I didn’t mind, it played in our hand a little because now he needed even more money to reconcile with his furious lady. So what could would be be willing to offer us?

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A nice football fan came to my office all the way from Slovakia. He wanted to move from Bratislava to Prague. Our company has recently started a campaign inviting young people from Slovakia to seek new opportunities over here. It was a good idea. He came here full of optimism and he had enough experience to do quite well. He left his girlfriend in Bratislava with some debts he made. So he needed a good job to pay everything back and to convince his woman to come with him. No problem, as I always say: we offer only the best jobs. He looked very impressed by the position I had for him, too bad he couldn’t afford the fee. He had to find some other way to pay for the premium services our company provides. And the boy definitely tried the best he could.

Although it’s not uncommon to find crafty home made devices around the House, it IS unusual to actually smell smoke. We found the perp out back, and immediately dragged him inside by his pretty blond locks. Upon emptying his pockets, more paraphernalia was discovered, which was more than enough to get us two House Managers in prime gear. After basically wrecking his throat with both of our cocks, we shoved him into the shower, wetted him down, and then lubed up his little tight hole. Each of us gave this prick the pounding of his life – he won’t forget this afternoon, ever! On his back, on his knees, spitroasted, and pinned down on hi stomach, we treated him like the little bitch he is. After we were done with his hole, we both had him go ass-to-mouth on our dicks. He must not have ever tasted his own ass juice before, because he gagged quite a bit. Thankfully he didn’t throw up, but this delinquent definitely got put through the ringer. When we were ready to shoot our loads, we positioned the dumb fuck with his head on the toilet, and then both of us came into his mouth. The second load gets shoved all the way down his throat. By the looks of his expression when we were finished using him as our afternoon boy toy, he won’t be breaking THAT rule again. I’m sure he’ll keep messing up, though. He’s not too bright.

Mark is amongst those new breed of ambitious heteros determined to make his fame and fortune by selling his body. With his big chip toothed smile and brashly masculine friendly manner, he’s an excellent candidate who is aching to transition from doing solo online shows to making professional porn. Most importantly, he’s willing to do whatever it takes with anyone to make that happen. Could you guess by looking at him that he has bright ginger pubes? Watch his full videos to see his tight arsehole and method of wanking off in detail.

Students don’t have an easy life. This young guy studied to be a male nurse. I thought it was a bit weird career choice for a boy but whatever. As he said, college isn’t cheap so he spent a lot of money to become a proper hipster student. He bought a laptop, some fancy textbooks and spent the rest on parties. But the debt caught up with him. He had two days to get 25 000. An impossible task with his supermarket part-time job. So he came to a professional. And I was more than happy to help him. 21 years old students are always worth the money. It took him some time to decide but eventually he agreed to my nasty terms. I bet he does some pretty freaky stuff with his girlfriend when no one else is looking. I picked the right guy to help to.

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Timothy Rivers is back and this time he invited a friend named Tommy! Timothy and Tommy have been friends for a while but Tommy had no clue that his friend was doing gay porn until he saw his appearance on It took Tommy a little while to get up the courage to confront Timothy but once he did, Timothy was ready to bring him here to take their friendship to a whole new level! Both guys start out with undressing each other while making out but it isn’t long before it heats up in the studio and Timothy plows Tommy. Watch Tommy and Timothy worship each other’s hot bodies and cocks before Timothy bends Tommy over, eats his beautiful hard ass, and then shoves his huge cock inside!

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Good looking Daniel may have a long-term relationship with a girl, but having sex with guys is not strange to him. From this casting he expects another job offers. During the filming he tried not only blowjob and passive role, but he chose a huge dildo for his hole as well. The lovers of handsome young men will appreciate this video and they will love every second. Have a good time.

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Elias has beautiful latte skin and deep brown eyes. At 22 years old, he was up for an adventure, so he did what most guys do… head West. The coasts have always been the magnets for young people who feel hemmed in in the middle of the country. Whether it’s the proximity of the open sea or the tang in the air, something about California lures these guys to our shore. Brendon reels ’em in with his warm, inviting studio and a whiff of nasty. With straight porn to watch on the TV, this hot-blooded hottie gets down to basics in no time. A gorgeous ass, hairy legs and a fat cock bring out the beast in the best of us. Brendon rolls out the welcome mat, and Elias cums all over it.

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