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 Destroyed Hole Plastered In Cum

This guy had been doing really well when he first arrived at the House, but after losing his first job in only a few weeks, he slowly slipped into an unfortunate pattern. Sure, he went to his meetings and didn’t cause a fuss, but he wasn’t proactive about finding a new job, and thus started becoming late on his rent payments.

Since he had been in the pen, he was definitely the kind of guy who didn’t make friends easily and didn’t want to be the center of attention, but he also didn’t want to rock the boat enough to get in any kind of trouble whatsoever. He’s a slim guy, and he has a girlfriend waiting on him back home once he finishes his treatment. After the third week of being in arrears, though, it was time he learned his lesson the hard way.

He surprisingly didn’t put up much of a fuss when I pushed him down on the bed and told him to take his shirt off. He grabbed my dick and started going down no problem. He definitely needs to watch the teeth, and I could tell he hadn’t sucked much cock before, if any, but he knew what was expected of him, and he did perform quite diligently. As a matter of fact, I could have had him just blow me until I nutted in his mouth. But knowing there was a virgin hole just waiting to be cracked open, I moved on to more pressing matters. He did look a little surprised when I told him to remove his shorts. If he thought he was getting away with just a BJ, he had another thing coming.

I throat fucked him a little more before I deflowered him, then I lubed up and stuck my dick carefully in his little hole. From then on it was pretty much easy peasy. Unlike a lot of virgins, he didn’t put up much physical resistance in terms of being tense or clinching his butt, so it definitely made it easier. I also had the feeling that he was better than most at concealing how much he didn’t like it. His facial expressions alternated quite a bit – from discomfort, to a vacant look, to something resembling pleasure. This was definitely a new experience for him, and he was reeling from all the new sensations. This encouraged me to fuck him hard, and fuck him I did. After four different positions, I just grabbed his ankle and went as hard as I could until I dropped a substantial load into his hole. When I pulled out and looked at it, I almost felt bad for him. Damn, did it look completely blown out! Jizz everywhere, too. This guy definitely got what he deserved.

Czech Hunter 324

Having more sex partners at the same time can be great fun. Most men on the planet would certainly agree. On the other hand, if you’re a straight man, women have an exceptional talent to take your money away. This poor guy learned it too well. He had a wife (yes!) and sort of a “girlfriend”. He refused to use the term but they were basically friends with benefits. I met him at a train station where he was picking up his “girlfriend”. I soon learned that both his girls were kind of bitches taking money from him. The boy was really nice, I just had to get rid off the slut that came with him. She was obviously into me but I had no interest in a threesome. I only wanted her cute fuck buddy. He needed money badly, it wasn’t very hard to convince him to experiment a little.

Casting: Lukas from Olomoc – likable athlete

Likable Lukas decided to travel almost 300 km to get to our gay casting. He likes martial arts and would love to film gay erotic scenes occasionally. During the time his girlfriend went to a mall he found a different kind of fun for himself and came to our atelier. From the very beginning he looked like a nice guy who likes excitement and pleasant people around him. In the atelier he showed us perfect action, almost like a professional porn actor. You can look forward to blowjobs and fine man on man fucking finished with a cumshot right in the mouth of our cameraman. You just don’t want to miss this episode, this well-built guy and this load of testosterone we prepared for you. Have fun!

Nineteen And Homeless

When you’re cruising around looking for a cute homeless guy, you have to move fast. The good looking ones don’t stay homeless for that long – usually they are in a temporary situation until some dumb chick lets him stay at her place, or maybe even an older gentleman with a spare bed and some cash. Bascially, the trick is to move in fast, ascertain the situation by asking if the guy is looking for a job. From there on, it’s easy peasy if the guy says, “Yes.” A lot of times a guy without a home has recently been evicted or kicked out. Sometimes he has just gotten out of jail. Hell, it can also be that they simply don’t have enough money for a bus ticket to where they need to be. At any rate, it’s usually the result of poor foresight, among other multiple issues.

This guy was extremely interested in forty bucks, but at the same time reluctant to do anything that would seem “gay.” I told him that I filmed porn, and that I’d get him the money he needed if he would jerk off. After some hesitation he agreed, and it was back to my place lickety split! I could tell that he hadn’t been in his situation long because he hadn’t pawned his phone yet. Lucky for him I had wifi! He used his phone to work it up, and although he kept telling me to not touch him and to keep my distance, I could tell that he liked the attention. Once he was hard he ditched the phone and just got off on the situation he was in. He got rock hard pretty damn fast, and he blew a nice load. Definitely will be keeping tabs on this one.

Dirty Scout 104

I’m not very good at languages. Interviewing this boy made it quite clear. He was really good and I tried to impress him, only to make a fool of myself. Well, stuff happens. I decided to have my revenge on the boy. I wanted to make him moan and beg. He was a normal guy, he didn’t want to get naked or anything else. But you know how things usually go… My offers are just irresistible. I wanted to be harsh to this cute boy… Instead he almost looked like he was having fun! He gave me one of the best blowjobs I had. I wanted more and he hesitated only to get more money out of me. So I pounded his sweet ass. And then that dirty devil cummed on my desk! I almost looked like he should have paid me, not the other way around 🙂

Scrappy Milked

19-year-old Scrappy’s been trying more and more stuff with guys lately, but this is his first time at a gloryhole. Like any young guy, he gets hard super fast, and Franco makes sure he gets completely naked, too. Scrappy shoots a huge load in Franco’s mouth, who keeps him at the hole until he can squeeze…

Debt Dandy 213

This young man made more than a few debts. He was even so stupid that he got caught stowing away. Now all his debts and fines were coming down to crush him. He needed quick help. He didn’t want to loose his nice flat. By the way, his rich grandma paid him a nice sum of money every month and he still managed to spend more than he earned. He needed 22 000 Crowns. That wasn’t a problem for me. My only problem was being too damn horny. The previous client refused my offer and kicked me out with my sack full. This boy had to do. Nice and lean innocent boy… Eventually he agreed to become my bitch of the day. He even let me fool around with his tight ass. It didn’t stay tight for long. I hope he cleaned his apartment after I left.


We got some new pledges in this week. We’re gonna start with this Travis dude. He will make a good house bitch. Might have to skip a few classes this week 😉. Somebody pass me my drink and that spit on that hole. We’re gonna pound this pretty boy a new one.

Bait: Cesar Rossi, Straight: Zeus

This week, Cesar Rossi is back and he’s looking to make some fast cash. The recent hurricane caused him to miss some work so he needs to make up for some lost wages and he really needs to get his rocks off too!

Zeus is our new straight guy and he sure is hot! Zeus is tall, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a nice and toned body. Oh, and his cock is pretty amazing too!

Caruso chats with both guys for a while and then he has them strip down and they start stoking their cocks while watching straight porn. But, when Caruso comes back from checking on the talent, he has to deliver the bad news that the girl won’t be showing up today. Of course Caruso has another option but it’s going to require both guys to have sex with each other. Zeus seemed freaked out at first but then he started to loosen up and decided to give it a try. And, we’re glad he did!

Jerking Off Oliver

Oliver had only been thinking about doing porn for a few days, but when his mind was made up he did a bunch of research, made sure to get all the right photos for his application, and sent in an enthusiastic email saying he wanted to give it a shot. He even convinced his girlfriend to let him try it out. She agreed, since it was, “just a solo video.”

When Oliver showed up, he just started peeling off his clothes. Ready to get to work, apparently. After explaining that he’d be getting naked soon enough, I started asking him about why he decided to make the leap and show off his stuff to the world.

“I wanted to see what all the fuss was about,” he said with a laugh. “It sure as hell looks like fun on the screen, and I wanted to try my hand at what it’d be like on the other side of the computer screen.”

As we started shooting, it was hard to tell if Oliver was eager to make a good first impression, or being a bit flirty. I tested the waters by giving his dick a few strokes during the shoot and he barely flinched. It had been a while since he last jerked off, so it seemed like the attention was welcome.

Out came the ol’ measuring tape. Oliver looked confused at first as he was getting sized up, and then a grin crept across his face, saying that he’d always wondered how big around his cock was. I grabbed the lube and asked if he wanted to make some extra cash. It took all of two seconds for Oliver to agree.

He closed his eyes and pulled his arms behind his head. Oliver’s body started twitching and clenching up as he got closer to cumming, until finally his whole upper body was shaking and he started gasping that he was going to finish. A spray of cum flew out and coated Oliver’s stomach as he lay on the couch, panting and convulsing.

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