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My Own Private Cum Rag - Lane (Lane Axton)

Some residents are hard to read. Depending on the day, this idiot could turn out to be your best friend or your worst nightmare. One thing’s for sure, though: he has some demons that are eating away at him. Unluckily for him, the House Managers are always one step ahead of even the most furtive residents. That poker face might work in Vegas, but it doesn’t work on us, especially when we have the incriminating evidence in our hands.

After being confronted, this dipshit refused to ‘fess up. So, of course we kept upping the ante until he finally did. By that time, however, he was already naked and vulnerable, so we decided to crack open his virgin hole anyway. When he went down on my dick, it was painfully obvious that he wasn’t accustomed to it. Better to learn here than in the pen, that’s what I always say! Before too long, he was opening his throat wide enough to skull fuck him, though. He seemed to think that the cock sucking might be the end of it, but we were just getting started!

His hole was as untouched as the back of his throat had been. It was a nice pink color (at first), but after a few minutes of prying it open with a thick cock, it’s as if all the blood in his body rushed down to his nether region. The light pink had turned into a fiery red. Once the hole was loose enough, and some real fucking commenced, our young resident was actually quite the champ. If it was uncomfortable, he didn’t make too much noise. It showed on his face, but you could tell he was doing his best to hide how distraught he was. Like every straight boy hole, it felt good. Really good. Definitely just the right amount of give, and that ass was warm like an easy bake oven. His ass will not be overlooked over the next few weeks, trust me.

As if in a complete 180, this young tormented sould seemed genuinely repentent once the pace of the punding picked up. After getting railed bareback in six positions, we almost believed him when he said that he was sorry (sorry he got caught is more like it!). With his hole properly fucked as raw as a week-old dish sponge, it only seemed right to fill it up with a big load of sperm. There was even enough cum left over to fling some jizz onto his face for good measure!

Although we’re not sure if there’s a lot of hope for him, at least his perky little butt might just be ready for a cell mate in the near future. Smooth sailing just doesn’t seem to be in this guy’s cards.

Czech Hunter 345

Winter is almost over so I decided to enjoy snow while I could. I like to go skiing every year, it’s a great way to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery. I was a bit sad that I had no one to go with me but then I got a call from two of my previous encounters. They needed money badly so I decided to take them with me on my little vacation. The only problem was that one of them brought his girlfriend with him. She was too jealous to let him go alone. I had to convince them to ditch her for a while and go with me to my hotel room. The boys liked my offer a lot so it wasn’t too difficult to make them do all kinds of nasty stuff to each other. I watched them for a while and then, at the right time, I joined in. Trust me, those guys would do anything to earn my money.

Latin Twink Stripping and Jerking Off

Amateur Latin Boys Videos

CZECH GUYS – They would do anything for money

The unexpected has become reality! Czech streets are not a safe place to roam anymore! A young couple with a camera approaches other Czech couples and offers them money for sex! Right on a street! An innocent chat ends up with wild fucking in the public. Amateurs are first jolted when the couple offers them that they would join them. A foursome in the public! Everyone is fucking with everyone. This is the ultimate perversity! This is a world primacy! Money, emotions, and fidelity testing. Not everybody can cope with it and good smacks land on cheaters’ faces! Czech couples are fucking right on the street! They would do anything for money! This is pure reality! The mind boggles.

Debt Dandy 235

This boy was in a real rush to get money from me. And no wonder, the apartment building he was living in was about to be demolished. He had three days to find a new accommodation. He picked a flat but unfortunately he was unemployed and broke. He couldn’t even pay for the deposit. But he didn’t like what I asked for in exchange. He had a girlfriend and didn’t want to do me any sexual favors. But the deadline was scaring him so much that he agreed to be my little bitch. Too bad his girlfriend wasn’t there, I’d love to hear her opinion about the boy’s boner. She would be so envious! I shoved my cock down his throat and then pounded his tight shaven ass. It was so goddamn cute that I cummed all over that sweet hole. I hope he cleaned his bedroom before she came home.

Two Straight Boys Beating Off – Chad Turner & Blinx

Chad and Blinx aren’t shy about getting their big dicks out in front of another boy.

Dirty Scout 125

This boy came to the meeting with a pretty ambitious idea in his head. He thought he was so important and so skilled that he deserved a very generous salary. His high financial demands were the main reason why he left his previous jobs even though he liked them. It wasn’t really that hard to figure out that there was a greedy guy sitting in front of me. Greedy and super handsome. I offered him an important and very nicely paid job to satisfy his overgrown ego and he still complained about the salary! Don’t people know what modesty is these days? When I tried my naughty offers on him, he wasn’t against them. All he cared about was money. I paid him and you should had seen how he liked the ride! I’m not sure if it was me or him who had a better time.

Jax: 6’3″ Height; 205lb Weight; 9in Cock

“I’m currently 6’3”, 205 pounds, and the dick matches the size.” Southern stud Jax wasn’t joking around…he’s hung and knows how to use it!


We were chilling. Watching the fight. Getting ripped. I passed the bong to this dumb ass pledge. He fucking dropped it dude. Party foul! Never drop a bong man! 

21-Year-Old Army Stud Utah Gets Blown

Cuba stopped by the house with Utah to see if I was home. We hung out for a little while, and Utah asked if he could make a video for some spending cash. Done! Utah has turned 21 since he was last here, and he got a few more tattoos on his hot body. His cock is still nice and fat, ready for me to suck…


If you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that Oliver is somewhat of a late bloomer, but has been making up for lost time and trying some new things along the way. You may have also caught a quick minute in his behind-the-scenes clip that he’d never tried any sort of bondage. But there was a little glint in his eye when I mentioned having done a shoot where a guy (Zach) had gotten tied up to the massage table. “Sounds exciting. I might have to come back and try that,” Oliver said. “I never even considered the massage table and getting tied up.” Oliver showed up and promptly stripped down and lay on the table, thankfully, ass-up. One of the things he has seemed to discover is that he appreciates his tight hole played with. He lifted his hips ever-so-slightly with every pass of my hands between his legs. Once he flipped over, it was time to pull out the ropes and get him restrained. Nothing too crazy, but if you’ve watched Oliver’s climaxes, you’ll know as I did that he would be pulling on them as his body clenches up getting to the finish line. Oliver even went a step further, saving up for 2 days and edging himself during that time. No doubt he was horny AF. I slowly built him up, first stroking his thick cock, then sucking on it. Reaching up to tweak his nipples did the trick. Oliver’s face flushed red as he took a deep breath, “Okay, I’m doing it. I’m doing it.” A whopper of a load shot out, splattering his stomach with globs of thick cum.

Bait: Conner Mason
Straight: Aspen

This week is a special edition of BaitBuddies featuring the hot gay for pay jock – Aspen, and a familiar bait guy to the website – Conner Mason.

Caruso struck up a conversation with Conner and he asked him who he would want to have sex with if he could chose anyone from BaitBuddies and he instantly said Aspen. Conner thinks Aspen is really hot and he absolutely loves his body! So, Caruso contacted Aspen and asked him if he would be willing to come to the studio and shoot a scene with Conner. Aspen agreed and Caruso set up the date.

Caruso told both guys to just ignore him and do whatever they want while he walks around and records. But, there was also a request from several fans regarding Aspen’s big bubble butt… And, that’s for someone to rim it good and hard. This was what Conner has been dreaming of doing ever since he first laid eyes on Aspen and his rock hard ass. Conner rims Aspen’s ass for quite a while before Aspen bends him over and gives his ass a good pounding!

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