Seducing Straight Dudes

Peter: Bound and Hazed

Peter called me because he needed to make some money for a trip. I told him I would work with him, but he had to let me do whatever I wanted to do to him. He agreed. He’s a 27-year-old handsome student with a great body and a really nice cock. I stripped him down first before I told him what I was going to do to him. I told him this was going to be a hazing video, and he was very nervous! I bound him to a chair and blindfolded him before starting to explore his body. I love playing with a guy’s nipples, so I licked Peter’s while played with his cock, which got hard in no time flat. It was my awesome blowjob that sealed the deal. He didn’t think that he could get off with another guy, but while I was sucking him off he was saying, “fuck, fuck, fuck!” right before he busted his nut.

Lane at the Gloryhole

While he’s still in town, Lane stops by the gloryhole to get off. He watches porn on his phone while the warm mouth and hand on the other side do their work. Once he’s hard, I suck his thick cock until he finally cums in my mouth. After he gets off, he leaves without a word.

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