Seducing College Studs

Bradley’s Uncut Solo

23-year-old Bradley has a bit of an exhibitionist streak in him and loves to please. He follows my every instruction and looks right into the camera as he jacks his thick, uncut cock. While I set up, Bradley watches porn on his phone and rubs his dick. I have him pull it out and give him a bill so he can measure how big around it is. Then I tell Bradley to play with his nipples while he jacks his uncut cock. His thick load pops out and he rubs it all over his dick and up in his foreskin.

Elder Herring Ch 2: THE ANNOINTING

This week, Elder Herring is back again, and this time he’s getting fucked by President Lee’s famous thick dick. Elder Herring encounters the strong but silent Lee during his Anointing ceremony, in which the strong priest undresses the boy before barebacking his inexperienced hole passionately!

Str8 Chaser: Vincent

I pulled up to the park and caught sight of a super hot dude with a big butt doing calisthenics, so I just had to go see if he would talk to me. Vincent said he’s working on training before signing up for the army, and since’s he’s trying to save up for college he didn’t even hesitate when I offered him some cash to take off his shirt and flash that juicy ass. I even got him to give me a peek at his dick, and that big thick cock made me want more. We headed to a hotel room where I got him to start jerking off while I watched, and soon he was letting me rub his cock and even giving me head. That big ass felt so good stretched around my dick! It must have felt pretty good for him too, because once I pulled out to cum on his chest he shot a big load right after!


Niles grew up in So Cal, living the beach life, chasing girls and, to stay in shape, is into boxing. He’s 21 y/o and, although a little on the “scrappy” side for a boxer, he apparently can hold his own. A couple nights earlier he got into a brawl after some guys make some comments about something-or-other… str8 guys. God love ’em.

He hadn’t given porn much thought until a month earlier when he was looking for a way to make some money.

“Yeah, my cousin said I should try to get into modeling,” Niles explained. “And I have a high sex drive. So I thought, ‘Modeling, high sex drive. Porn!’ “

Niles considers himself a bit of an introvert (when he’s not throwing punches, I guess). When he told 4-5 of his buddies that he was going to get naked for the world to see, most of them didn’t believe him. But he wasn’t joking around and saved up for 3 days before his shoot.

When he peeled off his jeans it was a treat to see he had full bush going on. And, even when we were doing the photos, his dick proved to be one of those that got hard super quick and just stayed that way — like a throbbing towel hook!

I tagged this video as “Big cumshot” which I usually save for the ones that go flying over the guy’s shoulder. That wasn’t so much the case for Niles, but once he ramped himself up toward the finish line, he looked down at his cock and gasped that he was about to cum. A hefty blast of, I guess you’d call it, “pre-cum” shot out. And then he kept on stroking for another 20-30 seconds before blowing another thick wad onto his fuzzy patch of pubes.

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