Young Straight College Dudes Gay Experiments


Some exceptionally big dicks in this scene

I don’t even know what day it is. This past weekend was all a blur. I’m sitting on my sofa recovering from this past sex party. My jaw is hurts from the endless dick sucking and I have carpet burn all over me from crawling around the apartment.


Payback in the frat!

Marcus fucked my boys girl. Fuck that dude! We threw his ass onto the sofa and stuffed both holes with our college meat. Pierce came back from the store with brewskies just in time for a piece of that hot ass. We dragged him across the room to finish him off. Dumped our loads on his pretty face then threw his ass into some empty beer cans. Done. Pounding holes is a full time job in this house. We’re working overtime…

Augustus and Alex: Gay For Pay

Augustus and Alex are total strangers, but they’re willing to do anything to get into porn. I told them beforehand what I wanted to see…lots of kissing and dick in ass. I tell them to get undressed and “proceed.” With a little laugh, they start doing exactly what I want. After sucking Augustus’ dick, Alex lays him down on the couch to make out some more. He lifts Augustus’ legs and eats his ass. I want to see more of that, so Alex goes back in. Then he props himself up and rubs his cock on Augustus’ hole. Augustus takes his turn sucking cock, which leads to a hot 69. Finally, Augustus climbs on top and sits on Alex’s cock. They try fucking that way, but Alex complains that the condom is making him go soft. I can’t wait anymore, so I tell them to jack off together instead. Alex is the first to cum, and he shoots an enormous load straight up in the air and all over his abs. Augustus also busts an impressive nut, and when he’s done, Alex tortures his cock with some encouragement from me.

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