Offending Straight Dudes

Cowboy Riley’s First Gay Blowjob

Riley is a 21-year-old ranch hand with a great body and nice cock. We started out talking about how he learned to jack off. He Googled it! He kicks off his boots and underwear and starts getting himself hard. I thought this straight boy would be a challenge. It turns out he was pretty easy to make. He let me play with his cock for a few minutes before he said anything. “I’ve never had a guy doin’ that before,” he said. I told him to pretend it was a physical. Once he got his cock hard again, I started going down on him. He said that he was shocked that it felt good with a guy giving him head. I could have told him that! I gave him a choice of whether he wanted me or him finish himself off. He chose me and shot a big nut all over the place. He said he felt violated, but that he was bringing his brother over the next day for the same thing.

Kurt & Sean: Bareback

Sun-dappled hunks Kurt and Sean tease each other and the cameras as they hike a shady trail, pulling down their shorts to reveal glimpses of their athletic glutes and even sneak peeks at their peens! Top Sean is hungry for more as he kisses tall Kurt and caresses him all over, pulling off the handsome bottom’s shirt and then feeding him his cock. Kurt gets so horny as Sean teases his tight hole with his tongue, he cries out, “I want that big fuckin’ dick!” That’s all Sean needs to hear, pounding the needy bottom in doggystyle and piledriver. Even Sean is surprised at how hard Kurt makes him cum: “You’re the first bottom to wear me out!”

Czech Hunter 468

I wasn’t sure about this guy at first. He looked very shy and innocent… Nothing ventured, nothing gained I told myself and approached him. He was not from Prague and looked a bit intimidated by the city. Not very talkative and a bit secretive but my money made him do things. He had a nice and lean body, so I was really happy when he agreed to follow me off the street. We found some privacy under a nearby bridge and had a pretty good time together. My new friend had a girl but also needed money, so everything went smoothly. I was absolutely stunned by his enormous boner. His mouth was also pretty good, and I couldn’t wait to put my cock up his tiny ass. He took all these nasties pretty well and even gave me his phone number. It’d be nice if he had a few friends in financial problems…

Dirty Scout 205

I felt curious about fucking this guy. He was going through really challenging times. With his family unemployed, he became the only breadwinner. He had to take care of everything and everyone. Unable to finish school, he was left with working low paid part-time jobs. I wanted to help him so I bent a few rules and gave him a nice job in Prague he wouldn’t get otherwise. Of course, I was horny… The guy was only 20 years old and athletic. I wanted to stretch his ass. It wasn’t very difficult to make him do things. He mostly didn’t try them before. My pre-cum tasted funny… my cock was too big for his virgin ass… Well, he had to suck it. When I was done with him, he was barely able to sit and walk. I had a great time!


Bar Addison makes his debut on Missionary Boys as the new recruit this week, and he’s being interviewed by the infamous President Lewis. Something about Elder Bar confuses President Lewis, and he is determined to figure the boy out. After a thorough examination, he still hasn’t cracked the code – so he pulls the boy’s pants down to see if he can tease his secrets out physically. He wraps his lips around Bar’s cock and stiffs his dick deep into the boy’s asshole, grunting as he shoots a warm load in the boy’s gut.

Str8 Chaser: Bama

We’ve gone just about everywhere in our quest to pick up straight guys and make them do naughty things, but today my favorite nympho Jasmine has a new idea for where to find horny dudes: the Jack Shack… sorry, I mean, “massage parlor.” Jasmine spots tall ebony Bama coming out and entices him into the Str8 Chaser van with a promise of a way happier ending than anything they could provide inside, as long as he’s willing to follow her kinky instructions, starting with putting on a blindfold. Bama isn’t too sure about that, but he loves the blowjob that Ian provides, at least until the blindfold comes off! Jasmine doesn’t give up, persuading this guy to let Ian wrap his lips around his big black cock again and even to suck Ian’s dick too. This bossy babe even gets Bama to fuck Ian in doggystyle and piledriver before both guys jack off till they cum. Another straight guy caught and released!

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