Forcing Straight Jocks

Best Friends Bo and Maverick Go Gay For Pay

These two guys are best friends and are VERY comfortable with each other. They talk about their friendship, and Bo gives details of some very embarrassing (and hot) facts about Maverick. The two strip on the bed together, and then Maverick strokes his big cock while I oil Bo down and start to give him head. These two have no problem with all the gay action going on around each other. While I suck on Bo’s cock, Maverick is totally concentrated on shooting his load. He does so with an amazing display of moaning, twitching and convulsing, all while Bo looks on. Bo is so worked up by seeing his buddy cum, that he shoots his first load quicker than he wanted. Then he tells me he wants to fuck me in the ass! I get his cock ready again with a slow blow job, then he starts fucking me. He’s pretty good for a first-timer! He ends up shooting his hot load on my willing ass.

YOUNGPERPS: Case# 1910073-11

Get ready for an unforgettable Young Perps halloween with this sexy Family Dick crossover featuring fan favorite, Bill Farnsworth. This week, the saucy Harlen gets in trouble for showing off too much skin in a sexy cowboy costume and stealing Halloween candy from the other kids. To make sure the boy doesn’t get into too much trouble, his stepfather joins a hung security guard as they rawdog the kid’s hungry hole.


New pledges!

Homework has been a bitch lately. This weeks vid.. football.. Big balls! Spit, beer that tastes like piss with a side of cum in your mouth. Yahh babY!!! Lets fucking do it!


Well members you wanted him back and he is back and he’s going to have Ryan Jordan give him a BJ for the very first time. Our casting agent can work some magic and Julian Brady is ready to have his cock sucked by a man for the very first time. Julian is nervous but our casting agent is amazing at calming the nerves. He sets him up with some porn and gives him the break down of when Ryan will come in and tells him to go with the flow. If he can’t get hard than Ryan will help him with that but if he can get hard than Ryan will be in the room much sooner. Sit back members and see what your collective voice has brought back.

Training A Cum Drain

We like to get our residents used to the taste of cum. Lord knows half of them probably already swallowed a load or two before they arrived. But just in case, we make sure that each and every one of them gets a good helping every other day. Usually the infraction is minor, and in this dipshit’s instance, he hadn’t cleaned the kitchen properly.

Nevertheless, we managed to both of us get our dicks sucked and drop two loads in his mouth. It’s funny how they just become so accustomed to being cum drains. At least those that are actually improving. Hey, everyone leaves happy, right?

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