Str8 Hung Buds Playing Gay


Tall and fit Kirk Cummings knows he’s in trouble when he shows up late for his anniversary with nothing to show for it but some gas station roses. The blonde sex pot Lisey Sweet isn’t going to let her husband’s laziness go unpunished, so she lures him into the bedroom and teases him with her round and perky tits before blindfolding him. While Kirk is blindfolded, Lisey brings in the hung ebony stud Dillon Diaz and starts giving him a deep blowjob, slurping and spitting on his big cock in front of her husband. When Kirk realizes what’s happening he prepares to storm off, but Lisey and Dillon put him in his place, reminding him that he could learn something by watching what a real man can do with Lisey’s perfect pussy. Lisey and Dillon tease the punished husband, fucking his mouth with a big strap-on dildo before putting it on top of his cock, showing him all that he’s missing out on by not giving her the treatment she deserves. Soon, Kirk can’t contain himself anymore and admits that he loves the way he’s being treated, letting Dillon shove his hard cock deep inside of him while his wife rides his face to control his moaning.


The boys were on a mission to stuff every warm butthole they could find. No one was getting away once they were found.

Str8 Chaser: Ashton

When my takeout delivery guy, Ashton, told me he hadn’t made any money all night, I offered him a 100% tip if he’d let me grab his dick. He was quick to take the cash, but this bashful twink seemed surprised when I actually felt his cock! He was still interested in getting more money, and came inside to take off his shirt and flash his ass. He couldn’t believe his eyes when I got my dick out, but for 150 bucks he got down on his knees to suck it, and by the time I asked if I could fuck his ass for $200 more, he was DTF. Ashton seemed to enjoy it quite a bit for his first time taking a dick doggystyle, and he even let me cum on his face.

Blaine: Army Guy Tops Bareback

Blaine is fresh out of the Army and just moved here from Nebraska. He hasn’t spent much time in the big city, but he is about to get an education in gay sex. I have him stand up so I can oil him down. One thing leads to another, and before long he’s towering over me, fucking my face. He shoves my face down on his cock, and I almost choke on it. Next, he straddles me while I lick his balls, finger his ass and tongue the head of his cock. He shoots his first load all over my face, then it’s penetration time. Blaine fucks me like a bull, plowing my ass like there’s no tomorrow. Check out his face as he gets into it. He shoots his second load all over my back then shoves his cock back in quickly. Ouch!


Julian Brady is back again because you the members wanted him back and he doesn’t disappoint. Our casting agent goes over the last two scenes he has done here on the casting couch and he had his first BJ with a man but today he is going even further. Today Julian Brady will be bottoming for the first time and Scott Finn is excited to be the first in his ass. Our casting agent is excited that he gets to film this and his fresh hole. Kick back and watch Julian gets his virgin hole penetrated.

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