Pounding Straight Boys

Gaping Cunt Filled To The Rim

Some guys never learn, but here in the House, I would say most of them don’t ever learn. In fact, I’d say that days or weeks on end without their favorite pick-me-up might even make them regress. This is why the fail rate on tests are so low. And I’m not talking about their ABCs (although most could use some help with that, too). This guy is only 19, but instead of acting like the young adult that he is, he takes everything as a joke, including his own receovery. Well, all of us House Managers, we’ve about had it up to here with that. He knew why I asked him into the room, but of course, he played dumb. Trust me, it wasn’t a stretch for him. He barely knows how to tie his shoes.

I did find out one thing he is good for, however, and just like clockwork, I pulled out my cock and he was on it lickity split. Not because he likes dick, but anything to get him out of (more serious) trouble interests him greatly. Well, as for myself, his cocksucking skills interested me greatly. He tugged on my chub until it was hard, and from there he was on his knees pretty damn quick. And the verdict is: he is awful. At. Sucking. Dick. I guess that’s why he’s been a party to so much petty theft over the years. What dealer in his right mind would want a BJ from this ‘tard? Once I knew the score, I thought I’d teach him a little, so that next time I needed some dome he’d be better prepared. And I think it worked a little bit. After switching on to the bed I had him going down into a proper deep throat several times. And he only almost threw up just once. By the time I wrapped my legs around his neck and held his nose, he was practically doing a fine job.

I figurerd that since he needed some work on the mouth action, he might be a dud in the ass department, too. But I was pleasantly surprised. He has a beautiful pink hole that until now was untouched. And it didn’t take me long to loose him up, either! Once I got him open, he was gaping like a volcano about to spew forth lava. Damn, he had a pretty gaping ass. I love those teens whose asses can do it. And it made fucking him a real pleasure on my part. His ass felt so great that once I had him in doggie I dropped a huge nut into his cavernous cunt. I had been thinking about cumming in his mouth because I sensed his displeasure with anything in his mouth, but his ass had my pole feeling good, and when I grabbed his ass cheeks and went to town, I just had to drop my juices directly inside of him. The kicker is, that when I pulled out, his hole stayed gaping open, and there was a beautiful flood of jizz flowing out like Niagra falls. Hot damn, the teen is good for one thing, at least!

Peeping On The Sleepover

Tattooed and green haired wild girl Brind Love and her cute athletic friend Thyle Knoxx are trying to have a good old fashioned sleepover together, but Brind’s new stepbrother William Seed won’t stop peeping and creeping on the two film fanatics! While Brind and Thyle are watching the movie and eating popcorn, William sneaks into the room and gropes and strokes their gorgeous asses. Brind and Thyle are more than willing to let William play with their bodies, as long as he doesn’t interrupt their movie watching. Brind strokes her step-brother’s jackhammer cock before he slides over to Thyle to use his mouth while the sexy nerd keeps watching the movie. Soon William proves too much for Brind and Thyle to resist and the two distracted darlings let William take their pants off to pound and pleasure their eager holes. William stuffs both of the sexy sleepover sweeties as the trio suck, lick, fuck and flick their way into a bisexual frenzy like you’ve never seen before!

Allan’s massage (2)

Six months had gone by since I’d heard from Allan. And it’s not uncommon for guys to suddenly come out of the woodwork around the holidays looking for some extra cash. 

That seemed to be the case with Allan, but something told me that money wasn’t the only factor when he asked about coming back to shoot another massage scene. The give-away was what he asked after we’d agreed on a time to meet up.

“Think you could blow me on the massage table instead of a hand-job?”

If you saw Allan’s BJ video, he really got into in. And after taking the leap last time, it appeared that he was yet another sold customer about how us guys really know what we’re doing when it comes to sucking dick.

With three days of cum stored up, it wasn’t long after he lay on the table that Allan’s cock was standing at attention. When I wrapped my lips around it, his mouth fell open with an audible gasp.

As he got closer to unloading his wad, Allan reached down to grab the back of my head and thrust his hips toward my mouth. Within seconds his breathing deepened and gasped that he was about to cum. I barely pulled off before the creamy load was pulsing from the tip of his cock.

Ben: 19-Year-Old Linebacker Shoots Two Loads

Nikko called me and told me he met a great guy named Ben at the gym who was interested in doing a shoot. He came over and was more than a little nervous. Ben is a 19-year-old college student and was a linebacker on his high school football team. He’s got a great body and a nice cock. Once he started stroking for the camera, it didn’t take but a minute for him to cum. In fact, it was such a surprise to both of us, I only caught the aftermath. That’s a lot of cum! Luckily, Ben told me he could cum again, and he got himself hard in no time. He’s young, hung and full of cum, and with a primal grunt, he shot another big load all over his stomach. Two nuts for the price of one!

Fuck Hole Smashed And Creamed

As much as I like fucking virgins and straight guys, sometimes I just want to pound a hole that can take some abuse. Hunter has just that kind of hole, and he is fun as fuck, to boot. He loves sex and has a good personality. In fact, I’ve not many many young guys who love dick as much as Hunter. Since my “straight” buddy Mark was free, I was eager to get a threesome going. Just as I expected, this turned out to be a spectacular fuck fest. Sure, there was some rimming and fucking, but this video is all about pounding down Hunter.

We managed to get in just about every three-way position you can think of, and Hunter took it riding, on his back, on his stomach, on his side – from both me and Mark, and without a break. His young hole feels so good, too. Both of our dicks were throbbing hard throughout, and it was fantastic taking turns on his blown out cunt. He’s a passionate guy, too, and there was plenty of making out the whole time as well. After we had been fucking for quite a while, I finally nutted in and all around his asshole, and then Mark took his last turn. Mark stuck his cock into Hunter’s cum-glazed hole and finished off in the same manner, so that Hunter’s ass looked like a jelly donut by the time we were both done with him.

Hunter was happy to get bred twice in a row, and when we were all finished he flashed a huge smile and said that we should definitely do it again. This is just the type of boy whore I like: someone who can take a pounding and be all smiles afterward. I’d definitely recommend finding someone like Hunter (and Mark) for your recreational activities. Fun smash and cream!

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