Seducing and Dominating Straight Virgin Assholes

Dante & Sean: Bareback

Colombian hottie Dante loves having a lot of sex, and whether he’s the one fucking an ass or getting fucked, it’s all good! “When I am topping, I love a big ass, a strong ass, a muscle ass,” Dante says, which is why he’s so excited to be topping tall, handsome Sean today. Sean definitely gets a fantastic ride as Dante fucks him doggystyle and in piledriver till Sean cums, and then pulls out and shoots his hot load all over him!

Dirty Scout 217

This guy studied to be a doctor and, hilariously, he wanted to work with vaginas. Truth be told, he looked very confident and competent. He was after a nicely paid part-time job which would involve working with people or organizing events. So, I found him something along those lines. He was very excited about it and wanted to start as soon as possible. When I mentioned our mediation fee, the carefully built image of confidence began to crumble. The guy was totally broke and his family was not really helping. He didn’t like my naughty offer much but still agreed quite quickly. The guy tried very hard to make me cum fast. Too bad I was saving myself for his sweet virgin ass. The dude agreed only because he had no idea. Trust me, it wasn’t smooth sailing at all. He was barely able to sit afterwards.

Black Hunk in White Briefs Shoots A Huge Load

When this hottie Calvin gets bored and finds himself alone, he likes to play with his hard cock! Honestly, no one can blame him since he’s truly a beautiful, dark-skinned and toned sight to behold. He pops his big dick out of his tight, white briefs and starts masturbating with a flesh-light, moaning softly as he gets closer and closer to cumming!

Czech Hunter 494

Today I met the most stubborn guy ever. He was on the way to a college lecture when I bumped into him. Our cute student was early, so he had time for a little talk. This dude looked so innocent and sexy! I was really pleased to hear about his financial problems, the poor guy couldn’t afford proper Christmas presents for his family. I convinced him to take me home so we could solve his problem. And then things got complicated. This young man was 100% straight and didn’t want to do anything. It took ages to talk him into touching me. And that was it! No buttfucking for me today. At least I thought so… I did manage to persuade the guy to fuck my ass. He was straight but money was too tempting. And I really enjoyed being dicked by his young cock. I bet the guy was quite confused afterwards.

Love Hurts

A new year is upon us, and we’ve decided to ensure that the worst offenders get what they deserve, especially those who only understand one thing: the loss of personal comfort. Many years ago there was a “Tough Love” movement, in which parents really gave it to their offspring, but the willy nilly cultural wars gave way to a more laissez faire attitude toward upbringing. And what happened? We get cretins like this resident. He does the least he possibly can to get by, disregards sound advice, and generally just pisses everyone off.

For guys like these, the worst possible punishment is definitely appropriate, and I’m going to let this little session speak for itself. Let’s just say that those weren’t tears of joy streaming down the little bitch’s face. Me and a junior House Manager gave his hole a drilling that he won’t soon forget, and afterward made sure that both his hole and his mouth were smeared in jizz. By the end of this recovery session, he was just lying there on the bed like a lost soul whose redemption may have just begun, through toil and sweat (at least on behalf of his sponsors). Getting pounded down is sometimes only as effective as it is harsh. We are hoping that this good-for-nothing changes his ways. His new year’s resolution should definitely be to not get on our bad side, and to start following the fucking rules.

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