Straight Twinks and Bi Dudes Anal Sex

Dirty Scout 227

I think this cute young man really enjoyed the interview. He was a student only months away from graduation. Being a pretty confident guy, he was already looking for a job in the capital. I like bold and handsome dudes so I offered him a job at a barber shop. He loved it. Thank god he couldn’t afford to pay the mediation fee. I would be so disappointed otherwise. My naughty proposition stunned him for a moment, he thought it was inappropriate but quickly changed his mind. I just loved his muscular body covered in tattoos. It was a nice contrast to his gentle and innocent face. Well, this dude was everything but innocent. He had to be really horny because his cock was up even faster than mine. He took great care of my cock and then let me inside of his clean shaved and nicely tight ass.

Czech Hunter 513

This cute redhead was on his way from a job interview. He didn’t know the verdict yet so he looked a bit depressed. His previous boss fired the guy and he was struggling with money ever since. The idea of fucking a nice ginger ass was pretty tempting so I tried to get him into bed. It took only a few thousand Crowns and we were in his tiny apartment. The guy had a nice, ginger hairy cock and knew how to take care of my horny meat. His ass was incredibly deep. Every time it swallowed my dick, I was scared I might never see it again. This guy took pounding like if it was his daily bread. He had a true talent. I wish I brought a dildo or a cucumber. Despite that, we both had a great time and ended the party with a nice double orgasm. I’m pretty sure he had to change the bed sheet after I left.

Pass the Baton

Muscular Damien Stone is such a bad boy. Stealing a silicone ass at a sex shop, really? Luckily, the hottest cop in town, Nicholas Ryder, is here to bring the criminal to justice… that is, until he decides to fuck the stolen fake ass himself. Not even hiding from the handcuffed Damien, he steadily pounds the silicone toy. He can’t contain himself, and in the excitement, he grabs the nearest curtain and rips it off the window. Nicholas gets a phone call and has to leave the interrogatory room. However, a hot police babe comes in. Well, well, looks like black haired Megan Maiden wants to be fucked by Nicholas too! She completely ignores Damien, strips down and hides under the curtain. Nicholas comes back and as soon as he starts banging Megan’s pussy, he feels how better the real thing is. What a plot twist when Megan uncovers herself and pretends to arrest Nicholas, only to fill his eager asshole with a huge baton. Yes, the police force isn’t what it used to be. It’s Megan’s turn to get a phone call and leave the room, but not before giving keys to Damien so he can free himself and… run away, right? WRONG! Damien wants to have a taste of Nicholas’ ass too! The cop is still bending over the table, waiting for Megan’s baton. He gets Damien’s meat instead and doesn’t hate it at all. When Megan comes back, she’s happy (and fucking horny) to see that Damien did not flee. The steamy threesome and cumfest that follow will have you wondering what the word “justice” truly means.

Bi Cuckhold 4 Scene 3 – Just the Three of Us

Leanne Lace, David and Mark Brown are ready to engage in the most intense threesome! Loaded with cock sucking and pussy licking! This is a Bi cuckold like never before! Exploding with a cum filled climax!

Bi Cuckhold 4 Scene 1 – It’s Boyfriend Day!

Lazy Boy Bitch Seeded Deep

Some residents you almost feel sorry for. It’s apparent by their demeanor, accent, and general habits that they didn’t have a fair shake growing up. This one I can just imagine him living in a vey run down small old house on a street filled with unkept yards and cars on cinderblocks. When I try to imagine what the inside of the place looks like, I shudder. Unwashed clothes draped on the furniture, thick, grimy dust collecting on almost every surface, and junk dispersed on every area of floor except for a winding path from room to room. So, it’s no wonder when you get guys like this one, who rarely washes his clothing and whose living space is beyond a mess. Well, I’m not saying that cleanliness is next to godliness; however, a clean and orderly outer life is definitely necessary for an orderly inner life. And an orderly inner life is an important key to recovery. So, we insist here at the House that the guys not only do their best to keep it clean, but that they go above and beyond. Usually this is a tall order, so I particularly relish getting onto guys for living in a state of disrepair. Sometimes it’s only through a good dressing-down that they even begin to take it seriously. Even after a huge smackdown, though, they are usually back to their former selves within a week.

This resident I just couldn’t wait to help. Why? because in addition to being a dirty lazy person in general, he had an attitude a mile wide. He would rather be on his phone texting that doing anything else, and when you ask him to do something, it’s as if just prying his eyes away from his phone is a major imposition. Well, let me tell you – I had his eyes on something else real fast: my dick. And he gobbled it up good, too. I was surprised at what a great cocksucker he could be. I guess we all have hidden talents, right? He sucked me off like he was sucking a big gulp full of sweet tea through a coffee stirrer. So, needless to say I had him sucking on my pole for a while, but while he was, I began rubbing on his hole. I could tell he was going to be a good fuck just from sticking the tip of my finger in around there. So I put some lube out and had him finger himself while I watched him. He wasn’t too happy about the situation, but he didn’t seem particularly distressed, either. I think this one’s been around the block (or passed around the block) more than once.

Anyway, great fuck. I pounded him out so hard that he was gaping like an Eisenhower dollar. It not only looked good, it felt good. And he was adept at taking cock, too, so I took complete advantage of that fact. Once I had him in doggie style I had him backing up fast and furious. I was stunned at the amount of energy he was able to expend on my behalf. For that, I was grateful, and to show him my appreciation I rolled him onto his bed, stuck my cock back in, and drilled him until I had bred his hole. I squeezed what was left in my shaft into his face and gave him a slap. He probably liked it. Well, at least I know which resident to pick on next time I need a good ball draining.

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