Straight Gays for Pay

Str8 Chaser: Peyton

Handsome and slightly scruffy Peyton needed some extra cash, and luckily for both of us he saw my ad and gave me a call. He’d never done anything like this before, so I eased him into it with a few bucks just to take off his shirt. For a bit more cash I had him take out and stroke his cock, and this broke student quickly calculated that it was worth it to get paid even more to jerk me off and suck my dick. For another 200 bucks, Peyton let me fuck him doggystyle and mish, and he even took a facial before jacking himself till he came.

Dirty Scout 231

I think I tried too hard to get information out of this guy. He kept his personal stuff close to his chest and that’s something I don’t like. Well, at least he told me about ordinary aspects of his life. He wasn’t exactly a very hard working man. He didn’t even finish high school properly and never had a full-time job. Not exactly an employee beaming with potential. Still, he wanted to be a waiter and I wanted to have sex so badly… there was definitely room for negotiation. The guy had no idea how to bargain so I got everything I wanted from him cheaply. He was nicely lean and a bit hairy. His cock got nicely hard, as well. I let him ride on my dick first, then I lied him down on my desk and destroyed his sweet ass. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have sex for a while because he absolutely covered me in spunk.

Are You Interested?

Sofia The Bum, invites another man into her and her boyfriends bed. They’ve been talking about having a threesome and why not right now! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a hard cock and a dripping wet pussy! Loaded with multiple positions and explosive climaxes!

Anthony Sucks

Jacob and Anthony only go gay for pay, so they’re both a little nervous. I tell them to undress and slide next to each other on the couch. Since Jacob is more open-minded, I make him suck Anthony’s dick first. Even after I put on a porno, Anthony’s still having trouble staying hard. I step in with my expert blowjob skills while Jacob watches. They both jack their dicks, and Jacob is almost ready to nut, so I make Anthony suck him. I make Anthony keep slurping until Jacob unloads in his mouth. That sweet mouth looks so good that I have to get in on the fun! I take Jacob’s place on the couch and make Anthony suck and jack me off, too.

Czech Hunter 521

Girlfriends can be real bitches sometimes. I advice everyone to stay away from them. Just look at this poor guy. He loved his girlfriend and moved with her. They had a nice time together and then she found another dude. Of course, our poor fellow got dumped and kicked out of her flat. She didn’t even bother to give him his stuff back. So he spent a sleepless winter night out, walking around Prague. I met him in the morning, he was sitting on a park bench, devastated. His life looked pretty bleak so I tried to cheer him up a bit. The guy needed roof over his head and I was ready to help him. I took him to my place, gave him some nice cash, and even arranged a hostel room for him. For my generosity, I expected only a little favor in return. The dude was very thankful and took a very good care of me.

Nathan and Ryan

Nathan and Ryan meet for the first time in this gay-for-pay scene. Kissing leads to crotch rubbing, then stroking and sucking dick. Nathan rides Ryan’s cock and cums on his chest. Once Ryan makes him lick it off, he puts Nathan on all fours and fucks the living daylights out of him. He shoots a big load on Nathan’s back and rubs it in with his dick.

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