Seducing Straight Boys

Nikolai – Solo

Nikolai Lombardo

Tattooed and bleached-blonde Nikolai is a laid-back, bisexual guy who enjoys trying new things. “I prefer to get fucked from behind, that’s one of my turn-ons. Getting cum on my face, that’s pretty hot too. But I’m willing to try anything.” Nikolai strips down and flexes his muscles, then gets his uncut cock hard and strokes it before bending over and teasing his hole with a plug. He pulls out the toy and stretches his ass for you, then jacks off before shooting a big load on his full-length mirror!

Nico Stiles’ Tickle Torture


It took a lot of work, but at last Franco convinced Nico Stiles to come in for another tickling session. Franco had Nico wear a silky pair of sheer socks inside his dirty size 13 sneakers for a few hours leading up to the shoot. He tickles Nico’s feet through the sheers with fingers and quills with a light touch that’s perfect for driving Nico crazy. Franco peels off Nico’s socks, and he and Ace slide the slippery fabric between Nico’s toes. Nico laughs with ecstasy as they tickle his bare soles with their fingers and feathers. Ace helps pin Nico’s legs down and hold his feet in their most vulnerable position for Franco, the takes the opportunity to tickle Nico’s torso himself. Nico is in pain needing to piss, so Franco mercifully gives him a break to piss outside. After the quickie break, they tickle Nico’s dirtied feet and his creamy smooth torso. Franco makes the straight boy squirm with pleasure by feather-tickling him all over. Finally, he gives Nico the ultimate tease by edging his enormous cock and not allowing him to cum.

Kevin and Warren Go Gay-For-Pay


Now that Warren has become an expert at going gay for pay, Franco uses him to initiate Kevin, a 20-year-old newbie with a six-pack and a big dick who’s looking to break into the porn industry. While we’re negotiating, Warren tells Kevin about his girlfriend’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Since he’s more experienced, I have him get Kevin hard first. It doesn’t take much to give this 20-year-old a boner. Kevin takes the hint, gives Warren a blowjob and jerks him until he nuts. Then Warren rubs Kevin’s taint while he strokes his big dick and grabs it out of his hand right as he starts cumming.

Angel Surprise!

Angel Wicky / Rick Palmer / Adam

Gorgeous blonde, Angel Wicky, surprises her boyfriend by giving him a hard cock from a young stud. Letting him experience both her wet pussy and his thick cock, at the same time! Watch them get down and dirty in a sizzling threeway!

Seducing Teenage Pupil

Tutor Him Lesson #32

Kendra has been tutoring Ed for a few weeks now, and they are covering his Human Anatomy class right now, she sent him home last week with some homework and is very happy to see he did it. well most of it. So far he’s been able to master all the upper body muscles but is still having difficulty with his lower body. She can see how upset he is getting with all the writing and paperwork and decides to take a different, hands on approach. She starts by getting his mind off all distractions, pen, paper, textbook, clothes. Ed is so visibly confused and not sure if this should be happening, but one thing he is sure of, he is starting to learn more about how his lower body muscles work. She starts by stroking him from behind, she is so amazed by his young hard cock, she is basically worshipping him. She loves the feeling giving him pleasure gives her. She tugs and tugs and tugs, and together they finally get that assignment completed. I am sure he can’t wait for the next study session on sex ed!

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