Seduced Straight Muscled Hunks

FamChaser 4: Sissy Stepbro

Ken Summers / Pol Fayfer

Pol Fayfer finds his twink stepbrother Ken Summers trying on lacy panties and admiring his ass in the mirror, and it makes the tattooed top horny! As Ken is on his knees looking into the underwear drawer, Pol sneaks up behind him and slides his huge cock into the bottom’s ass! Ken sucks Pol’s pole, then rides him. As Pol fucks Ken missionary, the bottom gets too loud so Pol stuffs a pair of panties in his mouth. Ken cums and begs his stepbro for his load, so Pol is happy to fill Ken’s ass with a big creampie!

Dalton & Kevin Go Gay For Pay


College junior Dalton and 24-year-old Kevin meet for the first time. Even though Dalton’s younger, he’s had a lot more experience with girls. Both have agreed to do whatever I ask them to do for some quick cash. I have the guys strip down to their underwear and put them in a boner race. First one hard gets a blowjob from the other one. Dalton wins and relaxes to enjoy his prize. Since everyone wins at Straight Fraternity, I make Dalton return the favor and suck on Kevin’s big, fat dick. While the two jack each other, I tell the guys to kiss. They’re more hesitant to do that than suck dick! All lubed up, the guys keep stroking each other until they’re ready to cum. Dalton is the first to nut in Kevin’s hand, but it’s Kevin who shoots the biggest, over his shoulder and up on his neck. Dalton licks him clean.

Dustin – Solo


Clean-cut hunk Dustin used to be a farmer, and these days he still loves getting out of the city to hike, camp, and fish in nature, keeping his body in great shape by working out at the gym and going for long bike rides every week. Although Dustin would say he’s a vers top if you press him, he prefers not to label himself, because he would rather keep trying new things without any expectations! “I think exploring sexually is really important. You don’t have to label yourself to one thing.” Dustin gets right to it, sitting down fully naked on his couch to stroke his nice, big cock for you. Dustin gives you a close-up as he stands to jack off, then turns and bends over to give you a nice view of his muscular ass before he cums all over his flat stomach.

Jacob’s Ass Play


All the guys at Straight Fraternity have been experimenting with ass lately, either another guy’s or their own. Today Jacob gets his very first rim job and anal fingering. Jacob seems unusually quiet and nervous today, so I make him more comfortable with a hot blow job. I stroke and suck his dick and balls until he’s hard and on the edge of cumming. Then it’s time for Jacob to get on his knees. I move behind Jacob so I can eat his ass while I jack his dick. I tell Jacob to sit back and hold up his legs for easier access. After Jacob’s hole is good and wet, I slip in a finger and milk his prostate until his butt is sore.

Cole – Solo

Cole Clint

Platinum-blond Cole Clint begins running his tattooed hands over his broad chest and his muscular thighs. He pulls off his shirt and plays with his nipples while using the other hand on his dick, then pulls down his jogging pants to reveal his big bulge in a white jock strap. Cole turns around and spreads his ass for you, teasing his hole, then slips off the underwear and gets his big, thick cock nice and hard. The tatted-up hunk lubes up his uncut cock and strokes it with both hands before lying back to jizz all over his taut abs.

Straight Hunk Roadie Tickled


Muscular blonde surfer Roadie hasn’t been tickled since he was little, so he’s in for a real treat! Franco cuffs Roadie to the four corners of the tickling table and opens the session on his torso. Roadie tries to suppress the torture by flexing all his muscles, but that doesn’t stop Franco. Franco tickles Roadie in his bellybutton and in his armpits with his thick fingers and feathers. Roadie holds his breath and giggles adorably when Franco tickles his ribs and pectoral muscles. The intensity increases for Roadie when Franco moves to his size 10 1/2 feet. He grits his teeth and growls, flopping his feet around as his only defense against the tickle torment. Franco tickles Roadie on his soles and between his toes with all sorts of brushes. He then moves up Roadie’s legs to his incredibly ticklish inner thighs. After Franco digs deep there, he climbs onto the table and tickles Roadie’s upper body from behind. Roadie’s face and neck turn red as he struggles to resist the tickle torture. Somehow he uses his amazing upper body strength to push Franco away. Even with Roadie resisting all the way to the bitter end, Franco hits every last one of his ticklish spots before setting him free.

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