Capturing Straight Guys on Cam

Young Dad’s 1st Gay Head


Lance has proven himself to be quite an impressive cock-sucker, so I knew he would be the perfect guy to give reluctant straight dad CT his first gay head. CT didn’t know another guy would be sucking his cock, but he agrees to it because he really needs the money. Lance is so talented that he makes CT hard and ready to shoot in no time. He ends up getting a face full of CT’s jizz!

Cam – POV

sean cody

Cam is very excited for this special POV shoot. “I just wanna lick your ass and smell your nuts and pretty much just worship you. I think your mind will be blown after this,” he vows. He flexes his muscles and shows you his hot ass, then gets naked before doing just what he promised. Watch Cam take a cock nice and deep in doggystyle, then ride it hard reverse, telling this top exactly how he likes to get his tight hole penetrated. Cam demands a big load in his mouth, throwing his ass back on the top’s cock and jacking him off over his face, but first the hot bearded bottom cums hard as he takes a pounding in mish!

Tucker: Army Guy’s Gay Handjob


Tucker introduces himself and talks about joining the mile high club, his domination fantasies and where Army guys go to whack off. I have Tucker strip down to his boxers and get comfortable on the bed with a hot porn video. Tucker greases up his rod, and I get in position from some nice close-ups. It’s time to make my move. I have Tucker put his hands behind his head, then I slide up his thigh. When he doesn’t resist, I know I’m free to start stroking. Maybe he’s focused on the reward or maybe my hand just feels too good. Either way, I milk a thick load out of Tucker’s hard cock.

Smooth Hunk Pissing into a Cup

Where else to pee when there is no toilet around? In a plastic cup!

A Submission Up To Par

 Boys Halfway House Incident #281

I admit, sometimes we aren’t very proportional in our response to bad behavior. But… it works. Even better, it can be very entertaining for the Managers. Trust me, after years of working with young delinquents, there is definitely a sort of pleasure in being able to unleash all that pent up frustration. I mean, all we really want is an orderly, quiet House with guys that are trying their best not to be fuckups.

Case in point is this resident. He doesn’t cause so many problems really, but he did break a rule, and other residents know it. Now what would they think if we let it slide? Well, we shall never know, because we didn’t let it slide. I marched this fucker into the room and despite that completely innocent look on his face, I confronted him. He didn’t have much to say, but instead of speaking, I made sure his mouth was put to even better use. That would be on my cock. And I will tell you what: this guy can give some amazing head. I was completely in shock. Most straight teenage guys don’t just give head like a porn star on their first attempt. I guess it was my lucky day. I should have played the lottery.

Needless to say, I lingered on the BJ way longer than ususal, because it felt so good. I even for a split second thought I might just nut in his mouth and call it a day. But I decided that virgin asshole of his was just too good to pass up. I could tell when I asked him to lube my dick up that this was going to be fun. There he was with his legs in the air and that VERY tight looking hole getting ready for the boy cunt equivalent of a debutante’s ball. I was correct, too. Getting my dick in wasn’t that easy. Thankfully this derelict took it in stride, and without too much fuss. It ended up feeling so good that I actually fucked him in many positions, each position feeling better than the last. His poor hole looked busted, too. To the point I almost felt sorry for him. No worries, however, I still picked up the pace and gave him a proper breeding. I am sure that from now on he will at least attempt to follow the rules.

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