Young Straight Muscled Guys Fist Time Gay Fuck

Allen & Johnny’s Bowl of Tricks


I bring out a new Bowl of Tricks, this time with straight guys Allen and Johnny. They start with foot-licking and kissing, and end by sucking, spanking and jerking off together. While they’re kissing, the guys start rubbing each other’s cocks through their jeans. They’re really horny! I let them pull out their dicks and jerk each other, then Allen suddenly goes down on Johnny. Allen sucks on Johnny’s rod like a champ, and after a while goes back to jerking him. Soon it’s time for Johnny to return the favor. Next in the Bowl of Tricks is teabagging, and Allen gets a mouthful of balls before Johnny draws again. Someone’s been a bad boy and needs a spanking! It’s time for Johnny’s first rim job. Then the two decide on a position for Johnny’s first fuck, but with more sucking and stroking, they can’t wait any longer to cum.

Willy – Solo

Sean Cody

Former football player Willy has an amazing set of abs and a bubble butt that he calls his best feature, although his thick cock is very nice too. Willy says, \”I will top, but I’m really more of a bottom,\” and he tends toward slow sensuality. He starts out by taking off his tank top to show his hairy chest as he rubs his nipples and strokes his cock through his shorts, then gets naked and lies back on the couch to give it some serious attention. Willy’s ass doesn’t like to be left out, so he fingers his hole before hanging off the couch upside-down to stroke his cock till he cums all over his abs!

Slam Fucked and Fed

Boys Halfway House Incident #291

Tyler is one of those residents who just can’t get his shit together. No matter the circumstance, he finds himself on the other side of the rules. Thankfully, generally speaking the infractions are minor. However, if we weren’t to punish him forcefully, what would the other residents think? One rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. So, after many different lapses of judgement on his part, the House Manager decided to go harder than he had gone before.

Because he is such a delinquent, even in the structured environment of the House, you can imagine that he has gotten exquisite at giving blow jobs. He’s practically at fluffer level expertise. And this definitely makes the House Manager job much more of a pleasure. Tyler just goes to town on my cock, and although he doesn’t seem to particularly love it, it even made me wonder. What happened next though confirmed my suspicion that he is at this point just a downtrodden whore, performing his show when he gets in trouble.

I asked to see his ass as he straddle me. He spread his cheeks, revealing that beautiful boy cunt, and then shook his ass cheeks and grinded that hole on my cock like a stripper in the champagne room. Wowzers! That surely got me riled up beyond believe, and when I had him ride me the punishment session turned into one of my favorites ever. He rode my cock like an Olympic athlete, and by the time I got around to laying him on his back, that hole was already wide open and ready for a slam fuck.

I fucked him harder, deeper, and longer than I’ve fucked a resident in a while, and it had to have been sore after a while. However, not wanting to seem like a whimp, he kept up the facade that it was no biggie. At one point he did say, “Damn, you’re fucking me so hard!” And he was correct. I blew that teenage hole completely out of shape.

I pulled out and told him to finger his swollen hole while I dumped my load in his mouth. There he was, mouthful of cum, spreading his cheeks to show me his now bright red pussy. It’s a shame it had to come to this, really, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Creasing Daddy’s Pipe

Raunchy Bastards #024

My buddy Mike sent me this. Don’t ask me why he was fucking the boy in his garage. He said something about having company. Well, I guess I’d do that same if I had to. The guy was someone he met online, and he came over on his lunch break. It definitely seems like the guy enjoyed the company of an older man. They were macking pretty hard from the git-go.

After blowing him, Mike rimmed this guy’s hole real good, and you can tell that he loved having his ass eaten out. It sure did get Mike rock hard. He got some dome, and then went to town on the twink. They fucked in doggie, and Mike just kept getting more excited with every thrust. The guy’s hole must have felt damn good, because Mike was seriously ready to blow.

The submissive young man got down on his knees and asked for a facial, which Mike provided handily. Then they got up, the rent boy wiped down, and they got dressed. It seems from the kissing afterward that he is going to get another chance soon, hopefully in a bed at least next time! But it’s good to know that Daddy Mike got his pipe greased good in the garage!

Raring To Go

Tutor Him Lesson #TH053

Miss Sophia has Jake come over today to check up on his progress with his English and grammar homework. She can tell he’s getting a little better but he just doesn’t seem to quite grasp everything. And that’s just what she’s good at. She can’t seem to last more than 5 minutes before she’s rubbing her hand all over his legs and taking his shirt off. And she can’t help but notice how athletic he is and how defined his young rock hard muscles are. She starts caressing him and taking in every inch of him. She gets him fully undressed and back on the couch to start stroking him, she knows just how to touch these young guys, and even more just what to say to make sure they do exactly what she wants. She puts him through a few positions while she drains his balls and he explodes all over himself.

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