Straight Young Boys Being Gays for Pays

Pascal Mauri


Today we have the handsom, stunning and charming Pascal Mauri as our model of the week. Although Pascal’s time with us was only brief, we managed to get several photoshoots to go along with his dozen or so scenes. As this is his first appearance here for about 2 years, we hope you enjoy seeing him.

The Stranger


While I’m setting up, 21-year-old Warren and 23-year-old married guy Shawn talk about different jack off techniques, including “The Stranger.” I make them strip and show their size 10 feet to that camera before sliding them together on the couch. I ask the guys about the last time they shot their loads, then have them watch each other jack it. Now that they know what the other one likes, I have them stroke each other. Then I make them stand up, hug and rub their hard cocks together. Once they’re sitting again, I coach the guys to lick their nipples while they’re jacking each other, and it’s not long before I have them trading blowjobs. Warren does it first, but Shawn does it best! He gets Warren ready to pop right away. With a couple of load moans, Warren shoots his load. Then Warren turns his attention to Shawn to finish the job. He sucks and jacks him, but Shawn finishes himself off while Warren rubs his taint.

Baptiste Emry


Earlier this year we published Baptiste’s first and only scene over on Freshmen and today we get to bring you one of 2 photo sets he made with us (his second one is a duo with Hoyt). We love Baptiste for his unusual and striking appearance, this ‘je ne sais quoi’ that marks his out as being special. Although he only went on to film one scene, we hope that you enjoy him here today…. It certainly appears that Luke had a lot of fun making this set.

Skyler Cums Three Times


This shoot starts out just like any other, with me asking 19-year-old Skyler about his first time jacking off and his first sex with a girl. Then things get more interesting. First, my camera falls on top of him while I stroke him. Then, I start to give him a blowjob and he cums within a minute! Skyler says that since it’s his first time ever doing anything with a guy, the nervousness made him overheat. Skyler swears he can cum again, which he does just a few minutes later. Since he doesn’t shoot much, I just keep jacking him. “Oh! It feels SO GOOD!” Skyler says, as I stroke him and finger his asshole. A few minutes later, he’s ready to bust again. This guy is full of cum! I send Skyler over the edge, and this time I make him cum in my mouth.

Jonas Miller


Jonas is one of a group of models that did limited work for us… just a half dozen scenes, but luckily we still had the chance to bring him in for this feature as model of the week. Jonan will be back again later in the year as one of the featured models in a special Art Collection update.

Drake and Louis


Since Drake and Louis just met, I want them to get to know each other fast. First I get the basics from them, then I make them undress each other. I make them sit close together on the couch, then point out the “pearls” Louis has implanted in his dick for clit stimulation. Once they’re both stiffening up, I have Drake and Louis switch hands and jack each other’s cocks. I tell Drake to feel Louis’ pearls and have them compare cock sizes. I can tell they’re getting close. Louis speeds up his jacking and makes Drake shoot his load. Drake squeezes out the last drops, then I have him pinch Louis’ nipples. That was the trigger! Louis immediately busts his nut.

First Time’s A Charm


The thing about young men these days, and I suppose young women as well, is that they can’t sit for even five seconds without some sort of screen in front of them. If they do, they are overcome with a type of boredom that would amaze those from earlier times. It’s the boredom that gets them into trouble. In the old days, they would say that idle hands are the devils playground. However, these wise people from ages past were talking about hands being idle because they weren’t working, not because they hadn’t checked their Instrgram in 30 seconds. Oof! It’s a pain, because dealing with a House full of punks and delinquents is like playing whack-a-mole. At least in this particular case, the “mole” in question was more than easy on the eyes.

I’m pretty sure he’d never had a cock in his mouth before, but you wouldn’t know it. Why? Because he was nervous AND scared shitless, and this combination led him to be both careful and conscientious. Well, it sure made my day, so much so that I didn’t let him stop until I’d thoroughly throat fucked him (and I came back for more later). But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I turned next to his ass.

He was probably a virgin, so it was tight, as you might imagine. But he kept his cool, took deep breathes, and let me have my way with him. Have my way, I did! It was great fucking this tall hot stud, and I couldn’t get enough. His ass felt great, and I loved staring into his blue eyes. They were asking a question, and the question was “When will this be over?” Haha! I rolled him over and fucked him bitch-style, and then since he was loosened up instructed him to ride me. He didn’t do half bad, and I expect that was because he has some big strong legs. At any rate, I was thoroughly worked up.

I did, however, feel the need to dump a load down his throat. So I had him hop off and go ass-to-mouth on my cock. He jerked and slurped away. When he began to slow down, I told him that this wasn’t going to be over until he made me cum. So he did just that. With his mouth and tongue, he worked my dick until he took that beautiful creamy load right into his awaiting mouth. Not sure if he will break the rules again, but I have another load just for him, in case he does.

Good Ole’ Fashioned Lay

Raunchy Bastards#326

I hadn’t seen Ethan Brandt in years, and I was surprised to hear from him actually. The last time we met he was going through a lot of personal issues, and then he just dropped out of sight. Well, incredibly, he got in touch with me recently and explained that he had been in the service, and he just got out. He was broke and looking to get on his feet again. I was more than happy to help him, because I remembered what a good fuck he was. When I finally saw him in person again, I couldn’t wait to get him in the bedroom, because he was looking fine. All tanned up from his recent move to a beach town, but still the same friendly smile and masculine good looks.

I guess the one thing that surprised me the most about the new Ethan was that he was now amazing in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I always liked breeding him, but it was usually more perfunctory, and he never really got hard or anything. He used to be just another straight boy willing to give up his hole. Now, however, he was voracious while he was working my cock with his mouth. Damn, I could have let him blow me to completion right then and there. But I didn’t, because I wanted the yummy yum. So, I ate out his hole and proceeded to fuck him doggie. And this is where things got interesting.

He had been hard throughout leading up to me sticking my cock in, but I couldn’t believe it when he retained a massive, throbbing boner while I was doinking him. I fucked him doggie, then pinned him down to the bed and went as deep inside him as I could. I fucked him good, too. He was moaning and making dirty talk – another big change. I was thinking, “What the hell are they teaching these guys in the service nowadays?” He had sworn up and down that he hadn’t been fucked since I last saw him, and I kinda believed him because I overheard him on the phone with his girlfriend before we got to business. Who knows. The other part of me thinks that over the years he looked back to our earlier sessions and started developing a strong fantasy about being fucked again, and this whole thing ended up being entirely hot to him. Regardless, it was hot to me, and it got even hotter when he spewed a huge, massive, very large load of jizz while I was pounding him down. Hot Damn! This guy is a true daddy dick lover now! I enjoyed every second of it, but I enjoyed breeding him with my sperm the most. A good ole’ fashioned lay, and definitely one for the books.

Dallas: Frat Boy Goes Gay For Pay


Dallas is a real joker. He tells me about the first time he beat off at a very young age, then he gets right into what he’s here to do. After Dallas gets hard, I shine him up and give him a quick rub-down. He seems cool with it, so I think I can go farther. I start jacking Dallas and he doesn’t even blink. I know then that this is going to be a really fun session with him! When I start to give him head, he just smirks and asks, “how does that lube taste?” Dallas stands up, and I give him more head. He chuckles, “I’m Gay For Pay!” After Dallas blows a hot load half in my mouth and half on my face, I tell him to taste his cum and he does it. It makes me so horny that I ask Dallas to man the camera while I jack my cock. And when I ask him to help me out, Dallas dutifully strokes me until I shoot my own load.

Nervous Pupil Gets A Handy

Tutor Him#039

Ethan has been struggling lately in his biology class so he reached out to Kiki to come tutor him. Kiki comes in and they get to chatting about what Ethan is struggling on and it seems Ethan left his books in the other room. Ethan went to go get them but Kiki stopped him in his tracks and told him they don’t need them. Kiki seen this as a oportunity to do things her way. She starts listing off body parts to tease Ethan a bit and lead him straight to where she wants him. When Kiki gets into Ethan’s pants, within seconds he has a full hard on. It seems Ethan’s last name suits him well. Kiki starts stroking his long hard cock and follows up with some lube she brought with her. She then has him stand up and take his clothes off to get more comfortable. As the time passes you can see Kiki’s sexual frustration is getting to her because she wants this teen to cum. Ethan was a bit nervous and couldn’t cum so Kiki asked him to finish himself as she watched.

Bruno Tickled Hard


As soon as Bruno is clicked into the wrist restraints, Franco starts tickling his upper body. The 22-year-old smiles and squirms like a little boy as big Daddy Franco tickles his armpits and ribs. Bruno defiantly swears and struggles for freedom that won’t come while Franco tickles his size 10 1/2 bare feet and inner thighs. After lowering the angle of Bruno’s right arm to prevent injury, Franco climbs on top and presses him down completely with his beefy body. He tickles Bruno’s pits deeply before heading to his smelly feet with a variety of different brushes. When Bruno tries to see what’s happening, Franco blindfolds him and tickles him from behind in an upright seated position. He then rotates between armpits, thighs and feet so Bruno doesn’t know what’s coming next. At last, Franco removes the blindfold and strokes a huge load out of Bruno, then he keeps jacking for an extra-long time on his sensitive cock.

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