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I was freezing my butt off all day looking for someone half-decent and then suddenly, I found this cute innocent angel. This boy named Vitek was a gamble on my part. He turned out to be 18. I was happy because he looked really quite young. I wasted no time and started asking all the important questions. It’s amazing how much are people willing to talk about themselves on the camera. On the other hand Vitek was a bit shy, he told me all I needed to know but he wasn’t too eager to show me any skin. So we went into a nearby forest to get out of sight. His body was worth the walk. It was obvious that he went to the gym quite often. I definitely wanted to see more of his nicely shaped body. And maybe do something more.

Italian boy Riccardo has that cocky masculine attitude which makes straight guys so infuriatingly sexy. He’s also naïve enough to think all working in porn involves is showing up on set to screw loads of chicks and get paid lots of money. Here’s his cold hard lesson in reality. Not only does he have to strip and pose exactly as he’s ordered to do, but he has to part his furry arse cheeks to show off his hole. This isn’t about worshiping his body and giving him pleasure; it’s about making sure he has the nerve to see a video through and work to give me and the viewer a big hard on.

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This young man got kicked out by his parents. To make his situation even more difficult he developed a little gambling addiction. His landlord was kind of a douchebag, he supported his problem by lending him money. When the kid stopped being able to pay the rent, he threatened him with eviction. The boy sold everything of value in the apartment. It wasn’t enough and he was growing desperate, what would he do on the street in the middle of winter? But sometimes people don’t want your help. Especially when it involves a cock up their ass. He was young, lean, vibrating with life. He even got a huge boner, which confused the boy a lot. And his roommate came sooner than expected adding a lot more to the excitement. This was a cool meeting.

This week’s video features two brand new straight guys who are best friends since high school and they are the Latino Version of our “Sandbox” buddies guys! Rico is stunning with a great body and a beautiful uncut cock! And, his buddy Juan Carlos is a little darker skinned with a great body and an amazing thick dick! You can see the bond both guys have after years of friendship and the interaction between them both is priceless! Caruso has both guys strip down and get their cocks hard while he goes to get the female talent. It doesn’t take long before both guys are rock hard and ready to go. It’s not the first time they’ve been naked around each other and because they’re such good friends, they believe in sharing the girls that they pick up! Caruso comes back to deliver the bad news that the girl want be showing up today. But, there is still an option to make money today and he’ll even double it, but they’ll have to have sex with each other. After thinking about it for a while and considering the money, both guys shake on it and decide to give it a try!

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This guy had to be a terrible employee. He was a graphic and web designer. Come on, don’t tell me it’s that hard to find a job in the field. Internet is booming. I bet he was just lazy, going through Facebook all day instead of working. Or maybe the reason was his laughable idea that he deserved 50 000 a month. Stop dreaming kid, this is real life. I offered him a decent IT job for 33 000. He liked it. But how should we deal with the fee? He looked very nicely shaped under his hoodie so it was obvious what I was gonna go after. He was extremely easy to convince to drop his pants. It was almost shocking. I noticed a little scratch. Apparently the boy’s friend tried to tear his underpants off him during a birthday party. Last night. I knew this guy is going to be fun.

[wposflv src= width=640 height=380 title=”SneakyPeek”]

This guy appears along with lots of his mates and I was very lucky to be able to film him stripping off his clothes. I managed to get a great look at his lithe body and suckable cock.

Some guys cower under the glare of the lights and the eye of the camera. Not Chuck! This self-professed nudist loves nothing more than taking it off and getting it on. Porn is a natural next step for him. His smile alone almost negates the need for our studio lights, but we want to be sure no shadow is cast on this beefy hunk. His un-cut dick stirs as he watches the straight porn, but Brendon’s hand on the stick really lights him up. Watch as the maestro applies a little lube and a little friction and causes some real heat!

This devilishly handsome recruit is Aston Springs.  He has that look that tells ya he’s trouble…the best kinda trouble!  Aston stands up and pulls down his blue briefs, exposing his cock for the first time on camera, and just for us.  He definitely had some nerves, but Aston came in with so much confidence, he eventually starts to relax as he warmed up his dick while sitting back on the couch.  Once he charges up his cock, Aston stands up.  Claude gets tight to show us a close up of Aston’s features.  I love his body and I can tell Aston has a lot of power.  I’m excited to see him come back and mix things up with some fellow recruits.  Aston sits back down and really gets into a nice groove.  Claude gets low and close to give us a nice look at Aston’s ass while he jerks his stiff cock.  I enjoy seeing his handsome face looking right down at us while we admire his stroking.  Then comes my favorite part of this debut, Aston’s ass!  Wow, it’s easy to see that this boy likes his tight hole stimulated.  He bends over the couch and slides a finger in and out for us, rubbing up and down.  Oh yeah, I think we can fill that up for him! After the ass play, Aston is charged up and ready to finish himself off.  He lays back down on the couch and tugs out a nice, healthy load.  

We’ve had such an influx of guys this season, it’s almost hard to keep track of them all. The quiet ones, because the Managers have their hands full, get less scrutiny. This one is quiet all right, but if he thought he could surreptitiously pull one over on us, he was mistaken. It took less than a minute to find his contraband, and he was completely surprised. You see, these guys think that everyone but them are complete idiots. It comes as a total shock that the Managers anticipate their every move before they even come up with the idea. Needless to say, he was scared shitless. He must have had a bad experience in a correctional facility, because his eyes seems to tear up slightly at just the thought of being sent back. That’s a good thing, because when they are afraid, they are a lot less likely to put up a fuss about you shoving your dick in their holes. This dude’s mouth was like silk, and he got a face fucking that he won’t soon forget. As a matter of fact, in between fucking positions, he kept getting a mouthful of cock. His ass has a normal amount of hair, and he has some pubes, but over all he is fairly smooth. Surprisingly, it didn’t take much time at all to work in a fat dick. The pace picked up quickly, and just because he had such a stupid look on his face, he got treated like a little bitch more than most. In the end, after using his hole good, he got a gusher of jizz completely into his mouth. This fucker will definitely think twice before toking up again.

[wposflv src= width=640 height=380 title=”Tomas 7713″]

To describe Tomas is a hard task. He has a great body, for his age, and he will win you with just one look of his beautiful eyes. He has a girlfriend, but also a lot of hobbies like football, boxing and running. He likes to enjoy life and during the interview told us he would like to try just everything. That’s why in this episode you will see blowjob and some nice male action finished with cumshot and golden shower. But the final judgment is up to you, you decide whether his first filming was a success or not.

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