Dominating Those Subs

Marky and Angel

Marky and Angel both happened to stop by at the same time, so I put them in a room together for some awkward kissing and mutual masturbation. They strip down to their underwear and anxiously answer questions for me. These guys know they’ll have to do gay stuff to get paid, so I start them off with some kissing. The kissing continues and Marky and Angel pull out each other’s dicks. They slip off their underwear and try to find a good position for stroking side-by-side. Instead, I make them face and put their cocks together. Marky makes Angel shoot his load first, then leans back to get himself off. He asks Angel to play with his balls to help, and I make sure Angel does it. I also make sure Angel fucks with Marky’s sensitive cock right after he cums!

Cheer Up!

Vinny Blackwood and Aston Springs are two hard-bodied and horny jocks who have the perfect plan to squeeze on some hotties. Instead of spending all of their time and energy focusing on the big game, they decide to try out for the cheerleading team. What they forget to plan for is the petite redhead cheer queen Jenna Clove and her merciless approach to cheer team try-outs. After making the hung hunks bounce around for her amusement, Jenna sneakily tricks them planting a bro-code shattering kiss on each other. With Jenna’s encouragement and athletic skills, she leads the two fuck-happy frat boys into a steamy bisexual threesome.

Czech Hunter 478

This lovely young man was a foreigner, I was lucky he actually spoke Czech very well. It would be a shame to lose such a cutie. I tried to make the guy my mate for a squash session, but he didn’t know what squash was. I guess he was from a poor country. Well, I wasn’t really interested in playing sports when I had such a handsome guy right in front of me. The guy was a little greedy devil. He looked shy and kept rejecting my advances. Till the moment I offered him enough. Then he took me to his place and showed me his huge boner. I spared no money and enjoyed thoroughly his gentle and caring attention. When I had enough, I stuffed him with my cock. His virgin ass struggled a little, but I didn’t hold back. I pounded him like crazy and he liked it. In the end I just lied there covered in our jizz.

Dirty Scout 210

This sexy carpenter was only 19 years old and looked like a little disco angel. He wanted a nice job in Prague. I guess he was following those big city dreams guys like him have. Making dreams come true is sort of my hobby. Especially when it involves dudes as fuckable as this blond cutie. I found him a job and he was happy to take it. In exchange, I asked only to have sex with him. He wasn’t too difficult to convince. The guy was so adorable when he tried to take care of a cock for the first time in his life! And his super tight ass was simply incredible. It took a long time to stretch it properly, but he loved it in the end. It was so hot watching him shiver in ecstasy while getting pounded lying on my desk. He really needed a shower after I was done with him…


It was Casey’s turn to get fucked and we went balls deep again. Dude took it like a champ. College ain’t cheap and now we need a new TV.

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