Fuck Those Straights

Str8 Chaser: Marcus

I saw short, brown-haired Marcus hitching by the side of the road and I immediately hoped I could give him a different kind of ride. Marcus just got kicked out by his girlfriend for cheating and he didn’t have a car or a job, so I knew he was slutty and in need of cash! He wasn’t sure about giving me a blowjob for a lift, but when I offered him a hundred bucks and a hotel room for the night he hopped right in. Marcus said he wasn’t gay, but he really gave it his all when he sucked my dick. For another two hundred bucks he got on the bed on all fours and let me fuck his ass and then cum on his face!

Joshua’s Audition

21-year-old Joshua is a little nervous at his audition, but it still doesn’t take long for him to get his 8-inch cock hard. I have him get naked and show me his size 12 1/2 feet. He spreads his hairy legs for the camera and gets into jacking his dick, but he seems nervous. With a little encouragement from me, he finally shoots his pure white load.

Czech Hunter 480

I wanted to get out of Prague and enjoy the nice autumn weather. I went to a calm area on the outskirts and looked for local cuties. It took quite a while as the place was a bit deserted. Finally, I bumped into this young guy. He was a high school student who turned 18 only a few months back. This was my lucky day! Now I had to make him do stuff. The guy didn’t have a job and was broke, so it wasn’t that difficult. I wanted to do it right in the street, but we got constantly interrupted. That’s why I took us in a nearby forest, where the dude calmed down a little. First, he gave me a sloppy blowjob and then allowed me to wreck his beautiful ass. He was nicely tight and smooth; I couldn’t make a better pick. When he swallowed all my cum, I knew we will meet again. Hopefully, he’ll give me a call.

You Must Cum Over For Dinner

Autumn Borrelli and Brian Delgado are a smoking hot young couple who’ve been invited over for dinner by Brian’s mentor, the daddylicious Matthew Figata. Matthew’s beautiful wife, the long red-haired Lauren Phillips cooks a meal for the two couples, offering the gang an unforgettable spread. However, both couples have been keeping secrets from each other, all of which spill out as the two wives and the two husbands come face to face with their spouses cheating… with each other! Rather than make a federal issue of it, the foursome decide to take the high road and throw down in a sleazy, sloppy bisexual four-way orgy! It’s a hurricane of moaning, sucking, slurping and spitting as these four swinging sex fiends throw themselves at each other in a frenzied whirlwind of lust! Husbands and wives swapping and switching as they drive themselves towards the absolute heights of debauchery!

Niles’ massage

After his solo shoot, Niles got in touch to see what else he could do to make some cash. When I told him about the massage shoot, he said he’d give it some thought. When no answer came after a couple weeks, I figured it was a no-go. But apparently when rent was due, it suddenly didn’t seem like all that bad of a gig.

Niles had never gotten “regular” massage, let alone a happy-ending one. And taking the leap to get his first from a guy didn’t seem to phase him too much (or else he was just playing it cool pretty convincingly). When I asked how he was feeling about everything, he just shrugged and said with a smile, “It is what it is.”

It probably didn’t hurt that he’d been busy and hadn’t had much time to rub one out for a couple days. At least that’s what he’d told me: “a couple days.” From last time, I knew Niles’ cock was one of those perma-hard ones. But between the throbbing rod between his legs and the pre-cum that kept leaking out he seemed extra horned up.

About halfway through the shoot, I went to change the camera angles and suddenly his dick started pulsating wildly. Niles looked down and sheepishly mumbled something about a little pre-cum. I glanced over and see a pool of “pre-cum” on his stomach that was streaming from his cock. He admitted that the “couple days” he’d told me earlier was more like a week of pent-up sexual tension.

Probably needless to say, I took the rest of his rub-down carefully so he wouldn’t blow too soon. And it didn’t take much to get his up to the edge when the time came. Niles didn’t make much noise, but a few deep breaths a sudden body twitch let me know he was close. Out shot five big squirts up his chest with a handful of oozing dabs that soaked my hand and his pubes.

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