Seducing and blowing straight young school guys

Jason and Scrappy Take Turns Sucking Cock


High school athlete Jason and hung 19-year-old Scrappy meet for the first time. Franco introduces Jason and Scrappy, who thought he was doing a solo scene today. He tells the guys to strip and stroke their cocks next to each other. When Jason starts getting hard, Franco makes Scrappy suck his cock. Scrappy sucks Jason until he’s ready to cum, and after he nuts, Franco tells him to use his cum as lube on Scrappy. Jason smears his cream on him and sucks his dick. When Jason rubs Scrappy’s big balls, he shoots a huge load.

Midnight Dome


Every once in a while there’s an excellent cock sucker in the House. This resident, who has been in and out of the House off and on for a while, is one of those guys. He must have perfected his art in front car seats, alleys, and trailers, but regardless of how he learned, he sure learned good. Of course, one night I was horny and instead of rubbing one out I just went in and woke him up. He knew exactly what I wanted, and he didn’t disappoint. What kind of blew my mind is how hard he got. When I saw his stiff cock standing at attention, I gave it a few tugs as he was blowing me, and he came. I guess he hadn’t been touched in a while. Well, needless to say I wasn’t finished yet, so I lay down on the bed and had him continue. He sure sucks dick with verve! Before long he worked me up into a massive load, which for the most part he took directly into his mouth, and he swallowed it. I squeezed out what was left and had him lick it off. What a great bit of street trash blowjob!

Joe at the Gloryhole


Franco convinces “Joe” that instead of just rubbing one out, he should get sucked off at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. “Joe” agrees and watches his favorite straight porn while he’s videotaped being serviced at the hole. He moans as Franco jacks his shaft, tugging on his balls and slurping on his swollen cockhead. Franco deepthroats him, swallowing and swallowing until he’s sucked Joe completely dry and weak in the knees. He’ll be back for more…

No Pain, No Gain

Clay, Tyler Nugent

Tyler Nugent continues to be one of my favorite young guys. However, he is a bit shy. To tell you the truth, he has no need to be: he has a great body and is very fit, for one. Secondly, he has a killer smile and beautiful eyes. Thirdly, he has a monster cock. He’s still a bit reticent about getting fucked up the ass, however. I finally talked him into some ass play with toys, and he thought that would be fine. When he popped by my place, he was happy about a paycheck, but he was also nervous about having something up his butt. He confessed that his girlfriend had shoved a finger up there, but that was the extent of it.

We started small and worked our way up to a more substantial toy. He was a bit uncomfortable, to say the least, with all the new feelings. That said, he kept a great attitude about it. At some point, while his ass was in front of my face, I took the liberty of eating him out. That was the highlight of my day, right there. Not sure what he thought about it, though. I think he was processing a lot all at once.

Although he tried to nut with a big dildo up his ass, he couldn’t. But he did cum for me while I was fingering him. And he even returned the favor by finishing me off, too. So it was a great day of experimentation for Tyler, and I got my nut, too. Like they say, no pain, no gain!

Joni’s Tickle Torture


Franco ties Joni’s hands and feet to the corners of the bed and starts tickling his torso and armpits lightly with a variety of feathers. Joni’s face turns red as Franco keeps changing feathers and the sensation builds. Joni tries to catch his breath, but he just can’t stop laughing. When Franco switches to fingers, the tickling becomes even more intense. Franco tickles Joni’s sensitive stomach, sides and pits. He’s sooo ticklish! Joni struggles like a madman, but there’s nothing he can do that will make Franco stop. Franco tickles Joni’s taint with brushes, then his balls, armpits and nipples, but Joni really loses it when Franco attacks his inner thighs and size 11 feet. His voice gets even higher and wilder under the foot tickle torture. Soon Joni’s laughter is mixed with cries of anguish and delight, and he’s only halfway done! Franco continues tickling his sweaty, sensitive feet until he notices Joni’s cock stiffening. He jacks and sucks a load out of Joni, then immediately returns to his feet, going from orgasm directly back to tickle torture. Joni’s never experienced something like this, and you can hear it in his muffled screams of pleasure and pain!

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