Using Broke Straight Boys for Money and for Free

Czech Hunter 526

It was raining today, which made hunting a lot more difficult. There were no people outside! Luckily for me, I bumped into Tomas. He was waiting in cover for the rain to stop. Tomas was a funny guy, who didn’t mind getting a bit naughty. After a little chat, he agreed to take me to his place. Having a roof over my head and a bit of privacy sounded like a good idea. I knew the dude would relax in the safety of his flat. Not that it would save him from getting his mouth stuffed with my horny boner. He didn’t like sucking my cock at all. It was obvious he was doing it for money, not for pleasure. The guy had zero experience and it showed. Still, I had fun. Tomas didn’t believe that my cock would fit in his tiny ass. Well, I proved him wrong. I stretched him wide open and then unloaded on his cute face.

Day at The Spa

Sofia Lee / El Hurt / Rick Palmer

Enjoying a massage by the sexy big-titted Sofia Lee, Rick is offered a free treatment upgrade by her stepdad. It starts with getting his dick sucked while getting a face full of Sofia’s big juicy tits.

Homeless Teen Has Nice Cock

Clutch, Clay

I met Clutch in a gas station parking lot. He had a handful of change and was asking me if I had bills in exchange. Apparently he needed something and the clerk didn’t want to count out the nickels and dimes. I gave him a few dollars. When he cam back out, I asked him if he was looking for some work. Well, this streeet-wise urchin’s ear pricked up the moment I said that. He offered me a blowjob. I told him I’d rather film him getting off. Although he thought that this was strange, after a few more minutes of haggling, we were on the way back to my pad. He had a nice shower before we proceeded to get him ready for his big film debut. He was anxious about his track marks, so I got some cover-up and did the best I could. Then I asked him to get out of his clothes.

He’s definitely the cutest vagabond I’d seen in a long time, and he wasn’t shy about stripping down. Within a few minutes he was rock hard, and I definitely saw that he has a dick worth some admiration. It’s nice and thick, and quite long. Well, I’m not sure how long it had been since he got off, but this young fella jerked off for a while, and then he came alot – all over his smooth belly. There was also jizz running down his cock and stuck to his fingertips. Although it’s not my normal scene, I was turned on by this little street whore. It’s too bad they aren’t all so friendly and easy on the eyes.

A Little Persuasion For Aiden

Aiden takes a little convincing to share his straight boy dick with other guys

Straight Buddy Cock Fun

We’ve gathered together some of the best buddy action between our horny straight guys.

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